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Impossible Heartache

Chapter 5

Naya groaned as she tried to cover up the bags under her eyes with tons of make-up. The night that Heather had laid wrapped up in her arms, Naya had been unable to sleep. Last night, after she got home from a frustrating, long night with Heather and Taylor, she hadn't been able to sleep either.

She hadn't really slept for over 48 hours now, and she wasn't a nice person when she hadn't gotten enough sleep. This morning, when she was late for work, she had almost run over an old lady crossing the street very slowly.

She heard a small knock on the door of her trailer. She wasn't really in the mood of seeing anyone right now. Especially one person in particular. Heather had been talking about her great night with Taylor and Naya the night before to the whole cast all morning. She had bragged how she had the best boyfriend ever, and how she was so lucky that she had Naya as her best friend.

Naya's heart had only ached more with every word she had said. Heather talking about Taylor made her jealous, while Heather talking about her just made her feel depressed. The thoughts of what Heather would do if she found out that Naya was in love with her always scared her. She would lose her friendship with Heather. She just couldn't be away from Heather, but she also couldn't be close to her. It hurt too much, and it was just too hard to hide her feelings.

She groaned as she heard the knocking again.

"Naya?" Ofcourse it was Heather. Naya hadn't expected it to be anyone else.
"I'm not here." She mumbled towards the door, continueing to apply her make-up on.

She heard Heather chuckle as she tried to open the door. Darn, she hadn't locked it. Heather's head peeped into the trailer, and then she smiled brightly when she saw Naya. Naya tried to ignore Heather, which was nearly impossible as she danced over to Naya's couch and dropped herself onto it. Naya tried to focus when she carefully applied her fake lashes.

Heather grabbed a pillow off the couch and squeezed it in her arms, as she looked at Naya through the mirror.
"Could you stop looking at me? I need to focus." she snapped at Heather.

Heather nodded her head knowingly, her smile never faltering, "Didn't sleep much, huh?"
Naya scoffed, "Not at all, actually." she groaned at her trembling hand. Her hand didn't just tremble because she hadn't slept for over 48 hours. It was because of that damn adorable girl that was distracting her.

"Yeah, me neither. Tay-" Naya suddenly found herself throwing her script that was laying on the chair next to her towards Heather, trying to shut her up. She really didn't want to hear Heather talking about reasons she didn't get any sleep that involved Taylor. It was disgusting, and most of all, it hurt too much.

Heather quickly covered her face with the pillow she was holding in a reflex, the script bouncing against it and falling onto her lap.
"What the hell was that?" her eyes still seemed amused.

"Uhm, I-" God Rivera, you're such a dork, "I have weird spasms when I'm tired..." scratch that, you're not a dork. You're simply pathetic. Heather laughed loudly at Naya's words.
"You're such a dork sometimes." Naya ignored Heather's words, but felt her cheeks turn red.

"I could've gotten a papercut in my eye from that script!" she smirked at Naya, knowing that one of the odd fears of the Latina was getting a paper cut in the eye. Naya cringed at her words, and immediately put her hands over her ears, blocking Heather out.
"Don't even go there, Hemo!"

Heather chuckled and walked over to Naya, grabbing her wrists to remove her hands from her ears, and leaned her head on Naya's left shoulder. She looked at Naya through the mirror. Naya tried to avoid Heather's gaze and tried to control the rate of her speeding heart from Heather's touch. She was so close right now. If she turned her head to the left, their lips would only be inches away...

"What's going on with you today, NayNay? You've been acting really strange." The amusing look that had been on her face just a moment ago, had changed into worry.
Naya gave her a small smile, "Nothing. Just really tired." she reassured her. Heather raised an eyebrow, clearly not believing Naya, but didn't push her. She knew trying to get anything else out of her right now was useless.

"Well, I gotta go. Wanna meet up tonight?" She looked hopeful.
Naya swallowed, "No, I better not. Think I'm gonna go to bed early." Heather looked slightly dissapointed, "Like, really early." she added when she felt her head dazing at Heather's adorable pouting lip.

"Okay well, I'll see you." she squeezed Naya's hand before she walked out of the trailer.
"Bye." Naya mouthed, but nothing came out of her mouth. She felt her hand pounding at Heather's touch. Once Heather was gone, she realized she had been holding her breath, as she suddenly gasped for air.

