Dark Side

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Couple: Quinn/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 17

Let's Go All The Way Tonight

Fingers fumbled inside of her purse as she searched for the key card to their hotel room. She was finding it difficult to concentrate on what she was looking for, due to the heated breaths against her neck and the fingernails digging into the bones of her hips. Her heart was pounding loudly in her ears as she nearly dropped the purse she was holding when she felt soft lips press a gentle kiss to her neck right below her ear.

"Hurry up, Rach." Quinn's voice was deeper and huskier than usual, dripping with lust and desire as she tugged her earlobe between her teeth and sucked on it. She needed Rachel to find that key and open the door or she was going to throw caution to the wind and press the petite woman against the brick wall of the hotel and take her then and there. She couldn't wait any longer.

"I'm trying." The diva told her, a shudder rattling her body as she felt the blonde suck on her earlobe.

The feeling of her lips against her skin set her body on fire and she had never craved someone so badly in her life. When Finn had attempted similar things he had always fumbled and had wound up slobbering all over her ear and face and it had disgusted her. Quinn was far from disgusting her. She could feel her clit throb and her body ache just hearing the lust in her deep voice as she rushed her, feeling the heat of her breath against the skin of her neck, feeling her tongue delicately swirl around her earlobe.

Rachel Berry had never craved someone more in her entire lifetime. She needed Quinn like she needed air. She needed to feel every inch of her perfect body, she needed to feel her lips against hers again, she needed to taste her. 'I need to find this damn key card!'

Her fingers traced over the edge of the card and her full lips twisted up into a victorious grin and she pulled the card out of her purse and started to fumble with it as she pushed it into the slot on the door, brown eyes glued to the light and waiting for red to turn green. The woman behind her had her fingers gently tracing along her toned abdomen through the dress that she was wearing and her body was shaking with each touch. She tugged her bottom lip between her teeth and quickly flipped the card over and put it back in.

"Rachel, if you do not hurry up with that damn card I am going to take you right here." Quinn growled out. She was growing impatient. For years now her dreams had been plagued with images of pleasuring Rachel Berry and she didn't want to wait any longer.

The starlet let out a soft moan and her entire body shook as she heard Quinn threaten to have sex with her right there if she did not hurry. She knew that it was wrong of her, but the thought of having sex in public where anyone could catch them caused her arousal to intensify between her thighs. 'Maybe some other time, not our first time. This needs to be intimate. This needs to be special.'

Her brow was furrowed and her brown eyes were glaring at the little light above the door handle as she waited for it to turn green. Finally it did and she let out a sigh of relief and reached out to open it.

Before she knew it, Quinn had regained control of the situation and she had flipped her body over and captured her lips in a heated kiss. Her hands were tangled in long dark hair and she was pushing her into the hotel room. "Mmm..." Rachel moaned out into her sweet lips as they moved against hers rhythmically. Quinn couldn't hold back her own moan when she heard the shorter girl moan into her mouth. There was something so sexy about it. Something so amazing about knowing that she had been the one to cause the sound to escape her throat.

Rachel's breath caught in her throat and she could feel her entire body reacting to the contact as fingernails dug into her scalp and pulled her body closer to the beautiful blonde's.

She found that she couldn't stop herself. She needed to feel and memorize every part of Rachel Berry's body. She needed to keep it in her mind just in case this was the only chance she ever got to be intimate with her. Just in case after this she decided to go back to Finn. The thought caused her stomach to twist in knots and she quickly pushed it away.

'Stop thinking about the future, focus on now and how amazing her lips feel against yours. FUCK!'

Rachel wasn't one to be out-staged and she hastily attempted to regain control of the situation. She liked to be in control. Placing her hands on Quinn's hips she dug her nails into the skin beneath her dress and she flipped her around so that the back of her knees were pressed against the bottom of the bed. Hazel eyes widened in surprise at the movement. Up until now, she had been the one who was initiating everything, so this was a very different side of the diva that she had not yet seen.

She liked it.

Quinn smirked into Rachel's lips and whispered against them. "I like when you take control." Her voice cracked due to the desire she was feeling. Her body felt like it was on fire and she could feel her wetness practically dripping down her thighs.

"You should know by now, Quinn." Rachel whispered back, her voice deeper than usual. "I like to be in control."

It was true. She knew that the diva liked to be in control. Everyone knew that about her, Quinn had just never expected her to like to be in control in the bedroom. Her heart was racing as Rachel reached around her body and her small fingers started to work her zipper down. She was suddenly starting to feel really nervous. Her body was something that had always made her feel insecure. Even prior to having Beth. That was the main reason she had slept with Puck in the first place, because he had gotten her drunk and provided her with hundreds of compliments that made her feel pretty.

