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Naruto sighed as he carried the sleeping girl in his arms up the side of an apartment building. He wasn't all that keen on the idea of actually going through the apartment complex while Rei was actually asleep and her current state of dress. So he opted for taking the ninja's way into an apartment.

Chances were given how scarce things were in the city, it would be pretty easy to find an empty apartment that was likely to be a bit sparse where the two of them could relax and get a night's rest. He would hope that it would be a good night's rest, but he figured that would be a bit much to ask for after the events that unfolded nearly an hour ago.

Naruto evened his breathing as he hefted himself onto a third story balcony of the apartment building he had stumbled upon. The glass door was open, but he highly doubted that meant any type of security risk. As far as he had seen, there were no such things as flying zombies. All he had to worry about was the potential for them to be in the room he was about to enter.

Naruto set Rei down gently outside on the balcony, before taking a large leap to just gain a moments vision of the roof of the apartment complex. After everything that happened that night, he wasn't about to lose his sleeping friend to something as random as a zombie walking off the side of a rooftop.

'Friend' Naruto thought over with a pause when he looked down to the blood stained brown haired girl. Since when had he ever started thinking of anyone in this world as a friend? Sure there were people he would protect, and had protected. He even had what he felt were his own personal obligations to people due to guilt and unspoken deals as well as various other things. However he never once really considered them friends.

Naruto looked down at the girl who despite the stressful night appeared to be sleeping rather peacefully. It was then that he realized why he thought of the girl as a friend. She had accepted him, and accepted him practically instantly without much of a second thought.

There was a time in his life that Naruto remembered vividly where he wished to be accepted. And how he dreamed to be acknowledge by those around him. How desperately he wished to have a friend while he was going through school.

And the fact that he had achieved such things so easily with Rei left an oddly warm feeling in his chest coupled with a sad emptiness. The warm feeling was obvious to him. He merely wished he could have shook the cold feeling that crept up in him and told him that he could have had a better life if he had ended up in this world sooner.

Naruto shook his head free of thoughts and stepped through the threshold of the apartment before slowly and quietly closing the glass door behind him. He hoped Rei wouldn't wake and start a panic, because Naruto knew he was only going to be gone for a couple moments.

And with that he was gone in a flash. The speed at which he was able to search room to room of the empty house would have been incredible to anyone that wasn't a shinobi. He barely needed to spend no more than five seconds in each room in order to effectively check the room high and low for any unwelcome guests.

He pushed aside the irony of the fact that he himself was likely an unwelcome guest.

It was quick, effective, and decisive. He had cleared the house in exactly twenty-seven seconds, and was opening the glass door with the house lights on within thirty seconds. He gently stepped inside with Rei scooped back up into his arms only to gently lay her on the couch.

He made his way through the house, taking a closer look at it now that he was sure it was safe. It was obvious that there had been quite the struggle in the house. There were tables and chairs flipped over in what could only be considered the living room. Kitchen knives half way drawn out as if someone was deciding upon choosing that as a weapon, before finding something else. Even the sink's cold tap was slowly running. However he doubted the apartment owners would care. He frankly doubted the apartment owners were alive.

He moved his way into the bathroom, and prepared a hot shower before moving into the bedroom and giving it a once over glance. He had the slightest smile of appreciation at the former owners of the house. They kept their room clean at least, even the bed was made, and tidy.

Naruto had the sick cold but slightly amusing thought flash through his mind of the idea of there instead being a resident maid, and in the process of making the bed she was attacked by zombies. She ended up scrambling into the living room, crashing over furniture only to get into the kitchen and searching for a weapon. The idea that she found the knife rack, but instead opted for hitting the creature with the next closest thing... such as a cooking pot before killing it. She then proceeded to carry the body out of the back door, and dumping it off of the balcony and leaving the apartment not bothering to close the glass sliding balcony door.

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest as he played over the scene in his head in amusement. But the amusing scene for the trained shinobi died at the realization of the lack of blood in the apartment. No, the people that lived here were probably simply evacuees.

Naruto moved back into the living from and silently grabbed the fallen tables and chairs, and proceeded to barricade the door, another thing he felt slightly ironic given his barricading is for failure's speech he gave earlier in the day. However he shook his head clear of his thoughts confirming that he knew what he was doing.