She groaned in annoyance for the hundredth time that day. The effect that Heather had on her was simply patethic. She was so weak. Well, at least she hadn't given in to Heather's invitation this time. And she wouldn't.

"Heather, what're you doing?" She heard her own voice mumble, but she didn't move away from Heather's face that was only inches away.
"I-" She stopped talking, as she stared at Naya's lips that felt like a magnet to hers. She couldn't stop herself from leaning forward, pausing close to Naya's lips.

Naya puffed heavy breaths in Heather's mouth, unable to control her breathing. Finally she crashed her lips onto Heather's, finally tasting those sweet, pink lips. She moved closer to Heather and dug her hands in Heather's hair. She tried to suppress a heavy moan as she held Heather's body close to hers.

Suddenly Heather pushed her away, and leaned back as far as she could.
"What the hell?" her face was filled with terror and disgust. Naya looked at her in confusion. Didn't she want her to kiss her? She was terrified of the look on Heather's face. This was the look that she had been afraid of all that time when she thought of how Heather would react if she found out the truth.

Naya suddenly shot up in her bed, her hair was sticking to her drenched neck, and tears were filling her eyes. She panted heavily. It had been a dream. A beautiful dream that had turned into terror. She was relieved, but couldn't shake the feeling that this might become reality. Would Heather react the way she had in her dream if she found out in real life? She couldn't let that happen.

Eventhough she had still slept for over 10 hours despite of the dream, she still felt drowsy. She knew that this effect will have worn off by tonight, and she wouldn't be able to sleep again. She hated her irregular sleeping patterns. At least tomorrow was Saturday. She could finally sleep late.

She tried to concentrate on her script in her trailer when she heard a small knock on the door again. This better not be Heather. She wasn't sure if she could face Heather without breaking down. The dream was still fresh in her mind. If she broke down in front of Heather, she would keep asking what was wrong until she finally got it out of her. Well, that was certainly not going to happen. That would only make it a hundred times worse.

She saw the lock of the door move as the person outside tried to open the door. At least she had locked it this time.
"Naya?" She heard the familiar deep voice calling. Naya let out a relieved sigh as she walked to the door to unlock it for her friend.

She opened the door and Mark Salling walked in, crashing onto her couch. "What took you so long to open the door?" he said jokingly.
"I didn't know who you were." Naya answered honestly.
"Thought I was some crazy fan, huh?" He joked, "Is the fame finally going to your head?" Naya forced a smile on her face. He could think whatever he wanted as long as it wasn't the truth.

"So why're you here?" Naya tried not to sound attacking.
"I was wondering if you wanted to go to this party with me tonight" he scanned Naya's face as he continued, "I can bring a friend, and well, I thought I'd bring you." he paused before he continued again, "If you want to, ofcourse." he had his dopey smile on his face.

Was he asking her out on a date? Naya and Mark had been good friends on and off the set, but that's all Naya had ever thought of them. Friends. On the other hand, she did feel for a party right now. It would be a nice distraction from Heather. Maybe Mark hadn't meant for it to be a date at all, 'I can bring a friend' he had said after all.

His smile slightly faltered as Naya didn't answer immediately, "It starts at 9 PM, it's not really that fancy or anything. There won't be any paparazzi, so you don't have to worry about that."

"You mean like... a date?" she finally asked, trying to keep her face blank.
Mark examined her expression before he answered, shrugging carelessly, "Whatever you wanna call it, Nay."

She was pretty sure she didn't like him in that way. Sure, she had had boyfriends before, but she had never cared for anyone the way that she cared about Heather. She did care about Mark though. He was one of her best friends. One date couldn't do any harm, right?

She slowly nodded her head, "Okay." she smiled, "It starts at nine, right? Pick me up at nine thirty?".
Mark smiled brightly at her words as he stood up from the couch and walked towards the door again. "All right, see you then." he winked at her as he walked out, immediately remembering Naya of the disgusting wink Taylor had sent her the other night after kissing Heather lovingly on the lips.

Her face immediately turned into a grimace. She definitely needed a distraction, and a party was the perfect distraction, right? She needed to forget about Heather and Taylor for just one night.