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Chapter 17:

When has it ever been the smart idea to wander into a mysterious fog? Yet Yukari and Shiina walked right into. When has it been a good idea to go into a spooky abandoned warehouse? Then one has to ask why Yukari and Shiina went into both in the same evening. When it comes down to it has to do with the typer of people they are. Yukari is overly confident having lived a life where she dominated over her older brother. That kind of life has caused her to believe that she could pretty much take down anyone. Shiina was confident in his Ashikabi which means neither one really thinks that there might be some actual danger.

Yes, they themselves are dangerous if put into that position but there are those that are ready to step into danger and those who are just plain ignorant of the situation and just walk into danger.

The important thing to note in this situation is that they have purpose this time, one that they can only hope to find.

If there actions are smart,the right, the wrong, optimistic, or the stupid choice, it falls to individual to the decide that. Personally I would wait to see how things come out to make judgement.

So the pair of them walked into a dark warehouse in the middle of the night, a warehouse located in a desolate part of the city that is well known to be far from the safest part of the city regardless of the danger it posed in search of something.

They had searched everywhere else so they assumed those they were looking for had to be there. The fact was they were right, they went there to hide where few people would go since dangerous crimes that take place there kept everyone away and the warehouse had been abandoned.

"Hello is anyone here?" Yukari called out.

It really is coming off like she doesn't know what she's doing.

"Are you sure they're here?" Shiina asked.

"I think so." She replied. "I mean where else could they be?"

"I think you have to come with us." A voice said behind them.

They pair turned around to find two women standing on a nearby roof top. One of them was Toyotama who was a tall woman with dark green hair and blue eyes carrying a staff. She was wearing a revealing purple and white belly top, matching bloomer short, long gloves, stocking and thigh high boots.

The other woman was Ichiya who had short dark hair and was wearing a revealing purple and yellow outfit with short black gloves. They both looked down on Yukari and Shiina with a sense of contempt and of grand opportunity.

Toyotama said, "You're the ashikabi sister of the ashikabi of the North."

"Our Ashikabi" Ichiya started. "wanted a way to control him and it looks like we found just the way."

"To think we were just looking for some of the unwinged sekirei when we happen to find you alone."

"She's not" Shiina told them standing before Yukari.

"You really think you can take both of us." Toyotama said confident.

"Yes." Was Shiina's only reply.

The pair of fighting Sekirei smiled grimly as they started to get ready to fight. What neither party knew was that they were being watched by someone waiting to make their move.

As the two fighting Sekirei jumped towards Yukari a thick fog suddenly filled the area. Before Shiina or Yukari could say anything they were grabbed and taken away. By the time the fog cleared Ichiya and Toyotama found themselves alone in the night.

Soon enough it had turned into a morning. With no sign of either the Ashikabi or the Sekirei Toyotama and Ichiya continued their search. That morning had a feeling that day, the feeling that something was going to happen today. The people that were awake had no idea of any of this and neither did anyone who was still asleep.

Minato certainly had no idea of what was happening when he woke up holding Akitsu. She was stirring from her sleep as he started to get up.

"Minato?" She asked.

"I just have to get up and start breakfast." Minato gave her a kiss on the forehead. "You just sleep a little longer. I'll wake you when it's time to eat."

Akitsu smiled a small smile and gave him a nod.

"I love you Akitsu."

"I love you too." Akitsu whispered.

Her heart raced when he smiled back at her. For the first time in her life she was truly happy, she wasn't used to it so it scared her a little but she was where she wanted to be.

Minutes later everyone gathered to eat breakfast and as everyone sat down to eat Minato noticed, "Where's Yukari?"

"And Shiina?" Kuu added.

Getting back to their side of the story the pair quickly found themselves somewhere dark.

"What's going on?!" Yukari demanded.

The lights turned on to find themselves in an old bomb shelter under the warehouse.

Standing them before them was a girl with orange hair with a blue ribbon in it, she had dark green eyes and whore a red dress with yellow belt and a white jacket over it.

"Hello." She said calmly. "I'm Kuruse. We saw you get into the fight with those Sekirei from the Ashikabi of the East."

That's when they noticed the other Sekirei.

One was wearing a long kimono her black hair was held by a ribbon and the back and she held a large double sided blade. She introduced herself, "I'm Himeko." She said simply in a quiet tone.

