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Chapter 17: Charlie Vs Neo

Both Olivia and Charlie were breathing heavily and they were covered in each other's sweat; they had finally had sex for the first time.

"That was amazing Charlie!" Olivia was so happy right now.

"Ha-ha thanks Liv... I love you" Charlie rolled over and gave her a deep loving kiss.

"I love you to" Olivia was in heaven right now... until the phone rang.

"Aww hell, who's ringing at this time of night?" Charlie levitated his phone towards him and answered "Hello"

"Charlie 'Sniff' its Emma" The crying became uncontrollable and Charlie could work out what she was saying.

"What's going on Emma!? Are you okay?" Charlie managed to calm her down.

"It's Ben... he's died 'sniff ... it was the Hood" Emma broke down again and hung up, now it was Charlie's turn... he cried for hours while Olivia hugged him, his best friend in the world since he was a little kid was gone.

Four Days later

The Black Hurst drove slowly down the main road with the convoy of funeral cars filled with heartbroken friends and family. The Hurst was beautifully decorated by the art students of the Bone Academy and so were the flowers surrounding the coffin.

Unfortunately Benjamin's Mother and Father were not present; they were somewhere on the other side of the planet not knowing their son was dead.

Runner Bean Lay at rest in a smaller casket next to Benjamin, he was in the house when the hood arrived and was also killed by the fire, but at least he was still with his best friend.

Olivia and Neo were already at the cemetery waiting while they set up the flowers for his burial place but Charlie was walking by the side of the car to no surprise... crying his eyes out.

"I should have been there it's all my fault Ben, you've been my best friend for years now and I just let you get on with your own business because of my selfishness" Charlie blamed himself quite a lot, he sent Tancred to bens, he led the Hood to them.

He managed to dry up his tears before they arrived at the Cemetery and when they did arrive and he carried the coffin to the site to be lowed into the ground he notice Olivia was absent and so was Neo Wyborn. This was rather strange, they wouldn't miss this.

"Before we lay our Young friend Benjamin to rest, Charlie Bone has a few words" The Vicar let Charlie take his place at the foot of the grave, he proceeded to lay Runner beans Coffin on top of Bens.

"Ben was my best Friend... we were buddies since the day we met on my old street, and I will never forget him, but I will move forward and try to get on with a normal life with the absence of a friend, a neighbour... a partner in crime, may he rest in peace" Charlie managed to keep the tears back until he got to the back of the crowd.

Charlie stayed way after the Funeral ended, he stayed sat in front of the grave alone, Olivia still hadn't shown, he was kind of pissed at her.

"So Charlie what's it like to be alive?" Charlie snapped out of his trance and span around remembering his endowment to talk to photographs.

"Ben!" The photo on the grave was smiling at him.

"Yep, dead as a doornail if I might say so, I saw somebody take Olivia!" Bens Portrait in the glass frame was crying just like Charlie was.

"Taken! By who?" Charlie was frantic, his beloved was kidnapped.

"The Hood!" Benjamin watched as Charlie was dashing away "Do me a favour first!"

Charlie knew what the favour was going to be so he just got on with it, with the biggest despair and sadness possible he used up over half of his magical power to incinerate every photo of Ben that existed on this earth.

Ben hadn't mentioned The Hoods identity...

An Hour Later

Charlie had finally found him, it took a while but he remembered the Red kings castle ruins... or at least they used to be a ruin, they had been partially restored by magic similar to his own, this got him worried. Who could possibly be the Magician.

"I've been expecting a visit from you Bone!" The voice was worryingly familiar, Charlie jumped into a courtyard to come face to face with Manfred and the Hood.

"Manfred!?"Charlie hadn't seen or heard anything about this man in years.

"It is I, and with my friend here I am going to destroy this city" Manfred let out a manic laugh and took a few steps backwards; the hood threw his outer cloak a few meters away.

"Really, you and what army?" Charlie would regret asking this question.

"I don't need an army Bone... I have her... Kill him young Magician" Manfred burst into flames but his evil laughter was left echoing around the castle.

Charlie watched the hood walk away and sit on a bench.

"I want to see this" he said in an even more familiar voice to Charlie.

'Flick'... Charlie span round to see a red line of light in the shadows, this light was emitting from a fiery red wand that partially lit the face of Neo Wyborn, Charlie knew she wasn't to be trusted.

Neo stepped out of the shadows.

"I heard you were taught by my grandfather, the greatest Magician to ever set foot on the face of the earth... until now... Manfred is going to be the most powerful being on the earth, you cannot stop my Master" Neo seemed to be in some kind of trance.

"Your Grandfather... what!?" Charlie was slowly piecing things together, he drew Claerwen from his sleeve and the dust around him was picked up by a strong, static filled gust of wind.

"Yes. I am Neo Wyborn, daughter of Delwyn and granddaughter of Mathowy the Magician, The Master has instructed me to destroy you!" She didn't pause before flying towards Charlie full speed and with a swing of her wand Cynaefwr the ground erupted into molten lava, Charlie managed to teleport several meters back to save him.

