Today is Yesterday's Memory

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Today is Yesterday's Memory – Edward is an ancient vampire searching for the love of his life that was ripped from him over 3 thousand years ago. Reincarnation theme. Cannon pairing.

Today is Yesterday's Memory

"'s memory and tomorrow is today's dream."

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Chapter 1

Dreaming Time

The vampire stood on a cliff under a huge oak tree watching the harbor below watching the ships come and go.

He was sad beyond words.

He had missed her again.

She and her family were aboard one of those ships that were either about to sail or had just sailed off to the New World carrying the goods that the settlers in that far away land needed.

He had been closer this time than he had been in 300 years.

In this life time she was still a very young girl, but the name was the same, Isabella, 'God is bountiful'. In England, her name had been Elizabeth.

She'd lived at least 3 life times since he'd lost her.

He had eventually found her, but only because he had the ability to hear others thoughts. That made finding her a little easier, but there was just no telling where in the World her soul would incarnate. He had to play the odds and he had a good network of others, both vampire and human who would keep their collective eyes and ears open for any whisper of her.

Flash Back:

The last time she'd been a old woman with 17 grandchildren, but she'd still been beautiful and it made his heart weep to be so close once more and not be able to touch her.

One of these times he'd be there at just the right time and they'd be together again.

It'd allowed her to just glimpse him standing on the edge of the clearing her small house was built in. She'd been outside watering her small herb garden. He stood in the shadows watching her, He had been so lost in memory that he'd not moved quickly enough to avoid her seeing him.

She had seen him, but he'd vanished so quickly that she decided she'd imagined it. She'd shaken her head talking to herself.

"You are getting to old to be out in the Sun Isabella, go back inside" she spoke it out loud so he knew she'd seen him.

It made Edward incredibly sad and he'd come close to ending his half existence then, but he didn't.

Time passes, as time does...

Edward drifted from place to place filling his nights and days as best he could. Reading and studying. He studied piano and became more than proficient at it. He learned to paint and to sculpt. Once he'd mastered something he became bored and moved on.

Moved on.

Moving on.

Just 2 words.

He despaired, but continued on toward his goal of reunion.

The Cold Trail- Out Take

This Century

By the time 2008 rolled around He found himself in a very very small town on the Western Coast of what had become the United States of America.

She was here.

He was here.

He would meet her, again. Would she, could she fall in love with him once more?

She had to.

He was tired of this half life he'd been in for the last 600 years waiting for "her". He would not wait any longer. If this time, he missed her for some reason, or if he could not make her fall in love with him again, he would just find the true death.

Her name was once again Isabella but she just wanted to be called Bella, or Bells. She was 17 years old and a junior in high school.


That was the age they had both been they are been so horribly separated. Her, by death and himself a form of dead caused by the same person who'd killed Isabella. He slipped into the memory of that...


Fateful Night...

The lovers were walking hand in hand in the early twilight hours, just enjoying each other. It was that joy that attracted the vampire to begin with. He couldn't read minds, but he did feel emotions, and theirs were so strong, it had pulled him to them.

He watched them walking side by side, deliberately bumping shoulders and laughing at each others expressions.


Most of all it was the Love that The Vampire felt radiating from them that attracted him to them.

The Vampire jumped out of the shadows knocking down the boy first and grabbing the girl. She was so soft and smelled so good. Her emotions were strong. She was terrified. Not so much for herself, but for the boy.


That's what the vampire felt toward the boy. The boy was loved and he, The Vampire was feared and not loved.

The girls blood tasted so good and rich with love. Before the vampire realized it, he'd totally drained the beautiful girl.


All gone.

A groan brought the vampire back to the darken path again.

The boy.

He would die.

The boy had had the beautiful girls' love and all of her emotions. Love, was her last emotion and it had been for the boy.

He would die for that, but not the true death. He would curse the boy with the vampire's own fate.

The boy was groaning, sitting up and looking around.

Where was his love, his life?

She was laying on the ground.





Before the Vampire realized what he was doing he had the boy by his throat, when lights came up the path quickly toward them.

All the screaming must have raised the villagers.

He'd leave the boy half drained and come back for him later.

That never happened though, because the villagers trapped the Vampire and set him on fire.

When the boy was able to get around once more, he had begun to change into something that frightened his family. The entire village ran him away.

From that time on, he had been alone.




Missing her.

In the last couple hundred years, he'd joined with others who like himself didn't wish to live off the lives of humans and had learned to gain their nourishment from animals, preferably those who lived wild in the woods. The taste of the blood was more like that of human, if only by a little bit.

One of the newest family members had a talent for seeing the future of those around her. She saw him with a beautiful young girl. She'd shared this vision with him and he realized it was His Love.

Now all they had to do was figure out just when and where this meeting would take place. From the looks of the clothing, it was sometime in the future.

It took another 100 years when the fashions began to resemble the original vision, that Alice, as she was calling herself now, found Edward's Love and himself getting closer to each other. He would need to be in the State of Washington in a small town named Forks. She could give him only an approximate time frame.

All of the family agreed to help him in his plan to regain Isabella.

Edward went at once to Forks and listened to see if his Love was there yet.

He heard that a new girl was coming to Forks to live with her father and would be enrolling in the high school as a junior at the beginning of the next semester.

It had been decided the pretense of being a family of two "adults" and 5 siblings. All of whom were, of course, adopted, but a "family" never the less. His entire family began at once to move to Forks and began renovations on a house that Edward found and knew his mother, Esme would love.

The father, Carlisle applied to the hospital there and was hired on the spot since his records and recommendations were impeccable. The hospital and the town in general, felt they were extremely lucky that the Doctor and his family had been attracted to their small community. Dr. Cullen had put it about that his wife hated large cities and towns so Forks was just ideal for them.

