Heyyy its Kami-chan back with a new story !

So...yeah i got a BETA my bff Veronica101 who has majorly ausome stories hope you like it

BTW it probably will make no sense at all cause just cause ts a prologue and but by the end u should get it...

Those were the 3 things I felt.
'Wake up!'
I can't seem to open my eyes.
Hmmm...I wonder why?
I tried to blink as hard as I could.
No good.
My eyes are aren't working...
'Listen then.'
No, not quite silence.
Beeping sounds...
Far far away.
Whooshing too. Like the tide in, out, in, out.
On and on and on.
Shhhh. Go back to sleep, sleep is...
Sleep is great...You can sleep forever
'Wake up!'
Voices rang in my head as I struggled to keep them out.
Let me sleep!
'No get up open your eyes. Move your arm at least.'
I tried...but it's like my arm no longer belongs to me...it felt like trying to drag a mountain through a cold rushing river...
At least I think it does, but I'm not too conscious to state the truth.
'Try harder.'
'Find it, feel it.'
It should be connected to your shoulder...
There it is.
I try moving a finger.
Nope I can't.
I can feel something though.
What is it?
Feels familiar...
A hand in mine: warm and comforting.
A boy's hand, I think. Mmm, you smell good.
Are you Ikuto?
Whose Ikuto?
I don't remember...
People with voices saying things I don't understand.
Long words.
Ask them where you are.
Ask them why you can't open your eyes.
Ask them.
Ask them.
And ask them what's wrong with you.
Speak. Now.
Screaming inside my head.
'Hush. Don't worry. Maybe you've fallen asleep watching Naruto again.'
This voice stated...
But I knew it was more horrible than falling alseep...
To be continued…

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