I decided that with how my life is now? I simply wont be able to finish this story as much as I may like to. And I never wrote down my ideas in the first place, so they have been slowly fading, as has my inspiration.

However I felt to leave the story, and my stories in general completely unresolved would be wrong. So I will be posting this final chapter that would go into how the story would have unfolded. The character development arcs, and where everyone was going to go in the story, and what was going to happen.

And I plan to hopefully do it in a way where despite it not being a full story? You will enjoy it's final chapter.

So now I will write this as if I were to go back to the story.



I'd scrap the last couple chapters. Kagura was supposed to be dark but at the same time powerful. The almost stereotypical character that had nothing and came to power and it corrupted her.

I felt that I didn't adequately show that and introduce her, and as such I built the arc little by little by little, with minimal pay off.

The arc was going to really showcase Jin as a character as well as Miyuki's introduction to the storyline. And Miyuki was going to be used more as Naruto's protector during this arc once he loses consciousness. This would be when Jin is running off looking for his Mother.

The arc was also going to showcase Rika. What ended up happening sadly is that I was losing interest and I wanted to rush the story. And I didn't really give Rika her justice in particular.

What happens to Rika is that her helicopter with Tajima only has fuel for a one way trip, a fact that he chooses to not tell Rika because he deep down just wants her to be happy. It becomes quite evident that Tajima and Rika's relationship is both a partnership, but also a bit of unrequited love.

They end up over the city, and Tajima reveals their fuel problem and Rika freaks. She never would have gone along with this plan if she had known. Just because she cares about Shizuka doesn't mean she didn't care about Tajima's well being.

Tajima laughs it off as Rika scrambles to get the lone parachute prepped to try and take them both. However Tajima says that he will just hook onto her, and for her to get it on because they are pressed on time.

Well needless to say, the moment comes where Tajima needs to hook onto Rika. He instead kisses her forehead acting like he is moving closer to attach himself before he pushes her out of the helicopter.

Rika crash lands into a fence on top of a building, while the helicopter crashes down to the city floor below, but it actually doesn't have the immediate explosion on impact of the casual tragic story.

Instead it crashes down and Rika rushes to the destruction through herds upon herds of zombies rushing around to the noise. Yet upon arrival, she merely sees him dead, impaled on a piece of metal.

I wanted it to feel real, and cold, and not very easy. There wasn't a dramatic explosion. It didn't explode on impact, nor did she run to the fallen helicopter only for it to explode when she if 10 feet from it, flinging her backwards.

Hes just dead. And as she removes his gun from the helicopter, he starts to turn in front of her, where she ends him with his own knife, before being forced to flee from the incoming zombie flood.

That was going to be Rika's initial arc. And when you finally see her and Naruto inevitably standing off from each other, for the first time in this story you would get to see two soldiers. Soldiers that had both lost a lot, with no guarantee of anything good happening in the future for either of them.

Those are some things I really wish I slowed down to showcase in this arc. I felt I showcased Jin well enough, but fell short in other areas.



So the story carries on to this point here with Saeko, and Naruto returning to the group with Kyuubi.

Originally I didn't plan for Naruto to get his powers back so soon. I was planning for them to return little by little over time. Or for him to only be able to use his powers in short bursts.

His relationship with Kyuubi is very much loving but also toxic and antagonistic. They grew up hating each other, and not really respecting each other. Yet they both realized with time that they were stuck together, and that neither of their ideals or methods were foolproof. And they both changed over time to accommodate one another. And that relationship grew into a silent loving relationship, but one that would always be antagonistic first and foremost.

So with Naruto's powers. Naruto returns to the group, and is the closest thing to a god that they really have in the world.

And Rin's heart is immediately warmed at his return. But then she realized that with his return, and his return of his powers that he couldn't stick around for that long.

And with that thought in mind, Naruto takes off after Saeko.

(On a side note, I was going to make the world so that he couldn't simply make clones for whatever reasons in the world.)

Saeko in this meantime has been running away from a flood of zombies. And I wanted my zombies in this story to still feel like zombies. I didn't want to go the cliche route of tanks and abominations running around. That isn't what I wanted. Just zombies. However that doesn't mean you can't make zombies unique in some way.