He was a ninja, Rei knew he was a ninja. There was nothing to hide. If he needed to make an escape, he would simply take her and jump off the balcony. Or alternatively jump on to the roof. He still had plenty of escape routes despite barricading the only plausible zombie entrance.

He then moved back into the bedroom, and reached into his ninja tool bag pulling out his trusted sealing scroll. Standard Anbu issue. Compact, sleek, ten feet. He unrolled it a perfect two and a half feet before resting eyes on the neatly scrawled seal of just what he needed. He reached down to the scroll with two fingers and gently channeled a tiny bit of chakra before the universal sound of sealing scrolls popped in his ears. With a tiny bit of smoky wisps of chakra, before him laid out was a smaller female uniform used by Anbu division. More specifically, Uzuki Yugao's uniform. She had long since told him that he was going to be carrying one of her back up uniforms in case that hers ever got torched, she wouldn't be walking around naked, or in civilian clothes which in her opinion she deemed to be considerably worse than prancing around naked.

Naruto absent mindedly ran a finger over the clothes before he came to the chest area and sweat dropped a little. 'Rei may have to make a tight fit...' he thought to himself in a bit of amusement. The crazed guy at the gas station was hitting the nail on the head every time he described Rei. It was just the circumstances that made it so damn unflattering.

Naruto sighed as he removed his hands from the ANBU uniform. 'She'll have to make do.' He thought to himself. It was rare for shinobi to have... assets such as Rei. The few that did were often forced to wrap their chests in bandages quite tightly in order for them to not interfere in combat. That or they simply favored long ranged combat such as Yuhi Kurenai, so it didn't matter as much. There was only one Tsunade Senju in the world. And he highly doubted there would ever be another in a long time.

And with that fleeting thought he made his way back to where he had laid Rei down before he scooped her back up into his arms. He smiled lightly at the way she curled up into him. But that fleeting thought passed as he walked her into the bathroom with the now hot running shower.

Naruto frowned as he absent mindedly wondered what he should do with the girl in his arms. Should he wake her, and let her do it herself? Should he just set her in the tub and wash her himself? Should he set her in the tub and wait. Should he undress her and proceed? There were so many questions floating through Naruto's head.

Truth be told entering ANBU at a young age really changed his outlook on things that he felt were rather trivial such as modesty. The ANBU showers were coed. And sometimes after hard missions, some of the members would even partake in their own form of stress relief in the showers. It just really became hard to care after awhile. Entering ANBU is akin to reaching the peak of your shinobi career. Very few move past that position such as Hatake Kakshi, or the Hokage's. It is there that one realizes that they entire body is a tool that can and most likely at some point will be used for killing.

The showers just turned into some awkward form of bonding moment where comrades could go after a mission and relax, not as men and women ogling the fairer sex. But comrades and soldiers relaxing in a rather relaxing environment. It was akin to the hot springs, with the exception of the peeping toms and perverted teenagers during the coed times of year.

However it was through these means that Naruto felt cross as to what to do. He never experienced anything remotely similar to civilian dating, or even standard shinobi dating. ANBU tended to date inside of their branch, as it often allowed the couple to be sure of secure secrecy with one another. And he highly doubted seeing civilians naked was the same as the stress relief situation it was for ANBU.

Naruto frowned intensified. 'Perhaps I should just go for it before the water grows cold...' he thought to himself.

He moved in closer before aiming the shower directly down the drain before setting her down at the back of the tub. He quickly stripped his shirt so he wouldn't be dealing with having to run around completely wet the next day before he reached up and grabbed the detachable shower handle.

Naruto sighed as he lightly ran the hot water over the girl's feet at first. It wasn't scalding hot by any means, it was simple shower water, and he was sure he could pour it over her head just fine if it weren't for the fact that they had been outside in the cold all night.

Rei seemed to be stirring from her sleep as Naruto silently continued to wash the drying blood of her body, occasionally using his hands to rub off the few dried flecks that had hardened and stuck to the skin.

