The Art of Seduction


To outsiders, our life must seem so fucking amazing. But honestly, it sometimes can be anything but. Don't get me wrong. I love shopping at Barney's and Bergdorf's. I love lazing in the Hamptons all summer and going to all the fantastic parties where everyone gets so wasted and trashed. But the worst part about us Upper East Siders is we always need something to entertain us. If we don't have that, then our life has no meaning.

Don't you ever notice how us rich girls spend way too long buying our lingerie when it only stays on you for thirty seconds? We do it because it gives us a thrill when we see the boy's eyes that we dressed up for. The lust behind his look. Because that is our pleasure... Literally. But we all need something or someone to toy with or else we will go insane, especially me. The golden girl who can never sit still and loves to play games.

That is how mine and Nate's little game came to happen.