I heard somewhere that if you blow on a dandelion and make a wish, your wish will come true. Yeah, sounds dumb and completely not awesome. And I bet America came up with this stupid nonsense. Like during his hippie days or something. Or maybe I heard this crap from Austria.

Whatever, screw the source. It shouldn't matter where the dandelion wish idea came from. I just want to try making a stupid dandelion wish, just to see if it works. That way I can prove Austria wrong.

Well, if the dandelion wish crap came from Austria. If it didn't then I just proved some other not awesome loser wrong. And I'm quite good at making the unawesome look even more unawesome.

Okay, I'm getting somewhat full of myself. I really need to just make my stupid wish and prove that the dumb dandelion doesn't work. Then I'll go back to being my awesome self.

Duh, I'm still awesome now. It's just the nagging wonder of the dandelion wish is making my thoughts less awesome. My thoughts are always awesome. And any mind reader would totally agree with me.

But if a mind reader would read my mind when I'm thinking about stupid flowers then I wouldn't seem so awesome would I? That's why I need to just try making a crummy dandelion wish. And once I prove the wish idea false, my thoughts will stop thinking about freaking stupid flowers and my thoughts will go back to being extremely awesome beyond belief.

So, what do I wish for? Well, it shouldn't matter because it isn't going to come true anyway. I guess I could just wish for anything. But what should I wish for?

A puppy? The ability to get fingernail clippers past airport security? My own private personal theme park? A kitten with laser eyes? The ability to kill squirrels with my mind? X-ray vision? My very own porch swing?

No, all of those are ridiculous. Awesome but ridiculous. If my wish for a puppy actually came true then I would have to clean up all its little doggy droppings before West has a cow.

What am I thinking? It's not like a stupid wish for a puppy would come true. Dandelions don't grant wishes. And I shouldn't wish for something stupid like a little yapper dog.

But what would make an awesome wish? Crap, I hope there aren't any mind readers nearby. Thinking of wishes is completely girly and not awesome. And any mind reader would totally not see how awesome I am.

Dang, I really need to think of an awesome wish already. Once I prove dandelion wishes don't work, I can go back to being my awesome self. I just need to get rid of the nagging wonder of dandelion wishes, before any kind of mind reader reads my thoughts.

So, what do I wish for? It has to be awesome, but impossible. That way there would be no freaking way the stupid dandelion could grant the wish. So, what's impossible and awesome?

Uh, I don't know. Lots of things are possible now a days. So, what should I wish for that's still impossible?

"Prussia! Are you still out there?" Germany called from inside the house, interrupting my awesome thoughts. "It's about to be eighteen hundred thirty hours!"

Crap, six thirty, dinnertime. I must have been out here longer than I intended. Dang, time flies when you're thinking of girly flowers.

"Are you eating dinner with me or not?" West called again after I didn't respond for a second.

"Yeah! Don't worry I'm still awesome enough to have dinner with my little brother!" I yelled back letting go of the dandelion I was holding.

"Then you should know that we always have dinner between six and nine!" he yelled back.

Dang, OCD much? Always have dinner between six and nine. He really needs to be a little more awesome and spontaneous…

I am awesome! I just thought of a completely impossible awesome wish to try on this stupid flower! I can wish for West to be a little more spontaneous and buy me a beer, and see that wish not come true.

Ha, there's no way West will become spontaneous and buy me a beer. That would be impossible for a stupid flower to grant! So, impossible it's perfect! West would never buy me a beer; he likes his happy juice way too much. So, there's no way a stupid-

"Stop daydreaming! It's time for dinner!" Germany repeated cutting my awesome thoughts off.

"One second!" I yell back picking up the flower I dropped earlier. "I got something awesome I need to try!"

"It better be quick! I don't like to postpone things for your stupidity!"

Yeah, whatever. Proving the dandelion wish theory wrong is definitely awesome and not stupid. And once that dumb idea is proven false I can go back to having awesome thoughts.

"I wish West will buy me a beer and be a little more spontaneous," I whisper to the dandelion with my eyes closed. Then I blow the stupid seeds, or whatever the hell their called, off the dandelion.

I drop the empty steam onto the ground. There's no possible way, that wish is coming true. Now, I can just go back to having awesome thoughts.

"And now I'm coming!" I yell running towards the backdoor.

"Why are you smiling from ear to ear?" Germany asked, arms crossed, standing in the doorway of the backdoor.

"Awesome people smile like this, West," I laughed stepping around him to get inside the house.

Yeah, I don't want him knowing that I've been thinking of not awesome things like dandelion wishes. And I don't want him to know that I tried making a stupid dandelion wish. He would lecture me on hard work, before I could get a chance to explain that I was just trying to prove the theory wrong.

"Well, go set the table. That's your job. Then we will eat dinner."

Yep, there's no way my dandelion wish is going to come true. I knew dandelions weren't awesome. I'm awesome and a dandelion is not even close to being like me.

"Why are you still smiling?" Germany asked again.

"I told you, awesome people smile," I said smiling. "I could always teach you how to smile and be awesome."

"Right now it's dinner time," West stated. "And right now, you need to set the table for dinner can be served."

Ha, there is definitely no way he will ever be spontaneous. A wish like that is just too impossible. And the awesome me just proved that dandelion wishes don't work.

"Alright, I'm going to set the stupid table," I laughed going into the kitchen to get the plates.

This is just too awesomely perfect. I successfully proved that dandelion wishes don't work. I am just that awesome.

"Hey, Prussia, I just got an awesome idea!" Germany laughed from the other room as I take two glass plates from the cabinet.

I bet he's mocking me. "So, what's your awesome idea?"

"We should go to one of those drunk karaoke bars and eat nachos!" Germany laughed.

I almost drop the glass plates. West would be mad if I break those. He's just mocking me, there's not way he would suddenly decide to go to karaoke bar when he already has dinner made.

"I'll even buy you a beer!"

And after he said that I dropped the glass plates. He has to be mocking me. There is no way that this could happen!


So, I was thinking of adding some words in German. Then I thought that would be stupid, since Prussia and Germany are already German and probably speak in German together.

So, what do you guys think? Should I continue this idea?

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