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Head Boy and Girl

The two fifth years tried to contain their giggles as they fumbled with the buttons on each other's clothing in the dark. The boy was kissing her eagerly along the jaw line, his hand working its way under her blouse. The girl had already gotten his tie off and was working on the buttons of his shirt.

Quite suddenly the door was pulled open and the pair turned to stair, horrified at their discovery.

Harry Potter, the Head Boy stood there, his arms crossed and a superior smirk on his face.

"Well, well." he began "Looks like we got us a couple of Puffs out after curfew. That's gotta be worth the loss of ten points apiece, don't you think, Hermione?"

"Most certainly." agreed his companion, Hermione Granger, the Head Girl "And that's without taking into account the state of their attire."

"And the snogging in a broom closet." added Harry.

"And the hand up her blouse." Hermione concluded.

The boy removed his hand from under her blouse so quickly that he nearly tore it.

Harry frowned "Get out here."

Both complied, their eyes fixed on the floor, neither able to meet the expressions on the faces of the highest ranking students in the school.

"Smarten yourselves up." instructed Hermione.

Quickly both set about doing just that; tucking their shirts in, doing up their buttons and straightening their ties.

"That's better." said Harry once they were done "Now, seeing as I'm in a good mood, we're going to let you off, just this once."

"You will go back to the Hufflepuff basement immediately, is that clear?" asked Hermione.

"Yes, Miss." the pair replied.

Hermione nodded "Right. Now go, before we change our minds."

The two Hufflepuffs turned and began to walk away.

"Faster." barked Harry, and the pair broke into a sprint.

Harry and Hermione stood watching as the pair ran down the corridor as fast as they could. They turned a corner, and the Head Boy and Head Girl could contain themselves no longer. Both burst into fits of laughter.

"Oh, Hufflepuffs are the best." said Harry with a chuckle.

"Yes," agreed Hermione "And can you believe the nerve of them, using a broom cupboard to snog in."

Harry nodded his head in agreement "Especially when the broom cupboard in question is the best broom cupboard in the school to snog in."

"And they didn't even put up silencing spells." added Hermione, grabbing Harry by his tie and pulling him towards the door.

Harry gave a snort of disbelief "Amateurs."

With that the pair vanished inside the broom cupboard and pulled the door shut behind them. One quick silencing spell and one powerful locking charm later, and the pair were guaranteed not to be bothered for the rest of the night, even if the prefects who actually did happen to be on duty came by.

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