First of all, I want to say that this story isn't my idea. It is MKStanley's, and they deserve credit for this.

This starts when Katniss hears Rue's cry for help. I'll leave it at that.

I'm running blindly through the forest, trees blurring past me. I'm using full speed, as fast as my legs can take me. My hair flies in my face, but I don't bother to push it away. Rue's in trouble. She's my ally. And I have to protect her.

I reach the place where Rue's trapped. There's a net over her, and a boy- he's from District 1- stands, ready to shoot a spear. Horror at what he's about to do strikes me. I quickly grab one of my arrows and pull it through the string. Rue watches silently as the arrow whizzes by her and strikes the boy's neck before he has a chance to throw his spear. He crumples to the ground and blood stains the grass near him a dark red. I grab his supplies before heading over to where Rue is tangled in the net. Tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

"Hold on, Rue, I'm gonna get you out." I say softly, not loud enough for the TV to hear. My heart's pounding so loud, I'm pretty sure everyone in the arena can hear it. The tributes! What if there's more? I swiftly look around. All I can see are trees. I go back to untangling the net.

Almost as soon as I untangle Rue, the canon shoots for the boy tribute of District 1. The hovercraft comes by and the body gets picked off the ground and flies away. Rue sits silently next to me watching the whole scene.

"Thank you," she whispers. I peer at her, the tears in her eyes gone.

"Of course," I answer, "we're allies. We're supposed to protect each other." Rue gives me a small smile and I stand up.

"Is the Career's food destroyed?" Rue asks.

"Yep." I answer.

"What happened to you ear?" she gasps. On instinct, I touch it and wince.

"It got hurt in the explosion. It bled a lot but it stopped now."

Suddenly, a silver parachute floats down from the sky and Rue catches it. She looks at me. "A sponsor!" she says excitedly. Rue opens the box and there's a loaf of bread with seeds inside. "District Eleven bread!" she tells me. I recognize it too.

We take small bites of the bread, wanting to save it for other days. I head down to the stream again with Rue behind me. I stop at the bank and get my arrows ready for when a fish comes by. An unsuspecting fish swims past me and I shoot it immediately. Another one comes and I shoot that one too. After I'm done with that, Rue and I fill up our water bottles.

"Here, I already ate some." I say to Rue. She takes them and eats them quickly. We're not risking a fire; the Careers probably figured out that their food guard is dead. Plus, Cato is already out for me.

"Let's see what the boy had." I say and Rue comes over beside me as I examine the items. "We've got knives, two spare spearheads, a flashlight, a leather pouch, a first-aid kit, a bottle of water, and a pack of dried fruit…" my voice trails off at the last item.

"What?" Rue asks.

"This boy was with the Careers and they had food." I explain. "And here, he has more food all to himself!" Rue looks at me with disbelief when she understands what I'm saying.

"Maybe the first-aid kit has something for your ear." she suggests. It's a good idea. I look inside.

"No," I say sadly.


It slowly becomes evening. We find a tree and set up our sleeping bags along the branches. The stars rise in the sky as the Capitol shows the boy from District 1. Guilt rises up in me. I killed this innocent tribute. But I had to for Rue.

"We forgot about Foxface this morning." I say. Rue glances at me, confused. I remember that I came up with the name. "The girl with the red hair," I tell her, "I named her Foxface." Rue laughs a little at my nickname.

"I know her. We better be careful to watch out for her." Rue says tiredly.

"Yeah, goodnight Rue." A yawn escapes me and I realize how tired I am.

"Goodnight Katniss."

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