Dark Side

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Couple: Quinn/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Testing a Theory

Something was very off, Rachel knew it.

The first time was supposed to be magnificent. She was supposed to see fireworks behind her closed eyelids as she basked in the pleasure of the moment. And yet, when he had made love to her she had felt nothing of the sort. Finn was not experienced, which she knew and had expected. She had expected the clumsy kissing, fumbling hands, awkward movements, what she had not expected was to feel absolutely nothing.

She knew that she could not tell him that she felt nothing, because he, like any other man in the same situation, would take it as an attack toward his ego and that was not what it was. It was not that he was terrible at making love. Perhaps he was even great at it. It was something else, something she could not quite put her finger on and she knew that she needed to speak with someone about it. So, for now she was avoiding her boyfriend like the plague until she fully understood the problem.

Making her way into the Celibacy Club meeting room she took her designated seat across the room from Quinn Fabray, glancing toward Emma Pillsbury who was seated at the front of the room.

Emma smiled brightly "Alright I thought up the perfect idea girls! Chastity necklaces." The redhead stated holding up one of the necklaces that had a tiny padlock on it. "You will of course keep the key and this will be a symbol of your innocence."

Rachel could feel the guilt building up inside of her at what she had done. She had given away her innocence before she had been ready to do so and all to soothe the pride of the young man she loved. Still, she did love him, so why did it bother her so much that she had made love to him? Feeling herself growing sick with anxiety she raised her hand calling attention to herself.

Large brown eyes turned to her. "Yes, Rachel?"

Holding her head up high she avoided the hazel eyes staring at her from across the room and confidently asked. "I was wondering, hypothetically of course, if you were to give away your innocence to the man whom you deemed a worthy male lead in your life, what would it mean if you had not felt that connection you had assumed that you would?"

"Rachel, did you—" Emma started only to be interrupted by the brunette diva.

"—I said hypothetically." She corrected glancing down at her interlocked hands as a blush started to form on her cheeks. Rachel was more than a little ashamed of what she had done.

"Well." The councilor started uncomfortably, her large bush-baby eyes glancing between the girls as she fiddled with her fingers and searched her mind for the correct answer. Being a virgin herself, she had little experience with said situation. "In said hypothetical situation was the woman in love with the man, or was he just someone that she deemed worthy to be with her because of his status?"

"No. She loves him. I know she loves him." She stated confidently, though her eyes were still focused on her hands.

Emma smiled softly, sympathizing with Rachel as she calmed her own rapidly beating heart. Talking about sex was something that always made her uncomfortable. "Well, um, it could be many different things then I suppose. It could have been the wrong time for her, she could have been doing it for the wrong reason, perhaps um, perhaps he was pressuring her and she gave in?" She questioned almost worriedly, knowing that the diva was talking about herself and not a hypothetical situation.

"Or." Quinn spoke up in a deep raspy hushed voice from across the room, causing brown eyes to glance up and catch hazel. Rachel had forgotten that the other girl was even present.

"Or what Quinn?" She questioned cautiously. Worried more than anything that the blonde was going to make some snide remark due to the fact that she was still jealous and wanted Finn.

"Or perhaps she doesn't love him as much as she thinks that she does. Maybe she loves someone else?"

Although Rachel assumed that the blonde was merely trying to get under her skin and irritate her, she did actually take the words to heart as her brown eyes glanced down to pink lips that were now forming a smirk. 'I do not understand her intent… why suggest something so absurd… is it absurd…? If I love him then wouldn't I have seen fireworks, felt some sort of passion?'

"I sincerely doubt that is the reasoning behind it. In fact I know that that is not the reasoning, I love Finn more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire lifetime. I am beyond certain that he is the one that I belong with Quinn and I know that you are only trying to sabotage our relationship as you always do, for your own selfish intent. So if you do not mind, seeing as I am no longer a virgin, I will be resigning from the Celibacy Club immediately." With that she quickly stood to her feet turning around dramatically, storming out of the room with her fists clenched at her sides.

Emma watched with large eyes as the blonde followed quickly after the brunette leaving her alone in the room wondering what she had gotten herself into when she created the Celibacy Club.