After patting out the flames on his jacket Charlie retaliated with a torrent of Fireballs, neo without changing her trance like facial expression simply send water at each one, Charlie then began a new tactic the next barrage were fire covered chunks of ice.

Neo sent up a wall of water once again but the ice shot right through, she had to use Cynaefwr slice them all apart and then dive away into the ground as if it was water, a spell Charlie didn't know.

It was quiet for a few seconds other than The Hood laughing at Charlie's helplessness. Then Neo struck with so much force Charlie was send stunned over twenty meters into the air, Neo had shot out of the earth in a suit of rock and hit Charlie dead centre.

The air flew by as Charlie began to fall, without thinking he send thousands of volts of lightening at Neo, the rocks covering her absorbed it into the ground Claerwen became red hot and flew from Charlie's hands, she stabbed into the ground and stayed there as he hammered into the concrete with a crack. His legs were shattered.

"OH FUCK!" the pain was worse than that time Mathowy had beaten him for three days straight, at least then he didn't break bones.

Neo laughed a cold laugh and pulled Claerwen from the dirt, but to her surprise it shot from her fingers and into Charlie's as he proceeded to heal himself.

Charlie jumped to his feet and flicked Claerwen at the ground; He planned to use an old trick taught by Mathowy. Charlie now dashed towards Neo on his newly repaired legs... she just stood still.

"Rapier!" Charlie's Wand became a four feet long glowing white blade and he slashed Neo in two... or so he thought, the blade met zero resistance because it passed through as if she wasn't there.

He tried again, and again, and again... she was made of water.

"This is an ability I doubt my grandfather taught you, he was against this kind of magic... but my father thought it necessary to use it... I can become any element or material imaginable!" Neo became iron and punched Charlie square on the chin sending him flying.

"I can just melt you" but the flames met Neo to late as she was now Water, he tried to make the flames hotter but she then became Blue fire, a fame hotter that Charlie's.

"Nice try but I'm in the lead for now" Neo Grinned a grin similar to Manfred's; it was almost as if she was Manfred.

This back and forth went on for a while as The Hood watched.

"I know your here Torsson, come out!" The Hood barked to Tancred who was hid behind a tree.

"I'm here to kill you Hood, whoever you are!" Tancred was shaking in anger, he wanted to avenge Ben.

"And how are you going to do that?" The Hood grinned under his disguise.

"For these past four days if have been training non stop for this fight, I have an unbreakable plan" Tancred didn't wait he sent lightening at the nearby fountain and it exploded covering the area with water, along g with the Hood, he then send icy wind which froze the Hood solid, and finally The Charged up the biggest bolt of Red lightening he could muster and blew the hood apart.

Then it began to rain... it rained red, but your normal pitter patter wasn't heard, only the disturbing sound of breathing and laughter and the screams of the people the Hood had killed over the year including Bens.

"Hahahahahaaa! ... You really thought killing a god would be so easy Tancred, I like the enthusiasm but no cigar just yet, the red rain formed a puddle which grew back into The Hood, cloths and all... "Boo!"

Tancred screamed as he punched the ground splitting the courtyard in two and sending the four people in the square to the air.

"I'm going to kill you!" Tancred was floating and the bricks and rocks and the water was spinning around him... the Hood watched amused.

Tancred drew the materials gathered into himself, creating hybrid armour of Rock and Ice to cover his body; he then ignited his arms into white flames.

"Let's go Hood!" Tancred confidence was booming.

"You know Tancred, the thing about our Endowment is that we can very easily hurt ourselves if we go over the top" the Hood turned and walked away as Tancred fell twenty feet to the ground and exploded into ice and flames... then the rain saved his life, a rain made by The Hood.

"You're lucky I like you" the Hood said before sitting down and watching the rest off Charlie and Neo's fight.

Neo is still in a trance, Charlie had figured this out, and he had to snap her out of Manfred's obvious orders to kill him. But first he had to get her pinned.

Charlie couldn't hit her with anything that would hurt her as she kept changing what she was made of, so he activated his trap set up earlier.

The ground gave way below Neo and she fell into the pit.

"You really thing the cheap exploding gas trick will work?" neo laughed as she stood up.

"That's not what this is" Charlie began to fill the hole with water and neo simply turned to steel and laughed some more, until the water turned out to be acid... and when acid touches metal it becomes a battery, she began to be electrocuted so she became fire... and began to be extinguished... then she became ice, and the heat from the acid melted her, then when she was nearly a goner Charlie teleported he out of there.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it" The Hood teleported away to the anger of Charlie.

"I'll be taking this" Charlie picked up Cynaefwr and felt its warm glow on his face. Neo was flesh and bone again and Charlie woke her from her unconsciousness, obviously after tying her to a tree.

"I hope this works" Charlie used both wands and uttered a spell of remembering and forgetting, a spell that would allow Neo her free will back.

Neo's eyes flickered open and she said only two words before chaos arrived.

"I'm sorry" Then in the distance the city then exploded into a tower of flames.

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