The next girl wore a tight white blouse and a black skirt she seemed even more shy and timid than the last girl. The ribbons on her arms floated along side her. "Uh, hello I'm Kujou."

The final Sekirei there had long silver hair and short skirt with a long elegant coat. She gave their new guests a polite smile. "Hello I'm Taki. I was the one that created the fog for you."

"You're all Sekirei?" Yukari asked.

"Yes, you're not?" Kuruse asked.

"I am." Shiina. told them.

"Huh?" Kuruse muttered. "I thought you might have been a small girl there for minute.

"A girl?!" Shiina said more than a little disturbed.

"Well you're pretty and with the flowing silver hair." Yukari tried to explain.

"A girl ashikabi?" Kujou tilted her head. "Most of time they tend to be guys. I've only heard about one other girl ashikabi."

"So you guys are the last unwinged Sekirei?" Yukari asked.

"I think." Kuruse told them. "Uh, you're not interested in winging us?"

"No," Yukari insisted. "I want to help. I want to take you somewhere that you can't be forced winged."

"There is no place like that." Kujou whimpered. "The only place might be the Inn run by the Ashikabi of the North."

"We tried to get there but every time we tried we got spotted by another ashikabi that wanted to wing us by force." Himeko explained. "Since then we've had no choice but to hide."

"Well that's what I came for." Yukari explained. "I'm his sister and the Demon Ashikabi-"

"Demon Ashikabi?!" The Sekirei shouted together confused. They were all more than a little confused to find out that the girl before them was the feared ashikabi.

"Yeah," Yukari continued. "We can get you to the Inn safely."

"You brought the Ashikabi of the North and his Sekirei?" Kujou said cheerful.

"No, it's just us two." Shiina explained.

"You realize that everyone is looking for us." Kuruse started out. "Can you maybe call him?"

Her phone than rang. "That's him."

The phone had a text for her: Yukari, where are you?

Yukari spoke as she typed out her reply. "Me and Shiina had to go out to do somethings. We'll be back later."

Clicking send the other looked at her.

"Maybe you should ask him for help." Shiina said. "Those two Sekirei might have gotten help and I might not be able to fight them all off at once."

She thought about it for a second and Shiina had a point. "Fine, I'll tell him." But as she tried to call Minato her phone would not respond.

Shiina was correct that the others had gotten help. Kochou had hacked the phone company and discounted the cell phone. Since the other Sekirei were in the area looking for her they only needed to make sure she didn't get help from Minato.

"We'll we just have to make it on our own." Yukari shrugged.

Kuruse said, "I guess we should move out at night. If we had to move we do it at night to avoid being spotted."

So they decided to wait until night fall.

"It looks like she and Shiina had to do something. Maybe it's about school." Minato suggested checking the text he got.

They had talked about her going to college since she did get in to one.

Minato looked around at everyone talking, Kuu and Tsukiumi arguing, Musubi, Benitsubasa and Kazehana serving food. There were a few people missing like the twins who had an early shift at the restaurant they worked at, Haihane who was opening at the gym and Mutsu who didn't usually show up for breakfast until everyone else finished.

So since he himself planned on going for the entrance exam the next time around Minato went to his room to study for it. While cleaning Kazehana noticed that Katsuragi and Kuno watching television together.

"So I see you two are getting along?" Kazehana commented.

"Yes, we've settled things." Kuno told her. "We know he loves us both."

Kazehana smiled as she noticed the girls blush. She figured that they'd be okay.

"Where is Haruka now?"

"He's studying for the test." Katsuragi told her.

"Right he wants to get into Tokyo University like Minato." Kazehana smirked. "I think I'll go take Minato some tea."

Yukari waited with the Sekirei for night to come. Looking around she noticed some ratios of food but not much else.

"How did you guys get food if you're always hiding here?" Yukari asked.

"We sneak out at night and look for food." Himeko explained. "It's been getting more dangerous lately. I heard rumors that Ashikabi of the east is planning something and is desperate to recruit more Sekirei and Ashikabi."

Yukari worried knowing her brother and recently made that Ashikabi very angry. A feeling of dread entered her as she expected that her brother had gotten himself into trouble while she herself was in trouble.

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