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My name is Elanora or simply Ella. My parents had died a few months previous to the advents that changed our lives forever. Who are they? You might ask, well that answer was simple. My cousins Wendy, John and Micheal Darling. Our adventure was said to have begun on a quiet evening when we were telling stories in the nursery. Wendy loved to tell of the brave Cinderella and the fearsome Captain Hook. I told stories as well, where did you think Wendy learned them from? Me of course. But now I preferred to to tell horrors.

I was older by a few months, I had just turned thirteen while Wendy was still twelve. I loved to sing as well, I sang lullaby's to John, Wendy and Micheal every night before we went to bed and quite enjoyed it.


John's wooden sword swung above Wendy's head and right into the book shelf as Nana, the Darling's dog began to bark at the window. I jumped up from the arm chair I had lazed across and followed my cousins to the window. As we peered out into the night sky but there was nothing there, not a bird, nor a leaf. So we just forgot about it. For as what troubles an adult will never trouble a child.

"Alright Michael, time for your bath." I told him sweetly, brushing his beautiful ginger hair out of his slightly freckled face. I guess I was more of the responsible, motherly type. Michael made a face, crossed his arms and shook his head.

"No way Elly Belly." He said stubbornly. I sighed and knelt down to his level.

"Alright, you've asked for it." I stated standing up. "Nana!" I exclaimed, chuckling as I watched the female Newfoundland chase my small red-headed cousin out of the room. I walked to my wooden dresser as I shared one with Wendy. I had the top two drawers while Wendy had the bottom. It worked alright. I had some of my clothes in the suit case. I glanced at the picture sitting on the night stand it was of my parents.

In photograph my small family lie in the green grasses of sunny California where we liked to vacation in the summer. My mother's hand grasped in my right hand while my father's was in my left, my father's left hand was full of my Siberian Husky Brandeline's dark grey fur as she posed with us her plump pink tongue lolled out of her mouth. We all supported large grins as if we were right where we wanted to be- together.

I almost let a tear fall from my large blue eyes before wiping them roughly. I promised myself I wouldn't cry for them again, it was a sign that I wasn't doing fine and if aunt Darling knew I wasn't doing fine she would send me back to that psychiatrist. I defiantly didn't want that. I believed I should have died in that plane crash along with my entire family, but I wasn't so lucky. Maybe if I did I wouldn't constantly be feeling this loss- this ache in my chest.

I shook my head and pulled out a pair of flannel black and white pajama bottoms, a black Camisole and my undergarments. I went down the stairs and past the kitchen unto the small other bathroom. It only contained a toilet and sink but that was ok for now. I normally showered in the mornings anyway. I stripped down and put my pajamas on, brushing out my long curly black hair and placing it into a side-braid. I pulled my necklace out of my camisole and opened the bathroom door. Walking I noticed the whole Darling family including Uncle Darling's sister Aunt Millicent seated in the living room as Aunt Darling played the piano, her fingers gliding gracefully over the keys.

I was fairly jealous of Aunt Darling, she was gorgeous, the loveliest lady in Blumesburry and she had a sweet mocking mouth that had one kiss on it. A kiss that I wanted so badly. I wasn't one of those cliche teenage girls who sat for hours waiting for her prince to come but, I still wanted that kiss. Someone to love me, someone to take the loneliness away.

My cousin's motioned for me to come have a seat on the couch, where I put Michael on my lap. Wendy got up to tell a tale at her brother's request. I smiled at Micheal's excitement, he was just so cute. Aunt Millicent looked completely appalled as John and Micheal told of some of the characters in Wendy's stories.

"Goodness how children are educated these days." Aunt Millicent commented at least trying not to look appalled. She never liked me, she claimed I was a bad example on the other children.

"I'm afraid I'm not landed at all Aunt, but I do know a thing about pirates!" Wendy exclaimed excitedly as she stood in front of the adults, Aunt Millicent in particular as Aunt Millicent placed a hand on her chest looking as though she was about to have a heart attack.

"My unfilled ambition is to write a great novel in three parts about my adventures!" Wendy told everyone with a small giggle at the end. Aunt Millicent's eyes widened.

"What adventures?" She asked abruptly. This seemed to put a damper on my young naive cousin's mood. I hugged Micheal close to me.

"Well I have yet to have them," Wendy stated shortly. "but they will be perfectly thrilling!" Wendy ran back near her parent's as Aunt Millicent spoke up.

