This is a HeYa fanfic about Naya Rivera and Heather Morris. It is not real, but my full imagination.

I wasn't sure how to name this story, because I wanted it to resemble the storyline. I chose for "Impossible Heartache" because Naya Rivera is in love with her best friend, Heather Morris. She sees this love as impossible, because Heather has a boyfriend and is straight, which makes her heart ache.

It is rated T due to offensive language and romantic scenes. This probably won't have any sex scenes in it, but if I change my mind on this matter, I'll let you know.

The start of this story may be the same as a lot of HeYa stories, but I have a good idea of what will happen next.

Please note that I'm kind of describing Heather's boyfriend as a huge jerk in this story. I do not know him, and I have nothing against him or anything. I know nothing about him, so please note that I'm just using him as an important matter of this story. If that makes sense...

Also, my first language isn't English, so I might make some mistakes at times. My apologies for this. :)

I hope you enjoy this first chapter. I hope to see some feedback and reviews from you guys.

Impossible Heartache

Chapter 1

Naya Rivera laid awake staring at the ceiling of Heather's bedroom in the middle of the night. She held the clammy puddle of limbs that were Heather Morris in her arms. Heather's hands where tightly clamping themself to the hem of Naya's tanktop. Her face rested on Naya's chest, her cheeks still a bright red color from crying that night.

Heather's body felt hot against Naya's, and she hadn't been able to fall asleep. She didn't reckon on getting any sleep at all that night. Her head felt like it was being attacked by confusing, sad and painful thoughts and feelings.

Heather had called Naya late that night, pleading into the phone for her to come over. Naya was immediately worried sick by the cries and sobs of Heather through the phone, and immediately asked what had happened and if she was okay.

Heather couldn't bring out many words, but Naya understood that it had something to do with her boyfriend Taylor, who she had been with ever since she was a freshman in highschool.

Taylor and Heather had had their fights before, and Naya was always there to support Heather and to listen to her when she told what had happened and when she told her how she was feeling. Heather could always pour her heart out to Naya.

Naya didn't understand her feelings towards Heather. Whenever she poured her heart out, and told her about Taylor, Naya felt this protective shield forming around Heather and her. She wanted to protect Heather from always feeling this way whenever she had had a fight with Taylor.

She didn't understand how Heather could still be with Taylor after all these times he had broken her heart. He always seemed to have a special place in Heather's heart. She always forgave him no matter what he did or said.

It broke Naya's heart to see Heather in this state of desperation. She deserved so much better than this boy, who not seemed to care about Heather's feelings at times. She hated seeing Heather like this. She wanted to see Heather happy, she wanted to see that smile and those sparkling eyes that lit up the whole room.

In the back of her mind, Naya couldn't help but feel the faintest bit of hope everytime she came over to comfort Heather from whatever had happened that time between her and Taylor. She knew she wasn't supposed to feel this way when she saw her heartbroken friend, but she couldn't fight it, no matter how hard she tried.

This night, Heather had poured her heart out again, and Naya had just listened while she held her in her arms, lying on the bed. Heather sobbed into Naya's chest, and Naya simply held her and comfortingly stroked her hair as the sobbing starting slowing down and she eventually fell asleep.

Naya never knew how to be a good friend in these situations. She knew this was something that Heather had to decide herself, but she desperately wanted to tell Heather to dump his ass already, for good this time. She knew she couldn't though, which left her feeling torn. She wanted Heather to be happy, and she knew that Taylor made her happy whenever they weren't arguing or fighting. She hated that he had this magical power over her. She hated that she loved him so much.

Naya had immediately been enchanted by the energy Heather brought with her on set that first day they met eachother. It didn't take long for Naya to fully fall for the girl. She would do anything for her to make her happy.

She wanted to be the one to make her happy. She knew that she would never break Heather's heart the way that Taylor had done so many times. She wanted to be the one who made those sparkling blue eyes light up everytime she was in her presence. She wanted to be the cause of that beautiful smile on her soft, pink lips. She wanted to be the one she loved.

She wanted Heather to love her as much as she loved her.

Naya knew that this was selfish. She knew Heather was straight. She knew she was in love with Taylor. Hell, they had been in love for so many years now. They would probably marry and have kids together. Naya grimaced at the thought.

Heather slightly moaned in her sleep, and dug her nails into Naya's skin, making Naya's face slightly wince. She burried her face into Naya's chest, uncomfortably stirring in her sleep.
Naya gently stroked the back of her head, playing with Heather's hair.

In the dark, she could see a faint smile wash over Heather's tearfilled face. Naya smiled at the sight and continued stroking Heather's hair. While she was still sleeping, Heather moved her hand over Naya's arm, stopping when she had reached her hand. Naya gently intertwined their fingers, her smile still growing. She saw Heather's face finally relax, as if she had finally found the thing she had been missing the whole night.

Naya felt her heart beating faster through her chest. She hoped that the sudden change of heartrate wouldn't wake Heather up, but thankfully she stayed fast asleep. Naya gently leaned down and landed a kiss on Heather's crown.

Naya felt her body fill with warmth as Heather's body touched hers. With a smiling Heather asleep in her arms, she felt like she could slightly relax and be herself. As soon as Heather would wake up, she knew that she had to put on that mask of being the best-friend again. And she was Heather's best friend.

She just couldn't be with Heather anymore the way that they used to be together. It hurt to be around Heather, but it also hurt to be away from her. She always felt so torn. She wanted to be able to tell her best-friend anything, also that she was in love with her, but if she confessed her love for her, she knew that their friendship would never be the same again. Heather would look at her differently in all ways.

Maybe she would even hate her for being gay. Maybe she would be disgusted. Naya knew that they wouldn't be able to act normal around eachother anymore. Not that Naya was acting very normal around Heather lately. Besides, it wouldn't change anything. She knew that she would never be able to return the feelings Naya had for her because she was straight.

She knew that this would hurt the next day, knowing that Heather was innocently sleeping and didn't realize what was going on inside of Naya's mind, but Naya was taking the chance to hold her tight. She ran her hand up and down Heather's arm, causing the hairs to stand up. She wanted this moment to last forever.

Heather turned her face slightly towards Naya, and she could see a smile dancing on Heather's face. It looked like all her worries from the night before were wiped away by Naya's caress. Naya leaned down again to place a gentle kiss on Heather's forehead, inhaling Heather's scent deeply as a smile crossed her face.

Heather breath out a loving sigh which warmed up Naya's whole body. She closed her eyes and finally felt her own body fully relax under Heather's.

"Taylor..." Heather tiredly whispered in her sleep, causing Naya's eyes to flush open again. She clenched her jaw and let her hands drop from Heather's body. She heard Heather let out a soft, unhappy moan, as if she wasn't happy with Naya's sudden stop of carassing.

Heather had thought Naya was Taylor. In her sleep, she had thought that Naya's loving touch had been Taylor's. Naya let out a soft frustated groan. This single word slipping from Heather's sleeping lips, had changed everything. Every comforting touch she had giving Heather while she was asleep.

She knew this word meant that Heather would definitely forgive Taylor for what he had done. She knew that Heather would beg for him to forgive her. Naya could practically hear her own heart slightly break as the name of the guy that the girl she loved, loved escaped from Heather's lips.

She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. She knew the rest of the night would be like hell, the girl in her arms thinking that she was someone else. No wonder she had smiled at Naya's touch. Naya had actually thought it was because she had enjoyed her comforting her, but no, she had thought she was Taylor.

Naya let out another frustrated sigh as she continued staring at the ceiling.