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The Tower Of Flame

Prologue: Death of a Magician

This story starts with a scene that some of the endowed would see as a tragedy but others like Lyell bone and his family would love to witness.

Four years ago Ezekiel Bloor had everything taken away from him, his home, his fortune his power, and his honour, even his dog Percival who he had called his best friend for half of his life betrayed him in the end, his companion who he had modified to keep alive for over 4 dog lifetimes had pushed him down the steps of his own house as if to say "You have been my master long enough time for me to take over", of course the dog wasn't saying this, how could a dog become his master, he had become quite insane in these hard years.

After he was thrown from Bloors academy, now known as the Bone Academy, he had been subjected to great cruelty by the people he thought he owned, Mr. Weedon had outright left never to be heard of again, His grandson Harold had abandoned him, and The Yewbeams had betrayed him, the only person he had left was his annoying Great-Grandson Manfred, this boy had taken him into his home, fed him clothed him and even set up his help from the government to keep him funded, Ezekiel hated the boy, especially the way he made him pass down all of his secrets to him, Manfred had decided to become a sorcerer like Ezekiel and continue his work, Ezekiel didn't want to pass his knowledge on to Manfred but who else was there.

Over the four years living with his great-grandfather Manfred had written his notes in 5 Volumes as thick as his leg, thought his legs were rather skinny, Ezekiel had shared everything, or so he said, he had told Manfred that he only held one more secret, and he would only tell Manfred this the day he died so Manfred being the evil impatient man he was decided to move up this date.

He had started these two weeks ago, with his new found knowledge of alchemy Manfred had designed a poison that took 15 doses to kill, the last dose would also take 2 hours to kill the user in the form of heart failure.

Manfred was adding the 15th dose to his great-grandfathers tea.

Exactly an hour and a half later Ezekiel was calling weakly for Manfred from his bed room, when Manfred entered he saw that the white sheets he had made up for the old man were sprawled with blood that he has coughed up, he was pale as snow and his arms were twitching.

"Manfred my Boy... My Heart thinks I am dying." The old man called weakly.

"What shall I do Grandfather?" Manfred asked quietly, this was it he would find out the secret that old coot was holding tightly in his grasp, Manfred has tried several times to get this out of him using hypnotism but to no avail, even on his strongest day he could get it out of him.

"Percival, I want Percival here now!" this was a shout but still was almost inaudible.

"But Percival is here grandfather" Manfred explained staring into his great-grandfathers cold dying eyes "he's on the bed with you"

"Percival My friend, I thought you were gone to me" this was a humiliating sight for Manfred, watching this once wonderful, powerful man stroke and kiss something that wasn't there.

"Are you sure you are dying Grandfather, is it time for the Secret?" Manfred asked greedily

"Yes...yes it's always been about my secret hasn't it Manfred, I've always known, if I do tell you I need a promise to be made." Ezekiel said with a malicious smile.

"And what would that be Ezekiel?" Manfred asked using his great-grandfathers real name, showing he didn't see him as family, all he wanted was the secret so powerful even Ezekiel wouldn't let slip by hypnotism.

" I want you to kill them, kill them all, every last stinking person in that retched city, all the endowed who daresay they are worthy of the title, make sure the worst ones, Lyell Bone, Paton Yewbeams, and most of all... Charlie Bone." Ezekiel demanded in his loudest, angriest voice yet, "KILL THEM!"

"Yes Ezekiel, I will do this and more, now what's the secret!" Manfred demanded grabbing Ezekiel by the shoulder but immediately let go when Ezekiel started coughing more blood.

Under The floorboards near the door is a book, this contains my darkest magic, it is yours to have, just promise me to perfect it, finish it for me." Ezekiel pleaded "it is our best work"

"Our Best Work" Manfred thought confused

"Ok Ezekiel I'll finish your dirty work" Manfred said as he pulled up the floorboards to retrieve the huge rotting book with a very shocking title "is this everything Ezekiel, is this real?"

"Yes Manfred now stay here with me until I..." he didn't get to finish his sentence because Manfred has sent a flame right at his grandfather to shut him up.

