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Indie Rokkers, Part 2

I like the line between your belly and your thighs
(rollin' on, rollin' on)
The smell of your hair
The sparkle in your eyes
(rollin'on, rollin'on)
The smoke in your breath
The breathing hard and heavy
The back of your neck
The shine on your Chevy
The moon was so big when I drove it to the levy, girl
(rollin' on, rollin'on)

I found blood and I saw stars
All in the backseat of your car
And I told you it was love
But you won't know the truth
I'm a young man in my prime
With my heart still filled with fear
And it goes on clear

The clean dreams, the sexy limousine
(rollin' on, rollin' on)
Jason's got the energy
He used to be a coke fiend
(rollin' on, rollin'on)
The skinny brown arms coming out of your shirt
Heart is in the right place brain is in the dirt
You live life like every one's an enemy
(rollin' on, rollin'on)
-MGMT, "Indie Rokkers"

Jacob was dumbstruck for a moment. Who ends the video chat at a moment like that? He knew this was Bella's way of telling him to fuck himself but he couldn't be mad at her.

She had a right to want it to be a private moment for only her and Paul. Jacob smiled because tonight gave him the confirmation he needed. Bella would have no problem fitting into the dynamics of The Pack.

He was going to have a lot of fun helping her live up to The Pack's motto "Go hard or go home".

Jacob groaned as he glanced down at his ever-hardening erection. Right then and there he resolved to not leave his office unsatisfied. So he quickly picked up his cell phone and dialed a number.

The phone only rang twice before someone answered in a sultry voice.

"Yes, Master?"

"Fatima, I need you in my office, there's something you need to take care of."

Fatima replied, "Of course Master, I aim to please you in all areas."

She heard him chuckle before the line went dead. Fatima knew he'd only give her five minutes to get down to his office so she took off her underwear and slipped on a green sheer teddy.

In the front, it simply covered the bare minimum and in the back was nothing but a thin halter sting and a huge bow on her bottom. Fatima slid on her satin green four inch heels and pranced in the direction of his office.

Once she arrived, she knocked three times then patiently waited for further instructions.

"Fatima what are you wearing," Jacob called through the door.

"I'm wearing the last gift you bought for your naughty girl."

Jacob opened the door and was naked as the day he was born. His lustful eyes raked over Fatima's body. Naturally, he smirked then moved aside to let her pass him.

"You're my number one girl. You know that right. Answer me, now!"

"Fatima knows she's Master's number one girl. She does her very best to stay in Master's good graces."

Without Jacob telling her what to do, she went to the center of the room and fell to her knees. As soon as she was in position, she opened her mouth wide like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

Jacob growled lowly and stalked toward her. His internal spinal massager swung from side to side before he rammed it down her waiting mouth.

Fatima knew exactly what Jacob wanted. They knew exactly what to say and what to do to each other. She eagerly slurped, sucked, and bobbed on his rock hard length.

Of course, she even took it up a notch as Fatima massaged his tightening sack in her free hands, she knew that Jacob liked it wet, hot, and nasty. He wanted to hear her smacking, humming, and almost gagging on his length.

In no time at all, he found himself on the brink of eruption. Jacob pulled himself out of her mouth and walked over to the white leather sofa he had in his office and sat down.

"Fatima, take off that outfit but leave those heels on!"

Without hesitation, she rose up already removing the lingerie and let it fall to her feet. She stepped out of it and stood there looking at him. He was stroking his member slowly, while he looked at her more than ample portion of breast, hips, and ass.

Fatima licked her lips before her left hand started to fondle her hard rosy pebbles. She moaned as her mind imagined Jacob touching her body. Just when she was about to start massaging her folds his booming voice resounded in the small space.

"Stop! Come over here to your Papi, and let me take care of that."

She staggered forward and he pulled her onto the sofa. Immediately, his fingers plunged inside her wetness as her hand went to his shaft. They furiously worked at each other. Jacob and Fatima locked eyes and to someone on the outside they probably looked like a madly in love couple.