It was only when he had move the water to Rei's upper body that she realized her dream of relaxing in a hot tub was indeed not real, and she nearly slipped around with a yell of surprise as she saw it was Naruto giving her a bath.

"Ahh! What are you doing!" she all but squealed as she attempted to cover herself before pulling flicking a bit of water in his face.

Naruto was out of his element. He could deal with skilled kunoichi perfectly fine. They had the concept of a body being a tool down just fine. They appreciated respect, and modesty. But they completely understood that being seen naked by a fellow shinobi was not going to be the end of the world. That of course is as long as you are not intentionally trying to perv on them.

Teenage civilians from seemingly other worlds?

Not so much.

"I... ummm... what?" Naruto asked as if he didn't know how to answer the question before he looked at the shower handle, and raised it up allowing a stream of hot water to rise and fall. "I was showering you because you were asleep?" he half said half asked. He had done this for Yugao a few times after a strenuous mission without outbursts and complaints. He didn't really tire out, so it didn't bother him in the slightest.

Rei had gone completely red in the face at the scene playing out before her, almost completely aghast at the fact the young Uzumaki didn't seem to find anything wrong with their situation. "And you don't find anything wrong with that!" she nearly yelled, but controlled her emotional state and remained relatively quiet. She didn't even know where she was being showered.

Naruto whom had grown quite adept at hiding his facial expressions over the years only opened and closed his mouth looking her in the eyes for a second curiously. Not entirely sure if she was serious of if she was messing with him. "No... I don't?" Naruto answered slightly unsure of his own answer, but decided to give his most honest one.

Rei's retort died on her tongue as did her anger... partially, "You don't find anything wrong with this?" she questioned, a serious look of her face despite her posture seemingly relaxing.

Naruto shook his head as it seemed the situation had once again calmed down and he gently ran the water over her hair, where most of the blood was located. "I used to do this for another female ninja that was my friend. She was part of my team. And she was often wearing less than you are right now." Naruto explained as if that answered everything.

Rei sighed as the hot water ran over her head and her hair. It seemed like the night was becoming full of circumstances where she normally would have been very angry, but her anger simply died as the weight of the night crashed down on her.

She leaned her head down further between her legs for a moment letting the water wash on her back as she quietly thought over her current situation before sighing once again and sitting back up.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." she said quietly as she looked up and over to Naruto who was crouched down to a knee next to her. "Look away for a second." she said.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, but like a dutiful soldier and unlike a teenage boy, he turned away for the girl. He heard a bit of shifting around in the tub before two wet slapping sounds hit the floor beside him. He looked down without turning around and realized it to be the girl's remaining articles of clothing.

"You can turn around." Rei said tensely, but quickly added on, "But I swear if you are just looking to grope and stare at my tits, Shinobi General or not I will beat you to death with the shower handle you are holding." She finished with a promise as Naruto got to turn around and stare face to face with her intense gaze.

Naruto turned around, and doing his best not to give her an instinctual once over glance at her now new appearance, he handed her the shower handle. She gently took it as he reached back around her for what she could only assume was soap or something.

Rei on the other hand suddenly had it sink in as Naruto raised up his body over her to reach behind her for the soap. The hardened sculpted, but heavily scarred chest in front of her was not something she ever anticipated from a seventeen year old teenager. She knew that Takashi likely didn't have a scar on his body. Hell Takashi didn't even have anywhere near Naruto's body. She honestly doubted anyone she had ever met had a body like that. Even her mother who's level of physical fitness was one she came to accept as one of the best bodies around, even she would probably never compare to one of the shinobi Naruto apparently commanded in his... other world.

It was a bit silly that she had warmed up to the idea so easily. But if anything proved it, the numerous scars the covered his chest alone spoke volumes for his story.

She blushed a bit as she had just complained about the idea of him staring at her, and here she sat doing nothing but ogling him entirely in the few moments that she could get away with. Silently she almost wished that she hadn't told him not to look. It was obvious to her she found the boy attractive, but now she didn't even know if he was even going to look at her now which was frankly disheartening. It is a sad thought in anything when one would put everything out there to be seen, and then only being barely spared a glance. She hoped that wouldn't be the case.

