Noemi discovered to body the next day and called Ducky to confirm it. Ducky had to follow the protocol and called Gibbs – they still had to investigate, but Ducky had promised Jenny to tell Team Gibbs and Abby about her condition, when she is dead. So he did.

Everybody was sad and they couldn't believe their ears and eyes, but they accepted it and even though they were angry, because she didn't say anything – they understood her choice.

"Jennifer Shepard was a strong woman. She was determined to get what she wanted and she did get the position of NCIS director, just like she wanted. She did good job at it. NCIS had very successful operations all over the world and her battle against arms dealers and terrorists was successful. She was good at what she did.

Most of the people in office saw her as ice queen. She was woman in power and it was not acceptable for her to show an emotion. The truth is that she did show it. A smile, a look, a wave... Small gestures meant everything and she was good at them. She wasn't ice queen with no emotions, she was very emotional woman. Unfortunately at her position, she had to stay strong, but outside the work, she showed compassion, fear, laughter, confidence, leadership, friendship and love. She was good.

For some people she was a friend to lean on. She always helped when she could. She put everybody in front of herself and that's what made her a good woman, though it didn't do much good to herself. As an agent she was ready to jump in front of a bullet to save her partner and killing people wasn't natural to her. She was accurate, but it hit her hard mentally. She was feeling bad after killing someone, who had killed a lot of innocent people.

But life wasn't fair to him. She didn't deserve to die like that. She should have had a loving husband and multiple happy children running around the house, she lived. She would have grown old and turned gray and left NCIS, when it was time. But that would have happened in a perfect world, and world isn't perfect. She had nothing but NCIS and so she had to face the end alone. It wasn't fair.

Many people will forget her soon, but some will remember her forever. I will never forget my probie, my partner and my boss. Goodbye, Jennifer Shepard," Gibbs ended his speech in Jenny's funeral.

The funeral wasn't big. The funeral for NCIS agents and politicians was held before. Now only friends and family was here, Jenny's case mostly friends, who were from NCIS.

Everybody was crying. It was sad, but they all knew, that they won't forget her. Jenny will live on forever in their dreams and in their memories. Her actions will be remembered and her name will go into history. He will be remembered.

Gibbs, Tony, Ducky, McGee, Callan and Decker carried the coffin.

As the priest read his prayer, people were now crying hard. Gibbs placed his rose on top of the coffin and everybody threw a handful of dirt inside it.

"FORASMUCH as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother here departed, we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ; who shall change our vile body, that it may be like unto his glorious body, according to the mighty working, whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself."

Jenny was on her final way now, after 18 months of battle with Fatal Familial Insomnia, a gene carried by her mother.

She was gone now.