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Impossible Heartache

Chapter 50

Heather was lazily hanging on the couch, stretching her legs when her phone vibrated. She picked it up from the coffee table and was surprised when she saw how many texts she had received in the last hour while she had been taking a shower.

She frowned and opened the first one, a text from Amber. As she read over the text, her eyes got bigger and her throat became dry.

'Girl, ur girl got outed!'

She opened the next text, her heart racing at a fast pace. It was a text from Kevin.

'Do you know how Bee's doing? I can't reach her'

This wasn't true, right? This had to be some sort of mistake. She quickly opened the next text from Lea.

'What the actual fuck?' a link was attached to the text and Heather quickly clicked it. She landed on Perez Hilton's site. Her eyes scanned over the title, which read "Naya Rivera: likes girls as much as her character in Glee."

"Oh my God," Heather gasped, clasping her hand over her mouth. She scrolled past a picture of a smiling Naya. Her eyes scanned over the text, but her mind was one puddle of thoughts. She couldn't register the words. It didn't make sense.

Only when she read the page five times, she understood what it said. Something about a reliable source confirming that Naya was a lesbian in real life. She scrolled down further and gasped again when she found the familiar picture of her and Naya lying on the red couch on the set. She had her arms around Naya's body while Naya's hand ruffled through her hair. She read over the next line over and over again.

"Could earlier suspicions about co-star Heather Morris (Brittany S. Pierce on Glee) being Rivera's love-interest be true?"

Her blood ran cold and her heart pounded hard against her chest. People would definitely suspect that Naya and her were dating now. Naya being outed meant she was close to being out too.

But she couldn't think about that now. All she could think about was Naya and how much this would hurt her. She was supposed to be mad at Naya, but that didn't mean reading about Naya being outed like this didn't hurt her as well. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Who was this 'reliable source' that had done this to her?

Her thoughts were disrupted by a phone ringing outside. She knew that ringtone. It was Naya's. She stepped closer into the hallway so that she could hear better and to check if she hadn't just imagined it.

"What are you talking about?" came Naya's faint voice from outside. She slowly stepped closer to the door. Why was she here? Was she here because of the article? Her next words confirmed that that wasn't the case.

"What article?" her voice came out strangled and it made Heather's heart ache.

She didn't even know the world knew she was a lesbian yet. She knew Naya wasn't ready for this. She would never be ready to be outed. Even though she seemed to be almost ready to come out, she had to do it herself. This wasn't fair.

"Know what?" Naya's voice sounded defeated, as if she already suspected and feared what the answer would be. Heather internally cursed at the person that had done this to her. The only person she could think of doing this to her was Taylor. But why? He didn't have a reason to out only Naya.

She heard a strangled cry escape the girl's lips at the opposite side of the door. The sound pierced through her heart. Despite being so hurt by Naya, she couldn't stop her heart from aching when she got hurt. She couldn't stop herself from stepping forward to the door.

She opened it swiftly, revealing the Latina with shocked, hurt eyes and her hand clasped over her mouth.

She stared right back at her, her phone still pressed to her ear. Her eyes watered and Heather could almost see the gears turning in her head. What did this mean? She got outed to the world. Everyone would know she was a lesbian.

"I just heard," Heather managed to say.

Naya dropped her phone from her ear and clicked the red phone button, ending the conversation with Ashley without saying another word.

"Are you okay?" Heather asked hesitantly, slowly bringing her hand up to graze over Naya's bare arm. It was an automatic gesture. She couldn't just stand there and watch Naya being hurt.

Naya closed her eyes at the touch, savoring the feeling. Was she okay? No, she wasn't. Heather's mother had outed her to the world and here she stood, wanting to tell Heather the truth, but so afraid of her reaction. Heather was clueless to it all. She thought Naya had cheated on her. She had no idea about what her mother had done.

Why would she believe she cheated on her? Wasn't their love for each other stronger than that? Didn't Heather trust her? What if she wouldn't even believe her when she tried telling her the truth?

"I- I'm fine," she mumbled and started shaking her head dismissively. She shrugged Heather's hand off, immediately missing the touch. "I'm fine," she repeated, taking a few steps back from the porch.