This one happened to have a radio wrapped around him, and he was actually deaf, but he could see. This is how he was able to follow Saeko indefinitely over countless miles.

Saeko as you saw gets injured and eventually gets herself backed into a corner where it becomes do or die for her. And then, shortly after, Naruto shows up.

I was then going to make Naruto's chakra fizzle out a bit forcing them to retire in the small dojo or whatever for the night much like canon. I felt it brought a lot to the character of Saeko, and without it she is rather dull.

Yet I mentioned I was reworking Saeko from the ground up correct?

Saeko was never very friendly with Naruto, I am sure you can see that. She frankly didn't see him as that great of a leader in contrast to someone compassionate like Takashi. Two very different forms of being a leader.

Yet as Naruto is fixing her injury, they are forced to bear each other's company. She questions how he was able to do "Those things" which is equivalent to how he took out the zombies with use of wind chakra that immediately diced them all into sushi without even touching them.

Naruto reveals his past, because there is no reason to hide it at this point. He has his powers back. And Kyuubi is at his side. He feels that the things that could oppose him at this point in the world went from the unknown to effectively none overnight.

You get into Saeko's past here. Saeko reveals more about this "Brother" that she spoke of earlier to Takashi. How he was powerful. That she had never seen anything move like him until Naruto came along. Even her former boyfriend/lover couldn't do such a thing.

In question to the lover, she explains further how the relationship was.

She grew up with her brother. Loving, protective, caring, and strong. He was always looking out for her without fail. He loved her. And with their mother completely out of the picture, their father was an overbearing parent. Forcing his son to take on martial arts much like he had, and his father before him. Saeko's brother excelled, triumphed even. For some reason his skills were seemingly unparalleled by anyone.

He went across the country beating martial arts competition after competition. If you want an idea to this character concept? You can think almost like Sagat from Street Fighter. A full on prodigy, and he wasn't even in highschool.

Time carries on and he enters High School. Quickly joins all three martial arts clubs in the school. Sword, Spear, and hand to hand combat. In his first year, with his already large skillset he becomes the forefront leader of all martial arts in their school. Taking up the mantle in effectively every club. However he is only the "Head" of the swordsmanship club.

Saeko arrives at the school X amount of years later and joins the kendo club herself, cast into her brother's shadow. A boy her age whom joined the hand to hand club however takes an interest in her, and they quickly begin dating. His drive and ambition to become strong, stronger than even her brother drew her to him, when her brother was outright ignoring her.

It is only once she begins dating that the relationships in her life begin to get very blurred. Their father at this point is out of the picture, and it is only them.

Saeko's brother's love for his sister has grown almost possessively. It is almost like he was slowly being driven insane, and Saeko dating his friendly rival in the hand to hand club, the straw that broke the camels back.

It becomes evident in Saeko's story that her brother was romantically attracted to her, and not in the brother sister sense in the slightest.

Yet Saeko... didn't care.

(I always felt that Saeko was the slightest bit off, and I wanted that to show even in her past.)

Her boyfriend finds out about this betrayal and is disgusted and angered at this. His rival who he could never beat (Much like a relationship between canon Naruto and Sasuke) moved in on his own sister. He took this as a personal attack more so than their romance being about Saeko's brother's feelings.

Saeko's boyfriend ends up sleeping with Saeko's brother's girlfriend. (Sorry if the titles are causing a headache, I never really thought up names for my characters. I kinda do that on the spot.) And then he trains, and trains, and trains.

Meanwhile Saeko's brother falls ill.

Saeko and her ex-boyfriend come to reconcile in some ways, evident that they still love each other. Yet there is also the underlying statement that they both know things can never be the same.

Eventually the schools competition comes up, and both her boyfriend and her brother are the finalists, and truthfully the match everyone has been waiting to see.

They battle it out, and it is shown how much Saeko's boyfriend has grown. He is no longer the underdog he used to be. While her brother may be ill? Right now they stand as equals in battle.

Yet their fight gets out of hand. Saeko's boyfriend ends up killing her brother.

She cuts the story off here, allowing Naruto, and more importantly you, see her completely bare. She revealed a truth that she buried away, and a reality that was hidden from all of the other students that they are running around with.