However, this was really the extent of it. Neither of them believed in the traditional notion of relationships. They got along, they cared for each other, they lived together but there were never any declarations of love or long lasting commitment.

"Fuck! Master, please tell me I can cum now! Fatima wants to be a good girl. So, I can't let go till you tell me too!"

Jacob smirked at her as his thumb started rubbing her nub.

"You can cum my pretty flower but you better keep stroking me though."

Fatima tried to keep pumping him but as she went over the edge, she loss her grip on reality and his manhood. Jacob chuckled because he had counted on this happening. In fact, he had the perfect punishment planned.

He leaned over as her body was quaking and took her bouncing nipple into his waiting mouth. Her fingers went into his hair and clawed at his shoulder. Just as she was coming down, Jake slammed his weeping sword into her tight tunnel of love.

"Fuck," he cried out as the combination of her squirting desire, tight core, and screaming his name proved too much for him.

After a few moments, he spilled his seed deep inside her. As soon as he stopped pulsating, he pulled out and went to gather up his clothes. Fatima sat up and watched him strut around his office.

His glorious tan body glowed as the sunlight faded into the horizon. He was almost out the door before he paused and turned to face her. Jacob's semi hard cock was taunting her.

"I almost forgot. I wanted to take you to dinner my lover. You've been such a naughty girl, but Papi forgives you. Even though, I let you cum first and you forgot to keep hold of me," Jake paused as the realization came across her face.

Fatima got up and kneeled down in front of him.

"I apologize," he voice was clear and innocent.

"No worries, just be dressed and in my room in an hour. Wear that red dress I love, with those Black stilettos, no panties, and that sheer lace red and black bra I got you last week."

He helped her to her feet and kissed her lips as his hand roamed over her ass.

"Definitely, no panties," he growled and then left her standing there as he went to have a shower.

An hour later...

Fatima slipped into the sexy red dress that was Master's favorite. Of course, she made sure that she also took a shower with his favorite perfumed body wash.

As she looked at herself in the full-length mirror, she smiled. She looked stunning, in a red satin dress, that was mid thigh length. Since it had a halter-top neckline, it naturally accentuated her ample cleavage to perfection.

In addition, Fatima made sure that her undergarments with the exception of not having on panties were up to par. Jacob had recently gifted her, a sheer mesh bra that had convertible straps and happened to be red like her dress.

Since she was told to not wear panties this evening, Fatima opted for a black lacy garter belt with sheer black stockings attached. Once they were in place, she added Jake's favorite shoes to her feet, which were a pair of black patent leather, four-inched, spiked stilettos that drove him insane with lust.

At the very thought of Jake's reaction to her shoe choice Fatima felt a wave of desire for him sweep over her.

After a few deep breaths, she was able to fix her hair into an up-do. That way she could showcase her d├ęcolletage, and then Fatima quickly applied her makeup.

Fatima glanced at the clock when she finished. Thankfully, she had exactly five minutes to get to his room. As a result, she picked up her small clutch purse, and sauntered to his room.

The sound of her shoes clicked on the hardwood floors, which probably gave her away before Fatima knocked on the door. Fatima silently hoped Jake would be pleased with her.

Finally, Jacob answered the door a minute later. He too smelled fresh from the shower. As her eyes raked over his muscular body, Fatima sighed. Jacob was dressed to the nines.

He was a remarkable sight in a black, button-up shirt with a leather sport jacket across his broad chest and shoulders. His strong legs were clad in skinny cut black pants.

Fatima loved him dressed all in black because it looked so sexy on him. He seemed to know that too as a smirk appeared on his face that could make any girl swoon.

The dazed expression on her face indicated that Fatima was ready to drop to her knees and serve him right there. Of course, Jacob loved that about her, she always knew what he needed or wanted.

