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Impossible Heartache

Chapter 3

Heather rubbed her temples as she let herself roll off the empty bed. She ducked her head as a sharp pain shot through her neck. She let out a deep sigh, causing her throat to burn up. She strolled down the stairs like an old lady and glanced around the livingroom.

Empty, strange. No sight of either Naya or Taylor. She dissapointedly pouted her lip and walked into the kitchen to make herself a cup of mint tea to relax her sore throat. She jumped when she heard a loud gasp behind her. She turned around too fast, making her painful head spin.

"Jesus, Hemo. You look like a dead animal that has just been hit by a truck." Ashley, Heather's roommate and best friend exclaimed.

Heather tried to roll her eyes, but failed miserably when a stinging pain shot trough her head again. She squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed her head.
"Well, that comes close to how I feel." she muttered.

"Are you okay?"Ashley chuckled, but uncertainty washed over her face.

Heather felt far from okay. Aside from the physical pain from crying so much the night before, like her sore eyes, throat and head, she also felt an aching pain in her heart. She wasn't sure how to describe it. She just felt torn. She let her mind wander as she thought of what exactly had happened the night before.

"Are you like in love with her or something?" She remembered Taylor's stinging words. Why would he even say that? Sure, she loved Naya, but she was in love with him. He should know that. After all those years of being together, Taylor had suddenly become so insecure about their relationship when Heather got her role as Brittany.

This had been over two years ago. Their relationship had never been the same ever since, but Heather still loved him so much. She would give everything up for him. She would give up her job. She would give up on dancing. She would give up on everything. Everything, except for her friendship with Naya. Which only made her feel more torn, because that was exactly what Taylor had asked her. He didn't ask her to quit her job. Sure, he hated that she worked so much, but all he asked was for her to spend less time with Naya and more time with him.

Why did this have to be so hard? She didn't want to lose him. She just couldn't give up on her friendship with Naya. He had to see that she was an amazing person. The few times Naya and Taylor had met, they hadn't really spoken much. She needed them to get to know eachother. Heather was sure that they would like eachother. They were so much alike sometimes.

Ashley searched her face, still waiting for an answer.
"Where's Naya?" Heather asked instead of answering, remembering the state she was in when she poured her heart out to her.
Ashley shrugged, "Dunno. Guess she left really early."

Heather suddenly felt embarrassed. She had cried all night in Naya's arms. What must she have been thinking? She probably thought she was crazy for acting so weird. No wonder she had left so early. She probably just wanted to be away from that awkward situation. Heather shouldn't let Naya get in the middle of this.

"What time is it?" Heather suddenly asked, while eyeing to the clock. "Oh, shit! I have to go to work." she started running towards the door, then towards the mirror, realizing she was still in her little boyshorts and sleeping shirt. She groaned at her own sight in the mirror, puffy eyes and hair flicked up, and then ran upstairs.

She took a quick shower and got into the first clothes she could find. She tried to unravel her hair, but failed miserably. She decided just to give up on her hair as she ran downstairs, slipped into her jacket, grabbed her purse and ran outside with her carkeys ready.

"You can't cope without food, Hemo!" Ashley screamed after her.
"No time!" Heather screamed back jumping into her car and driving out the driveway.

As she pulled into the parking lot near her trailer, she realized she was actually early. She stepped out of the car and walked towards her trailer. From the corners of her eyes she saw smoke coming from behind a trailer. Naya's trailer. She frowned, and made a bee-line towards the cause of the smoke.

She caught Naya casually leaning against the back of her trailer, invisible for anyone who passed by. She had a cigarette between her index and middle finger. She hadn't seen Heather yet, as she suddenly took the cigarette from her hand, just as she wanted to bring it to her mouth again.

She looked at Heather with shocked eyes. "What are you doing?"
"What are you doing? You don't smoke." She dropped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it to put it out.
"I know..." she had a puzzled look on her face. She avoided Heather's gaze, which made Heather immediately feel uncomfortable.

"Are you okay?" Heather asked uncertain. She only caught Naya smoking one time before, which was in a period when she had a lot of stress in her life. She had been busy with acting, dance routines, vocal lessons, fans, interviews, and her brother had been in the hospital because of a football injury.

Naya forced a smile on her face, but still avoided Heather's eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine." she finally said. Heather raised an eyebrow at her, doubting if she was really fine. Heather was right, she was definitely not fine. That night had been a total torment. She had held the girl she loved in her arms, who had a broken heart because of her stupid boyfriend. He always seemed to break her heart, and no matter what he did, Heather always forgave him, because she loved him.

She had sneaked out of the bed at 6 AM in the morning, unable to be alone with Heather any longer. She couldn't handle it anymore. It was so unfair. Somehow she felt like she was taking advantage of Heather, while she was sleeping in her arms. She didn't know how Naya felt about her. She just needed a friend to talk to about her boyfriend.

"Are you okay?" she asked Heather, scanning her face. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes didn't sparkle like they usually did. They looked puffy, which didn't surprise Naya. She had been crying most of the night.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry for last night... That was embarrassing." she grabbed Naya's forearm and traced her long fingers across it to her elbow, making the hairs on Naya's arm rise up.

"N-No, it's fine. Are you sure you're okay? You were really upset last night." she stared at Heather's long fingers crossing her arm.

"Mhm," Heather answered, "Thank you for listening to my whining," she chuckled awkwardly, "you're really my best friend, Nay." she added, smiling widely at Naya. Her words made Naya look up, and she was immediately drowning in those beautiful blue eyes that had lit up again. She felt a smile cross her face.

She was so pathetic. She felt her whole body fill with warmth at these simple words coming from Heather's mouth. The effect that Heather had on her was really pathetic. She hated the way Heather made her feel, because she knew they were the wrong feelings she was supposed to feel.

Heather searched for her phone in her bag to check the time.
"Oh, I gotta go. I'm sure it'll take some time to fix all of this," she dramatically pointed to her face and hair, making Naya chuckle. "Hey, come over after work?" she added hopeful as an idea popped into her head. She backed away, towards her own trailer.

"Hmm," Naya simply mumbled. She didn't give a straight answer. Every moment with Heather felt like a torment to Naya. She wanted to be around her so bad. Her body told her to be around her. Her mind however, told her to run as far away as she could. Heather was in love with Taylor. She would never want to be with Naya, because she was straight. Every touch, every word, they all ment something different to Heather.

How would she react if she found out she was in love with her? Maybe she'd be mad at Naya. Maybe she would be disgusted. Their friendship would never be the same. That's why Naya tried to avoid Heather as much as she could lately. Every moment spent with her, Naya felt like she could slip up any moment. Did Heather notice Naya's heart suddenly speeding up whenever she touched her?

Heather pouted and raised an eyebrow, "Aw, come on, NayNay. Please?" Naya bit her lip and tried to avoid Heather's gaze, knowing that if she caught her eyes, she found immediately give in to the blonde's plea.

"Hmmnahh-," she frowned and then made the mistake to look at Heather's sparkling hopeful eyes and pouting lip, "sure." she sighed and cursed at herself in her head.

"Great! Come by after dinner? I have some stuff to do at home." she said cheerfully. Naya nodded, and couldn't suppress a chuckle as she saw Heather practically frolicing towards her trailer.

She slapped herself for giving in so easily. How easily Heather could change her mind into doing something was absurd. It was like Heather hypnotized her. It was torture. This was going to be a hard day.