Quinn caught up with Rachel in the hallway. "Rachel." She stated harshly causing the brunette to stop in her tracks, though she did not turn to look at the taller woman. Her heart racing as she held her books tightly to her chest and tried not to savor the way that her name sounded rolling off of the perfect tongue of the cheerleader.

"I do not wish to speak with you any further Quinn, I am already late for class and I cannot risk my perfect attendance record in order to be told that I do not love my boyfriend as much as you—"

"Gah!" The blonde growled out before reaching out and gabbing Rachel by the wrist who was once again starting to walk away from her, turning her around so that they were now facing each other, Quinn towered over the diva staring down into her large and frightened brown eyes. 'I hate that she is this scared of me… but god she can be so frustrating, why can't she just see the freaking obvious?' "Rachel you are so frustrating! Why can't you ever just shut the hell up and see what is right in front of your face?" Her voice came out huskier than she had expected.

For a moment Rachel tried to start a sentence but could not find the words and looked like a fish out of water, mouth opening and then closing shortly after. "I-Quinn-I-I—" Finally she found her confidence and jutted out her chin. "—I do not approve of that accusation, I believe that I see things as clear as day. You still think that you are a better candidate for Finn's love and so you are trying to convince me that because things were not as passionate as I had hoped with him, that I do not love him as much as you." She whispered the word passionate, blushing a little.

"No. I am trying to tell you that maybe you do not love him as much as you had wanted to Rachel. And I am telling you this because—" She trailed off looking away, hazel eyes softer than the brunette had ever seen them before.

"Because why Quinn?" She questioned cautiously.

"Because I made the same mistake. I thought that I loved him when I really loved someone else." She mumbled uncomfortably, it was not often that she exposed her feelings to anyone. Especially Rachel Berry. 'Why am I even doing this...? Why do I even care?'

"You mean Sam? Well I assure you that there is no other man in my life, Finn is the only one for me. I have not even shown any remote interest in any one else aside from Noah, and while he was a much more experienced kisser than Finn, I guarantee I harbor no romantic feelings toward him what-so-ever so—"

"—There you go again, always with the rants. You are so ridiculously annoying!" Quinn groaned out throatily as she held on tighter to Rachel's arm as she tried to pull away, ignoring the way that the hurt look flashing across her beautiful face caused her to feel remorseful. 'I hate the way that she affects me… god damn it, why can't she just figure out who she loves so that I can give up any hope.'

"I was simply stating a fact. I know that there is no other man for me."

"Then maybe it isn't a man Rachel, did you ever think of that!?" She spat back accidentally, she had hoped to not point that out to the diva. That made things almost too real for her, brought her too much hope, when in reality it was probably only going to be crushed.

Once again Rachel took on the appearance of a fish out of water as a bright blush covered her face, it was not that she was against homosexuality, she simply had never thought of being with a girl in that way. For her it had always been a lead role in her life that a man would fill, hopefully one that was well-built and handsome with high stature.

"Quinn while I am clearly not against homosexual unions, seeing as I have two gay dads, I have not ever thought of a female in any way other than a platonic relationship, and even my platonic relationships with women are often flawed due to their obvious jealously of me and my amazing vocal talent so if you are insinuating—"

"You are cute when you ramble like that." The blonde stated in a deep voice, testing a theory of hers as her eyes darkened considerably. The sight alone causing the diva to silence her rant as her blush intensified.

"Wh-what did you say?" She stuttered out.

"I said you are cute when you ramble." Pausing she added. "In a rather annoying way."

Letting out a puff of air in agitation, which caused her bangs to fly up momentarily, a scowl returned to Rachel's face and her blush quickly disappeared. "Will you please let go of my hand now and stop trying to prove some ridiculous theory that you have concocted in that twisted mind of yours?"

"Can we please just test out this theory of mine?" She asked moving closer to the shorter woman, causing her to squeak out in shock.

"I am sorry to inform you Quinn, but there is nothing to test."