"Wait," Heather said tentatively. No matter how much Naya had hurt her, she couldn't stand seeing her like this. She couldn't just let her walk away. "Why did you come here?" she asked, stepping outside her house and following Naya. She had come here for a reason and it must have been important, otherwise she wouldn't be here at this time. She wouldn't be here at all.

Naya stopped, her eyes cast down to the ground. She could feel Heather's presence right behind her, studying her curiously. She wanted more than anything to turn around and look into those captivating blue eyes, but her aching heart stopped her.

Would Heather believe her when she explained that she hadn't cheated on her and that Jeannie had been the one that outed her? Would it change anything? Would it make the situation better or worse? Heather would be so hurt, which was exactly what she wanted to avoid when this all started. She couldn't let that happen...

She started walking again, away from Heather. Then she suddenly stopped and whipped around. What was she thinking? Heather had already been hurt when she thought Naya cheated on her. Jeannie had already caused the harm by outing her. What else did she have to lose now?

She caught Heather's eyes and immediately knew what her choice was. She could read the emotions in those eyes better than any book. She could see the hurt and sadness, but she could also see that they were overpooled with adoration, hope, and most of all, love.

"Remember when I told you you were the love of my life?" Naya asked with a steady and calm voice, their eyes still locked.

Heather nodded, not trusting her voice at that point. Of course she remembered. It hadn't been more than a few days ago when they were lying in bed together in Scottsdale. Everything had been so perfect then.

"I still mean that, Heather. I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally," she said sincerely. She stepped a little closer to Heather, whose breath hitched. "You have to believe me. You have to... trust me."

"I do," Heather immediately responded breathily. Naya was so close she could hardly hear herself thinking over the loud hammering of her heart.

"You don't," Naya sadly shook her head. "You may think you do, but if you really did, you would have never believed that I cheated on you."

It was Heather's turn to shake her head. Part of her had never wanted to believe it, but Naya had confirmed so herself in her car that night after work. And she trusted Naya. She believed her. "I just didn't want you to get hurt, baby," she recalled Naya saying.

"I didn't cheat on you," Naya said steadily.

Heather swallowed, drowning in the sincerity in Naya's eyes. She knew she was speaking the truth. She could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. She felt her heart pound against her chest even louder, ecstasy pumping through her veins, allowing her to be finally be happy again. But she couldn't be yet. Because she knew this wasn't the whole story. There was a secret.

"In the car..." she mumbled, knowing Naya would understand her.

"I was going to tell you the truth that day, but I thought you already found out. You heard Dianna and me talking, didn't you?" Her voice wasn't accusatory whatsoever.

Heather nodded again, breaking eye contact to drop her eyes to the ground.

"But you didn't hear the whole conversation. And then in the car, I thought you knew, because you were mad at me. But you misunderstood. I didn't cheat on you," she repeated those last words again, desperate to get the words across to the blonde.

"Then what is it that I don't know?" she asked, finding Naya's eyes again.

"I-" Naya hesitated. "Do you believe me? Do you believe that I didn't cheat on you?" She needed an answer first. She had to know that their love wasn't lost.

Heather saw the love and desperation in Naya's eyes and slowly nodded her head. God, she loved her so much. She missed her. She hated being upset with her, especially now that she knew Naya hadn't cheated on her. Naya said she would never intentionally do something to hurt her. Then what had happened? What she so afraid of to tell her?

"I believe you," she said as she stepped even closer to Naya so that they were only inches apart. "What's going on?" she asked softly.

"I know who outed me," Naya whispered.

"Who?" Heather asked when Naya didn't continue. "Who was it?" She grabbed Naya's hand, anchoring them both to the ground. Naya let out a soft breath at the touch and they both looked down at tan and pale skin intertwined in a firm hold. The familiarity of the touch made their hearts beat faster.

Heather softly ran her fingers over the tan skin of Naya's hand as if she needed to remind herself how good and how right the touch felt. Naya's breath hitched while preparing her reply.