Her ogling stopped as Naruto came back around with soap in hand, and a free hand full of bubbles. "Do you mind holding the shower head?" he asked seriously.

Rei stared and blinked at the blonde, only to stare some more. 'Do I mind holding the shower head?' She had to fight down the urge to scoff at the idea. 'I just spent the past thirty seconds ogling you and you ask me about the shower head... Now I really feel guilty about telling him not to look...' "Sure..." she said quietly.

It was then that Naruto proceeded to go over her body again with his hands, and Rei couldn't help the heat rising to her face. 'Just who the hell was his lucky teammate?' She thought to herself with an uncontrolled blush. She probably would have felt bad if she realized how far away the thought of Takashi was from her mind during her current situation.

"So ummm... who was your friend?" Rei asked resisting the urge to jump a bit as he went over her feet with his surprisingly soft hands.

"Uzuki Yugao." he said quietly with a distant smile on his face. "She was my ANBU captain."

Rei gained a weak smile at simply seeing a smile brought to her companion's face. "What is ANBU?" she asked a bit curiously as she got the blonde ninja to further open up to her.

It was a bit obvious from the moment of hesitation as he rubbed her lowers legs that he wasn't sure if he should be answering or not, before he spoke "ANBU is the term our military uses for essentially it's black ops division." he said choosing his words carefully. "There are other more specialized and secret branches of the black ops division such as a traitor branch ROOT, or the Hokage's STEM, but ANBU is the general one." Naruto explained as he resumed rubbing his soapy hands up Rei's legs.

Rei was initially surprised that the blonde before her was in anything that could be considered a black ops program. However that surprise died as she recalled that he became a General and most likely rose through the ranks to get there. She knew vague bits about the versions on her own world as her dad would often talk of their skill sometimes over the dinner table. "When did you join ANBU?"

Naruto frowned a bit at that thought, "I was almost thirteen, I joined shortly after making Chunin."

Rei's head turned so fast she thought she was able to get whiplash, "You joined a black ops division when you were thirteen?" she yelped out in surprise.

Rei knew that Naruto's silent nod was all she was going to get on the subject, as he proceeded to wash up the sides of her body, having finished with her legs.

"Well what can you tell me about Uzuki-san?" Rei asked curiously to keep the boy talking. It was relaxing to just simply talk after a day like this. Even if the subject was so strange and foreign to her.

Naruto gave an amused grin the moment her name was spoken, "She hated formality when not in the presence of a higher rank. It was actually her fault when I came into command of the shinobi armed forces that everyone started calling me by my first name instead of something like Uzumaki-sama or something like that."

Naruto continued washing Rei absent mindedly moving onto her arms.

"She was quite the person, but she was also incredibly strict. She required everyone on her team to be in top shape and ready for action at all times. She even supervised a lot of our personal training. However when she realized that I had a lot of stamina, she kinda just started spending more time with me." Naruto said, not noticing Rei's blush intensifying as her teenage mind ran through the many implications of his stamina and Yugao. However she said nothing.

Naruto took her other arm into his hands and continued to wash her. "Honestly I don't think I'll ever get over the rather ridiculous first impression she made on me. For example on one of our first missions, since I was new to the squad and I joined into the division from a rather low shinobi rank, she took the entire team on a rather simple mission. I was only thirteen, and I was willful and headstrong. Frankly I see a lot of me in you at times." Naruto said with a smile, which was gently returned. "But anyways... after the mission she ended up taking me to the stream and had me wash her down completely."

Rei's eyes bugged at that, "You were thirteen wasn't that irresponsible!" she asked in surprised?

Naruto laughed a bit while he moved to turn the water up higher a bit as the hot water was starting to die, "Yeah a bit. At least in my opinion. A lot of the older generations believed if you were old enough to kill, you were old enough to well... do other stuff." He admitted. "However I personally blame more the company I later found out she was spending time with. She lost her husband during an invasion from two enemy villages. After that she started hanging out with Mitarashi Anko, who is pretty much the queen of irresponsible deeds." Naruto mulled over the situation in his head a bit before shrugging his shoulders lightly, "Besides she understood that I was thirteen and rather inexperienced with the whole sort of deal, so she let me... explore? I was quite shy about it back then. However I enjoyed it." he said as if he was trying to find the right word.

