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Chapter 15: Charlie's Return

It was an average English day, the soft drizzle pattered onto the window panes, and the grey clouds loomed overhead, Olivia hoped Tancred could be bothered making it sunny for once, the guy loved the rain unfortunately. Olivia had awoken to feel some pretty hard abs pressing on her back, at first she was shocked but when she twisted her neck like an owl she discovered it was Charlie she was so happy to see him that she forgot all about being naked, she flipped him off the bed and he thudded on the floor, this instantly waked him.

"Wow what the hell!" Charlie had the duvet over his face and was struggling to find his way out of it.

"Charlie, your back!" Olivia hugged him while he was still drowning in cloth. "OH shit!"

Charlie finally freed himself to see Olivia missing, he span and just glimpsed her bare bottom dashing into her dressing room.

"I think I like what I see Liv!" Charlie shouted into the room, he didn't dare go in though, if Olivia didn't want him to see then he wasn't risking a kick to the face.

"Then come in" Charlie was shocked by her words but shot up and flew into the changing room.

Later on that day after all the fooling about in the nude, Charlie and Olivia attended Charlie's welcome home party at his house, it had been set up in a flash when the news spread, when they both arrived Charlie was smothered by friends and family and the party began, it was a great night, and it was filled with as much fun and mischief as Charlie's previous birthday party.

Meanwhile at the academy-

"I asked for a sight of destruction, not two injured friends, I thought you would be useful!" Manfred was extremely angry with the Hood, his orders were followed in a very rubbish way and he felt the hood was pretty useless.

They were in the schoolyard and they had been arguing for some time now, they were right on the verge of duelling.

"I don't take orders from you; I have my own private agenda when it comes to Bone!" The hood threw of his outer cloak and it hit the ground with a thud, it was heavily weighted.

"Fuck you Hood!" Manfred did the scissor kick in the air and blue hot flames burst from his feet towards the Hood, there was an attempted control change by the hood but it seemed that Manfred's flames were his alone; The hood had to throw up a torrent of water and dive away from the blast, the water exploded into steam.

This angered the hood and he blasted hundreds of blue lightning bolts towards Manfred, most of these were absorbed into nearby metal objects but the ones that got through left burns on Manfred and the ground around him. Manfred made another move and fired a six foot wide beam of white flame at the hood.

As all of this was happening, Neo Wyborn was sitting on a bench nearby enjoying the show and she was crapping herself in a metaphorical sense of the term; Charlie bone had returned from at least two years of training with the greatest magician that had ever lived, when he got back he displayed the skills to revive two injured people instantly and he could teleport over great distances too... what couldn't he do. It was her luck that she could also do these things and she had the better wand.

The fight had escalated quickly and a car near Neo exploded, she decided to put a stop to this. Manfred threw out some fire and it froze instantly, this left his arm frozen too, then it exploded and the shards cut him, he then observed that Neo was holding the 11 inch long red wand into the Hoods neck and he was turning into stone. Manfred found himself frozen again and neo spoke up:

"If you two don't behave I will kill you both" she snapped her fingers together and they were freed, she then teleported.

Back at the party-

Neo had arrived at the party and Olivia had a great chat with her, they were discussing the amazing new shape Charlie was in when they saw Benjamin dash out of the house and slam the door shut.

"I wonder what that was about." Neo Said to Olivia.

Minutes before-

"You slept with Tancred!" Emma had tried to break the news that she was cheating on Ben with Tancred softly but she had chose the wrong part of her secret to start with.

"I'm sorry Ben, but I'm in love with him again, and it just sort of happened" Emma had gone to Tancred's house after he was healed by the flames once again and they kissed, among other amazing things.

"Just fucking happened! You're a fucking hypocrite and a slut Emma; I should have seen this coming after you kissed Charlie!" Ben charged out and left Emma feeling like shit, she was a hypocrite, she had left Ben feeling the way she did when Tancred cheated on her years ago.

"I wonder what that was about" Neo said to Olivia.

Emma bumped past Olivia and into the back yard, when Olivia and Neo followed she had already flew away.

"There is way too much drama right now!" Olivia exclaimed before she dragged Neo inside to try hooking her up with a guy, this would prove to be a failure, Olivia often wondered if she was 'batting for the other team'.

