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Chapter .1.

I was different for a long time after they left. I was an empty shell of the girl they left behind. At first I was barely sane, the nightmares made it difficult to sleep, I couldn't concentrate in school because of the lack of sleep and I looked like hell, actually, I looked like them; so pale I was almost transparent. I barely ate, never slept, didn't talk or listen. My parents were terrified for me, desperately hoping that I would get better while I was sinking deeper and deeper into depression. I no longer had friends, as much as Angela tried to keep me as a part of her social group none of them really wanted me, which was understandable considering I'd ditched them for the Cullen's.

I will never forget the day it all changed. Charlie had stopped trying to get me to talk, he just went by his days as if I wasn't there sometimes and only acknowledged me when I was waking him by the screams from my nightmares. Renee had come to see me one week in each month at first, but after a while she stopped coming and when she called she only talked to Charlie, she never wanted to talk to me but always talked about me.

Then one day in English class I was stopped by my teacher on the way out. He was new; he'd only started a few weeks before and had no idea about my past, about Edward. When the bell rang for the end of the day I started packing my stuff up and waited until everyone else had left the room before I started to leave. I had almost got past his desk when he raised his head and spoke.

"Bella, could you stay behind for a second please." His voice was nice, he sounded like the kind of guy you'd want to be your big protective brother; kind of like Emmett. After that painful thought I turned to him and waited.

"Is there something wrong, Sir?" I asked, my voice the same monotone it always was. I watched as a look of concern came over his face for a minute before he shook it off and looked up from the papers he had been marking.

"No, you haven't done anything wrong, actually quite the opposite." He smiled at me and lifted up some paper that he'd set aside on his desk. I saw my handwriting and knew instantly that is was my creative writing paper he'd got us all to do when he first arrived to see what we were all made of apparently.

"I've been going over your creative writing paper again and again and I have to say Bella, it's amazing." I was in utter shock. My paper had been about vampires, not all of it had been completely true, I had taken out the sparkling thing because seriously it's just pathetic, but I hadn't expected him to actually like it.

"You liked it?" He smiled again at my shocked tone.

"Yes, it was imaginative and full of suspense and surprise, I never expected to read something as in-depth and soulful as that, it was purely magnificent." I was smiling, actually smiling by the end of his sentence and the weird thing was that I hadn't even noticed.

"Thanks, Sir." I was blushing, completely embarrassed and surprised by the random compliment on a writing skill I never knew I had.

"Don't thank me Bella, I'm only telling the truth." I was grinning by now. "Have you ever considered pursuing a career in writing, I think you have the potential to be an amazing author, and I'm not telling you this lightly."

"I never really thought about writing, I never thought I was any good at it." He looked astonished at my words.

"Well, you should think about it, it could make you." He handed me back my paper and smiled at me again. "Read through this again and see if you can get any bigger idea's off it, you never know, you could become rich and famous, isn't that every teenagers dream?"

"Maybe with most teenagers but it's not mine." As I spoke I realised how old I sounded, older than I was supposed to sound.

"Well, even if you didn't want the fame you could always use the money to make your real dreams come true, or at least help them on their way." He smiled at me one last time. "Bella, no matter what your dreams may be this could still be a huge success for you, just give it a try." I thought about his words before I answered, if I really was as good a writer as he made out then maybe I could make something of myself through this, and maybe even catch the eye of the Cullen's in the future.

"Okay, I'll think about it."

"That's all I ask. Now, off you go before you worry your parents." I smiled at him and thanked him before I left the classroom. It was the first time in months that I had left anywhere with a smile on my face, actually it was the first time in months that I'd actually smiled and I realised I liked smiling, it made me feel normal.

So I went home smiling bright and feeling good.

When I got home I parked my truck in the driveway and thought for a minute, I was definitely feeling better, not entirely but a little and it dawned on me that I haven't exactly treated Charlie well within the past few months, actually I'd treated him really bad, never really cared how I was acting had made him feel. So I decided to do something nice for him.

I walked into the house and instantly began making dinner. Once the food was safely sat in the cooker cooking I started cleaning up. As I was working I noticed that I'd let a lot of my chores go in the past few months. I stopped cleaning the house properly, only doing the basic things like washing clothes and dishes, and I'd stopped cooking properly, we'd been basically living off leftovers and take a ways. But I knew that would have to change.

And just like that it clicked in my head. I had been throwing my life away because I was dumped. No matter how much I loved Edward, he clearly wasn't worth crying over for the rest of my life if he could just dump me like that. I couldn't have been exactly important to him if he could let me go without a word or a proper goodbye.

"And I won't let him ruin my life, or me." I couldn't let him take my life from me. He wanted it to be like he'd never existed so it will be, I'll move on, I'll be strong, and I'll never let someone hurt me like that again. It was the last thought in my head before the timer on the cooker went off. I walked over to it and dished out our dinner as Charlie's cruiser pulled up in the driveway. I placed his plate in front of his seat at the table and sat across from it waiting. He walked through the door and came round the corner into the kitchen. He hung up his gun and without a word sat down at his place to take his boots off. I looked up at from my food at where he sat in front of me.

"Hi Dad," I smiled, knowing he'd be shocked at my sudden start of conversation. "How was your day at work?" I asked, grinning at the expression on his face. His mouth was hanging open like a fish. After a few seconds I started to laugh and with that his trance was broken and he grinned fully at me.

"It was good and just got a whole lot better. You feeling better now Bells?" The grin never left his face as he spoke and I was happy for it.

"I'm feeling good, Dad, and it's all because of my new English teacher." Charlie actually looked intrigued for the first time in my life.

"Oh yeah, what did he do? I might ask him for some tips."

"He handed me back a piece of work I did for him and told me that with writing like it I could be a famous author." There was a look of surprise on his face as I spoke but the smile stayed in place.

"That's brilliant Bells, do you think you'll want to go into writing?" This was the first time that we'd really discussed my future and I liked it.

"I don't know, maybe, if I write something good enough." After that we ate in silence and I was happy to note that the smile didn't leave Charlie's face the entire time.

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