"Well, then you should pass with flying colors." The blonde breathed out now cornering Rachel against the lockers, though she kept some distance between the two of them. She did not wish to taint the test and honestly she could not expect the woman that the diva loved to be herself, first she had to test other options.

Of course, the diva took this as a challenge and puffed her chest out, extending her jaw with pride. "Of course I will pass, feel free to test me in any way that you deem worthy."

Quinn grinned mischievously ignoring her thoughts about how the brunette appeared absolutely adorable when she was confident and full of pride. 'Which happens to be at most times… ignore these feelings Fabray… odds are she does not like you anyway.'

"Close your eyes." She stated in a hushed whisper.

Brown eyes widened dramatically and the brunette quickly declined. "There is no way that I am going to close my eyes considering your proximity to me and the likelihood that I will receive an ice cold beverage to the face as soon as I do so."

"Rachel I am not going to do anything, now just close your damn eyes." Quinn stated, voice shaking with agitation as she watched brown eyes hesitantly close. 'Do you really blame her for not trusting you after everything that you have put her through…? I mean she has every right to never forgive you for anything…' The thought made her internally cringe but she quickly ignored it and focused on the task at hand. She was going to help Rachel realize her feelings for whomever she liked, even if it broke her own heart.

"Now what, Quinn?" She breathed out curiously, and a little worriedly.

"Now we are going to run through a few different scenarios and you are going to tell me how they make your body react. Understood?"

"Yes." Rachel nodded quickly, shuffling her feet uncomfortably as she swallowed. Knowing that whatever was about to transpire was going to be extremely awkward for her. Along with this she was still worried about missing her class. Not that she would fall behind, but she still liked to be punctual.

"Alright. We will start with the obvious, just in case what happened between the two of you was a onetime thing." She said. "Now imagine this scenario and tell me how your body reacts to it, okay?"

When the brunette nodded her consent the cheerleader had to force herself to ignore the jealously bubbling up inside of her as she started to explain an imaginary scenario, mostly she was jealous because it had probably actually happened and she would never get the chance to do said things to Rachel. "Finn and you are in this same position at the school, a few people are around, but this only adds to the desire that you feel for him as he pushes you against the locker and kisses you passionately on the lips. His hand starts to make its way under your skirt, up your thigh toward your heated center and you are moaning out eagerly—"

"—Please stop Quinn." Rachel stated quickly her eyes glazed over, more so because of the sensual voice that the blonde was using than the actual scenario itself.

"That's desire in your eyes." Pausing Quinn moved away a little, "I see, so you do want him. Then perhaps it was only a misunderstanding." She whispered, but as she tried to pull her hand away the brunette grasped her forearm and held her in place. Raising an eyebrow hazel eyes stared with confusion into large brown.

"No, I told you to stop because I did not feel a thing, because honestly thinking about him touching me again as he did that night made me feel completely uncomfortable and I did not want you to finish the scenario. I apologize for telling you to stop so abruptly it was simply the thought of his large hands caressing me clumsily has the opposite effect desired. So, may we please continue on with your next theory?" The blunt honesty was something that Quinn was used to from Rachel, but she still could not shake the fact that she had seen desire behind her eyes. 'If it was not for him then…'

"Well, how about Santana?" This time she did physically cringe, which Rachel took note of.

"I do not think that I hold any sort of romantic feelings for Santana, while she is a fairly attractive woman, I do not think of her in that fashion."

"Close your eyes Rachel."

Rachel did as she was told which was a little surprising; she was not usually one to do whatever she was told to do. It was as if the blonde had some sort of power over her. 'Why am I even partaking in this ridiculous test, I know that I love Finn, maybe I am just not ready to be sexual with anyone. I certainly do not love Santana.'

"Now, imagine it is Santana who has you pinned against this locker. She is running her skilled and soft hands over your thighs toward your center which is begging to be touched." Quinn husked out, once again the sound of her voice eliciting desire in Rachel, whilst the scenario did nothing in the way of turning her on. The blonde was trying her hardest not to allow her jealousy to get in the way of helping Rachel reach her revelation, but it was growing exceedingly difficult as she too imagined her best friend having her way with the short diva.

