Summary: The gods grant their hero one favor. To have her love back…at least for just one day.

Warning: Percy is a girl in my fic. Also this is a Luke/Percy fic. Another warning is that I have never read the books (I plan on changing that very soon). I have only seen the movie and became an avid reader of other people's fanfiction of the movie. I'm sorry if I get some things inaccurate. So if it is…well…we will call it OOC. Also I am changing Luke and Percy's ages. I read somewhere that when they first meet Luke is 19 and Percy is 12. I want to start their flirty business right off and a 19 year old creeping on a 12 year old is too much for me. So in my story Perci is 15 and Luke 17. Perci is still young but Luke won't be dubbed a pedophile.

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Also I don't own the song Luke by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callie.

Lost Love Chapter 1

It was a surprise to every Olympian when not Zeus but Aphrodite called an urgent meeting. All were curious as to why the goddess of love called this

meeting and why she was so persistent about everyone attending. The beautiful goddess stepped in the center of the gathered gods and goddesses.

"Daughter, why have you called this meeting?" Zeus asked in a commanding voice. He was annoyed that his daughter commanded the meeting. What was

so important to call such a meeting? What did she know that he did not?

"Father, I called this meeting on behalf of our hero, Perci Jackson."

Poseidon immediately perked up at the mentioned of his favored child. Athena perked up as well even though the girl was a child of Poseidon, she was a

friend to her Annabeth. Apollo became alert at the mention of the girl who helped rescue his sister. Apollo had something of a soft spot for the demigod after

that and his sister found a friend in her. Ares grumbled at the thought of that girl who defeated him in battle. Although he pretended to be disinterested he

sat up a little straighter and paid more attention to the conversation. Most others pretended disinterest at the mention of Perci but it seemed that they could

not help but feel a certain fondness to the demigod. The one who had the deepest emotion, besides Poseidon at the mention of Perci was Hermes. There

were many mixed emotions that came to the girl. The last time the god of travel had seen the demigod he had blamed her for his son's death.

"Why do you mention my daughter's name, Aphrodite?" Poseidon shouted the question immediately suspicious.

"Peace, Uncle," Aphrodite placed a hand on Poseidon's arm to calm him. Poseidon was unaffected by her attempts to dazzle him into a calm but he let her

continue. "I have come to plead Perci's case."

"Her case?" Zeus and the other immortals interest were piqued. "She has denied our gift of immortality." Zeus was still annoyed that the girl would deny

such a great gift.

"If you would all please listen," Aphrodite's voice filled with annoyance. "I will explain to you Perci Jackson's case." Aphrodite's voice softened and her eyes

filled with sadness. "There is a reason why Perci did not accept our gift…for she wishes to someday join her love."


The person whose case Aphrodite was pleading laid on her bed, staring at nothing. She refused to sleep. During the day she ate when her concerned friends

told her to, she kept up appearances and did what was told of her but at night she did not have to pretend on how she felt. She felt numb. She remembered

a time that she was happy. She remembered a time that she felt hope. It all died with him.


Everything seemed to be happening so fast for Perci. She went from an unclaimed, father-less kid to the child of Poseidon. Poseidon. One of the big three. It was too

much for Perci to handle. A part of Perci was thrilled while another was sad by the prospect of no longer spending time with a certain son of Hermes. Luke had taken

her under his wing when she came to camp. Luke seemed to always been around to protect her and keep her company. Now that Perci was no longer staying at

Hermes camp she figured that Luke would stop hanging around her and that broke her heart. Perci knew she shouldn't feel this way about Luke. He was older than

her and just so….Luke. During the short time that they knew each other they had gotten to know each so well. Perci was able to talk to Luke about things she never

told Grover and any other friend of hers. At times she thought Luke felt the same way. They would be talking and then Luke would be looking at her so intensely

that she swore her heart stopped. As suddenly as it came it would stop. Luke would blink or snap out of it and continue conversing. Sometimes those times ended

differently. Sometimes Luke frightened her with a look of Perci never wants to describe.. When that happened Luke would make a lame excuse and run as far away

from Perci as possible. Luke would end up slinging an arm around her casually a few hours later pretending like nothing happened at all. Luke was confusing,

frustrating, and yet she couldn't help but lo—like him.

"Nice digs, Ocean Girl."