"But child novelist are not highly thought of in good society." Aunt Millicent stated in a knowing tone. "And there is nothing more difficult to marry than a novelist."

"Marry?" I finally spoke up along with Wendy, Uncle Darling John and Micheal.

"But Aunt, Wendy is not yet thirteen." Aunt Darling said defending her daughter.

"Wendy, Ellanora dears walk towards me so I may appraise you." I slowly set Micheal down off of my lap and walked to stand next to Wendy, I had know idea where this was going. We slowly walked towards her as Uncle Darling commanded Wendy to stand up straight, my cousins began to giggle.

"Mmm, turn around." Aunt Millicent commanded once we reached her. The boys still giggling as I shushed them.

"Mm yes," She stated as she took one of my hands and one of Wendy's. "Oh it's quite as I expected. Both girls possess a woman's chin." Wendy pulled her hand to her mouth, while my two male cousins whispered in shocked tones. Aunt Darling put her hand to the right corner of her mouth in unison with I.

"A hidden kiss." Aunt Millicent stated, pulling my hand from my mouth and inspecting it.

"B-but what is it for?" Wendy asked in a small tone, I could tell she was afraid to hear the answer.

"It is for the one the kiss is for." Aunt Millicent said walking towards Wendy and since she still had my hand in her iron grip, pulling me along like a rag doll.

"They who find it, have slipped in and out of heaven." Aunt Millicent continued.

"Find what?" My puzzled cousin asked.

"The one the kiss belongs to." Aunt Millicent exclaimed at the same time I whispered it, clutching my mouth with my right hand. My Aunt and Uncle walked toward Wendy slowly, astonishment clearly etched in their features.

"My Wendy, a woman." Uncle Darling stated.

"Almost a woman." Aunt Millicent corrected ushering us out of the room. I took Micheal's hand and and we excited the living room. I was about to go upstairs when John stopped me, pointing toward the slightly ajar door. I stuck my head through just close enough to see and to hear, my cousins following suit.

Aunt Millicent was sitting at one end of the small table, my Aunt and Uncle on the other.

"They must spend less time with John and Micheal and more time with me." Aunt Millicent instructed causing gasps to come from my male cousins.

"They must have their own room," Aunt Millicent said. "A young lady's room." I didn't mind having a room without Micheal and John, it would defiantly give us both more space, but Micheal clearly seemed to mind because he opened his mouth to protest when John placed his hand over it effectively quieting Micheal.

"George, the daughter of a clerk can not hope to marry as that of a manager." Aunt Millicent stated knowingly. "You must attend more parties, make small talk with your superiors at the bank. Wit is very fashionable at the moment." Millicent sipped her drink.

"Wit?" Uncle Darling looked terrified as he downed his shot.

We hurried up to the nursery, not wanting to be seen by the adults. I tucked Micheal in first than John, Wendy tucked herself it. John suddenly shot up from his bed.

"Ella you must sing us a song, I fear I will not get to sleep without one, this is insane, Wendy and yourself do not need your own room." I sighed softly as Wendy and Micheal agreed with him.

"Have you ever thought this might be a good thing?" I asked sitting up on my for-poster bed, earning gasps from my cousins. "I mean we'll definitely have more space." No one said anything, they obviously didn't agree. So I begun to sing a song my mother sang to me a a child, for I had no clue someone was watching me.

"When at night I go to sleep
Fourteen angels watch do keep;
Two my head are guarding,
Two my feet are guiding;
Two are on my right hand,
Two are on my left hand,
Two who warmly cover
Two who o'er me hover,
Two to whom 'tis given
To guide my steps to heaven."

John smiled and lie back down, he soon closed his eyes and fell asleep. I glanced at Micheal, he was already asleep and snoring lightly. Wendy was looking at me from the bed next to me, a worried expression on her face.

"Are you not afraid Ellanora?" She asked me, she only called me Ellanora when she was upset or worried.

"Honestly?" I asked. She nodded.

"I would give anything to stay a child, but sometimes we all have to grow up." I told her shutting my eyes.

"Goodnight, Ella." Wendy whisper. I 'hmmed' already half asleep.

Third person p.o.v.

