Shadow Of The Past II
The Legend Of Jacks Master balls

Jessie and James and Meowth walked threw the green forest of Johto, still chasing after pikacue, "dats such a stupid plan James, we always dig holes!" Meowth whined.
"Well when was the last time you game up with something different!" James whined back. Jessie slapped them both over the head with a paper fan. "SHUT up let just jump them well they're still eating!" Jessie snapped.

Following Jessie's plan Team Rocket was soon heard five minutes later. "Looks like team rockets blasting of again!" The trio landed right threw the roof, of a log cabin.
"Ouch" James groaned. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" screamed Jessie smacking him with a blunt object. After pulling out of the ruble the looked around, it was a small cabin, there gaze stopped when it came to rest on a man about James height tapping his foot, he wore green pants and a orange shirt, and had a black beard.
"he he umm sorry for the mess" James said fearfully. "What brings team rocket all the way out here?" the man asked. As Jessie and James stood up Meowth spoke sinisterly. "You know about us", Jessie and James squealed. "At last some one who know of are criminal deeds!", "I asked you a question what are you doing out here?" the man spoke coldly. "dats none of your business" Meowth said irritate at the mans tone.

"Wait a second... Jessica Akin is that you?" the asked wide eyed. "umm yes" Jessie stammered. "I thought that was you! I haven't seen you sense you were ten years old" the man smiled happily and gave Team Rocket a bear hug. "WHO ARE YOU!?" Jessie demanded. "Its me William I used to work with your mom and dad" he said as he let them out of his grip. "OH William I remember you my dad talked about you allot", William laughed. "And Jack always talked about you by the way have you seen your father?"
Jessie sniffed back a few tears, "Not sense I flunked out of Pokemon Tech", William's face fell. "oh I saw him once just after you ran away, he gave me something to give to you, said in case he never got to you" William said sadly.
"Oh did he look?" Jessie asked fearfully.
"sad very very sad, all he ever talked about during his visit was how sorry he was for yelling at you and how he wished it could have been him on that mountain instead of your mother, but lets not think about those sad memories, Here's what he left" William said handing Jessie a round plastic tube. Jessie unscrewed the lid and pulled out a sheet of paper,
"Its a map" Jessie said in wonder. "Where does it dat lead?" Meowth asked.
"Many years ago shortly before you where born, Jack stole seven of eight prototype pokeballs, these pokeballs were called master balls, they are capable of capturing almost any pokemon without a fight, Jack hid them, planing to go and get them once the heat died down, but after you ran away that wasn't important anymore"
End of Part one.
And so begains Shadow of the Past 2 Legend of Jacks Masterballs.