A Richard/Maggie fic I did a few years ago when I was loving this couple hard.

Spoilers: The Avenging Angel

Notes: My take on why Maggie showed up at Richard's house.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Just having fun.

I walked back from the winery fuming. How could he? Connie told me that she was falling for Chase but I didn't take it seriously. I told Chase about this. I guess he didn't take it to seriously either. I never thought in a million years he would . . . Damn him!

I decided to go up to the house, get my keys and drive away. I hadn't decided where I would go. Just that I needed to get away from everything.

The lights were still on and Mrs. Miller's car was still there. I was confused. Usually Mrs. Miller would be gone by this time.

I quickened my pace. Something must be wrong.

"Mrs. Miller." I call out when I open the front door.

She comes out of the kitchen. Her expression tells me something isn't right. Cole is the first person to come to mind. I know Melissa was taken away today. I hope Joseph is doing all right.

"Mr. Channing called." She says.

Oh Lord in my anger with Chase I'd completely forgotten about Lorraine. That poor sweet child. Something terrible must have happened!

"He said that she was taken off life support today." Mrs. Miller continues, "I'm afraid she didn't make it. I'm so sorry Mrs. Gioberti."

I sway slightly, needing to sit. Mrs. Miller walks me to the couch.

"I didn't want to leave you a note about this." She says. "Mr. Channing was upset so I didn't get all the details. He told me to just let you know."

"Thank you Mrs. Miller. I appreciate you telling me this in person."

"I'm going to go for tonight then Mrs. Gioberti."

"Don't worry about working again until Monday." I tell her. "Thank you again."

I watch her drive away. Lorraine was such a beautiful young woman. Richard is hurting now, I know he is. He loved that girl so much, as if she were his flesh and blood. He was over protective and territorial with her but he loved her like she was his own daughter. I saw it in his eyes whenever he looked at her. It's the same look he has when he looks at me, unconditional love.

I've been pacing back and forth in front of the fire place. Since speaking with Mrs. Miller I'm even more unsure of what to do. Stopping I pick up a photograph Cole took of Chase and I. We look so happy. It was taken years ago in New York. I've loved Chase my entire adult life. I feel so incredibly hurt and angry by what I've seen tonight. I've had many men come on to me but I've always turned them down. I've loved Chase too much to ever do anything to jeopardize that. How could he?

"Damn you Chase!" I shout, throwing the photograph into the fireplace.

Grabbing my car keys I make my decision. It was the decision I'd made before I had set foot in the house. I convince myself I'm going to Richard for Lorriane. He needs someone now. I need someone now.