A person was in fact listening to Ellanora sing. To him she was perfect, she was beautiful and most importantly she 'would give anything to stay a child'. He opened the latch to the window as quietly as he could, as the window blew open Peter hovered through, nothing but happy thoughts in his curly blonde head. He looked over at the young girl laying beneath the violet satin sheets, her black hair coming out of the braid as she breathed slowly, in and out. She normally had nightmares at night as the boy observed, she'd toss and turn and shoot up from the bed gasping for breath.

He slowly flew over her, his fingers lightly brushing her porcelain face. He wanted her to come with him but that would have to wait. An acorn fell from his leafy green outfit and tumbled onto the floor making a satisfying crack. Wendy, how had always been a light sleeper shot awake with a gasp when she noticed the flying boy hovering over her cousin sat up from her bed. The boy flew back against the wall, Nana who was awoken by the sudden out burst, barked at the boy and chased him as he flew out the window.

Nana grabbed the flying boy's shadow as he attempted to escape. Wendy tumbled off of her bed with a yelp, taking her red comforter with her. Ellanora woke up at the sound of her cousins yelp, just as the window closed. Wendy who had gasped again as the boys shadow flew backwards ran toward the window, her barely conscious cousin following her.

"Wendy, are you alright, what are you doing?" Ellanora asked rubbing her blue eyes.

"A-a boy flew out the window, come on we have to see if he's ok!" Wendy exclaimed in a hushed tone grabbing her tired cousin's hand and dragging her out of the bedroom. She took a candle stick out of the side table that sat out of the children's room and lit it with the matches. Ellanora who thought her cousin had finally lost it followed her down the stairs and out the back door, where their window was. Wendy took the candle stick and shown it on the ground, looking for any sighs of a body but there wasn't one, for none had fallen.

"Wendy!" Ella exclaimed, taking her cousin's arm. "Wendy come on, no one is out here. You where probably just dreaming." She told her.

"B-but I saw-"

"Come on Wendy let's go back to bed." Ella cut her cousin off and pulled her into the house. Wendy blew out the candle and set it on the night stand then the two girls went back to bed.

Ellanora's p.o.v.

I woke up the next morning to Micheal shaking me awake. I groaned and pulled my comforter off of my body and stood up wincing as my bare feet hit the cold wooden floor. I walked to the dresser where Wendy was rummaging through her things and opened the second drawer where my school uniform was located. I found my white button up shirt along with my knee high navy blue skirt, my blue cardigan,my stockings, my undergarments and my hair brush. I didn't go without glancing shortly at the picture of my family.

I walked past Wendy and into the bathroom where I stripped down and got into the shower, letting the warm water cascade down my back. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, that is after Wendy had awoken me with the ridiculous story of the boy who flew out of our bedroom window.

I got out of the shower after successfully cleaning myself and dried my hair with the towel. I pulled on my undergarments and my stockings before pulling on my long sleeve button up shirt and tucking it into my navy skirt. I pulled my hair brush through my slightly tangled curls and placed them into a pony tale. I hated my uniform, but I guess it could have been worse. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my cardigan before leaving the bathroom, where Wendy was waiting patiently outside of the door in her pajamas, her uniform in hand. She was apparently wearing her white dress which we got with the uniform.

I walked into the nursery and grabbed my Marry Jane's out of the closet, before sitting on my bed and pulling them on my feet. I slipped my cardigan over my shoulders and went down the stairs into the kitchen. My male cousins where seated at the table already in their uniforms along with my uncle who was reading the paper.

"Good morning all." I muttered taking my seat next to Micheal.

"Good morning Ella." My Aunt replied from where she was cooking bacon on the stove. I lye my head down on the table.

"Ellanora, get your head off of the table." My Uncle snapped not even looking at me. I did as I was told and a plate of eggs and bacon was put in front of me by my Aunt. I thanked her and ate about half, unlike John who was scarfing down the whole plate. I had barely noticed Wendy come down the stairs, I was in my own little world. About ten minutes later everyone was ready and out the door, my cousins and I always walked to school, it was about six blocks. So that is alright. I was normally quiet in the mornings, unlike Wendy who was babbling away. Micheal who had slipped his hand in mine was humming softly walked beside John who was the only one actually listening to Wendy and occasionally replying.

We got there in about twenty minutes, right before the bell rang. Wendy and I dropped Micheal and John off and then walked to our first class. Even though I was slightly older than Wendy I was still in her grade. I took my seat next to Wendy and got my books out of my bag, this was going to be a long day.

