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'Sing for your supp…' What?

Something was not making sense to Gwaine.

One, he could only sing when he was drunk, and then he was loud and off key.

Two, how was Morgana's hair that messed up? You would have thought that since she came to Camelot she could have given her hair a good scrub and brush.

Gwaine shook his head, trying to clear it of irrelevant thoughts like Morgana's hair. (Though it really was a force of nature)

Oh, so he had to fight. That's what she meant.

Rather different from singing, if you asked Gwaine.

With a sword, Gwaine was unstoppable.

He killed the first man that he was set against, then looked to Morgana for approval.

That dress was low cut, and what was under didn't look bad at all…

Gwaine blinked and tried not to think about Morgana. She was beautiful, though. He stared at her until she snapped her fingers in front of his face, laughing.

"So that's what you want, is it?" she asked, following his gaze to her breasts, "Figures. Men are like dogs."

"I've been told that a lot." Gwaine said, directing his stare away, "Do I have to fight more?"

"Oh, no, I've had another idea." she purred, "Everyone out!"

Gwaine started to leave, but she grabbed his wrist and kissed him.

Hours later, Gwaine returned to the cell with food for Elyan and Gaius.

"Not exactly what I expected…"Gwaine said when Elyan asked what he had to do.

"Well?" Elyan asked.

"First I had to fight, and then something entirely different. Though you would think she would get bored of Agravaine and chicken-man."

"Helios?" Elyan asked, wondering who exactly 'chicken-man' was in Gwaine's world.

"Yes. He's always eating chicken. It's almost disturbing."

"Well, whatever the second thing was, thanks for enduring it for us." Elyan said.

"Ah, it wasn't that bad. Almost enjoyable."

And against his will, Gwaine started wondering when Morgana would call for him again.

He was almost looking forward to it.

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