Jacob's smirk turned into a roguish smile as he raked over Fatima's beautiful body dressed to his specifications. She blushed slightly and lowered her eyes, hiding a pleased grin that her Master liked what he saw.

"Come on in Angel," Jake said in a low, commanding tone as he stepped aside.

Fatima walked in the room then stood quietly, while he finished putting on his boots. When he was done, Jacob stood up as he appraised her appearance silently.

Suddenly, he ordered Fatima.

"Turn around. I want to take in all your assets."

Immediately, Fatima turned around in a slow circle. This allowed Jacob plenty of time to bask in her beauty. He slowly, inspected her body.

Then their eyes met. Jacob grinned and then narrowed his eyes as they fell to her crotch area.

"Something is missing! Ah, I know what it is. Papi got you something really special, Angel."

He promptly turned around and picked up something from his bed. Fatima quirked her eyebrows at him because they looked like a pair of sheer black panties. Nothing fancy however, they were far from ordinary.

Hidden inside these precious undergarments was a tiny but powerful bullet vibe. When worn, the vibe would press right on Fatima's hidden jewel. In addition, her new accessory came with a wireless remote.

Of course, the remote was tucked away in Jacob's pant pocket. He smirked as he thought about being able to control not only when it was on or off; but the intensity of the vibration as well.

"Put these on. Then we can go have a wonderful evening," He ordered with the panties extended toward her.

Fatima wasted no time in putting them on. She thanked him for the new gift, but was not aware of the toy hidden inside.

She also knew he enjoyed being creative about it. Since Fatima had lost focus during their earlier session, she was not expecting anything. Now, she really was concerned.

Jacob would punish her that much was certain as he grinned at her. Fatima was just unaware of the time or the place.

An hour later...

Jacob had decided to take Fatima to Antonio's, which was a nice Italian restaurant in the Upper East Side. They were now sitting at a table for two and Fatima was starting to feel a little self-conscious.

His eyes appraised her as if Fatima was a sheep being led to slaughter. They remained silent as the waiter appeared. The waiter inquired about their drink orders as he handed them each a menu.

"Fatima, order our drinks for us. Nothing alcoholic," Jacob stated quietly as he glared at her from the corner of his eye.

"Yes, Sir," Fatima replied as she turned toward the waiter.

Before she could open her mouth, Fatima simultaneously felt a strong vibration hit her clit. In response, she gasped and snapped her legs shut.

Immediately, her pearl enlarged as her body was flooded with desire. Consequently, Fatima was afraid to open her mouth. She began to blush because Fatima feared that at any moment now she'd moan out loud.

However, Fatima wouldn't dare disobey her beloved Master.

"T-two sweet i-ice teas, no lemon," She gasped out, then closed her mouth.

Fatima desperately didn't want to make a spectacle of herself. The waiter nodded, as he appraised her curiously. Eventually, the waiter left them in order to retrieve their drinks.

As soon as they were alone, they both locked eyes. Fatima gazed at her Master from under her long, luscious eyelashes. The smirk on his face made her realize that this was her punishment.

Therefore, Fatima resolved that she would endure it. After all, Fatima aimed to please him an every area. That was why she was his favorite.

When the waiter returned a few minutes later with their drinks, Jacob turned on the vibe again, causing Fatima to sit straight up and almost let out a loud moan.

Secretly, she hoped the vibe in the panties was water proof because her core was leaking like a running faucet. At the same time, her love button was swollen.

Fatima felt like she was about to explode, but knew she wouldn't be allowed to release. Not until he allowed it.

Jacob smiled wickedly as he watched Fatima squirm all over her chair. It made his member swell, knowing that she was tethering on the edge for him. He left her alone for a while.

However, every time the waiter or any one else stopped by their table; he'd turn on the vibe, teasing her slit relentlessly. Fatima was insane with need.

She'd have given anything for her Master's fingers, mouth, or member. Hell, right now, Fatima would be satisfied with her own fingers.