All of the family, with the exception of Carlisle and Esme – as they were the parents – enrolled in the high school. Edward and Alice would be juniors while Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were enrolled at Seniors.

Edward arranged that all of his classes were with Isabella, as she was known this life time.

Once Isabella re-fell in love with Edward, he would tell her the truth.

She would remember. She had to.


Bella was late for school, again.

She'd missed the gossip session that usually occurred in the parking lot outside the school building. If she'd been able to hear the latest, Bella would have known about the new students. She would no longer the newest student.

She didn't see Angela Weber, the best friend she'd found so far in Forks, until lunch time and then it was too late because, she'd already seen the Cullens.

By the time the lunch period was over, she was already smitten with the lot of them. The last class of Bella's day was art and much to her joy, and consternation, she was seated with the new boy, Edward Cullen.

He was the most beautiful boy she'd ever seen. As a rule, Bella didn't think about boys, in any way, and totally unlike any of the other girls in school Bella was still a virgin with no desire to change that status. That is, until she saw Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen was well over 6 foot tall with unruly reddish hair and deep golden eyes that seemed to be able to see deep down into her soul. They were able to talk a bit during class and Bella felt a deep connection between herself and Edward, though she couldn't for the life of herself, understand it.

There was an electrical current flowing between them. Bella felt it when they both reached for the same box of pastels. As their hands had brushed lightly, a very palatable spark leaped from his fingers into hers. She'd never felt anything like it before.

They had chatted quietly as they both worked on their separate projects for the class. Nothing much was talked about really, just general things like the weather, families, and class mates.

Then, Edward asked "Do you mind if I walk you out to your car Isabella?" just before the bell rang releasing them from the school day.

Bella blushed and said that she didn't mind.

Walking down to their lockers proved a bit of a problem for Bella as everyone was stopping and staring as she and Edward would walk by. She didn't like being the focus of all that attention.

"Err, everyone is staring at us Edward", Bella stammered looking sideways Edward and blushing deeply.

"Just ignore them Isabella. I've not talked to anyone today but you, so I think they see just how special I find you" Edward grinned at Bella.

That made her blush even deeper from embarrassment.

That seemed to make Edward smile.

Once out of the building and into the parking lot, Edward walked very close to Bella and as he place hand on the small of her back she felt that same jolt of electricity. She'd not felt anything like this in her entire life and it made her more nervous than she'd normally be, which was a lot. Bella had a difficult time articulating what she wanted to say, normally, and found it totally impossible to say anything now.

Edward was smiling at Bella waiting for her to say something.

"Err, what? Did you say something?" Bella replied finally.

"I asked you if you'd like to go to a movie or perhaps dinner with me."

"Aah, when?" was all Bella could stammer out.

"How about tonight" Edward smiled down at her.

"Ahm, sure" she managed to get out.

"Great. I'll pick you up about 7 tonight? Dinner? That will give us a chance to really talk and get to know each other." Edward looked very serious but ended with a crooked smile that was almost heart stopping.

Then he turned and walked to his own car where the rest of his family was waiting for him. They were all just so beautiful, it made Bella's eyes hurt just looking at them.

Angela came hurrying over to where Bella was standing with the mouth open and transfixed.

"Oh. My. God. Bella. What did he have to say to you?" Angela was all eyes that were filled with awe and wonder.

"He asked me out on a date" Bella replied with disbelief.

"Oh. My. God" was all that Angela was able to get out, then, "When? Where? What are you going to wear?"

Bella just stood there with her mouth open shaking her head.

When she got home, Bella flew up stairs and to her closet. What was she going to wear tonight. She'd never been on a date before. What was appropriate? She finally settled upon a medium blue sweater with black wool slacks and her dressier Converse shoes.

She quickly got her homework done, hoping she'd done the math correctly. She wanted her weekend free...just in case...

She had her father's dinner ready when he got home and told him she had a date. At first Charlie, as she called her father - but not to his face - was upset that she'd not asked permission before accepting. He relented because he saw how sorry Bella was for over looking that detail as well as the name of the young man in question.

"Edward Cullen" Bella mumbled.

"Dr. Cullen's son?" Charlie asked with eyebrows raised.

"Honestly Dad, I don't know what his father does, I only know he and his brothers and sisters started school today."

"Well, OK. I want to meet this young man before you leave. I want to talk to him. None if this honking when he pulls up. I expect him to behave as a gentleman should." Charlie was a bit gruff, but Bella knew he was only concerned about her.

At 7 on the dot, there was a knock at the Swan's door.

Bella flew down the stairs only to meet Charlie's shaking head. Then he answered the door with Bella hanging in the background.

"Chief Swan? I'm Edward Cullen. I've come to pick up Bella for dinner tonight. May I come in?"

"Sure" Charlie gruffly replied.

Charlie opened the door. Edward noticed that Charley was still in his uniform, complete with his gun in it's holster hanging from the utility belt.

Edward looked directly into Charlie's eyes, "Chief Swan, so pleased to meet you," he offered his hand to Charlie.

"I promise to take good care of Isabella and I'll have her home by midnight if that's alright with you."

"Yes, well, see that you do." then turning to Bella, "I'll be waiting up Isabella."

There wasn't much more that Charlie could say other than ask questions about who Edward's father was and where they'd come from.

"My father is a doctor and works at Forks hospital. We came here from Alaska where we were home schooled by our parents."

Edward held his hand out to Bella, which she took as they left the house heading the steps to his car.

Once into the car, Edward let out a huge sigh. "Well, the lion was bearded in his lair" that comment made Bella giggle.

Yes, my father can appear quite difficult.

"Shall we get going. I've made reservations for us at La Belle Ital for 7:45".