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"Wolf, do you comprehend your mission?"

"I do, sir."

"Then you may take your leave. You have three hours to prepare."

"Yes, sir."

A lithe figure cloaked entirely in black rose from his position kneeling on the cold stone floor, showing no sign of stiffness from holding the uncomfortable stance as he slipped from the room, boots making no sound as they connected with the flooring.

The halls the figure passed through to reach his quarters were deserted, and he reached his rooms in nearly record time, slipping easily through the door and casting a locking charm back at the heavily reinforced wood over his shoulder as he walked into the small bedroom.

Only once he was in the privacy of his rooms was the cloak disguising his form removed, revealing a toned body clad in a simple pair of black jeans and black tee. Black combat boots were taken off and set to the side as the male settled on the bed. Ink black hair that fell well past his shoulder blades was tied loosely back with a piece of twine wound around a thin wire that could be used as a garrote if necessary. Were he to look in a mirror, he knew that dulled emerald eyes would stare back at him, devoid of expression.

Indeed, almost every accessory that the wizard wore could be used as some sort of weapon in a pinch, and that was only if someone managed to find all of the large assortment of daggers and other such weaponry both hidden and displayed on his figure, added to his rather impressive spell repertoire.

This Harry James Potter was a far cry from the child he had once been.

However, there was little time to ponder over how much he had changed from that scrawny, timid boy; he had already wasted precious time.

At that thought Harry- more commonly called Wolf now- promptly pulled off his shirt, revealing a well muscled but still lithe torso complete with a few tattoos and several scars.

The most prominent tattoo rested right in the center of his chest. Easily seen at first glance to be some sort of coat of arms or symbol, it was comprised of a shield pierced through with a sai (1) over a splintered wand crossed with another. A serpentine dragon coiled about the top of the shield, snarling at a tiger shown to be crouched in front of the shield behind the wands. The Latin phrase Silius velocius ullum gladiis conciderunt, or silent swords cut the swiftest, was emblazoned upon the shield. Only one familiar with, or with a decent amount of time to study the coat of arms would be able to notice the subtle addition of heavily thorned vines twining about the seemingly unsuspecting tiger and dragon.

It was certainly his most detailed and largest tattoo of his assortment. The others were merely the stylized head of a howling wolf displayed on a shoulder, and a coiled Celtic-influenced band around his upper arm.

Pulling on a new shirt, he wasted no time in quickly slipping many of his weapons into their holsters, as well as his two wands. His boots replaced, daggers were hidden carefully in each, out of sight but accessible if needed.

Slipping on an overshirt of reinforced dragonhide, he snagged his equally as reinforced cloak and replaced it over his form, cowl coming up to shadow his face as he pulled out his mission plans, which were spelled to portkey him close to his destination.

His timing was perfect. Only a few moments passed before the portkey activated and he was swept away.

(1)- Sai- a dagger-shaped weapon with two curved prongs projecting from the handle.

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