She'd do anything to douse the fire raging between her legs. Fatima knew her creamy wetness was running down her thighs as a result of Master's assault on her throbbing sex.

"M-master, may I go to the ladies room, please," She asked, timidly.

"Yes, darling. You may go, but be a good girl and don't let me find out you touched yourself," Jacob said in an authoritative tone.

Fatima groaned inwardly, but stood up to leave the table. As she did, Jacob hit her sensitive nub full force with the vibe. The action almost caused Fatima to loose her cool.

Her hand had an iron grip on to the table to keep from losing her balance. While a soft "Fuck," escaped her lips.

"No masturbating," Jacob whispered across the table as a reminder.

She thanked god the restroom wasn't far away as she disappeared inside. Fatima rushed to the sink, so that she could splash cold water on her face. Once, she felt relatively calm; Fatima fixed her makeup and returned to the table.

When she sat down, Jacob took her hand in his and raised it to his lips as if to kiss it. However, this was his way of checking to see if Fatima had obeyed his command and not been in the restroom stroking her kitty.

Jacob's smile indicated that he was certain, that Fatima obeyed him. However, he was so in-tuned with her body that he could smell her arousal wafting toward him.

Finally, they finished their meal. Once the check had been satisfied, the couple exited the building. They quietly walked to the parking garage.

As fate would have it, the parking garage was a ghost town. They took the elevator up to the top level where the car was and stepped off. Jacob had turned on the vibe as soon as they'd stepped out of the restaurant.

In the stillness of the night, you could faintly hear its vibration. Fatima got more then a few curious glances from passersby on the street as she moaned aloud more than once.

However, her moans were music to Jacob's ears. The level on which the car was parked was dark and deserted except for their car. Jacob smirked as he led Fatima toward his vehicle.

When they arrived at the car, Jacob took control of the situation and pushed her against the passenger side door. Instantly, Fatima was pinned between the door and his hot body.

Seconds later, his mouth took hers in a demanding kiss. Fatima moaned and sucked hard on his tongue. She was on the brink of desire, which made it nearly impossible to hold back, now.

"Turn around, Angel. I want you bent over the hood with your dressed hiked up, because I want that pretty ass in the air," He growled against her lips as his hand rubbed over her soaked core.

Meanwhile, Jacob's other hand tweaked her nipple through her dress.

"Fuck, Papi! You drive me crazy! Please let me cum," Fatima cried out as she hiked up her dress and bent over to offer herself to him.

Jacob unzipped and unsnapped his jeans and pulled his long, hard prick out and rubbed the head up and down her soaked slit, which he had exposed by pulling her panties to the side. The vibe was still working her clit as he teased her scorching opening with the taut head.

"Papi! Please, fuck you're Angel! She needs it so much," Fatima cried out, as she tried to grind against him.

Jacob couldn't wait any longer. He was about to shoot all over her ass if he didn't get inside her. He entered her with a strong, hard, swift stroke.

He buried himself balls deep inside her tight, wet walls.

"Fuck," he choked out as he began to pound into her leaking core.

Fatima tightened her walls around him, knowing how much that pleased him. She also arched her back in an effort to let him in deeper. She felt herself about to explode from the combination of the vibe on her nub and her Master's muscle filling her naughty, wet tunnel.

"P-papi! I c-can't...hold back. Please, tell me I can squirt all over you," Fatima cried out on the edge of euphoria.

Jacob pounded her hot passion pit as hard as he could. Before, he could say anything, Jacob found himself starting to erupt. With a loud growl, he spurted deep inside her.

"Fatima, do it now," He cried out.

She moaned long and loud in the darkness of the garage while she drenched his cock with her creamy juices. Jacob kept right on fucking her until they both collapsed on the hood.

"Good girl," He panted against her neck, and then lightly nibbled on it.

"Very good girl."

"Master, I'll do anything for you," Fatima panted out as they both staggered to get into the vehicle.