Naruto raised up his wrist and gently wiped his brow where he felt his own little flakes of dried blood staining his hair. He politely grabbed the shower head and washed the flakes away down the drain. Rei however was still flush red at the idea of Naruto exploring a grown woman's body when he was thirteen. However that flush quickly turned into a grimace as he continued.

"The reason is because where I'm from." he said as he lathered his hands once again in soap. "The body of a ninja, male and female alike is considered a weapon. This is stemmed from every limb to every pore of the body. The mind. Sometimes even the eyes of shinobi are considered to be some of the most dangerous weapons. However Yugao wanted to teach me how to avoid temptation of a woman, because in some villages they are specifically trained to use their skills in seduction to kill their targets. Much like how Preying Mantis females kill and eat the males after mating." Rei paled at the implications before she looked up to Naruto in the eyes. She desperately wanted to ask if he had ever encountered a shinobi like that, but she bit her tongue. That probably wasn't the proper thing to ask.

Rei closed her eyes briefly as the water poured over her body before she gazed into Naruto's eyes as she asked a question, "You said the eyes are considered to be some of the most dangerous weapons? What about your eyes?" She asked finally taking the time to look at his eyes up close. It wasn't easy to notice with a fleeting glance as the blonde's eyes simply looked to be a fancy mix between hazel and gray. However upon closer inspection it becomes evident that there were in fact thin rings around his eyes, ripple-like almost as they were branching outward from the center.

Rei suppressed a shiver as Naruto finally moved onto his chest with his hands. However despite that fact, he was simply gently wash over her. She honestly wished he perhaps would have done something, anything. It was like it was a cruel form of teasing to be touched in such a sexual way... yet not.

Naruto smiled down at her, "My eyes were actually a gift from someone. The legend says that my eyes are gifts from god." he said seriously.

Rei gaze broke a bit as she shook her head and suppressed a shiver as a roaming hand went over her nipple, or perhaps it was at his explanation and his hinting that his eyes were in fact transplanted and not his own. She personally figured it was the former, but if questioned she was ready and prepared to deny it and write it off as the later. Before she tried to redeem herself and crack a perfectly normal smile, "Isn't that a bit arrogant though? To say they are a gift from god? Do you really know?" Rei asked almost intimidated of looking back into the eyes that now have that description.

Naruto shrugged his shoulder a bit as he went back to lathering his hands in soap before moving to her stomach. "I don't really know honestly. The legends say that they are a gift from god. Only one other person in history has been documented to have these eyes, and that was The Sage of the Six Paths who is the man that founded the shinobi world. It is said that the one who has the eyes is then blessed with the ability to forever change the world. For better or for worse." Naruto said quietly as he thought over the words to himself as he looked down at his hands.

Rei silently wished she hadn't asked about his eyes. They were beautiful. But with their beauty, the weight of the world seemed to come with them to rest upon his shoulders. It was probably a rather sour talking point.

However her mind stopped that train of thought as she sadly realized that Naruto had indeed not looked down to glance at her body once. She didn't know whether to be impressed for his incredible self control, or disappointed at the fact that her body didn't seem to make it crack in the slightest. "Did you enjoy your times like this with Uzuki-san?" Rei blurted out, she almost felt the urge to hit herself out how silly, childish, and rude she felt at what she was sure was asking about a rather personal moment.

Naruto took a pause having never really put much thought into it after he had grown up a bit. It had become far more routine than anything that was considered a childhood joy. "Yeah, I did." Naruto said honestly as he finally slid his hand down further to her womanhood, the touch nearly making Rei jump at the foreign virgin feeling.

"And what about your time like this with me?" she asked, her cheeks a fiery red as she closed one eye, and squinted with the other. Partially from the foreign pleasure and partially from being afraid of the blonde's possible answer - his possible rejection.

However with her one squinting eye she was able to catch sight of the smile on the blonde's face grow even wider than the mention of his teammate, "Yes, I very much enjoy the time we have shared Rei-chan." he said, the chan suffix bleeding over a bit from his more childhood years when he still had some innocence about him. However it didn't matter because what he said brought a huge blush to Rei's cheeks.

