Today is Yesterday's Memory

Chapter 20


Summary: Edward is an ancient vampire searching for the love of his life that was ripped from him over 3 thousand years ago. Reincarnation. Canon pairing.


Stephanie Meyers owns all things Twilight. This story line is mine.

Warning: "M" for supernatural subject matter, may not be appropriate for those under 18 years of age.

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Chapter 20

We Have Nothing But Time


"I want to be with you Edward. I love you. I have always loved you." Bella stands and pulls Edward to herself. "Thank you for finding me again. Thank you for not giving up on me, ever."



I take Bella's hand into mine and together we leave the Cullen house and venture out into the forest for Bella's first experience as a vampire.

"You wanted to know how I got you from the hospital, watch this." And I take off running through the forest and then return to her side. " What did you see?"

Smiling, "I saw you become a streak of colors leaving and coming back." She states.

"Exactly," I reply. "You saw what you did because you are a vampire, but human's don't even see that. They may feel a breeze with our passing, or a shiver, but they can't see us. It was easy to take you from your room unseen. Carlisle made sure he and I left your room together and stopped at the nurses station so everyone there saw us both. He stayed there and they saw me head for the stairs. I then turned around and came back to your hospital room at vampire speed, unhooked your tubes, and sped out of the hospital carrying you in my arms. As soon as I got you in the woods, I bit you the first time too get the process started and finished my part once I got you to the house."

"Come My Love, let's go find you something to drink," and we take off at a slow vampiric run into the deep woods.

"No humans Edward. I can't do that no matter how thirsty I get" Bella tells me.

"Not to worry Love, I wouldn't do that. I haven't drunk from a human in at least two thousand years. Now a bear or better yet a mountain lion, that's good drinking!"


"That last one was interesting," Bella says as she tries to figure out how to hold what's left of her t-shirt.

"You'll get the hang of it quickly Love, not to worry."

We're heading back to the house so Bella can change her shirt and to have a family pow wow to discuss our future plans.


Everyone is all smiles and "welcomes" as Bella and Edward come into the house.

Carlisle and Esme hug Bella, followed by Rose, Alice, Emmett and Jasper.

"Well, you all know the plan," Carlisle says. "Jasper, you have new ID's and papers for everyone along with their cover stories."

Jasper nods his ascent. Stacked on the table in front of him are legal document sized envelops with a name printed on the front of each, he hands them out.

We all have our new bank accounts set up with blinds within blinds built into them. We'll all meet up again in two years in London at the family mansion. Meanwhile, if you can't bear being away from each other," Emmett barks out a laugh at that, "there are new untraceable cell phones in each of the envelops with a list of coded contacts in the listings. If you lose your phone and someone tries to use it without entering the proper code the memory chip is fried and no longer readable. I suggest that each of you create your own back up and put them into a safety deposit box somewhere, or someplace secure. Just in case." Jasper ends his little security speech with a wink.

Emmett then pops up saying, "So Rose and I will disappear tonight, followed by Alice, Jasper, Edward and Bella tomorrow after Edward and Alice get home from school. Then Carlisle and Esme will follow within the week."

Carlisle looks to Edward, "Have you decided where you're going to take Bella first?"

Grinning like a mad man Edward tells them his plans. "Yes. We're going up to Alaska and go big game hunting and then I was thinking about the Veldt of African. There's still plenty of lions and leopards, and then maybe India for some tiger hunting."

Emmett was watching Bella's face and remarked, "I think your girl is all for those plans! Look at that huge smile."

Bella grins, "Actually, I was just thinking about being alone with Edward! We've been apart for too long.

Edward pulled Bella to him and kissed her deeply.

"You two get a room!" Emmett bellows.


Several days later, Bella and Edward are standing atop an ice cliff watching a polar bear crossing the ice.

"Go get him Bella" Edward encouraged.

Within seconds, Bella has the bear by the throat and drained of blood moments after that.

"My turn," Edward says as he speeds across the ice field into a stand of woods not far away. There he had heard a pack of wolves. He grabs the Beta of the pack and heads into the tree tops to have his meal in peace. Bella is by his side a few moments later.

"Good one Edward. I'm so happy that you left the mated pairs alone. Call me sentimental." Bella kisses her mate passionately.

"So, now do you think you can take me to Africa? I'm dying to try lion for dinner!"

Edward laughs. "Yes my Love, but I think you'll have to settle for shark or some sea creature first as we'll need to swim a good part of the way. It's too soon to take you around humans. But you're doing so well that it won't be long."

"Let's get going Edward! I can't wait to explore and have adventures with you!" Bella has taken off running toward the coast line.

Laughing, "I'm coming My Love! Right behind you!"

The Beginning


Authors Ending Note: So ends the beginning of Edward and Bella's new life together. What adventures will unfold for the couple? What horizons will they explore together? It was always my intention to have a series of follow up out takes for this. Hopefully RL will allow me to do that. It's been fun exploring this story line and I'm happy that most of you found it different and were enjoying it. Why was it so short? I said what I'd wanted to say. Hope to see ya'll soon.