She then states that she shared a lot about herself, and prompts Naruto to share something about himself, as they have all night.

I won't' go into this in full. However you are allowed to take a look at another flashback during the war. Originally I intended for this to be a flashback between him and Konan.

However with the more recent chapters, I would have it Naruto speaking with the former Hokages. And his own personal ideals, and how far he is willing to go in order to win the war putting everyone at odds and on edge. And to showcase how cold Naruto could be in his own world.

You are however brought back to reality with this lingering darkness, but also a sense of both Naruto and Saeko are similar in a way. They carry their darkness around with them. The difference is that Naruto has learned to live with it, and hasn't let it consume him. Where as Saeko constantly fights against it at every waking moment, and she slowly cracks because sometimes just her fighting isn't enough.

But with two people laid bare emotionally, they eventually choose to lay with each other (I would want to just say have sex, but that is blunt and tacky.)

That concludes essentially Naruto's time with Saeko. You get to see a very different Saeko. A damaged Saeko that hides behind layers like an onion so that people can't truly see how fucked up she really is, and the fucked up choices she has made and gotten into at a spur of a moment. An underlying theme in this is that she isn't quite sure if sleeping with Naruto was just another one of those moments, or something more to her.



So now we are brought to the mansion. There were probably going to be a couple scenes of everyone settling in while Naruto is away. A brief interrogation/introduction to Kyuubi with the group, as well as a mini reunion with Rika and Shizuka. But overall most of the stuff is put on hold until Naruto returns.

Now here is the kicker.


In the series, It takes them what 2 days or so to reach Saya's house? Well it was considerably longer for their group this time.

The arrival at the mansion is much more somber than in the actual series. It was overrun. The water plants have been shut down. The group was forced to clear the mansion in order to stay there, but not without the emotional turmoil.

With the sense of safety that the mansion brought, and the fact that it is gone, it allows me to continue to build the tension, and the characters never really get a true sense of rest (Ex such as the shower scene in canon, or the bathing between Naruto and Rei.)

Anyways the characters that really get focused on in this part of the story are both Saya and Kohta. However the underlying tones of this part of the story would be the growing frustrations between the members of the group, and the silent thoughts of splitting up.

I will be honest, I hadn't fully planned out Saya's character arch here at this point. I was more so going to wing it because I had a general idea of where I wanted to take Saya. If we are all completely honest? Saya's character is pretty much a carbon copy of Sakura minus the boobs and glasses.

A book worm genius character that belittles her teammate in order to make herself seem superior and feel better. Yet the truth in the matter is that when it comes down to the wire in the heat of battle, those that she belittles often surpass her and perform better.

Saya has a really hard time adjusting to the world, and this only becomes further profound upon having to bury the corpses of her parents upon arriving at her family home. Yet the true killer that really makes scenario hard for her to swallow is she watches the security footage in the mansion from various cameras on how her parents ended up dying.

The fact that they are dead hurt her. But the fact that she ended up watching them only served to make the wound deeper.

Yet her attitude with everyone thus far in the story has essentially alienated herself from the rest of the group with the exception of Takashi, whom she turns to for comfort.

Yet Takashi denies her, because the star crossed lovers scenario has returned full force with the members amongst the group.

Takashi is now reminded visibly that Rei has feelings for Naruto, as she takes to trying to spend more time with him now than ever.

Yet Jin's presence also serves to throw Rei emotionally for a loop, and their unresolved friendship/romance never truly came to fruition. And there is still a bit of tension between them because of Jin's feelings for her, even if he doesn't announce them.

Yuuki's mood sours at the introduction of Miyuki, an older girl. But it only further sours when Jin starts spending time with Miyuki more often than not. And the fact that she is no longer his "Go to" person. Yuuki starts to feel like a bit of an outcast, with the only person she can actually really even go to spend time with is Kohta.

Rei however is hurt. It is the only way I can really describe it. Ever get a crush on someone? But then you get to watch them run around with their boy or girlfriend, or talk about who they have a crush on? And then you are just left standing as if to say "I'm right here!"