Rei resisted the urge to gasp at the fact that his hand was still down there. Her legs squeeze together in surprise as she pursed her lips upon receiving her answer as some kind of electric fire roar through her making her squeal out in surprise as her vision went white, and act which quickly caused her to cup her hand over her mouth with her eyes wide. She stared at Naruto with wide eyes, her chest heaving up and down, her cheeks a flushed red.

Naruto too was blushing a lively red color as he too realized what he had just done for the girl sitting beside him in the shower, partially forgetting the little bit that his ANBU captain had convinced him to add into his washing routine after quite a bit of insistent when he got more comfortable around her. Oh he knew exactly what he just did unintentionally while his body was on auto pilot.

He gently withdrew his hand suddenly feeling thirteen years old again as he stood up. "Ummm I'm... I'm..." he paused as he looked down before he jabbed a thumb to the door, "I'm going to go get a towel..." he said slowly, his cheeks still red though no where near as red as Rei's.

Rei just gave an embarrassed nod as she tucked her knees in closer to her body, a smile and a blush for the moment stuck on her face.



Naruto ran a hand through his hand at the thought of what just unfolded, his cheeks having finally calmed down a bit.

It was only moments later that Rei came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy pink towel. In Naruto's opinion this apartment had to have belonged to a female given the choices in towers. He would have sated his curiosity by simply looking at the clothing available. However it appeared that all of the clothing had been effectively cleared out. Pink fluffy towels aside, whoever formerly lived here had to have lived a rather spartan lifestyle with the overall lack of things in general in the apartment.

"Whats this?" she asked curiously as she saw the clothes laid out on the bed. The scroll having since been tucked away.

"This is one of Yugao's ANBU uniform's. Your clothes from before were well..."

"Ruined." Rei thought dryly having since gotten over the fact, as well as the rather brutal murder Naruto inflicted upon the man, not to say he didn't deserve it. She personally couldn't have cared if he had done worse.

"Well yeah." Naruto deadpanned as he looked towards the uniform. "It is probably going to be a bit of a tight fit." Naruto began as he looked towards a blush slightly returning to his cheeks. "You have umm... bigger assets than she did."

It was Rei's turn for her blush to simply return full force from the bathroom, not trusting her voice she simply nodded at his explanation.

She walked over and proceeded to look over the uniform and her eyes widened slightly as she continued to pick up various articles of clothing. "How do I put this on? There has to be at least ten different pieces here!" She said in a bit of panic.

Naruto flushed a bit at that remembering his first time experiencing having to put on ANBU gear. Going from a jumpsuit to a 12 piece set of custom fit quality gear was definitely a bit of a change. "I'll help you dress." Naruto said calmly as he moved over the the pile of clothing not looking to Rei's face. However she once again looked as if she were about to faint.

The night had gone from one of terror and emotional stress to one of teenage first world problems over to course of no more than forty minutes.

Naruto however while he didn't see her, could literally feel her embarrassment. He laid out all of the various pieces of clothing on the bed before taking a deep breath and turning to Rei. He clapped his hands together with his eyes closed, fully intent on trying to solve the problem the way his Sensei had solved the problem with his own shyness.

Naruto opened his eyes and quickly handed Rei a rather lacy matching pair of bra and panties. "Sorry..." he muttered silently cursing Yugao's rather naughty taste in under garmets before turning away.

Rei let the towel drop to the floor and slipped into the two articles of clothing.

It wasn't long after Naruto spun around handing her a pair of pants. However before he handed them to her, he quickly spoke. "You are very beautiful." he said with conviction and nod of the head before continuing, "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You have an amazing body." he said as if almost stating things off a check list before handing the pants off.

Rei still had a blush but was a bit taken aback from the sudden swarm of compliments. "Umm?" she simply sounded hoping for an explanation as she balanced on one leg slipping into her pants.

"You being embarrassed and blushing was making me embarrass and blushing... That shouldn't happen." Naruto said honestly, a rosy tint to his cheeks but otherwise nothing else.

