So then Laney and Dirk were married. They reasoned that the café was no place for a young couple, (Well, Howard reasoned that anyway) so Laney moved in with Dirk to Konohana, much to Kana's approval.

Cam, heartbroken, left Bluebell not even a week after Laney and Dirk's marriage. The people in the two villages assume he went to the cities. Occasionally he sent letters to Ash, telling him that he was alright and that he had always wanted to travel. It was around this time that Laney announced she was pregnant, and Lillian thought it was a good time to announce that she was too.

A few seasons later, one of those occasional letters came with a photo clipped to it. It was a picture of Cam, holding an orange haired girl in a white dress. It read: I've found my perfect girl, her name is Violet, she's a florist, like me, and we just got married.

The entire village let out a sigh of relief with this letter. Their Cam was okay.

Soon after this news was found out, Laney had her child. But then, so did Lillian.

Laney had boy, which Dirk promptly named Kevin. Lillian had a girl, whom she named Lana, and who Ash would never cease to talk about. And who also ended up being the bane of Cheryl's existence.

Years passed, and over the years, others also got married. First to tie the knot was Kana and Georgia, then Hiro and Nori, who all eventually had kids of their own.

Laney and Dirk were happy for many years, life was bliss. And it truly was. Sitting outside watching your son play with a ball, or catch a bug, or give a wildflower to his best friend Lana, who would most likely end up his wife someday.

Many years passed, and Rahi and Ying were married. While Cheryl, having matured immensely since her brother left the house, left Bluebell to find her calling in the world.

And Dirk and Laney, the mailman and the bakery girl, the couple no one expected in a million years, lived happily for many years.

The End

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