"I've been listening to your voice for 4 years, Shut up old man!" Manfred shouted as he did this, Ezekiel was killed almost instantly; he sprawled about in pain for a few seconds before he died, either from his injuries of Manfred's poison. "Finally peace and quiet"

Chapter 1: Happy Birthday Charlie

After a long restless sleep Charlie Bone finally awoke and the dream he was having drained away from his memory, all he knew is that it had old man Ezekiel Bloor and Manfred talking about some kind of secret, Charlie blinked away the dryness at his eyes and rubbed the sleep from the corners of them, looking at his clock he guessed he had Been sleeping for about four hours, he walked over to his table and studied a photograph from four years ago. they were all so young him and all of his many friends from The Bone academy, the photo was taken a few days after the downfall of the Bloors and count Harken of Badlock, he studied the pair at the very back of the group and smiled; Emma and Tancred, arms round each other in their puppy love, it's a shame that didn't last.

"Tanc you idiot" Charlie said to himself.

Charlie had woken half an hour before his alarm and could still hear his father snoring in the other room so he decided he needed a cold shower to wake him up, he had spent all night laying wide awake excited about his birthday, his family would surely surprise him.

During his shower bits of his dream came back to him, he saw Manfred with flames in his jet black eyes burning a house, burning his great grandfather.

This just confused Charlie so he just decided to forget about it.

After getting dressed in the Bone academy uniform which was the same as the Bloors but with the new logo, Charlie made his way down his stairs.

"Good Morning Charlie, Happy birthday" came a voice to his right when he was half way down.

This voice of course was his grandmother on his mother's side Maisie, she spoke from a photograph Charlie went by, Maisie had died last year after fighting a two year battle with cancer, this was very distressing for Charlie and it was worsened by the fact that every photo of her spoke to him.

Good Morning Maisie thanks for birthday wishes" Charlie said with a smile which faded as soon as he passed by.

the thing was, Charlie was bored with is life, just a few years ago he had excitement every day, he may not of had his father, he may have been treated like shit at school by the Bloors and grandma Bone, but at least he would face that challenge, that danger all the time, things were too peaceful nowadays, the quiet times had slowly took his friendship group apart, without a need for them to hang around the endowed children hardly ever saw each other on the weekends, Charlie could say he kind of wished something would happen, maybe an evil endowed could take over the city, or the Bloors could bring back Harken, or someone could go missing, but nothing had happened in four years.

But not to his knowledge, all that was about to change.

Charlie Strides into the kitchen to find his mother making him a full English, some surprise breakfast, he sat down and waited for a while and when the food was placed in front of his Charlie snapped.

"God damn it, can't you even cook mum, it's my birthday breakfast and you've burnt it!" This was the first sign of Charlie's foul mood today.

"I'm still learning, my mother always did the cooking remember" Amy bone ran from the room with a sob, Charlie felt bad and wanted to say sorry but there was no time he had to eat fast and catch the music department bus.

Leaving his dirty plate in the sink Charlie throws on his cape and rushes out, where he passes a group of young lads who laugh at his cape.

"Fuck you guys; I'm proud of my cape!" Charlie shouted as he ran to the end of filbert street, it was true Charlie was proud of his cape, the bone academy was his academy, and he owned it and was a student.

Charlie nearly missed the bus but his best friend at Bones Fidelio held up the driver for him, when Charlie met his friend on the bus Fidelio shook his hand and wished him a great birthday.

When they took their seats near Gabriel silk Charlie spoke;

"Fid, have you noticed how boring life's getting?" Charlie asked

"Sure have Charlie boy, no Bloors, no bad guys to speak of, looks like we might have to be normal for a while" Fidelio explained.

"I hope things are going to pick up now I'm 16" Charlie states, "good old sixteen"

"Sixteen and legal hey Charlie!" Fidelio laughed and clapped Charlie on the back "someone might give you a special gift tonight"

"Ha ha ha, no chance fid, I've never had a girl even interested in kissing me never mind you know what" Charlie said in a matter of fact tone.

Just then the bus pulls up at Bones and Fidelio spots Olivia Vertigo waiting for them both, well waiting for Charlie.

"That's what you think" Fidelio said quietly with a defeated sigh.

"What you say?"

"Oh nothing...nothing" Fidelio walked past Olivia and into the building leaving Charlie confused for the umpteenth time today.

"Happy Birthday Charlie Boy!" Olivia screams as she throws herself on him with a hug, she then pecks him on the head and lets go, this shocks her and she go's very red but manages to act it off.

"Wow I've gotten all worn out after that hug Charlie" she laughs and runs away.

Charlie is left standing there on his own, not even bothered by this kiss and walks into the academy.

Charlie's day went by in a flash, it wasn't the best birthday at school he had expected, he had lost his trumpet and was thrown out of music class to find it, and eventually he discovered it lying in the school grounds for no reason, but the rest of the day had finished in a snap until he got to the stairs heading to the kings room.

