A/N: Diving right into the third piece in the "Family Fun" and "Becoming the Dumbledores" Saga. This story might be a tad confusing if you haven't at least read "Becoming the Dumbledores", but, of course, as the author, I would recommend reading both.

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It is nearly impossible to tell when the earliest signs of the second Dumbledore-McGonagall child's magic became to emerge. His older brother had showed signs of magic almost upon arriving, screaming and squalling, in this world. Indeed, Minerva and Albus were so busy keeping their oldest child and his considerable magical abilities in hand, they themselves probably missed the first tiny glimpses of it all together. But then again, while parents in the wizarding world might expect to see signs of magic in the most predisposed child shortly after being born, no parent would expect those glimpses before their child drew their first breath.

The first recorded time that Amadeus Alaric Dumbledore-McGonagall displayed his immeasurable talent happened to be when his mother was completely alone in the house. Father and son had departed for a carefully prepared outing to visit Uncle Aberforth in Hogsmeade.

Minerva was elated that Albus had thought to give her this much-needed time to herself. Between her part-time work training Aurors in the department of Magical Law Enforcement, Minerva was attempting to pull together a research proposal for a Transfiguration theorem she had long wanted to expand. Indeed, the research had been pushed further and further back with each midnight feeding, accidental-magic repair, and feeding time-turned-food-fight for Theseus, or "Teddy" as he had learned to pronounce. Minerva adored her son, and was even excited for the next child to make its timely appearance; but the endless duties of motherhood spent the poor woman's rapidly depleting energy well beyond the credit line. Albus had also worked very hard to make sure he shared the burden. Headmaster Dippet had been caring enough to arrange a schedule that allowed for the most time before and after classes to spend with his young family. Albus was more than fair in the time he dedicated to minding the child, bathing him, feeding him, and generally nurturing their precious son.

Weekends were typically a thing dedicated to the expansive family estate in the northern regions of Scotland. Albus left Hogwarts with them, when he could. But Minerva found herself partnerless more often than not during these past few trips to visit her ancestral home. It helped that her brother and his wife were there to help mind the child. Deirdre loved the boy very much, and would always drop hints to Neptune that they should begin planning for a child of their own. Minerva's brother would laugh, scoop up the boy, and wrestle around with him on the rug, generally avoiding the question. Minerva didn't mind if her son had cousins or not, for it seemed that he would have a sibling soon to keep him occupied.

It was, in fact, this child that was the bane of her proposal. At six months pregnant, Minerva's cravings were frequent, terrible masters. With her first child, they had consisted mostly of the sweet things Albus enjoyed, such as lemon drops, hot chocolate, and other sinfully sugary concoctions. With this child, Minerva had had the oddest urges to hear very particular pieces of music. She would be leading an exercise at the Auror Training grounds, and suddenly feel the insatiable desire to listen to a Chopin Polonaise. The other night, the baby refused to stop kicking until the Nocturne from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream was playing. These proclivities delighted Albus to no end. He was very fond of music, and was convinced that their new addition was all ready developing a taste for classical fare. Minerva did not particularly share any kind of enthusiasm about this particularly trait, except that it ruined her concentration and kept her up at the most inconvenient times.

So it was today that Minerva was working on the "Method" section of her proposal when she started thing about a very particular Bach Prelude and Fugue in C# major. This music was highly appropriate for the occasion. It held a very Spring-like aspect in the Prelude, and the Fugue had a very declamatory subject similar to the exuberance and proud declaration in her current study. However, the music refused to leave her head. Minerva had never been very fond of writing with music in the background. Something as layered and over-bearing as Bach was out of the question. She simply decided to put her foot down in these cravings and dive further into her proposal.

About a paragraph from the end of "Anticipated Outcomes", Minerva distinctly heard someone slam on the piano in the conservatory just down the hall. The house-elves of the McGonagall estate were exceptional, and very well trained. Minerva was certain that no elf in her staff could possibly be responsible for such a noise. Deirdre and Neptune were on holiday in Corsica, and there was no chance Albus had come back early as she would have felt the wards disturbed first. Erring on the side of caution, Minerva summoned Karf, the head elf, and questioned him.

"No, Lady!" Karf bowed low, "None of the elves was in the conservatory today! We is all in the kitchens polishing the family silver!"

"Thank you, Karf," And just as she was about to dismiss him, the piano interrupted again. This time, it was quite clear that someone was trying to pluck out a melody. Karf stared up at her with wide, alarmed eyes.

"Lady, you think there bes an intruder?" He looked deeply disturbed at the possibility of invasion. "I swears none of the elfs bes over here!"

"I don't know, Karf," Minerva stood from her desk with a bit of effort and marched bravely toward the door. The playing had become more defined, someone was definitely picking out an, as yet, indistinguishable melody. "But I'm going to find out."

Karf jumped forward, "Lady 'Nerva, Master Neptune and Master Albus bes very upset if you is hurt. Please let Karf go instead. Karf's magic will protect him and catch whoever is in there!"

Minerva weighed the options. While she did not like intentionally making her house elves into shields, this did seem the practical thing to do, as a House Elves magic was more powerful than hers when on the estate. She nodded her consent, and the elf was gone in an instant. The playing continued to pick up gusto.

"Lady 'Nerva!" Karf yelled louder than Minerva had heard any elf speak. "There bes no one! The piano plays itself!" Minerva dashed into the room to gape at the amok instrument. As soon as she set foot in the room, the music paused and started with confidence on the Fugue from the Bach she had been craving all day. At this, Minerva blanched and would have fallen to the floor if Karf hadn't had the foresight to conjure a fainting couch. As it was, Minerva lay, staring at the piano as the keys seemed to move themselves through every modulation of the Fugue to the conclusion. Then the piano closed itself, and the room was silent.

"Lady 'Nerva?" Karf asked softly, "What was that?"

"I'm not sure, Karf…" Minerva was just as pale as before. "But if you could help me up to my bedroom and bring me a cup of ginger tea, I would appreciate it."


Still in research mode, Minerva carefully documented everything that had happened that afternoon from her bed. As soon as Albus returned and Teddy was down for a nap, she allayed his fears regarding her health and told him the story of what had happened that afternoon.

"Fascinating!" Albus murmured, staring at his wife's slightly domed stomach from the other side of the bed. "And you say it was exactly like the music cravings you have been having?" He glanced up at his wife's confused expression.

"Yes, but since I was so involved in my proposal, I didn't have time to play the music in any way." Minerva explained again, "I just ignored the urge."

"And it was the exact Fugue you had heard?" Albus still marveled at the anecdote.

"After a few false starts, it was the exact, perfect execution of that Fugue."

"My darling wife, I believe we may be one of the first couples in recorded history to have a child playing Bach before their can speak," Albus was exceptionally chuffed with this idea.

"Albus! That's not the point! The child can make a piano do its bidding, and it's not even technically breathing yet!" She was near hysterics.

"All right, love. Don't worry. We'll go visit Poppy tomorrow and make sure that everything is fine with the child." Albus soothed, running his hand lovingly over the home of their newest child. "In the mean time, I'd say we should attempt to cater to your musical cravings." Minerva nearly made him sleep in the guest bedroom that night.