Naya opened her mouth, but closed it again. She was terrified to tell Heather the truth. This was the one thing she had wanted to keep from her these past few days. This was the secret that had torn them apart.

Heather scanned her mind for possibilities. Taylor? No, Naya would have said so if it was him. She thought of when Naya's strange behavior started. Scottsdale. "I just didn't want you to get hurt," she repeated the words in her head over and over again. Until it all clicked. Her mother not accepting them, Naya's anxiety, her sudden need to come out together and then her not being able to say who outed her because she didn't want her to get hurt.

"It was my mom, wasn't it?" she said calmly. Naya squeezed her hand and closed her eyes, a small frown on her face. Naya didn't need to confirm it for Heather to know she was right. She breathed out through her nose, clenching her jaw shut. She only realized she was trembling when Naya's hold on her hand became stronger. But she didn't want to be touched right now. This was all her fault. It was her mother that had outed Naya.

"How could I have not seen this earlier?" she asked herself. "I actually thought she was starting to accept us." Her mother had called and had even asked her about Naya. How could she do this to them?

Naya could see the hurt in Heather's eyes. She hated it. She knew that Heather wanted her mother's support. She loved her mother and knowing that she may not love her as much, hurt her so much.

Before she knew it, the words slipped out of her mouth. "I know it may not seem like it sometimes, but your mother loves you," she said quietly.

"Yeah, she clearly does," Heather said sarcastically slipping her hand out of Naya's to cross her arms in front of her with a sigh.

"She just doesn't understand us," Naya said, looking down at Heather's crossed arms with a sad frown.

"Why are you defending her? She outed you!" Heather said exasperated.

"Yeah, she outed me. Not you, but me."

"Don't you see how that makes it worse? She's too weak to tell the world her daughter is in love with a woman, so she outed you instead. She just wants to show us she has power over our relationship!" Heather yelled, getting more infuriated by the second.

"No," Naya shook her head, "she outed me because I told her she should be ashamed of calling herself a mother," she mumbled guiltily. She looked down at the ground, avoiding Heather's gaze. She had been so stupid. If she hadn't told Heather's mother her honest opinion about her on the phone the other night, Jeannie wouldn't have done it. She had gotten what she wanted. Heather and Naya had broken up.

Heather unwillingly flinched, some of her anger disappearing from her body. Naya wouldn't just say something like that to her mother. There had to be a good reason for it. She paused. "Why did you say that to her?" she asked, already dreading the answer.

Naya hesitated, worrying her lip between her teeth before timidly meeting Heather's eyes again. "She wanted me to stay away from you so you could have a real future. With a guy." She hesitantly raised her hand to touch Heather's.

"And if you didn't, she would out you," Heather guessed.

Naya desperately shook her head, surprising Heather. "She was going to out us both."

Heather's eyes grew big. Her throat ran dry as she tried to swallow. Her mother would do that to her? To them both? She had given Naya the choice to either stay away from her or to out her. No... Her mother wouldn't do something like that.

"No," she said so softly that it came out as a faint breath. She stepped away from Naya, dropping her arms by her side and looking at Naya in bewilderment. "No," she said again, her voice sounded stronger this time.

"Honey-" Naya bit her lip and put a comforting hand on Heather arm, but Heather shook her off as soon as their skin touched. She shook her head, determined that this wasn't the truth. Her mother couldn't have done this. She couldn't have put Naya in that position behind her back.

"No, no, no." She repeated with a nervous, incredulous chuckle. She turned around, already walking towards her front door. This wasn't true. This wasn't really happening.

But it was. And she knew that it was true. She knew Naya was speaking the truth. Her mother had really outed her. She had threatened to out them both if Naya didn't stay away from her, and then when she finally did, she had still outed Naya to show her the power she had over her. Over them both.

She felt tears spring to her eyes, but she shook them away as she reached for her front door. She was almost inside when she felt Naya's fingers lock around her wrist. Something sparked within her and she whipped around, facing her. Naya seemed surprised and came to a quick stop, almost crashing into her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Heather demanded, grabbing Naya's free wrist so that they were both holding each other's. Naya seemed taken aback by her sudden question and gaped at her for a moment. "Why didn't you fucking tell me right away? We could have stopped all of this from happening!" she hissed.