Upon entering he received a very warm welcome from his friends, they had deliberately mad Gabriel hold him up so they had time to light the candles on a large birthday cake and they had all filled in a card too,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!" they all shouted as they attacked him with party poppers and confetti.

"Thank you guys I thought my birthday were going to be boring" Charlie thanked giving gout hugs to them all.

"You haven't seen anything yet" Olivia said with a grin

"What?" Charlie quizzed

"Oh nothing, nothing Charlie" she said defensively

"everyone get to work, for god's sake!" came the shout from the door, it was Mr. Drake the new caretaker, he had taken up the challenge of making sure everyone in the kings room did their homework every night just because he despised them all.

"But its Charlie birthday" Emma Tolly argued "we have to celebrate it"

"The kings room is for work Bird girl now shut up and work" Drake said with a laugh as he sat on a large chair behind the bad side of the table, Where Joshua Tilpin and the Branko Twins evilly eyed them all.

Charlie was royally pissed off at this but it was no use arguing, so he just got on with the work.

Afterwards Lysander announced that they were all to go exploring in the ruins tonight for a bit of fun, and nobody would turn that down, not even Charlie... on his bloody birthday.

At 7pm that night they all met outside the ruins and went inside, the group went in a line that had Lysander at the front, then Tancred, Olivia, Emma, Gabriel, Fidelio, Dogbert, and Charlie pushed right to the back, right to the back on his birthday what a piss take this was, first no party then they go exploring and now this.

Then Charlie noticed Which Direction They were Heading, he noticed this when they all made their way into the Brilliant golden room that was the Red Kings bedroom, they all instantly felt the aura of confidence and safety that comes with just being in this room.

"Just where are we going?" Charlie asked from the back of the group.

"You'll see Charlie" Fidelio Stated "it was my idea; you should go to the front with Sander" Fidelio Winked at Olivia.

They eventually made their way to the small door that led into the basement of the Pets cafe and Lysander knocked three times, just a few moments later the handle began to turn slowly and the door swung open to show an empty room.

"Happy Birthday Charlie!" came a loud shout from nowhere, Charlie shrieked as two invisible arms wrapped around him.

"What the hell!" Charlie shouted as he jumped backwards.

"Oh sorry Charlie" said Una Ominous as she reappeared with a wide grin on her face "hiya!"

"Oh its Una, wow you've grown lots since I last saw you" Charlie said as he patted the nine year old on the head.

"Don't patronise me Charlie bone, it's you who ain't been here in two years" Una Stated stamping her right foot and pointing in Charlie's face.

"I've been preoccupied" Charlie started "so what's going on here?"

"Why don't you find out Charlie" Olivia suggested "and then we can all get out of this tunnel"

Charlie laughed as he noticed all his friends still crouching in the cramped tunnel behind him.

Then all went up the basement stairs to the main part of the Pets Cafe, Charlie Was Confused, what was going on.

But Charlie found out what was happening when he walked into the cafe and found that it was full of people he knew, Benjamin, Naren Bloor, and some of his other friends outside of Bloors, the tables were full food, Drinks, Mr. Ominous had even set up an expensive looking Dj station with music blasting through everyone's ears, tables had been pushed aside to make a dance floor too.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!" came a huge shout from everybody; even runner bean was heard barking away.

"Oh my god!" Charlie shouted "Thank you Guys!"

The party was great and everybody was drinking accept Billy who was just sitting quietly in the corner with Remembrant.

Billy's POV

Billy was bored, parties defiantly were not his thing, everybody was drunk and making fools of themselves, he could see Emma emptying her guts into a bucket with Tancred patting her back; Billy thinks he can hear her telling him to go away but he can't really make out the words between hurls.

He also spotted Charlie and Olivia, out of their faces on Vodka, Dirty dancing to the music, and nobody seemed to notice them both as they were all also very drunk, he observed Charlie engaged a kiss, Olivia didn't Object, probably because she was so drunk that Charlie could look like anything to her.

This went on for just a few moments until Olivia dragged Charlie into the Ominous's living room, Billy waited for ten minutes until he followed, upon opening the door he found them both asleep on the sofa with a blanket over them.

"Don't worry dear, they did nothing funny" came Mrs. Ominous's voice from the corner "I've given them a blanket now let's leave them be"

So Billy left the pair with arms wrapped round each other in a blissful embrace.

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