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Chapter 26:

The day finally came to face their judgement. Minato got dressed in a nice suit as he let for the meeting. His Sekirei were there at the door to wish him luck. They all looked at him not knowing what to say, Matsu was the only one going with him. Tsukiumi and Kagari were the only ones missing, still afraid of a certain situations.

Before he left Minato turned to his gathered Sekirei, "I don't know what's going to happen but ..." He sighed. "I have something for all of you." He took out a bag from his room and it was filled with small gifts. "I have something for all of you. I've get them a while a go but thought it would be a good idea to give them to you know." They were all small trinkets and gifts for all of them. Musubi got a small heart shaped necklace, Kazehana got a ring with a purple gem, Kuu got a small necklace that has a green little crystal that matched her eyes, Yashima got a small bracelet and all his Sekirei got similar gifts.

"No matter what i wanted you guys to know how I felt." Minato smiled to them.

"We know." Musubi answered for the group as she happily looked at her necklace.

Minato sighed knowing that this was his chance to save them Seo took both of them to where the stock holder were to assemble. What worried Minato was that Seo took the time to wear a suit, it was old and messy but even Seo bothered to wear one. Minto couldn't help but think what his own mother would say if she were awake.

Meanwhile Kagari was in the hospital with next to Takami, he wanted to avoid Minato and felt of all places to be was in that hospital room. The other knew bad things could happen and were going to help empty the Inn in a hurry should the worst happen. Seo's men were there in the hospital for the Sekirei that had lost a fight and patients that might need to be moved. Kagari made it his mission to save her should he have to.

"I can't believe it is happening." Kagari was surprised to find Yukari entering the room.

"Oh, she's still not up." Kagari told her.

"Maybe it's for the best. I bet she would be ballistic is she found out the entire company of MBI was going to my idiot brother's hands."

"If you really thought so why didn't you step up."

Yukari shook her head. "I don't think it would work..." Yukari was pregnant and young so the second that would come she was sure the stock holders would use that as an excuse to take the company. "Minato is older it just makes more sense for him to take over. Besides as much as he messes up he does come through when he really needs to."

"Maybe your right." Kagari smiled back at the girl.

"Are you alright? You look a little different."

Kagari flinched at those words.

Meanwhile Tsukiumi was also the the hospital talking to a certain doctor. The water Sekirei hadn't expected her, "Old lady!"

Miyajima glared at her for a moment, "Tsukiumi. I was wondering when you would show yourself."

Normally she was brave but that woman scared her. The closes thing to she had to a mother was right in front of her.

"If there is something you want to tell me, you should say it now."

She did need some advice but didn't know how to say it.

"Is it about Minato?"

"My husband?"

She glared at her again. "Have you two officially married?"

"Well, no..."

"Then he is not your husband. He is your ashikabi though. He seems like a good one though. He's very protective over all of his Sekirei and seems to genuinely care for each and everyone of you. I can't believe that Minaka would have a son like that. Though I might actually be happy to hear that were to become your husband." The woman's harsh face softened a little.

"Would he really want me? After all this?"

"Why wouldn't he? You might have trouble expressing yourself but you are a lovely young woman. I raised you so I think I have every right to say so. Minato does seem a little dense so just make sure he knows that you care about."

The water Sekirei pondered those words. She knew what might happen if Minato didn't get MBI and she felt horrible for wasting all that time they could have been together.

Matsu and Minato arrived at the building, Matsu wore a a business suit with a skirt and Minato wore a black suit trying to look presentable. No one paid any attention to him and Minato preferred that, he knew the second they started paying attention to him things would change forever. They arrived in a large conference room with hundreds of stock holders. One the stage in front sat by a long table the people with the most stocks. A figure in a white suit spoke into the mike.

Higa Izumi had started off things, claiming that they had no head since Minaka died and with the second in command Takami being in coma left the company without any leaders. He also claimed that the person who was running things didn't have any real rights to be in charge of the company.

Izumi spoke to the crowd of stock holders, "I move to appoint myself in charge of MBI. Should you agree then I shall merge my own company and MBI, with our combined resources we should be able to strength the companies structure. MBI needs not only the influx of money and leadership which I both can provide."