Her breath caught in her throat as she turned around to greet the boy that plagued her thoughts. Luke was not wearing anything special; simply the camp t-shirt

and a pair of jeans she has seen him wear a hundred times, but the way he looked, casually leaning against the doorway with a small smirk and a smoldering look

that was directed to her made her heart skip a beat. Perci tried her best to stop the blush forming as she tried to act as casual as possible. Not being able to form

words quite yet she just shrugged. Perci's cheeks got even redder as he laughed.

"What? I don't get a comment from the great child of Poseidon." His hard words were softened by his playful smirk and laughing eyes. His smirk vanished and Luke

seemed uncomfortable about something. "I haven't seen you since you found out about" he stated as he pointed all around the cabin "this. Are you avoiding me?"

"Sorry. I didn't mean to keep running away from. Been busy." Perci lied smoothly. In truth, Perci hadn't really talked or seen Luke since the Karaoke Night set up by

Apollo's cabin. It was apparently mandatory for each cabin to participate. It was Luke's turn at Hermes' cabin and he somehow convinced Perci to sing with him. Perci

was nervous but thrilled to sing along with Luke especially after she found out the song he selected. Her favorite song Lucky. Her euphoria crashed down at the end

of the night when Clarisse came up to her. Her words still rang through her head. 'Pathetic, Perci. You really think Luke would fall for an ugly pimple like you? He has

no interest in you. He was told to take care of you and felt obligated to hang out with you just in case you are a Hermes' kid. He only sees you as an annoying kid. In

fact I don't know what guy would? You're barely a girl. I mean look at those mosquito bites you call boobs under your shirt! HA!' Percy held backed tears as she


"Riight. Busy. "You could hear the air quotes around the word busy. Any form of happiness left his face. "Did I do something wrong? Hurt you in some way?"

"Of course not!" Perci immediately jumped to defend the boy who put her under his wing. He would never hurt her!

"Then why are you avoiding me?" Luke demanded anger flashing in his eyes. Strange, Percy thought. His eyes almost look golden when he gets angry.

"I said I was busy…like you said with this" she trying to copy his gesture. It didn't look as cool or smooth when he did it. Perci turned her face away and starting to

arrange things in her room so she did look busy and didn't have to look at Luke anymore. She couldn't look at Luke. It hurt too much.


"Plus this gives you time to yourself. I'm sure you don't want me tagging around you all day."

"What are you talking about!"

Perci paused in her work then continued on trying her best to act like nothing was wrong. She picked up some clothes and started folding them to keep herself from

looking at him. "You don't have to pretend to be my friend anymore. Clarisse told me that you did it because you thought I was your half-sister and felt obligated to

spend time with me." Perci tried to keep the hurt and sadness out of her voice. "I'm sorry for bugging you all this time."

"That's not the reason why I did it! And you never bugged me! And for Hades sake stop that!" Luke yelled as he spun her around and grabbed her arms. The items

in her hands fell on the bed. "This is bullshit! Is this why you have been avoiding me! What other lies has Clarisse been telling you?" Perci looked down to the

ground too embarrassed and hurt to admit the other part of Clarisse's lecture that hurt Perci the most. "Look at me please!" The desperation in his voice startled

Perci to look up in his eyes. She wished she hadn't for Luke's eyes filled with that intense look mixed with desperation and sadness. She couldn't deny Luke the

truth. They told each other everything. "She said…that I was just a stupid little girl…barely a girl and you would never feel anything for me. Okay!" Perci tried to get

out of Luke's hold but he held her tighter.

"Do you really think that?" Perci didn't say anything. Too scared of the anger Luke was showing her. "DO YOU!" What he did next shocked her most. In quick

movements Luke crashed their lips together. Perci was stunned. She had never been kissed like this before. The kiss was all pain and anger and longing. It made

Perci feel dizzy but more importantly it made her feel alive.

"Do you still think I don't want you around?" Luke said. He pressed his forehead next to hers staring straight into her eyes. "That I don't feel anything for you?"

Perci gave him a shaky smile. "I could use more persuasion." Luke smirked and began kissing her more.

End of Flashback

All the gods sat there shocked especially Poseidon and Hermes as the vision ended. Not one of the gods knew about this.

"What is so important of a past crush?" pretending to me uninterested Ares.