Naya took a hesitant step back, almost tripping over her own feet, surprised by the sudden fury in Heather's posture. "I just didn't want-" she started, but Heather cut her off.

"Don't you dare saying you didn't want me to get hurt, Naya. It's a little too late for that now," she said unamused. "If you had just told me the truth, we wouldn't have broken up, and we wouldn't have gotten hurt," she fumed accusingly, "And you wouldn't have been outed!"

Naya turned her head to the side, casting her eyes down to hide from Heather's piercing gaze. She could feel tears sting in her eyes, but she didn't want to break down here in front of Heather.

When Heather saw how broken she looked, her anger immediately diminished. The girl had just been outed to the entire world by her mother, and here Heather was, shouting at her. She didn't blame Naya for what had happened. She knew she would have done the exact same thing if she had been in Naya's position. She was just so angry and hurt by her mother, and she didn't know how to handle it.

"I'm sorry," she said hastily, taking the last step into her house and pulling Naya with her. "I'm so sorry." She closed the door behind them and immediately put her arms around her now shaking body, pulling her into her. She kept repeating the words "I'm sorry" as she felt Naya's arms encircling her body and her hands desperately clinging to her shirt.

"It's gonna be okay," she whispered as she trailed her hands over Naya's back, holding her as close as possible.

"Wh- what's going to happen now?" Naya asked with a hitching breath. Her shoulders shook as she clenched her hands around Heather's back. "Everyone knows I'm a lesbian."

Heather had no idea what was going to happen next. This would definitely change things. People will look at her differently. Not everyone will be accepting. But Naya was strong. She would be okay.

"You'll be okay," Heather said.

"But what about us? People will start making assumptions..." Naya whispered.

Heather knew this. She had already read it in the article that had outed Naya. She knew that Naya being outed meant that she was close to being announced a lesbian too. Was she ready for that? No. She wasn't ready for the world to know.

But Naya hadn't been either. And it was her mother that had outed her. She felt like she owed this to Naya.

"Will we be okay?" Naya leaned back a little to look directly into Heather's eyes.

Heather pinched her lips together shifting her eyes between Naya's. She nodded. Whatever would happen now, they would deal with it together. If this meant that she would have to come out to the world, she would do it. But Naya saw the fear in her eyes.

"You're not ready," she stated unaccusatory.

"I-" she breathed out, looking down at the ground, "I mean, if I had a choice, I would wait, but-"

"You always have a choice," Naya interjected.

"But I love you," Heather told her as if it explained that there really only was one choice she could make.

Naya smiled through her still fresh tears and timidly nodded her head.

"I know. I love you too," she said, running her fingertips over Heather's jaw. "That doesn't mean you don't have a choice though. I know you're not ready. You don't have to come out yet. I'm not going to pressure you again."

"I just need some time," Heather told her.

"You're worth waiting for," Naya said before stretching her toes and pressing her lips against Heather's for the first time in what seemed like ages.

While the news spread the next day, Naya's phone continued buzzing with calls and messages. It was easy to ignore most of them, but there were always some sneaky people that managed to find some way to contact her or to have someone in her surroundings confirm the article.

Naya handled it all pretty well. Heather didn't understand how she could be so calm about it all. She was proud of her, but at the same time she felt weak for not being able to come out herself yet. Everytime Naya's phone buzzed, Heather's fear only grew.

Naya noticed Heather's demeanor, so she disconnected her phone and got a new number that she told only her closest friends. The cast showed their support and love for Naya at work, but soon noticed that Naya rather have them not paying so much attention to it all.

Heather didn't know how to act around them all. They were acting strange. It was like everybody was walking on eggshells. Everyone noticed the tension hanging in the tin shed. As Heather looked around, she caught glances of some of her friends. Most of their faces were unreadable, but somehow their looks kept her away from Naya.

Naya clearly didn't like the mood, because at the end of the day, she announced a party to release the tension. "And you're all coming," she said warningly.

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