Generally everyone has been in that stage at some point in their life. It isn't a fun feeling. And the reality is that not everyone can always get what they want.

Rei gets this reminded to her full force with Naruto's return. Naruto returns to the party, but he isn't the Naruto that would spend time with her, take baths with her, save her from rapists. The one that she had become truly intimate with. He now had others on his plate. Kyuubi. Ayane who he also saved. The larger group.

And Saeko. The one that hurts the most is Saeko. The fact that her disappearance seemingly allowed for her to sweep in on Naruto. And it is blatantly obvious by how they used to act, and how they act around each other by the time they reach the mansion that their relationship changed. And this hurts Rei a lot more than she realized. She realizes that she cared a lot more about Naruto then she let on.

Speaking of Ayane. You still don't learn much about her yet. Truth be told, she is supposed to be a rather mysterious character for the majority of the story. You get to see her become closer to Naruto during their stay at the mansion, but that is really all that happens.

The only thing of note about her is that Ino's spirit/ghost (I am not sure if I showcased this in the story already or not) says that there is something off about Ayane.

(On the off chance you haven't caught the idea of Ino's ghost/spirit? There was literally a one line hint in the story earlier where Team 10 goes after Kisame in the war, and Ino reveals that she missed her mind transfer and her soul clings to the greatest abundance of chakra in order to sustain her, which happens to be Naruto.)

You don't really learn much about Saito here.

Shido is on the mend.

Nana (Raped girl) is on the emotional mend.

The girl who worships Shido, I don't even know if I gave her a name or even used it in the story. I think I always referred to her as the dark haired girl. Well, she doesn't matter. I'll just be blunt. She was going to die. I just don't know when.

Anyways carrying on to Kohta. I had this plot idea thought out well before I even knew about The Walking Dead lol... So I think you will see some similarities here.

Kohta cuts himself off from the group and is forcing himself to come to terms with the fact that it seems he will always come in second place to all of the other guys in their group. Particularly in regards to Takashi and Saya. A fact that is killing him inside, because he has a huge crush on the pink haired genius.

But he doesn't want to confront anyone, Kohta isn't a confrontational person. So instead he buries himself in work, and his thoughts, away from the group. Discovering the Humvee. Some spare weapons. Even the mansion's security systems.

And as such, Takashi can't really see Kohta's emotions, and continues to try and continue what was formerly a rather good friendship.

It is this cross that is difficult for the chubby boy to process. You get to see his damage, and the weight that he was formerly considering shooting Takashi is really eating him up.

However in this train of thought, he is left as the last person awake in the mansion after staying there for a few days to try and rest. He looks over the security footage.

Saya's family wasn't just killed by zombies. They were murdered by people using zombies in the night.

A scream rips through the compound as the mansion is attacked, and flooded once again with zombies.

I could go in depth on the whole conflict, but there would be little purpose in that when I am just streaming my thoughts of how the story would plan out.

So Naruto saves Rei, Ayame, Saeko, Miyuki, Jin, and Rika as if he was picking people to saved based on how much he cares about them/spent time with them. Although he doesn't realize it.

The events leave both Saito and Shido's play thing bitten. The later of them dying instantly. Saito however serves as the groups first true death where they had actually gotten quite close to a member of the group.

(Note: Saito actually had his own little arc idea where he was going to stay behind at Saya's house in an effort to use their resources to try and seek help. But I decided against it.)

They fend off the attack, but the mansion is no longer for them to stay in. Burying their bodies beside Saya's parents, they press on.



(Now I realize one of the unspoken questions above here about people actually being bitten is why Naruto couldn't save them all with his powers? Why couldn't Kyuubi help? Well Kyuubi doesn't want to help these people, like Naruto feels obligated to. I mentioned above that their relationship is antagonistic. Well sometimes Kyuubi opposes Naruto just to oppose him. Kyuubi feels that they have greater things that they should be trying to do than babysitting and delivering Ayane to her parents.)

Anyways The story is about a third done, perhaps half way if I wanted to cut it short at this point. Now at this point the chapter layouts will change from more character focused as you have seen in the past. (EX: Naruto and Rei split from the group, or Naruto Saeko, Naruto Jin, Takashi Yuuki, etc etc etc)

They instead will change more to what I consider like a TV series. Most TV series episodes have a focus/goal of the episode that gets done by the end of the episode, and has the most attention. Yet as a side note, pretty much every character is put in the spotlight briefly so everyone's story continues to carry on.

