"My god, Orange.." He said in a sickened tone. "Dear…GOD." He said louder as the screams faded in coughs and cries. He had to get away. He couldn't stay here, not where he'd witness murder, dismemberment and rape. This was all too much for him. He braved through the far side of the corn, away from the fire, to get to the elevator. Orange was highly amused by all this. She felt as though they were like her little play things.

"Well, well, well…What will I do with you…" She whispered as she stepped back into the shadows. Blue called the lift and Orange hatched an idea. She waited eagerly for the lift to bring him up to the top. As far as he was concerned, she was gone. She was off to fight more zombies.

He reached the top and stopped to look back once more. He had an overview of where it all happened. He let out a sullen sigh and groaned. As he turned to go around to the stairs, he was faced with his tall ex.

"Boo." She said simply.

"HOLY SH-FFF GOD D-ORANGE! WHAT THE...FFFFFHHEELLL?" He jumped with an enormous fright.

"What's wrong, did I scare you?" She said, approaching him. He stepped back from her.

"You're insane!" He yelled.

"And?' She took another step forward.

"Y-You're mad!" He stepped back again.




"You're…You're.." He was at a loss for words. She didn't care. He didn't know what to say or do. He could only step backwards.

"I'm…?' She took one more step forward, he took one more back.

"You're…a murderer. A rapist. A…cold blooded killer.." He said. There was no other way to say it.

"Yeah?" She said, stroking the chainsaw.

"Y-…Yeah. But..You don't have to continue this…" He said in fear that she'd do something about this.

"Why not? What would make me stop enjoying this that would make me stop now?"

"Well…You always know that…You've lost your only friends.." He muttered.

"Friends? Blue, I can do this on my own! Friends will hold me back! Friends will only get in my way!" She ranted.

"…what have you become…" He said, revolted.

"You're not starting THIS again.." She rolled her eye.

"You're the opposite of the person I once knew. The opposite in every single way. You're just not Orange anymore!" He attempted to explain again.

"So if I'm not Orange, and I'm the opposite of Orange, that makes me….Blue?" She said, a smug look in her eye.

"no…You're just.." He put a hand to his face. He couldn't go on. "I…I don't know. Anything I say, you won't listen. You're so self-centered, so conceded, so independent now. Orange, you're going to live the rest of your life alone. You're never going to be loved ever again. Not the way I loved you. You're a sick creature hell bent on murder and that's all you'll ever be. I hope you're happy." He glared at her. She was speechless. "You fulfilled that sick need for blood. You got your fun out of it, and for what?" As he continued, Orange merely stared at him. She was dumbfounded. "I look at you now, and see only the painful memories you've given me. You scarred me for life; you showed me blood, gore and mayhem. You traumatized me, you fucking RAPED ME. You did all of this and I have to live with those memories for the rest of my life." He growled. "So what do you have to say about that? What have you to say for yourself?" He asked. She thought for a long time.

"…Alright. You win." She said.

"Uh…what?" He was confused.

"You win. You win the manliness I didn't think you had. Congratulations. You suuuuure showed me. Oh yeah. You know what? I feel soooooo bad for you! Allow me to liberate you of those painful memories, you BASTARD."

Orange kicked Blue back over the ledge of the building and he panicked. He reached out and grabbed her leg as he fell, dragging her down.

"No…NO!" She yelled. They crashed on the ground and her chainsaw was in pieces. She groaned and opened her eye slowly, her entire body in extreme agony. Blue was on the cement beside her, the backside of his core cracked and dented. His frame was cracked and couldn't move his body. Luckily since his body was round, he had bounced a bit, not taking all the damage possible. However, it was enough of a fall to be lethal. Orange, on the other hand, was extremely damaged. Her weight bearing was cracked and broken, her back almost shattered. She couldn't move, either.

"Nnnghh…" She looked over to see her left arm detached from her frame. "oh god…" She groaned in pain. She attempted to move her legs but couldn't. Her hip plates had fallen off, one broken. This was the end for her, she just knew it.

"Orange.." Blue said, sure that he was nearing his final moments as well.

"Wh-what.." She said as one by one, the lights in her eye shut off.

"I…" He started. He groaned and took a deep breath. His body was shutting down on him. "I…HATE…YOU…" He growled, his voice strong and serious. She didn't think she would ever hear him say that. She just laid there, rethinking her new murderous lifestyle. She began to regret it, and turned towards him. Only about 3 or 4 lights were left in her eye, the fourth going out as she began to speak.

"I'm s…s….s….s….s..s..sorry..orry…sorrsorrsorry.." She groaned, her voice low and distorted. Her voice repeated now and then as her body was unable to power her speaking function. Blue looked at her as the last light went out in her eye. The dark red backlight of her eye faded out and she was gone. Blue still felt pain for her death. She was still someone he knew, someone he once loved. Not even after she had become a killer had he ever wished her dead. He only wanted to get away. Even though she raped him, traumatized him and tried to kill him, he still didn't actually hate her, and she died thinking he did. She died thinking he hated her, she died thinking he was happier with her dead. As his body lost power, at least half the lights in his eye had gone out. He groaned and stared at the hollow eyed dead bot next to him.

"….I'm sorry, too…" He said lowly. He turned and stared up into the rain, awaiting the dark and liberating fate she had brought upon him.

So there he was, waiting to die. He regretted giving her up for so many reasons. He now knew that change was possible. He knew now that he could have changed her, and that he could have turned her away from her murderous need. This was extremely painful for him. He closed his eye and allowed himself to cry out, "TAKE MY LIFE!" He didn't want to live with the guilt. He didn't want to continue knowing that he had not given up on her, they'd be back on the boat. They'd all be fine, he'd still find a way to love her. He'd never had had to forcefully please her. The lights in his eye were few and he felt hazy and sleepy. He had that intense pain in his body that would keep one from rest, but he couldn't keep himself awake. His sleep took him deeper and deeper into a relaxed state, his panic gone and his pain fading with all his other senses. His eye faded and he almost didn't feel himself go. But it was done.

Dennis had been murdered.

Arcadia had gone engulfed in flames.

Blue lie lifeless on the cement, rain pooling around him.

Orange's life taken in the same manner, by the same slab of cement.

One would imagine the horror and fear of being killed in a zombie apocalypse, but not like this. Zombies or not, there were all killed. And by what? The ones they trusted most, the only people they had left in the world. That one sweet girl who showed compassion for her teammates; she was the one who ended up purging them all in the end. Again, for what? An answer they'd never know, and they'd never tell.