There were murmurs amongst the the stockholders, they had all been worried about the state of the company after the explosion.

"MBI would like to make a statement." Matsu stood up. Izumi didn't hesitate to give her the floor as he didn't. "Your entire argument is based on the premise that MBI doesn't have proper leadership, that is not the case. MBI has recently been focusing it's efforts on medical technology along with more everyday technology, MBI computers alone are years ahead of other companies including your own. " Izumi tried not to glare at Matsu's comment. "Thought it's true that the company has had troubles after the explosion under new leadership the company continues to grow. "

"That still leaves the issue of leadership." Izumi pointed out. "We don't even know who is in charge or how they qualified to run a multi billion company."

"The company belongs to him." Matsu said calmly and silence fell across the large conference room.

"What does that mean?" Izumi couldn't help but ask what everyone else was thinking.

"He's Minaka's son and naturally after Minaka's death all his stock and controlling interest go to him."

"Even if that is the case the rest of the board and stock holders have any power together to take control from him. It doesn't mean that he does automatically control the company."

"Normally that would be true but he's also have the control over the stocks that belong to Takami Sahashi since she's incapacitated."

"What are you talking about?"

"According to her living will her controlling interest should something happen to her or should she become incapacitated her stocks go to her family. In this case her son, the son she had with Minaka. There were whole issues between the couple in the end Takami raised their children herself. Despite that he's still Minaka's son and it entitles him to his estate."

There were more murmurs amongst the people present.

"You'd need to present proof." Izumi told her.

The screen flashed with the test results flashed on the big screens and she handed him copies. "Besides MBI doctors testing their DNA another independent party confirmed the results."

Izumi was furious that this ruined his plans though he did everything to hide it. The stock holders were in agreements that the company was legally Minato's and they'd be hard pressed to over turn the votes he'd get from both his parent's stocks. Matsu pointed out that the work the company had been doing lately was good, it was actually her work but she gave credit to Minato. She'd said that Minato had been running the company behind the scenes as a means to protect himself from any other attack that took his father's life, that won a lot of sympathy. They needed approval from everyone and the had it put it up for a vote. In the end Minato was put in charge with 85% of the stock holders voting for him.

In the end Minato stood up in front of everyone and spoke, "I'm Minato Sahashi, both my parents founded this company. I might not be as smart as either one of them but I am certain that I can make them proud. I have learned a lot since my father died and I've learned a lot about their work. I am not in agreement with a lot of what they did but I do intend to take this company in a new direction. I am not able to say what this entails though we are going to focus more on medical technology than weapons." There was more murmurs about what that could mean to their bottom line. "Already we have started to make leaps in medicine and have discovered new treatments for many fatal disease. We've even come up with certain treatments that have shown great progress with treating with cancer. I hope that will be able to show more of the progress that we've made soon."

Minato's speech was met with applause if just for the money they could make off the treatments. Minato did hope he would be able to do some good from being president.

"I have to go but my new head of press relations will take any question you might have of some things we have in store." Minato smiled as he waved over to someone from off stage.

Chino Hidaka walked onto the stage wearing a smart business dress suit. She smiled brightly happy to work for not only a company that helped save her but to help such a kind person. Minato and her had stayed in touch and he offered her a job, he thought she was the perfect face for the new direction of the company.

It was a weight off his shoulders that it all went so well and Minato was greeted when he arrived at the Inn with cheers.

Haruka told him, "You've been all over the news. The stocks have already started to rise since the meeting. People like that the company has a face for all the works it's been doing and people already like you more than Minaka. Everyone thought he was a little crazy and unstable. Sorry about that."

A party broke out amongst the ashikabi and sekirei to celebrate the success and the fact that they still had a a place to live. They'd take a few days to make everything official but it looked like the worst was over. Minato had been tired off the whole experience headed for bed early what he didn't expect was to find Kagari there waiting for him.

"Kagari?" Minato asked.

"Hey." Kagari greeted him. "I wanted to say... thanks." He held a watch on his wrist. "It's a a nice watch you got me."

