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The Love Of Family

Tony looked at the tiny baby on the screen and wondered what it was like to have a child. He was always kind of afraid of children and tried to hard to have them like him. He wondered would he be like that if he ever had a child, or would it be different with his child, or children. He sat back down and turned to his computer and started his report on what happened tonight.

After work he packed his things into his backpack. He wasn't sure where he was going and was not really surprised whose house he drove to. It seemed like every time he had a problem, or wanted to talk to someone it was Gibbs who he went to. It was his father figure who he went to when he needed advice in his life.

He went down to the basement where he knew his boss would be. He watched as he put together a pink bike and leaned against the table in the back. He had forgotten that Amira and Layla had moved to DC after Mike Franks had died. He took the two cups out and talked about family and job the lights were already off leaving him in darkness. Gibbs told him to move on and he was surprised to hear Gibbs tell him to don't be like him and learn from it, but that was the problem he wanted to be like Gibbs. He was the man who he looked up to who gave him advice who nurtured him to be a better agent and who actually cared about him when his own father never did.

He sat in the basement in darkness finally plugging in the lights wondering if like last Christmas he would be alone. He loved and hated Christmas. He loved Christmas because all the joy around and the lights and happy people, but he hated it because he didn't have a family to spend it with. His own father never wanted to spend Christmas with him. He was either spending time with important people at a party trying to talk them into something, or not letting him come home from boarding school for Christmas. He spent a lot of time during Christmas in the boarding school where there were a few boys like him spending their time at school too.

He watched the lights and said into the darkness Merry Christmas to nobody. He was the only one there and he would eventually have to leave and spend it at home alone once again. He looked up in surprise as Gibbs came back with his coat on.

"Are you coming, or not? Layla's making Lamb."

Tony put down the bottle of Bourbon, which he was going to drink. "You sure it's alright?" He asked

"Ya, I told her you were coming."

"When?" He asked surprised that Gibbs would invite him to their Christmas dinner.

"I told her last week. You're not going to find what you're looking for down here, DiNozzo. Come on." Tony walked away from the bench and watched as the lights flickered and smiled.

Gibbs was right. Here he was looking for something that he thought he didn't have this Christmas and here it was in his face all along. He had the love of a family already. It was a little family, but a family that he loved. He hurried up the steps and made his way towards Gibbs car.

The End