Rei raised her eye suddenly gaining a rather confident but knowing smirk, "Oh really? It was just because I was embarrassed and blushing?" she asked in an incredulous teasing tone.

Naruto quickly spun around and handed her the skin tight top that went under the standard ANBU plate. He only hoped that it would fit Rei as it was skin tight... for Yugao. "Yup." he tried to say it in an acceptable tone, but it got a 'Barely Passing'.

Rei grinned, if he was going to try and convince himself of that, she was perfectly fine with teasing him and showing him otherwise. "Oh, okay. Whatever you say General." she said leaning in closely to whisper the last part into his ear similar to how she teased her late boyfriend as she had both arms into the shirt, before she attempted to pull it over her head.

She didn't get to see the light shiver that went down Naruto's spine at that and he shook his head to get rid of his building blush. He grabbed both of the leg guards off of the bed and knelt down to quickly strap them onto her shin's.

Don't be tempted Naruto. If you find yourself in a position where you cannot escape temptation? Use that temptation against your opponent

Naruto sighed as he repeated the voice of Uzuki Yugao, his mentor over and over in his head. It was then that he nodded his head and looked up at the girl still trying to fit the shirt effectively over her upper body. Naruto gave a cheeky grin and held on a bit closer to the girl's legs as he face was right as her exposed stomach.

"Do... you... need... help?" he asked, every single word was a hot breath blown across nearly right at the edge of her pants. Naruto actually had the pleasure of getting to see her shiver at that.

"Yes!" She yelped out to get him to stop. "Just pull this damn thing over my head."

Naruto stood up and held her a bit close as he pulled down a bit roughly on the shirt. He didn't want to slam her entire body forward in the process of simply putting the thing on.

The pointed look she had on her face as she crossed her arms under her chest clearly said something along the lines of, 'Haha very funny...' However Naruto didn't mind. She started playing, and his mentor's closest friend was Anko Mitarashi. He could certainly play the game if he wanted to. So instead of giving an apology, he merely gave a cheeky grin that would have been out of place if she bothered to recall the face he wore when he cut down the man who attacked her before.

"Thank you general..." she said with an amused smile which made Naruto's grin falter.

"Are you really going to keep calling me that from now on?" he questioned slightly serious.

She merely reached over for the arm guards, "I'll stop when you admit that you were blushing because of me, and not simply because I was blushing." she said with a smile on her face.

Naruto gave a small grin as he nodded his head a bit, fastening the straps of the arm guards she pulled on. He then reached over to the final big piece of the puzzle, the ANBU breastplate.

"Are you sure you?" he said with a questioning gaze to the piece of armor he held on his arm, before outright looking at her chest for the first time.

Rei picked up on the unspoken question and nodded her head. "It was tight to get into, but it is actually quite comfortable and warm once I got into it." Rei answered as she raised her arms up. There was also the unsaid fact that she wanted to wear the full set of armor partially due to the fact that Uzuki-san seemed quite important to him. She didn't want to simply mix and match her specialized gear even if it was a tight fit.

"Yeah..." Naruto mumbled as he gently pulled the breastplate on over her head. "ANBU gear has its issues. Its absurdly tight, and annoying to get on if you aren't used to it. But it has a few special seals woven into the fabric that allow for it to regulate temperature, and stretch to form fit the body. However I still hate putting it on. I frankly started to favor a mesh shirt over it simply to not have to deal with the frustration." Naruto said absentmindedly as he situated the side straps as Rei continued to hold up her arms.

Naruto then turned back to the bed and grabbed the last couple articles of clothing. "Shoes, and gloves." he said as he held them out in each hand. He kinda wished that he had Yugao's mask to see what she would look like as an Anbu. But he wasn't to keen on going into his scroll and taking out his own personal mask. There were a bit too many memories revolving around that mask which he hoped would stay buried.

It was only no more than a minute after that she had gotten on her shinobi sandals and gloves. And Naruto in turn had opted to dig onto his pouch for a unique item he felt was for special occasion.

Rei had since stood up and turned to Naruto with a small smile on her face. She felt strangely good. Sure they weren't her own clothes. And sure part of her was telling herself that she looked a bit weird. However Naruto's comment served to brighten her spirits considerably.

