I can't believe I was able to walk though that entire parking lot without anybody saying anything. Seriously, I thought Austria, Hungary, or some random jerkaraptor was just going to jump out from some random car to yell "Gotcha!".

Maybe that dandelion did actually have some "when you wish upon a star" magical ability crap. Maybe I'm really going to have to accept the fact that Germany is capable of flirting and capable of being loose and spontaneous. Maybe I'm going to have live with the consequences of my silly dandelion wish.

Crap, now I'm starting to sound like the Hallmark channel. I can't believe I'm letting myself think that blowing a dandelion and making a wish turned my brother into a completely different person. That is in no way shape or form possible.

I'm seriously just kidding myself. This is all just a prank, and the unawesome loser that set this whole thing up is paying my brother big bucks to act like this. This has to be a prank.

I know my brother and I know what's he's capable of. He's not capable of being spontaneous and fun, but if he's given enough money he might be able to be capable. I bet for every second he's not being paid he's not keeping his character. Hell, I bet West is breaking character right now.

Well, duh, of course he's breaking character right now. This prank probably just requires him to act spontaneous when I'm around him. And right now he's inside the bar, while I'm angrily walking along side the border of the parking lot. He's utterly not around me right now.

I should walk back to the bar and catch Germany being the uptight unspontaneous person that he is. He would never suspect that. Right now he probably thinks that I'm just PMSing and walking back home to pick up another dandelion.

Wow, I bet that's when the big "Gotcha!" is going to happen. The moment I pick up that second dandelion this prank is going to be over and Austria going to jump out with a camera or something.

I'm too awesome to let that happen. I'm going to walk back into that bar, catch West breaking his character he's getting paid to be, and expose this whole prank. You don't play pranks on the awesome Prussia. The awesome Prussia plays pranks on you.

Did I seriously just make a Soviet Russia style joke? Ugh, whatever, that's not important what is important is that I catch Germany acting exactly like himself.

Damn, why didn't I come up with this plan sooner? Walking though this parking lot sucks squirrel eggs. Seriously, this is like an American grocery store size parking lot.

Actually, I think that Wal-Mart place America is creepily fond of might have a smaller parking lot than this. Whose dumb idea is it to make a parking lot this big anyway?

Ugh, never mind. Pointing the finger at the jackass who invented the large parking lot isn't going to make walking though the parking lot any faster. Thankfully, I'm almost done with the demon journey though the parking lot.

Man, I really hate walking around by myself. It makes me look like a forever-alone guy. And the awesome Prussia is in no way shape or form a forever-alone guy. I can always find a honey to satisfy me.

Okay, sure I didn't get to make-out with M. But that's only because my little brother is getting paid to cock block me. I'm sure if West didn't show up I would be sucking M's face right now.

Yay! I made it back to the bar. Now time to awesomely expose this prank in the most awesome manner possible. Let's open this door and get down to business.

"Did you forget something?" a babe worker asks.

"Yeah, I forgot to take your virginity with me," I answer her.

She glares at me. "You're a pervert."

Come on brain; give me a comeback to this comment. I can't just leave this bitch with the last word.

"You're wasting my time, toots," I say walking past her.

Okay, I could have come up with a better comeback if I was given more time. I could have asked to see her manager 'cause she just insulted a customer. Or I could have just called her a whore.

And now I'm wasting my time again. I came back to this bar to expose a stupid prank, not think about what comebacks I could have used against a worker. Wow, I'm really good at getting distracted.

"That's crazy!" Germany laughs sitting in the same spot I left him in earlier.

"Well, what would you have done if you were in that situation?" M asks.

West thinks for a second. "I guess I would have done the exact same thing you did."

"My point exactly."

What the heck? I thought my little brother would be breaking character. Why is he still flirting with the redhead babe? Damn, I should have known my brother was going to overachieve on this.

"What are you guys talking about?" I ask joining them back at the table.

"Oh, Miriam was just telling about the time she took her son to Disney World."

I frown. "M is short for Miriam."

"Yes it is, older brother. Little brother here was smart enough to figure out my name on his own." She smiles and squeezes West's hand.

Wait a second. M, I mean, Miriam is holding my brother's hand? How the hell did that happen?

"I thought you were leaving," Germany says squeezing Miriam's hand back.

Am I seriously witnessing this? My uptight little brother is actually holding hands with a girl. How the hell is that possible?

"I did leave," I answer trying not to stare at the handholding I'm witnessing.

"Did that flower theory of yours work, sweetheart?"

Did that flower theory of mine work? Did she seriously just ask me that? It's like she's part of this prank, and wants me to admit that I believe in dandelion wishes.

"Damn, I should have known you were also in on this M. Or Miriam or whatever codename they gave you."

M raises an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"There's no way a female can actually flirt with my brother without shitting herself. Hell, I bet you're even using a fake southern accent. You're probably Austrian or Hungarian-"

"East are you okay?"

"I'm totally okay! I just figured out what the hell is going on here. M is a liar, and is being paid just like you, to be part of this unawesome prank. I totally just figured it out!" I turn around and look around the bar. "Austria, Hungary, come out, come out, wherever you are! I just exposed you're entire prank! Time to jump out and face the consequences that you look stupid!"

"I think you might have had a little too much to drink," M says still using that fake southern accent.

"East do you need me to walk you home?" Germany asks. "You might want to take a nap."

"I don't freaking need a nap! All I need is for Hungary or Austria to accept the consequences of their stupid prank failing! I'll turn this whole bar upside down if that's what it takes to find you loser!" I say picking a barstool up to hold over my head.

Sadly, I get kicked out just before I can do anything with that barstool I picked up. And sadly, West decided to stay in the bar with Miriam instead of joining me. I guess I'm going to have to expose this prank by picking up that second dandelion.


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