"No, problem you've helped me out and you're my Sekirei I wanted to get all of you something."

"That's very nice."

"No problem. I have been meaning to ask something." Minato said timidly. "I've noticed that you've been avoiding me lately. Did I do something to upset you?"

"No! Of course not." Kagari told him off. "It's been my own fault."


"I've been thinking about something, trying to sort some things out. I was talking to your sister today and it has made me more certain about something. You are a wonderful guy."

"Thanks?" Minato didn't know how to take that since guys never complimented him and until his Sekirei girls didn't either.

"I want you to kiss me."


"It's that...Kagari stumbled to find the right words. "I want to be with you. I trust you, I know that you'll change me physically... into a woman and I've come to terms with that but you'll keep my mind so I'm alright."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm ready to be with you, in every way."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Kagari said leaning in and then bridged the gap between them and kissed.

A heat spread between them and wings like fire jumped out of Kagari's back. The heat became too much and Kagari had to pull away and flames climbed over his body. Suddenly engulfed in flames and then suddenly not, the flames vanished leaving the Sekirei dazed and most of her clothes mostly burned off which made it easier to tell that she was now a woman. Her frame was slender but she had definitive curves, her hair was short and silvery and though her bust wasn't as big as some of the other sekirei's it was rather big for her size. Kagari wrapped her arms around her.

"So yeah."

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine. I feel fine." And Kagari kissed him again and pushed him onto his bed.

"Kagari! Do you really want to do this right now?!"

"Yes! You have no idea how pent up I've been for a while. I want this, I want to be with you... do you?"

"I mean... yes. You're gorgeous and I've had some feeling about you that are easier to figure out that your not a guy but after you just changed... do you really want to so soon?"

"Damn, you're cute." Kagari smiled at him before she pulled off the remains of her burned up clothing and then proceeded to take off Minato's clothes. There were some awkward moments as Kagari got used to her new body. What would have made it more awkward if they knew at that moment they were being watch by Matsu through one of her hidden cameras. Matsu was blushing red and her glasses had fogged up as she watched one of the many screen in her room watching the feed.

"I need to record this." Matsu told herself.

Matsu particularly enjoyed the fact that they both still thought like men and there was subtle fight for dominance between the fire Sekirei and Minato. Okay, it wasn't subtle at one point Kagari told Minato that she wanted to be on top. While watching Matsu started to come up with hot jokes for the following morning.

Speaking of that morning it arrived like most morning do. The others were around the table, well most of them some were still hung over after the previous night's celebrations. Minato arrived at the table and tired from last night Kagari showed up wearing a large shirt and not noticing the fact.

"Oh, some looks rather indecent." Kazehana pointed out.

"What?" Kagari noticed she was only wearing a large shirt that belonged to Minato.

Haihane only pointed out, "So we're only going to talk about that and not the fact she used to be a he?"

"Or what they did last night?!" Matsu shouted pulling out a notepad. "I have a whole lot of things to say about that!" Suddenly there was a snap of fingers and that notepad burst into flames.

Matsu poured her tea over it to turn off the flames.

"So what do we call you?" Musubi said in her innocent fashion. "Homura was a very manly name and you're not a man anymore."

"Uh, I've been thinking." Kagari said. "Just call me Kagari. I like that name and I think it suits me."

"Kagari it is." Yomi said, "So who wants to watch the video that Matsu has off your first time again?"

Before the day ended Kagari set fire to a lot of things that Matsu owned.

Meanwhile in the hospital Shiina and Mutsu continued to pace outside of Yukari's room. Yukari had refused to leave the hospital and they had started to worry.

Yukari opened the doors, "Can you two come in?"

They did as they were told. "Is something wrong?" Shiina said a slight panic in his voice.

"It's just hard to say." Yukari tried to explain.

"We will assist you." Mutsu said trying to assure her. "We are your sekirei, you are ashikabi. We are bound together forever nothing will change that."

"I'm glad to hear that." Yukari took a deep breath. "I've got some news, some odd news, it looks like I'm pregnant with twins and you both are the fathers."