"Wow..." he said with a bit of surprise taking in her full appearance after having actually taken a couple steps back. "You look like a real ninja."

Rei smirked and crossed her arms, "I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that ninjas are actually real." she said in amusement.

Naruto merely smiled in response before extending his hand. In his hand appeared to be a small metal pipe, but a small indent on the side.

"The Third Hokage of my village had a personal summon named Enma, The Monkey King. Enma was an expert staff wielder, and had the ability to even transform himself into a staff harder than diamond. However he was said to be a trickster in combat because he could make his staff shorten or extend on a moments notice. Konoha tried to develop a weapon that followed similar principle. But the idea ended in failure because it wasn't quick enough."

Naruto pressed the tiny indent on the pipe, and it rapidly expanded into six foot long staff.

"So the idea got scrapped, and as what happens with a bunch of random scrapped ideas. They find themselves in the ANBU weapon's locker or the Konoha science division to see if anyone can find some actual use for them. Now while this weapon wasn't practical in high speed shinobi battles. They updated the weapon a bit to shift briefly between staff... and spear." he said as another shift of the pipe forged almost an arrowhead on one end of the long piece of metal.

"It wasn't really useful for shinobi because of the speed of combat, but for these zombies walking around that aren't too quick, I imagine it will work fine." Naruto finished his brief little weapons history weapon. "You can close the weapon and make it retract by holding down this button, and twisting both halves of the weapon 90 degrees in opposite directions." Naruto then proceeded to demonstrate before he offered the weapon over to Rei.

Rei was genuinely surprised at the gift, "Naruto I... thank you." she frowned a bit not entirely good with accepting spontaneous gifts, particularly when she had nothing in return to give. Naruto had helped her above and beyond what was really necessary for him to. The earlier moment they shared in the bathroom was quite evidence of that. Truthfully he could have just left her with that thug. She owed him her life.

The Uzumaki gave a soft smile, seemingly coming off of his emotional high from the moment the two of them shared earlier during the shower. "Come on, we should get going. I honestly would have liked to stay the night here. However everyone on the bus doesn't seem to be stopping." he said as he looked off distantly into the corner of the room.

"Wait a minute? How do you know where they are?" Rei asked in a level of shock and surprise, which was a bit silly for Naruto considering only rather cool and collected people wore the uniform she was wearing.

"Dressed like a ninja. Not a ninja." Naruto teased light wagging his eyebrows to further emphasize it as he made his way out of the room.

Rei didn't bother to hold back a few giggles that were let out from Naruto's comment. Not to mention how out of character she felt his teasing tone was given how she originally pictured the boy... no the man before her. "Come on seriously, how do you know where they are." her voice now quiet and serious. Back to the voice of a person that had been surviving the entire day and night against rabid killers, human and undead.

"It has something to do with chakra, I'll explain it later. In short, all ninjas have it. So practically all ninjas can sense it. However here in this world, no one really has chakra. Ayane however, does have actually quite a respectable amount of latent chakra for some reason. So I can sense Ayane because she has the equivalent to a thousand neon signs pointed at her in a sea of darkness whenever I try and sense chakra." Naruto moved to then slide open the glass door, stepping out onto the balcony.

"Get on my back." Naruto said all business as her took a knee on the ground.

Rei followed Naruto outside only to nearly want to jump back inside. "Why are we on the top story of the building!" She asked in a loud voice, quickly covering her hand afterwards. "Did you carry me all the way up here?" she asked disbelievingly as she looked over to the door, barricade still firmly in place.

Naruto gave a weak grin, "Something like that, but I doubt its what you think. Here get on my back."

Rei gave a sigh, "Why do you want me to get on your back. Are we climbing down? Is this place full of zombies or something?" she asked as she looped her legs around Naruto's prepared arms. She then gently situated herself on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Naruto shrugged as he stood up. "Because I need you to, nope, and I don't know." Naruto responded in quick succession.

It took a moment for Rei to realize as Naruto crouched down. Suddenly she went bug eyed, "Wait what do you mean we aren't climbing down!" She yelled in a panic just before Naruto leaped from that balcony completely across the street onto the roof of a near by building.




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