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Impossible Heartache

Chapter 2

Heather woke up with an enormous headache, a sore throat, painful limbs and swollen eyes. She felt like she did whenever she had drunk the night before. Heather couldn't handle alcohol very well, and whenever she drank just a little too much, she was a total mess the next day.

Today however, she knew it wasn't alcohol that was taking over her body. It was heartache. She and Taylor had had a date the night before. They had gone out to have a romantic dinner to catch up. They hadn't seen eachother for a while because Heather had been so busy.

The date had been perfect, until two girls came up to them asking for Heather's autograph and a photo. Heather had responded excitingly, making a small conversation with the excited girls. She could never get used to the fact that some people recognized her on the street, and asked for her autograph.

She had never really liked taking interviews, because she was never sure how to answer a question correctly. She always told herself just to speak her mind and tell the truth, but ofcourse she always had to be careful with her choice of words. Interviewers always had the ability to ask questions that fully caught Heather off-guard. The fact that most interviews she had were together with Naya, calmed her down a lot. Naya always seemed to know what to answer.

Heather didn't really like the fame. She could never get used to it. She did love her fans though, and they always had a special place in her heart. Whenever she met new fans, she tried to memorize their face and story. She clearly remembered some familiar faces that always seemed to come back again. She had a few fans that she had seen at different events.

The night had gone perfectly fine until Taylor had to ruin it. While Heather was making a conversation with the girls, Taylor interupted them.
"Girls, no offense, but we're kind of on a date here." he hinted to the two girls, who now stared at Taylor, stunned. They turned around with apologetic smiles on their faces.

Heather could see their cheeks turning red as they started walking away.
"Bye, nice meeting you!" She called after them sweetly. Then she turned back to Taylor and raised an eyebrow. "That was rude! You didn't have to do that." she said with a small voice.

"I never get to see you anymore, Heather. You're always busy with work!" Heather tried to protest, but Taylor interrupted her, "We're on a date for fuck's sake!"

Heather looked around the restaurant to see if anyone had heard his outburst. Several heads were turned in their direction. She put a finger to her lips to silence Taylor.

"Shh! Yes, we're on a date, and it's been wonderful." Heather didn't sound the least convincing with the annoyance in her voice.

Taylor scoffed, "Heather, you're always busy with work. Either it's acting, dancing, singing, interviews, parties, fans, your friends..." Heather sighed and cupped her hands around Taylor's.

"Tay, you know I try to make as much free time for you as possible." Taylor avoided her gaze. "And by the way... I don't consider those last things as work. I love my friends and my fans." she added.

Taylor let out a sigh as he finally looked at Heather. "You almost spend more time with your fans than with me." he said dramatically. Heather had to bite her bottom lip to suppress a chuckle. Was he being serious right now?
"And then you have Naya..." he started, while rolling his eyes.

Heather couldn't help but feel attacked and a little hurt by this simple statement.
"What's wrong with Naya?" she frowned.

"She steals you away from me." he simply answered.

"She doesn't steal me away from you, Taylor. She's my best friend, I care about her." Heather tried to explain comfortingly drawing circles over the back of Taylor's hands.

"Well I'm your boyfriend, Heather. You should want to spend more time with me than with her." he stated, his voice full of jealousy.

"Boyfriend and best friend are two completely different things, Taylor. Naya and I work together every day. We spend a lot of time together. It's kind of hard to spend so much time with you when I'm working a lot..." she said softly, trying to calm Taylor down.

"My point exactly!" Heather cringed at the realization that she probably hadn't chosen the right words to calm Taylor down, "You work too much, Hemo. Maybe you should just work a bit less." Heather's mouth turned into a flat line. "Or at least spend less time with Naya. You see her enough at work. I never get to see you." he repeated with a sad voice.

Heather's eyes bulged out by his immaturity. His voice had almost sounded jealous.
"Are you serious? You're telling me that I can't see my best friend outisde of work because you're jealous of us spending time together?" she raised her eyebrows and scoffed.

Taylor squeezed his eyes shut in annoyance and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
"You could aswell just be dating her instead of me." he silently mumbled.

Heather's eyebrows raised higher and higher at his words. She couldn't help herself anymore. "Oh, come on, Taylor! Stop being such a dramaqueen!" Taylor frowned deeply at her words. "Why do you always have to blame your insecurities on Naya?"

"Why do you always have to defend her like this? You should be on my side. I'm your boyfriend." Heather grew sick of his immaturity.

"She's my best friend, Taylor. I don't like you talking shit about her." She crossed her arms across her chest. She swiftly glanced across the restaurant, grateful that it was almost empty. Some people were still staring in their direction, though. Heather prayed that nobody recognized her.

"Are you like in love with her or something?" he threw back, throwing his hands up.

"Oh, shut up!" She stood up from her chair, "Just shut up! Do you realize how ridiculous you're being right now? Why can't you just trust me when I tell you that I love you? Stop turning your frustrations out on me and Naya!" she grabbed her coat that was hanging over her chair and grabbed her purse. She stormed out of the restaurant, leaving a stunned Taylor behind.

She flagged down a taxi and immediately reached into her purse for her phone. She had to talk to Naya. When she had dialled the familiar number, she paused. What was she going to tell her? She certainly wasn't going to tell her the things that Taylor had said about her. She didn't want to give Naya another reason to hate Taylor. He wasn't a bad guy. He was just insecure and overwhelmed.

She had to talk to Naya though. She couldn't think of anyone else to talk to right now. She held the phone to her ear as she heard the bleeping tone.
"Hello?" she heard Naya's gentle voice call through the phone, slightly warming up her heart.
"Naya, can you please come over?" she pleaded.
"Heather, what happened? Are you okay?" Naya's voice was immediately filled with worry.

Heather hadn't even realized she was crying until Naya asked her these questions. The cab driver eyed her warily through the review mirror, adjusting his eyes on the road again when he saw Heather's tearfilled eyes glancing at him.

"It's T-Taylor." she sobbed into the phone. Why was she crying so much? Was it because of the way Taylor felt about their relationship? Was it because of the words that he had said about Naya? Was it because of her frustrations with the boy? "Can you please come over to my house?" she repeated into the phone. She just needed Naya right now.

Heather had poured her heart out to Naya that night, Naya holding her silently in her arms while Heather was sobbing against her chest. She left out the things he had said about Naya, which made her sure that Naya didn't understand why Heather was so upset. She didn't even know why she was so upset herself. She loved Taylor and Naya. It just broke her heart to hear Taylor talk so bad about her best friend. She wanted him to see her the way that she did.

Naya never said a bad word about Taylor, eventhough she must have had some feelings summing up in her body. The way she always poured her heart out to Naya about her differences with Taylor definitely wasn't smart if she wanted the two to like eachother. Eventhough she was sure Naya didn't understand half of what Heather was telling her, she didn't ask any questions. She didn't interrupt Heather. She simply caressed Heather's hair while she let out cries.

Heather finally fell asleep in Naya's arms, feeling herself slip away from the real world. She felt Naya's warm touch on her head. She felt so much better now that she had told Naya about what happened that night, but when she felt herself falling asleep she couldn't help but think of Taylor.