Aphrodite's beautiful form morphed into a vicious angry beast of a woman. "LISTEN! WATCH BEFORE YOU CAST ANY JUDGEMENT!" Ares backed down as the

next vision began.

"How long did this last?" Poseidon asked in a calm voice that revealed nothing of his true emotions. Aphrodite changed back and looked at sadly at

Poseidon. "I'm sorry I kept this from all you...but please watch."

And so the gods did. They watched as Luke and Perci's love grew even with the terrible fate ahead of them. They watched as Luke tried to keep the love

going even though he knew he would have to betray her. They watched as Perci found out about Luke's betrayal, feeling sorrow in their hearts for the



Perci had enough of this shit. She had enough of Gabe. Enough of her mother defending the bastard. The bastard was going to hit her and she just stood there! The

pounding on her bedroom door had stopped. Her mother had given up pleading to Perci. Sticking her head out of the door she realized that no one was home. Peri

grabbed her suitcase out of the hallway closet and dragged it to her room. As Perci grabbed all her possession she could fit in her suitcase she began to think of a

plan. Her mother will be back to work later on tonight before Gabe comes back with his slimey friends to do the gods know what. During that time she will convince

her mother to leave him. To make it less suspicious Perci will go first and her mother will follow her. She will Iris message Annabeth and Grover. 'Wow', Perci

thought, 'Annabeth would be proud of my quick thinking! I should tell her immediately!'

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Perci froze. She didn't expect Gabe to be home so soon. Gabe. The bastard that hit her goddamn mother! Perci grabbed her suitcase and bravely walked up to Gabe.

"I'm talking to you bitch." Gabe said as he grabbed her arm.

"Let me go." She tried not to show it but fear began to creep into Perci. She realized Gabe was already drunk. Gabe was horrible sober but drunk….it made Perci's

blood run cold.

"Not so fast little girl." Gabe's hold tightened. Perci didn't like the look he gave her as his eyes roamed her body up and down. "You sure grew up this summer huh

kid?" Gabe's chuckle made Perci shiver. "Not so little anymore."And where his eyes were placed on her body, he didn't mean her height.

"Let go of me or I'll swear I'll-"

"You'll what? What are you gonna do?" Gabe said with a disgusting smirk. Perci could smell his pungent stench as he leaned into her ear. "There's no one around.

We have the place to ourselves."

"Please don't-"

"GET THE FUCK OFF HER!" Perci couldn't believe her eyes. Was she dreaming this? She looked down at her sore arms. Gabe's grip was tight and would surely leave

bruises. Perci's mind was spinning. Luke, the man she lov-the man who betrayed was slamming her stepfather against the wall. 'Shock' Perci's mind registered the

word. It must be why she is imagining Luke here. Why she suddenly felt numb and why there was fog around her eyes. She decided to close her eyes to clean it

from her vision.

The next time Perci opened her eyes she found herself laying on her bed with Luke sitting beside her. The boy in question was looking around her room with

interest. He looked like he was trying to memorize his surroundings. She immediately jumped up. "What are you doing here!"She reached for Riptide from under her

pillow but Luke quickly grabbed her hand and covered it with his own.

"Take it easy. Lay back down. I need to check your head." Luke tried to reassure her while he calmly checked her over. As Perci came more aware she realized that

something cold was touching the back of her head. Luke was holding something to her head. An ice pack? 'What happened?' She thought. Luke stiffened at the

question that Perci belatedly realized she had spoken out loud. Luke's eyes were as hard as steel as she began to remember what happened. Gabe was…he was

going to…but Luke. Luke! Luke saved her because Gabe was….

"Calm down sweetheart. You're okay. He won't hurt you again." Luke said as he grabbed her and cradled her in his arms. Perci should have pushed him away for all

that he did to her and to her friends, her father, the world! but in that moment she couldn't help but relish the feel of Luke's arms around her once again especially

after what just happened. When Perci finally calmed down Luke explained that she had bumped her head. During Luke and Gabe's struggle over her she had been

pushed into the wall…hard. Perci tried to move out of Luke's hold but he held her firmly. "Perci I need you to tell me. Did he..."


Relief light Luke's face for a second but then he became morose again. "I'm so sorry Perci. I'm sorry for everything."


