Marauders' 101 epic pranks

AN/ Hello! So basically this story is just one shots about pranks that the Marauders did.

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Chapter one – First Prank I

"I'm bored" James Potter said.

"Me too." Sirius said dully.

"Me three!" Peter squeaked and then laughed at his own joke.

"Will you guys please be quiet? I'm trying to read here."

Ignoring Remus, Sirius sighed. "Peter, no one laughs at their own jokes. And anyway, yours isn't funny."

"Hey, I've got an idea. Lets pull a prank!" James grinned.

"Awesome! We can be the best pranksters in Hogwarts!" exclaimed Sirius.

"Yay!" Peter started to jump up and down on his bed.

With a sigh, Remus snapped his book shut. "You guys only learnt two spells; Lumos, and Wingardium Leviosa! How on earth will you manage to pull a prank? Besides, it's your first week of school, you wouldn't want to get a detention!"

"I got 5 detentions."

"I got 6. Beat you, James!" Sirius said happily

"What! What did you do?" asked an astonished Remus.

"Well, I got cockroach cluster all over the Slytherins' dinners, then I tripped a first year Slytherin girl up, then I sent a howler to Lucius Malfoy imitating his dad - "

"Whoa, James, you know how to make a howler?" interrupted Remus.

"Yeah, my dad taught me. Anyway, then I wrote 'I am stupid' on Professor Binn's blackboard, - "

"That was you?" Peter asked"

"and then in transfiguration I kept throwing notes to Evans about how pretty she is, how I can stare at her eyes for hours, how I love her red hair, how hot she is - "

"Okay okay, back to the point," interjected Sirius. "I just thought of and idea about the prank while you're droning on about Evans. We can levitate all the tables and chairs in the great hall and in the classrooms in the middle of the night. Imagine everyone's faces when they turn up for breakfast!"

"Awesome!" James grinned. "Let's plan!"

Remus groaned.

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