Olivia decided to ask;

"So Urm... Neo I was wondering Urm... what's your ... Deal?" Neo was now used to all the modern slang and terminology and this question made her heart flutter, he face also went as red as the kings cloak.

"What kind of question is that...? I Urm, I... I Don't Know" Neo was telling the truth, she had once had feelings for a Man; a man who got her killed and raped her. She also had a light attraction to the Bone boy, but most of all she was partially in love with Olivia.

"Haha, just asking" if she didn't know that kind of proved Olivia's theory.

"So things are getting serious between you and Charlie, have you guys... 'Done it' yet?" This time it was Olivia's turn to glow red.

"Nope, but I think the time will come soon" Olivia had already shared Naked cuddles with Charlie but kissing was the only thing on the menu as of yet.

"Well, take it slow don't be rushing things Liv" Neo was totally jealous of Charlie but she felt good for her best friend at the same time.

As this discussion was going on Charlie was showing off his new magic skills, him and the guys were in his bedroom, and Charlie had turned a large bottle of Lemonade into Vodka, this happened to be one of his more favoured magic tricks.

"Come on Charlie, have some!" Tancred was smashed out of his face and had already spilled his guts about sleeping with Emma, that's how Ben found out.

"I can't Tanc, my body is a temple, you have no idea how hard it was to get in this shaped" Charlie wasn't permitted by his master to consume any undesirable Substances; Mathowy may be long dead but he would still find a way to punish the poor teenager.

"Boring! and I can't believe you haven't Got it in Olivia yet, if I wasn't busy Violating Emma I would totally Smash you girl!" Tancred was getting increasingly rude, and Charlie was about to snap.

"Wow, the things I would do to that fine body of hers, I bet the slut loves an..." Tancred didn't get a chance to finish his sentence because he was now two feet above ground with Charlie's hand grasped firmly around his neck.

Charlie was infuriated, not only was Tancred insulting Emma, who he had just destroyed the relationship of, He was now calling his Beloved a slut...Charlie wanted revenge for the time Tancred had actually killed him, he began to squeeze.

"Charlie put him down, you're going to kill him" Lysander was keeping his distance, Charlie was a killing machine.

Then all of a sudden a bolt of red lightening blazed its way through the roof, through Charlie's arm and into the party downstairs. Charlie dropped Tancred and his arm was half hanging off, the ceiling came down in a shower of Dust and mortar, and the screams from downstairs got louder and louder.

Tancred had been training very hard since the Hood had given him his wake up call; he could now used red lightening at will...even while drunk. Charlie was screaming in pain and Tancred watched as he used Claerwen to heal his wound completely, Tancred then made another move.

The wind that rocked up sent part of the top floor out into the street, this included Charlie and Tancred, and then the lightening storm that rocked up began to zap every metallic object in the street. Charlie was still heavily dazed and Claerwen was pulling the strings, this was an ability that used Charlie's unconscious body as a puppet, so he wouldn't be very verbal during this battle.

It was raining heavily thanks to Tancred s temper and he used this to send shads of flash frozen ice towards Charlie, these shards didn't get far though, they just melted close to Charlie's flesh, it was the young wizards turn now.

With a short swish of Claerwen the road around Tancred turned to Steel, Tancred slipped on the wet steel and foolishly fired another bolt, it just rebounded and he shocked himself. And every time he tried to run off the metal plate Charlie was there to kick him back on, there was a plan in motion; Charlie gave another swish of the wand and Tancred stopped dead, he couldn't move his legs... they were Made of Iron!

"Are you sober enough to guess what I'm planning?" Charlie's voice came out in a Female pitch, Claerwen was in control "Don't worry I won't kill you, Charlie had ordered me not to" Charlie's then pointed the wand to Tancred's feet and flames erupted from the tip, he was welding his fellow endowed to the ground.

"No! Please don..." Tancred was now completely made of Metal and he was welded to the ground, Charlie would leave him there until he was convinced he wasn't going to kill him for his actions tonight. Charlie made his way back into his house and with a flick of his wand the house was repaired.

Neo had watched and was mortified.

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