So now that the group is fully together. Some of the events that happened by now have brought the group together and allowed them to gel, despite there being the few internal issues amongst them.

Now off to the shopping mall they go!

This is really the second time where everyone gets to relax and have their fun in the series. I felt there was a lot of potential for fun in this part of the story that was really not touched upon.

However amidst the fun, this is also the arc where Shido really starts to showcase his true self. And with no "Sidekick" there to keep him relatively evened out? He starts to roam around unchecked.

So I could go in depth with all of the various characters and how they develop here. But just know that

Naruto and Rika begin to bond as being the only two soldiers in the group. His rough around the edges approach to things, and more violent nature has set people on edge around him with the exception of Jin/Rei/Ayane/Miyuki.

Rei confronts Naruto about her feelings and demands the truth from him about what happened with him and Saeko, because she can sense that there is more that they aren't letting on.

Similarly Yuuki confronts Jin about his feelings for Rei, and why he has just been ignoring her. And particularly why he keeps hanging around "That Miyuki girl".

Kohta continues to fall from the deeper end little by little as he continues to see Saya pay him absolutely no mind, and follow Takashi without fail when he continues to ignore her.

Naruto begins to not directly speak with Alice, but he is in general curious about her whereabouts and her safety. His conversations about it are mainly with Shizuka. Other than that you don't really see Alice at all.

Naruto has a closed door conversation with Ayane where he is asking for "the truth" from her. You don't see the conversation, you just know that they have it.

During this time of their conversation. Nana is stabbed, and murdered with a kunai knife where she was sleeping in her room.

You will notice that throughout the entire story, I have never let Naruto leave any of his weapons lying around.

The group thinks Naruto killed the girl for this reason, and that he has fallen off the deep end. How else would she be killed? Someone steal from Naruto? That is damn unlikely.

Immediately the group is turned on it's head and their vacation is over.

"Of course Ayane would lie for you about where you were."

"How else would she be killed by that weapon."

Questions that no one can effectively answer. Except Naruto who has his own sinking suspicion.

Naruto allows himself to be "locked up" by the group in one of the stores, behind a gate. Although there is a silent consensus between everyone that they all know Naruto is merely cooperating, and if he wanted to leave, he would.

Rei not believing Naruto's guilt turns to Jin for help, as he is the only one who has really spent as much time with Naruto as she has. Jin, just happy to be in Rei's company agrees to help out, particularly because he knows Naruto is innocent.

Yet when Rei begins to spin and twist the conversation believing that the murder was perhaps committed by Miyuki, as she was the only one ever around Naruto when he was unconscious? The group begins to almost rally their pitchforks against her.

Rika, Naruto, and Jin begin to take the brunt of the blame for bringing a murderer into their group.

They believe they have it all figured out, and they release Naruto putting Miyuki in "jail" instead.

It is now that Naruto wanders up to where Shido is staying in the shopping center. And at the end of the chapter they have the big "Case Closed" reveal. Ideally this would have fooled most of the readers I hope.

Naruto commends Shido. "That was very clever, using my own weapon to make it look as if I committed murder. You being at the forefront of this investigation, putting you into a better light with the group. Yet now we have an innocent girl sitting down in a jail cell while you remain up here... looking down on everybody else."

Shido tenses up realizing his situation in proximity to Naruto.

"It is a shame that Miyuki did such a thing. Nana was a nice girl. In my hindsight, I wish I could have helped her more than what I did." Shido tries to play the dramatic and helpful teacher.

Naruto smirks, "Always an actor through and through. You may have everyone else fooled, but I know the truth."

Shido pales slightly.

"It took me a long time thinking when I was locked away. When did I ever give a kunai to anyone? When could anyone have possibly taken one. The only option was Miyuki. Yet while that girl has a fire in her, there is no way that she could have possibly done such a thing as kill a young girl. But then I had that thought..."