"Quinn stop, it is not Santana." She shuddered in disgust at the thoughts that filled her mind. Even thinking of the Latina touching her and taking her innocence nearly made her sick. Opening her eyes she looked up into hazel. 'Is she relieved…? No… that would make no sense… wait? Maybe she is relieved because her best friend doesn't have to suffer being loved by "man-hands", that makes sense…'

"Thank god." Quinn mumbled out softly, before blushing lightly.

"Yes, no worries. Your best friend will not have to suffer through the torment of the obsessive drama queen falling head over heels for her and wanting to caress her with her man-hands and have her touch her manly body. Quinn, this is pointless, I obviously am not interested in being physical with anyone, male or female. So please, let me go." Her tone was angrier than she had meant for it to be, but she took offence to the blonde cheerleader's words.

"That's not it Rachel!" She spat holding the shorter girl in place against the locker, shocked to find that her large brown eyes darkened with desire at the action. And had she heard a soft whimper? 'Was that pain… did I hurt her, or was that—no it couldn't be…' "You cannot possibly be this damn naïve! I am not relived that she does not have to suffer being touched by you, I am relieved that you do not want to touch her!" Her voice came out a growl as she looked down into confused brown eyes that quickly softened, the smile forming on Rachel's face nearly causing her to melt.

"Oh." The diva mumbled dumbly, unsure of what else to say.

"One more test, Rachel."

"Quinn I sincerely believe that—"

"One more test, Rachel." She enforced, pressing her body flush against the shorter girls smirking as she watched brown eyes involuntarily close, as the other girl once again whimpered. 'That is definitely not a look of pain… oh god… could it really be… me? After all of these years of torturing her because I was afraid of these stupid impure sinful thoughts, could it be that she has loved me… that isn't possible… is it?'

"Okay." She whispered, trying not to blush at the way that her body was reacting, at the way that she whimpered out when she felt that perfect body pressed against her own. These reactions were not right; she had a boyfriend, one whom which she loved with everything that she was, right? "Who now? Perhaps you would like to test this theory with Brittany, or Tina, or maybe even Artie? You know that this is—"

"Me." Quinn interrupted her voice dripping in lust.

Her heart stopped beating completely as her body heated up and her face undoubtedly flushed a bright red, brown eyes snapped open staring into darkened hazel and she could not deny the way that she was reacting. Rachel Berry was definitely turned on, something that she had not been when Finn had made love to her, and this was simply an intense stare between herself and Quinn Fabray.

This could not be happening!

"What?" She whispered out, with less conviction than she had been hoping for. Her voice even cracked as she tried to back away from the beautiful blonde. "This is ridiculous I could not possibly—"

"I said, Me. I'll set the scene for you Rachel." She whispered hotly against the diva's plump lips, shuddering visibly when Rachel's tongue darted out to run along them. 'God she is so unbelievably sexy, I should back away now… My mother will disown me again and I will lose my place at the top of the pyramid… not to mention chances of prom queen… but wow she smells so amazing. Intoxicating. And those lips…'

"Quinn—" Rachel tried again, only to be silenced as she felt fingers being dragged along her exposed leg. Starting at her knee and moving upward. Her body felt like it was on fire as she closed her eyes and moaned out, louder than she had been expecting. 'What are you doing… anyone could see this and they would get the wrong impression!'

"Yes." Quinn chuckled. "Quinn Fabray, the captain of the cheerios, the soon to be prom queen, the blonde who tortured you throughout the entirety of your high school years, pinned you up against the lockers and is inching her dainty and delicate hand up your thigh toward your heated womanhood as she whispers against your full lips, wanting nothing more than to lean in and fill the distance in order to devour them." Hearing Rachel's intake of breath caused the blonde to smirk although her body was also reacting and definitely heating up with desire, leaning in she whispered hotly against the shorter woman's ear. "Are you heated Rachel?" Before extending her tongue, allowing it to trace along the other girl's earlobe.

Rachel let out a soft groan of approval as her body shook involuntarily. She wanted nothing more than to say no, that she was not turned on, that she did not want Quinn to push her hand further beneath her skirt and kiss her silly as she made her come, but in that moment all she could mutter was "Yes."