That news hit like a ton of break and the room went silent, it would take them a half an hour for that to sink in and then another twenty minutes for Yukari to explain it all. In the end the guys were shocked, scared and a little elated just like all men when they hear they're going to be fathers.

Still things were to happen and plans were put into motion. As Minato got things ready he offered some jobs in MBI to the other Ashikabi as everything went into action. The MBI was about to be open soon and he'd have an office in the top. It was tiring but part of Minato liked the work that he was to do. He went to work and he found Tsukiumi waiting for him wearing a tan trench coat. Honestly at this point he should expect this but he didn't. The water sekirei was looking at a blue ring that she was given from Minato before she turned to him.


"Minato." The water Sekirei spoke. "I have been neglecting my duties as your one true wife. I let my fear take over my heart something that belongs only to you. I am ready to be with you whole heartily, body and heart."

Tsukiumi took off the coat to reveal she was wearing silky blue lingerie. The bra held her breast up, her blue panties hugged her hips, and the blue garter belt kept up her stockings.

"I bought this for you some time ago." Tsukiumi said a light blush spreading across her face.

"It's... great." Minato finally said before stepping closer and wrapping his arms around her. He kissed her lips and with a bright glow of her wings filled the room. It took her a moment but Tsukiumi relaxed in his arms returning the kiss.

"I think... we should consummate our marriage now." Tsukiumi told him shyly.

"I love you..." Minato whispered. "my wife."

Tsukiumi smiled, "I love you too."

Minato smiled at her before resting her on the bed. Slowly and playfully he took off his clothes before he took of his.

Despite everything Tsukiumi was overjoyed to be with Minato. As they held her she felt waves of pleasure wash over her again and again. She didn't even mind that she had share him, for everything he learned with the other Sekirei was now being used to make her happy. Minato found out the Tsukiumi was shy but in bed she was actually a tiger and didn't let him sleep on their first night together. Tsukiumi was just happy to be with him and for that night she felt like he was only hers.

The next day Minato had to go to MBI to fill out some work but for the most part it was an easy day, the president didn't really have to do much and Matsu did a good chunk of it before anyone had a chance to give the work to him. Minato continued to spend his days with his Sekirei. He found that most of them were getting more affectionate through the day, it left him tired. Kazehana was still as eager to try making a baby and Yomi and Matsu were just eager. He enjoyed spending time with Kuu who being so young and innocent had no desires like the older women did. Though Matsu had told him that his connection with his Sekirei would likely slow down his aging and Kuu would catch up with him and Kuu still told him she wanted to be his wife too.

Minato decided not to think about it.

After a long day Minato crawled into bed by himself hopping to sleep, it seemed that along the way his Sekirei lost track of the schedule they made up.

Minato fell asleep easily and since it was a warm night he slept without clothes as he lay under the blanket. He must have been asleep for an hour when he felt someone crawl into bed with him.

"Huh?" He muttered as he tried to wake up. He pulled off the blankets to see of all people Miya next to him, naked too boot.

"Miya!" He shouted to be silence by her putting a single finger lightly on his lips.

"Minato." She smiled at him brightly even in the dark room.

"What's going on?"

Miya leaned in close and pressed her lips to his, her lips felt hot and inviting. A bright light shown from behind her filling the room with warmth. Miya pulled away and with a smile spoke, "My ashikabi."

"What? Miya are you a Sekirei?"

"No, and yes. I am much more than a mere Sekirei. I'm more than that but we have time to explain that later. You are the second man I've fallen in love with but you're my only ashikabi."

"Miya..." Minato said not sure what was happening.

"There is a lot to tell you but that can wait until tomorrow." Miya leaned in and kissed him again pushing him onto the bed. Minato could could feel the emotion waving off Miya and couldn't deny her love.

While the other sekirei slept they all started to dream of the love the shared with Minato and the good times they shared.

Elsewhere Izumi started to plan against Minato and the other for one final plan. Little did anyone know the the new Game Master was watching a screen with Miya's picture on it and the information that Miya was winged.

"Finally." She spoke to herself.

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