"There was one time I carelessly left a kunai behind. The first moment we got off that bus... I seem to recall that you were the last person off the bus Shido..."

Shido realizes he has been caught and it is unlikely he will get in the groups good graces with Naruto around, "Fine, you caught me. But you'll never be able to prove it."

"Who said anything about proof?"

Naruto takes Shido, picks him up, and throws him off the balcony to everyone else below. Everyone looks up and sees Naruto, not trying to hide from the murder in the slightest.

The unspoken thought for the collective group now without Shido/Naruto to reveal the truth is

"Is Naruto really the murderer?"



The story picks up with a time skip, about a week. You don't really know what is going on. Naruto has left the group despite Rei begging for him to stay. Those that followed him were Ayane with no surprise. And then Yuuki, with much surprise. Stating that "No one here gives a shit about me anymore." a comment directed towards Jin.

Takashi takes point of the main group once again, aimed towards following the canon path to Rei's parents/His parents. They leave a week after Naruto's group has been on the road.

During Naruto's travels you see them encounter Yuuki's older sister. A cold older sister that was in gangs, a bit abusive, and was a pretty bad example. She ended up getting Yuuki into boosting cars, and theft among other things. It is how Yuuki is always at the forefront of the vehicle repairs.

More of their past unveils as the chapters go on depicting their week split from the group.

Yuuki lost her virginity to her older sister's boyfriend. Their relationship has been strained and difficult ever since.

Ino becomes more of a prevalent force and guide through the world while Naruto is split from the group. Her insight proving to be invaluable, but also seemingly... too knowledgeable for her own good.

Ayane also begins to speak more as you get closer and closer to her family home.

The focus on Naruto however goes dark the moment Naruto enters their family home and is introduced to her father from across the room. All Naruto says is.




A rather standard close to canon plot begins to unfold with Takashi's group.

The main thing that is really happening with the plot in Takashi's group is that Kohta starts to oppose Takashi's leadership much more regularly. He becomes less patient with Kohta.

Saya criticizes Takashi for not trying to assert his leadership over Kohta in private, which in turn causes him to blow up at her and revealing the truth to her.

"You want to know why he is acting like this? He fucking loves you and you don't give a shit. You don't pay attention to him at all. All you do is insult him. Do you think we could have survived this without him? I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am to him."

This arc with Takashi and Kohta leads up to an encounter between the two, where Kohta is prepared to kill Takashi.

Saya tries to talk some sense into Kohta in his final moments. But her attention to him, it is too little too late.

The group is forced to watch on when they believe Kohta is going to kill Takashi.

"What is so special about you?" Kohta wonders aloud. But then he takes a look at Takashi, and where he is standing. The entire group on the sidelines prepared to step in, perhaps even take a bullet for him.

"I see..." Kohta mutters, before he flips the gun on himself.

Takashi however yells out, "Kohta don't! You can live and get through this!"

Kohta looks across the group, "For what?" and pulls the trigger, killing himself.


I always felt the highschool of the dead cast was really biased towards Takashi. But Misaki(Is that the cop's name?) she gave Kohta some sense of worth and balance that he seriously needed. So this is a take on what if he never really got that? What if he always felt second place, and unnecessary? Useless to the group and always in the shadows, not really wanting to live. Nothing had changed for him since school.

So he took his own life.


And now we are 2/3 done with the story. The mall being the really long arc that is used to fill in the character developmental holes and bring everyone together into a unit, as well as to deal with Shido.

So we pick off with "You..."

Naruto's world is destroyed and wrecked around him.

The chakra. The silvery hair of Ayane. It all makes sense now with the person standing before him.

It was Hidan. Hidan was Ayane's father.

And Now the climax of the story unfolds as the world you, the readers, have come to know crumbles down around you. Hidan's mere presence shatters any ideas Naruto formerly had.

Naruto from day one has always believed he was in a different world. And he instantly jumped to that conclusion, after all... why wouldn't he? The story is mainly shown through the first person view of Naruto and Takashi, with the occasional first person of other character's views on Naruto. Naruto thinks he is in a new world, so when I have been writing this story, it has always been about Naruto protecting this cast of characters while trying to make his way back to his home to help in the war.

The catch is...