'Wait? YES! WHY DID I SAY THAT! Take it back! Take it back now Rachel Berry! You love men, you love one man, your man!'

Not expecting the answer, nor the deep voice that escaped the diva's throat the blonde let out a moan of her own against Rachel's neck before pulling back in order to regain her composure. Leaning forward she whispered against the other's plump lips, allowing her own to brush against them as she did so. "Do you want me to kiss you?"

Again, she spoke before she could even think about things. "Yes." 'NO! She is lying to you! She doesn't want you! This was all some sort of scheme in order for her to get Finn! Finn! God I am a horrible person!'

Before either girl knew what was happening Quinn had bridged the gap between their lips and pressed her glossy pink against full red, both moaning out at the intensity of the kiss. The passion between them was immense, and both saw fireworks behind their eyes. "Mmm." Rachel groaned out running her free hand through blonde locks in order to pull on that perfect hair and drag Quinn even closer to her body, in order to taste even more of her lips. The cheerleader found herself drowning in years of sexual tension and feeling nothing with the men she had attempted to flooding out, and she was unable to stop herself as she continued moving her hand beneath that skirt. The one she often made fun of, feeling the heat radiating off of Rachel's womanhood as she neared it.

"Oh god." She moaned as she felt the diva's tongue dart out and run along her bottom lip hoping for more, begging for more contact. Quinn opened her mouth allowing Rachel to explore her mouth, their tongues starting in a dance that elicited many loud moans from both of them.

As soon as fingers grazed over Rachel's soaked panties, both girls pulled away. Quinn pulled away in order to groan out some profanities, which was not something she would do on a regular basis, she was a good girl, but feeling the slick wetness against her fingers was enough to make her throw caution to the wind as hazel eyes rolled back in her head. "Oh my fucking god Rachel you are so fucking wet… You—"

Rachel would be lying if she did not admit that hearing the Christian woman curse was not attractive, she would also be lying if she did not admit that she had never been so turned on or want someone to be inside of her touching her so badly in her life, she would also be lying if she said that she did not want to ever hear someone scream her name in pleasure as much as she did right now, so, Rachel Berry was definitely lying when she hastily pulled away from the blonde and backed out of the cornered position she had been in. And she was definitely lying as she stated between gasps of air "Quinn, It is not you. It is not you that I am in love with, it cannot be you, it is Finn Hudson. He is the only one for me. I never want to mention this mishap again and I would appreciate it if you never touch me like that again!"

"But Rachel." Quinn's voice broke, her eyes brimming with tears as she moved closer. Still, she did not lose her confidence as she moved toward the gorgeous brunette. "You were so wet, how can you say that that doesn't mean something."

"I got plenty wet." She whispered the word wet, darkened brown eyes glancing around the hall anxiously. "The other night with Finn as well, so that means absolutely nothing. It is only a reaction to my body being physically stimulated and has no correlation with who I love."

Quinn reached out running her thumb along Rachel's bottom lip, which was swollen and practically bruised from the intensity of their previous kissing. Along with this, it was coated in saliva. "Your face is flush, your lips are swollen, your breathing is heavy, and you are so fighting back the urge to close your eyes and enjoy the way that my finger feels against your lip right now. Rachel that has to mean—" She stated, unable to deny herself the pleasure that she needed after so many years of tormenting Rachel and herself. Denying herself what she wanted.

"No! No! No!" 'Yes, Yes, Yes!' Her mind tormented her as she slapped the blonde's hand away vehemently, when Quinn made a move to close the distance again she was met with a hard slap. Tears now filling hazel eyes as a scowl formed on those perfect swollen lips. "I- I am sorry Quinn, I did not mean to slap you, but I want you to respect my wishes. From this day further this never happened, I will love Finn Hudson, I will love making love with him, and we will never have anything. Now, since you have already made me miss my class, I must be on my way to History." Turning on her heels she stormed away, her heart still racing from the recent activities, her body still aching to be touched, but she had to deny it.

She could not be in love with Quinn Fabray.

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