The Voyager Chronicles – Book 7
By Dennis A. Daugherty

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Hi Folks!

Well, how long has it been? For me, it seems like ages. For those of you who have been wondering where I had went to, well, it's quite a long story. A slight modification to an old adage seems to sum it all up just perfectly… "Family… you can't live with them and sometimes you still can't live with them. "

In addition to all the drama in my life, as I've been writing this, I, along with my sister have been taking care of my dad, Leslie, whose health has been slowly deteriorating since May of this year. As strong willed as he was, he fought his illness until he had no more energy left in him to fight. Sadly, we lost him on September 4th at the age of 73. His passing has been a bitter pill and we are still grieving the loss. In light of this, I'm dedicating this latest installment to him. Rest in peace dad.

As our saga continues, we observe Jeff's ongoing progression into adulthood and in doing so, we find him taking on the traits that are so common to early adolescent males. Adolescence is time of upheaval, hormonal imbalance and accelerated body changes. All of this, as well as the need to assert one's independence of their parents, causes great conflict not only for the child, but the parents as well. In much the same way that the journey through the unique phases of early childhood is not easy, neither is the transition from childhood to adulthood for that matter. It is a challenging time and one which tests the strength of the bonds between parent and child. As parents, it is an almost daily struggle to provide support and guidance to the adolescent and to keep him or her focused on the straight and narrow path. But even with all our efforts, there are times when the adolescent must find out for himself that Newton's law "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" holds true not only when explaining the laws of motion, but also for one's actions in everyday life as well. In this rather short story, Jeff learns this lesson the hard way with his father Bogg coming along for the long, bumpy ride.

I truly hope you enjoy this story as much as I have so in writing it. For now, grab a cup of coffee, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the ride.

Until next time…