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Explaining what had happened to me was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Even after thousands of years worth of wisdom I couldn't bring myself to phrase my thoughts while under the scrutiny of my friends and family. They all looked so... awestruck. But not surprised, oddly enough. This was, apparently, just another one of Bella's 'weird things.' Just another reason to look at me with proud anticipation from the corner of there eyes. I'll tell you one thing though, it didn't feel so unwarranted anymore. Not that I'm bragging, but Gaia had taught me a lot of what I was capable of.

Sitting down at the head of the table in our HQ with all their expectant gazes on me had been hard. "Go through it once more," Edward asked.

I smiled a small smiled and did as he bid. "When I died, Gaia trapped my soul between here and the afterlife, in limbo. Limbo is the space of creation, between what is and everything that could be. That's where your afterlife is determined, what kind of fate you've earned. She held me there, where there is no time or consequences, and taught me everything. Everything. It took, by my rough estimation, about one thousand and twenty-three years."

"And then she gave you your powers?" Zeus asked, intrigued.

"Not... not really. Not techincally. I don't know how to explain it. The track of thought and logic behind it is convoluted and hard to unravel. I've always had the powers, but she combined her essence with mine and then gave me the right to manipulate the world the way she does. Kind of."

Skyler rubbed at the back of her head and sighed. "Look, I don't really care what happened or what you are now, I'm just glad you're back. I don't think the world would have been able to go on without you."

I chuckled and said, "You never know. You're all very capable, I'm sure you would have worked something out."

"I'm serious!" She said, throwing her hands up. "We had no fucking clue what to do. No one knew who should take charge or what had to be done. We'd gone over the plans thousands of times but without you there it just crumbled. Now though," she said, calming down, "We're good."

Alice scooted father into my side. She hadn't left me for a single second since my revival two days ago. I wasn't complaining, spending a thousand years without her had been unbearably hard.

"So what's the plan now?" I asked.

"Well," Rafael said, looking around as if checking for a second opinion. "As you know, the Hunters that switched sides are still in camp, figuring we were as close to you as they were gonna get. I've been wondering, though I wanted to wait until you were feeling better to ask, what do you think about contact the Xerabii?"

My brows knit. The Xerbii had a Clan set up near Atlanta Georgia. They took most of the East Coast work and haed our Clan. They had tried to take over more than once, but that was only because they, like myself, dispised my family's leadership. "You think now that my Grandmother and Father are dead they would join us?"

"Worth a shot," he shrugged. "If they could join us in a march north to reclaim the camp it would certainly help. We should let them know the leadership has changed over anyways. They are still, technically, your subjects seeing as the Ravensages have ruled the Hunter's for eons."

"The whole world should know," Birch said with a sly grin. "The whole world should know that Gaia has chosen you to blaze a path for a new world. That you hold her powers."

"What are you suggesting?" Arin asked, with a similar glint in his eye, one of gleeful suspicion.

Birch just shrugged. "I've been catching snippets of the future." He looked up at the ceiling, grinning. "Dragons flying low over skyscrapers. Centaurs walking down mainstreet. Pixies helping farmers in the fields."

I frowned. I had seen nothing like this and Gaia hadn't told me anything, but I would admit the current of the universe had jolted at his words. They were important. Gaia had explained to me that my power wasn't absolute. I wasn't omnipresent. I wasn't all-knowing. Birch's gift was a direct channel, one way feed from fate and the cosmos, his insights were more direct than mine. This was news to me.

No one spoke. The enormity of what Birch was suggesting stunned us all. Finally Skyler said, "It's a pretty concept, but we all know that humans can't handle the Supernatural. They'll get scared, and when they get scared they get angry and destructive. They'll start a war."

"Which we would win, for the record," Emmett said with a smirk.

"True, but if we want to work in harmony with them I doubt killing them all is a good way to start." Skyler's stinging retort only made Emmett grin and shrug.

"The point is," Birch continued, "I think that's what we're supposed to do. Not just unite the Underworld, but unite the whole world. Think, Bella! The world working in harmony again! Gaia could come back!" Birch said with a grin.

I sighed. "Birch, that task is... almost too large to fathom. Besides we've only just won this battle. Why don't we make sure we've got it squared away before we start a war."

"She's got a point," Rafael said. "We still need to move forward and claim the camp."

A throat cleared and all eyes flashed to their newest member, one who had switched over during the battle. I had invited him down because he knew about how the camp stood at the moment. "Pardon me, but what if we who switched sides were to head back now and try to prepare everyone for you arrival. I feel as if, should you show up randomly and out of no where they would be startled enough to attack. If we went back and told them that the Queen lost the battle and that you had claimed your rightful place on the throne, we'll have time to diffuse the situation before you arrive."

"Don't you fear an attack if they react negatively to your switching over?"

Brinnin just shrugged.

"I think it sounds like a good idea," Archer spoke, fussing with his dark hair absentmindedly. "As long as they're careful, that is."

I nodded and said, "Alright then. If you'd like. I suppose that means we'll be heading home here for a little while."

"What about Forks?" Esme asked with a slight frown. "Will you come back?"

I smiled at her and said, "I doubt I'd be able to give up Forks even if I tried. No, we'll be back. We just need to settle things there, and then I think we could move the Camp farther south, maybe not quite to Forks, but within a few hundred leagues."

That seemed to satiate her.

We discussed several other things, but nothing quite so grand. Esme promised to look after our house while we were gone, Alice wondered what she should bring along for the trip, and Carlisle and I discussed recruiting a new guard for the Volturi, perhaps if I could help train them. I told him that I'd put a good word out for him. It was planned that there would be a mass regrouping, that this global downtime would be put to good use before something new popped up, as it inevitably would.

Brinnin left that evening, along with the other Hunters. He promised to report in as often and discretely as possible and I told him that if he needed any help not to hesitate, that I could teleport in. He smiled and saluted, along with the others, and then they were gone. I took a day to bid farewell to the dragons and Centaurs and other soldiers. There was no feast, no large ceremony or momentous speech, simply a thank you and oaths to keep in touch. Many of Skyler's Weres left, though she and a few others stayed. I noticed with hidden glee that Skyler and Jake seemed to be getting along very well. Seth and Holly were inseparable as well. Alice and I? If I thought we were connected at the hip before, it was nothing compared to this.

It was like coming out of a coma or recovering from mass paralysis, being able to see and touch her again. While those threes days assuming I had died were horrendous for Alice, thousands of years in purgatory had been torture for me. She was my air, my sustenance. Her scent energized me infinitely more than any spell or herb ever could. During the days were were constantly touching, constantly talking or just watching one another. Our souls melded so closely together we may as well have been the same person. And at night? ...Well.

Regardless, things had never been better. This lull, this calm after the storm as we stepped back to let the dust settle was a lovely thing. After weeks of fearing the future, of feeling my grandmother breathing down my neck, this... nothingness was like living in a dream. I refused to allow myself to think of the future, the centuries to come, despite how irresponsible that may be. For once in my life I was focused on the now, especially when that now encompassed a new family and I new life. I no longer had nightmares about my powers raging out of control or being imprisoned on a throne. My leadership was a reality now, but it was mine and not one that had been constructed for me. For the first time in my life I was happy and able to just be myself, never mind what that entailed.

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