The gods watched as Luke explained his reasoning for joining Kronos' side. They watched as Perci had not forgiven him but had accepted Luke back into her life. They

watched as the lovers fought against each other and yet could not help but love each other. They watched their private moments together. How the lovers continued

to shower each other with love and passion when it was just the two of them together. The gods realized that no matter what happened the two loved each other

very deeply. The visions suddenly stopped. All the gods looked at Aphrodite questionably.

"You should know that…this next vision. This was the last time the two spent alone together...before." No one needed to know what she meant. Before Luke's death.


Perci entered her mother's apartment to find someone already there. She knew who it was before he went in her line of sight.

"Hello, Luke."

"Perci," The way he said her name always made her shiver. This time was no different. His movements were frantic as he ran up to her and grabbed hold of her.

Lately a lot of their meetings ended up like this. Perci holding Luke for a short while doing her best to keep him safe and there with her, it never lasted long for Luke

pledged himself to Kronos but in those moments Perci was all hers. "Please Perci, Please."

Perci kissed him with as much as passion as she put in their very first kiss. Luke broke the kiss quickly. "Run away with me." Perci was confused.


"Runaway with me. We could leave and run away from the gods, the war. Everything."

They never talked about…what was happening around them during their meetings. It would take what little time they had together away from them.

"Luke" she said this as carefully as she could. "Why are you asking me this?"

Perci was frightened at the way Luke grabbed her face. "Don't you want to be with me?"

"You know I do!"

"Then come with me."

"Luke! Please don't ask this of me! You know I can't! I can't let Kro-" Perci faltered. Luke's side couldn't win.

"But if we are not part of the war-"

"Then what happens Luke? We run like cowards! We run from our destiny!" Perci said, trying her best not to confront the real issue.

"Fuck our destiny! My destiny changed the moment I met you! Now all I want to do is protect you and love you for the rest of my life!"

"And the best way to protect me is running away! There are other ways! You could-"

"Don't go there-" Luke said in a deadly silent voice. "You know I will never be accepted by the gods. They wrote me off."

"We could try! Plead your case! Hermes-"

"IT HAS BEEN PROSPHECIED PERCI!" Luke yelled, then said in a smaller defeated voice. "It's too late to plead my case."

Then Perci said something that she regretted from then on. "Then what are we doing?"

At that Luke let her go and moved away from her. "I don't know." Luke never looked more defeated in his life. "Why can't you just leave with me now and never look


Perci with tears in her eyes replied. "It's the same as me asking you to stop what you are doing with Kronos and going back to the gods."

Their meetings together stopped. The next time Perci saw Luke was the very last time she ever saw him again.

End of vision/flashback

They watched with sorrow in their hearts and understanding now as to why Luke took his life. They saw the moment Luke had broken his promise to never

hurt his love.


Dying wasn't quick. It was slow and painful. Death slowly swam in your veins making you feel groggy and see fog around your vision. All you wanted to do was knew where you would go when you finally closed your eyes but you didn't were at peace with the idea. As he laid there dying Luke felt a

presence by his side. His life. Perci. His eternal love. Why was she crying? Luke put her cheek in his hand and tried his best to wipe away her tears but it was so

hard. His hand felt too heavy. "Perci"

"Yes! Luke! Please hold on! The gods are coming they could save you!" 'She was trying her best to keep him hopeful. Luke knew he wasn't going to make it. He felt

himself leaving this place.

"Perci…please..promise me"

Without hesitation Perci replied. "Anything. Just please hold on."

"Promise me. Keep your faith. I will find you."

Perci looked into Luke eyes. With tears following in her eyes Perci stated. "I promise on the River Styx that I will remain yours until we reunited again."

Luke died with a smile on his face and a kiss to his lips.

End of flashbacks

The gods were shocked at Perci's declaration. Some began to now understand why Perci decline the offer of immortality. In her last moments with Luke Perci

had declared her all Luke's. She would never be able to take that promise back. The gods felt sorrow in their hearts for the young lovers and especially for

their hero. Hermes felt an immense guilt for he had yelled at the young women after the battle, blaming her for his son's death during his grief. Poseidon

forced the sorrow he felt for his young daughter but was having a difficult time controlling it.

"Why, daughter, did you show us visions of these star-crossed lovers?" Zeus's voice was strained with his sorrow for the little hero as he asked Aphrodite

this question.

"Because I believe them not to be star-crossed lovers. I believe...that they could be reunited."

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