Naruto never left his world like you are all lead to believe. He is simply in a very distant future where in his world, with his absence, Madara won. And Madara used his powers to make chakra virtually nonexistent in the new offspring around the world. The barest of bare minimums of chakra in order to survive.

Now hundreds of years into the future with Madara having achieved his goal of world domination? A world at peace through mind control? The world developed a level of peace.

However as you come to learn, peace never lasts forever.

The zombie virus(Hidan explains). All knowledge of chakra was wiped out thanks to the orange masked man. Then this zombie plague is let loose? Why?

Every single living thing even in modern day still has the faintest of faint bits of chakra in their system. If you were to compare Lee to the people of the modern day? Lee had Hokage size chakra coils.

However as generation of generations goes on with people breeding with poor chakra coils. The chakra diminishes and diminishes. However... aren't you supposed to die if your body runs out of chakra?

Well the nature of a world wide plague that prevented chakra coils from growing further passed infancy was made air born by Madara, and saturates the very air one breaths. So unless someone was born to shinobi parents, and then their coils essentially being forced to grow by someone channeling chakra through them? They would practically have no chakra system.

However this plague that was sent out made it so those people that "Die" due to chakra simply leaving their system before their bodies were logically supposed to give out(old age, or died in combat). They would turn into zombies.

The bite that Zombies do in order to infect people isn't really an infection. The bite is them trying to suck out any bit of chakra they can regain some of their own chakra in order for their bodies to subconsciously and turn back to normal.

However their chakra pathways are practically squeezed shut, so the method is just a one way street unless their coils were forced open somehow when they were younger. So essentially when a zombie bites you, it is simply inflicting a wound, and draining the chakra people have in their system that is needed to live. Then they too become zombies as consequence.

So that is the zombie virus in a nutshell in this world.

It is also revealed that Ino has obviously been lying to Naruto. She didn't cling onto Naruto's chakra system. She has been roaming the world for thousands of years as a ghost/spirit.

And she was trying to take over Naruto's body earlier in the story, in hopes that she could become whole again.

So this is the major twist in the story. Naruto has been wanting to go home this entire time, only to be revealed that there is no home to go back to.

Hidan reveals that Madara is still alive and hiding from the world.

Naruto puts it upon himself stating that he will go out and find Madara, but before he does that, he has to take care of some things. And he vanishes, a man now on a mission, with his duty to Ayane complete.

(I am grazing over everything that happens with Naruto and Hidan, and just hitting the main talking points.)

Takashi's group reaches the school where it is revealed Rei's mother as well as Takashi's mother, and Jin's mother have held themselves up inside. They have stayed their protecting the young children from the outside in a cafeteria. However they have started to run out of food, and there isn't much they can do.

Jin finally reunites with his mother, something that was a long time coming.

Alice displays use of chakra, and walks on the walls, shocking everyone.

Takashi, Rei, and Jin finally talk things over amongst themselves after finally receiving some parental guidance for the first time in the story. Albeit cliche, she reveals that at a time she really did love them both for different reasons, and she never wanted to cause a fight between the two. But those times have come to an end, and that she honestly cares about someone else now.

Takashi relents his feelings knowing that she cares about Naruto more than anyone else right now.

However this allows him to finally move on and talk to Saya about her own feelings for him.

Saeko and Rei finally have their own talk regarding Naruto, even though he is absent. There is no reason for the two of them to be at odds ends over someone. He truthfully never made a commitment to either of them. And they realize that, and hope he is okay out there wherever he is.

The school and it's poor defenses get broken into by zombies, flooding the halls and threatening everyone inside.

"Starts at a school, and ends at a school eh?" The group muse as they are locked in.

Takashi and both Jin choose to step up and try and protect everyone. No longer hostile with each other, but working together. However before Takashi leaves, Saya kisses him in hopes that it will give him luck and bring him back safe.

Similarly Saeko and Rei go out as well in their own hopes to defend the children.

Naruto arrives on the scene and is forced to choose between going after and saving Saeko and Rei, or Takashi and Jin.

He saves both Saeko and Rei, before rushing after Jin and Takashi.

However he isn't fast enough. Jin and Takashi were cornered.

