A/n: Hey guys guess who's back? Anyways, here's the third part of the Twilight Roses Series called Midnight Roses (I know how lame but it's been stuck in my head). I hope you guys enjoy!

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Do you ever get that feeling that one minute you're trying to live your life and the next minute, you're stuck in this messed up war with no way out?

That's me in this situation.

I sat in horror as I watched the love of my life fight off Victoria and it looked like it was a never ending battle.

I looked over towards my left and saw that Riley gave me a sinister evil look as he crouched down; ready to attack. My breathing became heavy as my eyes continue to widen.

The next thing I knew, I saw a flash of dark grey attacking him and I knew that this was war.

A/n: Okay so hope you guys liked this!

Midnight Roses is my next project for this series. I'm excited and I know you guys are too. I'll try and update every week. Unless something gets in the way, then it'll be less updating. We'll see what happens?

I hope you guys continue on this journey with me once again. This will be different from the other two since it'll involve romance, drama, along with action and mystery. First chapter will be posted next week of the new year.

You know what to do! I thank you guys once again for your patience and support!

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