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Ariadne's P.O.V

Is it worth living if life has become dull, dismal, colorless, and blah? This is the question that has sneaked its way through her head more times than she could care to count. It's been almost a year since she had seen her team members. She missed them all. Deeply. Cobb's handsome face pinched with worry, Yusuf's carefree attitude, Saito's businesslike outlook, Arthur's highly attractive self and gentlemanly actions; she even missed Eames' jokes! She couldn't seem to get them out of her head. She couldn't seem to get it out of her head. The possibility to build anything and everything – things that couldn't exist in the real world. But once inception was completed and Arthur slyly handed her a piece of paper with the hotel she was staying at for a few days (already paid for) and a ticket for a flight back to Paris she was thrust back into the tedious real world. She should just forget about them, forget about what once was. Her friends knew something was up, they took her to bars, set her up on dates, and nothing worked. How could it? All she told her friends that she was gone for a few months working on a job and that she wasn't needed again.

Life went on boring and unrelenting.

Until yesterday.

She woke up today with a vague sense that something was amiss; sounds not reaching her ears fast enough, colors blurring together, objects moving either too fast or too slow. She had dreamt the weirdest dream.

She was walking to her favorite coffee shop like she always did before traveling to the college. Neck tensing she realized she was being followed. Barely turning her head she spotted a man in a suit walking about a block behind her. Then the street in front of her blew up.

Out of habit she tipped her totem, and noticed it. There it was. A miniscule pinprick on her right wrist. She tipped over her totem again. And another time. And another. Realizing that someone had been in her head, she freaked out. Almost sprinting out of bed, throwing on random clothes, and rushing towards the door were the actions that her body performed while her brain remained in its shocked state. She didn't stop until she became aware that she didn't have anyone to call. Cobb didn't give her his or any of the others' numbers. Pacing back and forth she came up with the decision to speak to Miles. She was reaching for the door to her apartment when the phone rang.


"Ariadne, go to the college now! You're not safe!"

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