The whole day Wendy was doodling something in her note book, it was the end of the day, we were making art. I disguarded the bracelet I was making, I wanted to know what she was drawing, I started leaning toward her when a ruler came down and smacked Wendy's note book. I turned to see our teacher with a very displeased look on her face. She grabbed the note book and the bell rang signaling school was over. Our teacher made us stay back after class, I had no idea why I was staying back.

"So if this is Ellanora's bed, who is this?" Our teacher asked Wendy, I turned my head in their direction when I heard my name.

"A boy." Wendy said.

"And Ellanora, you say you know nothing about this?" Our teacher asked turning her attention to me. I hate to throw Wendy under the bus, but I seriously had no idea what she was talking about.

"Yes ma'am." I said in a respectful tone. Our teacher wrote a letter of outrage to Uncle Darling, handing it to the ginger haired delivery boy who gave us a smug smile before running off.

I sighed as we excited the room.

"We are in so much trouble when we get home and I don't even know why!" I exclaimed frustrated. Micheal and John where waiting out side of the class room for us. We didn't say anything to John or Micheal about what happened at school, there was no point, they'd find out eventually. As we walked past the grocery store, Wendy noticed the ginger haired delivery boy riding his bike past us. He had the same smug smile on his face that I just wanted to slap off.

"The letter!" Wendy yelled, an idea sparking in her eyes. The she took off running calling for the boy to stop.

"Darn it Wendy!" I yelled in frustration taking off after her, John, Micheal and Nana on my tale. We called after her as she ran all the way to the bank. I knew this wouldn't be good. She ran after the boy all the way into the bank doors.

"Father! I can explain!" Wendy yelled running after the boy who had the letter in hand. Nana skid across the floor and into Wendy who fell on top of her, the boy then fell onto Wendy and they all crashed into Uncle Darling and some men from the bank I didn't know.

"Oh Wendy!" I stated.

Uncle Darling was seething by time we got home, He drug Nana but her colar and outside into her dog house, ignoring my cousin's protests.

"I have been humilated! No! I must be a man children fear and adults respect! So you all don't end up on the streets!" Uncle Darling yelled, clipping Nana's collar to her leash that was connected to the wall.

"George, not so loud." Aunt Darling said.

"George the neighbors will hear." Aunt Millicent warned. Well I'm pretty sure Uncle Darling didn't give a rats furry arse if the neighbors would hear and I was right.

"So let them hear, let the whole world know!" He yelled, and then he looked down at Nana. "This is not a nurse! This is a dog!" Uncle spat pointing at Nana. He then ripped her nurses hat off her head. Everyone gasped. I honestly hoped they knew she really was a dog.

"Tomorrow, you two will begin your instruction with Aunt Millicent!" Uncle Darling stated in a lighter tone, but you could see how angry he really was.

"It's time for you to grow up." He said directly right to Wendy.

That night my Aunt and Uncle where going off to a party and we were to be put in Aunt Millicent's care. I remember Aunt Darling entering our room before leaving.

"Mother, can anything harm us when the nightlights are lit?" Little Micheal asked. He was just so cute.

"No precious. A nightlight is something a mother leaves to guard her children." Aunt Darling said with a smile then she went to light a candle by Wendy's bed.

"Mother, must you go to the party?" Wendy asked sitting up in her bed. My male cousins followed suit and soon we where all begging her to stay.

"Yes mother Father can go by his self." John suggested.

"By himself?" Aunt Darling asked placing Micheal on her lap. "Your father is a brave man, he's going to need the special kiss to face his colleges tonight."

"Father brave?" Wendy spoke my exact thoughts. John shook his head.

"There are many different kinds of bravery, there's the bravery of thinking of others before one's self." She told us. "Now your father has never swung a sword, or fired a pistol thank heavens. But he's made many sacrifices for his family and put away many dreams." She really was an intelligent woman and it took me until that night to realize it.

"Where did he put them?" Little Micheal asked looking up at his mother.

"He put them in a drawer," Aunt Darling answered immediately, gazing down at her youngest son. "And sometimes in the middle of the night, he takes them out to admire them, but it gets harder and harder to close the drawer. He does." She told us, she looked at all of us. "And that is why he is brave."

Wendy smiled. Aunt Darling kiss each of our four heads and left the room, not before telling us she loved us. We all settled into bed and I told a story, one of my favorites, 'Alice in Wonderland'. I watched as each of my cousin's fell asleep listening to my tale. Once everyone was out I lay back down and fell asleep.

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