Jin sacrifices his own life so that Takashi can live. "Look after my mom... and Rei for me. Tell them I love 'em. You're the one with someone to live for."

Naruto saves the remains of the group and fortifies their position while he mourns the closest thing to a friend he has had in this new world... no this future he has found himself in.



Rei and Naruto's relationship finally comes to the forefront as it has been building for the majority of the story. But they never really acted further on it.

They share a rather passionate kiss, but Naruto reveals that he needs to leave shortly after.

Rei can't believe it. That this person she has come to love can just so casually leave her behind, after he admits that he cares about her as well.

Rei turns away to hide her tears and goes back to the group saying, "I'm not going to beg... I may be the one walking away, but you're the one who's leaving, again..."



The final scene takes place a year later. Naruto has allied with Hidan and found Madara in the sky country flying village, flying in the bermuda triangle.

The Madara here is the old, ancient Madara you see Obito encounter, attached to a long cord barely keeping himself alive. A large circular hole in the ceiling that allows the moonlight to shine down into the room.

After a long exchange of words, Naruto demands that they fix things. The world that had advanced, but had also become ruined without the presence of chakra.

Ino and Kyuubi both make their presence known in this confrontation.

Hidan, Ino, Kyuubi, Naruto, and Madara. The last surviving remnants of the shinobi world.

Madara reveals that he agrees with Naruto, and that he had made a mistake. This was the world he never had intended to create. He never truly created peace. There was still wars, with or without chakra.

At least with chakra, the strength of a powerful man could change the world. The strength of his hard work. Later in history with the absence of chakra, the evil and corrupt ruled through birthright and wealth.

Yet he never had the power to individually change things. It would require too much chakra for him to change things.

To wrap it all up however. There was going to be two different endings to this story.

Ending one: Naruto and Madara have their final confrontation, and it is incredibly hostile. They wage war against each other, and destroy the sky country flying construct. Yet during their battle a moment comes where they stand on completely equal footing.

Kyuubi gives her own life to push Naruto over the edge, and help him defeat Madara once and for all. The result ends up sending Naruto tumbling through space and time once again.

And the parralell here that I really wanted to show was that this would be the introduction to any other crossover story I chose to do next. And much like when Master Chief gets stranded in space on the Forward Unto Dawn. His final words before Cryo sleep were "Wake me when you need me."

And as such, that would be Naruto's fate. And now you know where the title was inspired from.

Ending two: Madara and Naruto use their Rinnegan and link up with the rest of the world in hopes to revive everyone who had fallen to this zombie attack. And Kyuubi, Hidan, and Ino use their chakra in order to help and make it happen. However they know that whether this succeeds or fails, it will kill them.

The sky is coated in light. And you are left wondering whether they succeed or not in their venture.

There may or may not be an epilogue that would allow Rei and the readers to question Naruto's fate, as she sees a blonde haired individual watching over her from the top of a hill. But she isn't quite sure if it was indeed Naruto, or if she was just seeing things at that point since he had left her.

Either way, it really changes nothing to the ending besides allowing you to wonder a bit more about the success of their plan.



Anyways I intended for the first crossover ending to actually be the canon ending. The second ending more so developed to be a close to their story individually.

So I know it isn't the full story. However I realistically just didn't have the time to write out the full story, and I didn't want to leave you all hanging. I have been working on the story synopsis' for Consequences of an Honest Enemy and Freedom Has A Price as well. However those stories are significantly longer, so they are taking some time.

On a side note. If you were interested as to where Naruto was heading next, spiraling through the universe?

It was probably going to be Warcraft or Mass Effect. Possibly Avengers if I really wanted to change things up for my style of writing.

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed the ride. I know there are probably going to be questions. Truth be told, I wrote all of this out in one sitting without really thinking all that much about it. So there may be plot holes or ideas missing or not discussed. I accept that. And they would have been filled in the final story. So I encourage anyone with questions to just post them. If they are actually pretty good questions, I'll do a final edit to this chapter and add in the answers.

So again, I'm sorry for not being able to continue this. I hope that this final chapter at least allows you to appease your curiosity and allows you to enjoy what could have been, rather than just another story left unfinished on FF dot Net.