This insecurity stemmed from her childhood. She had once been a lot heavier than she was now and all of the other kids had made fun of her for her appearance. And now, every time that someone saw her body she would revert to that girl she was back then.

Rachel noticed the hesitant glimmer in hazel eyes as her fingers traveled along the length of her shoulders and beneath the straps of her dress. She looked uncomfortable with the thought of her pushing her dress off. Her brows knit together in confusion as she looked over her beautiful face. She did not wish to stop what they were doing, but she didn't want to push Quinn to do anything she was uncomfortable with.

"Are you sure that you wish to do this, Quinn? You look uncomfortable."

Quinn's eyes widened instantly. The last thing that she wanted was for Rachel to think that she did not want to be intimate with her. That was all that she wanted. "Of course I want to do this, Rachel." She paused and sucked in her cheeks chewing on them as she stared down at her body. Her face was on fire and she knew that she was blushing. "I just-not a whole lot of people have seen me naked and I'm not really confident in my body."

It was so strange to Rachel that someone who seemed so confident in her appearance could be so shy and insecure in person. She loved that about Quinn. She was not your typical cheerleader like Santana or Brittany who were overconfident and loved showing off their bodies. She had always been more reserved. Most of the time she wore clothes that covered her body more than Rachel herself.

The starlet removed her fingers from the strap of her dress and she reached out, ghosting her fingers along the skin of her cheek, forcing her to look directly into her eyes. "You have nothing to worry about with me, Quinn."

"I know." She laughed a little under her breath, her eyes shimmering with tears. "I'm being silly."

"No, not silly." Rachel insisted adamantly. She would never think of the blonde's insecurities as silly. "I understand your insecurities. I myself suffer from similar insecurities." Quinn flinched visibly at this, knowing that she was half the reason that the other woman was so insecure with her body. She hated herself for making her feel so ugly when she was the most beautiful girl in the world. "You just have nothing to be afraid of when it comes to me, because I truly do think that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met."

Her pink lips twisted up into a smile and a tear rolled down her cheek that Rachel quickly swiped away with her fingers. She felt almost selfish for making this about her insecurities when the woman standing before her was probably dealing with so many more, because of her.

"Thanks." Quinn breathed out.

Silence filled the room around them. It was not awkward. It was tense. They both had their insecurities still, but neither of them felt insecure with each other anymore.

"I am going to disrobe you now." Rachel announced in a breathy voice. The words caused Quinn to laugh a little, but her laughter died in her throat when fingers returned to the straps of her dress and brown eyes glanced down at her lips. Her eyes were filled with hunger and lust and they were practically black with desire.

The look caused Quinn to shiver and let out a soft whimper, and then Rachel lent in and captured her lips in a heated kiss. Her fingers pushing the straps of her dress down her arms, causing the dress to fall to the floor as she ran her tongue along the blonde's bottom lip begging her for entrance. She wanted to feel her tongue against hers, she wanted to taste her, she wanted to explore her entire body.

She was surprised when she felt the talented tongue trace along her bottom lip and she let out a loud moan into her mouth and her lips parted, granting the diva the access that she obviously longed for. Rachel's tongue invaded her mouth and started a dance with her own, both of them fighting for dominance as Quinn's fingers dug deeper into dark hair trying to pull their bodies closer together.

"Mmm..." Quinn groaned out in pleasure when Rachel pulled back and tugged her bottom lip between her teeth, sucking on it and causing her entire body to ache with need.

Brown eyes scanned over the blonde's face. She couldn't feel more pleased with herself as she noticed how visibly aroused for her she was. Her hazel eyes were dark with desire, her lips were swollen from their kisses and coated in a mix of saliva, her pale cheeks were flush, and she was breathing heavily. 'I can't believe that I of all people could cause Quinn Fabray to react in such a manner.' She still honestly could not believe that any of this was happening. It had to be a dream.

'A very very very wonderful dream.' She thought as her eyes started to roam over the exposed creamy shoulders of the blonde toward her chest. Rachel subconsciously chewed on her bottom lip as her eyes ran along the perfect curves of her breasts. She could feel her arousal building just at the sight. She didn't know what Quinn was so insecure about. She looked amazing.

"Wow." Rachel muttered softly.

"Is that a good wow?" She asked insecurely.

"That is an amazing wow." She spoke sincerely, leaning forward and capturing Quinn's lips in a chaste kiss before staring her directly in the eyes. "You look absolutely stunning, Quinn Fabray."

The way that Rachel said her name made her believe her words and she could no longer hold back. She was no longer insecure. She knew that Rachel liked what she saw, she could see it in the way that her eyes had practically devoured her body and she needed to see more of the petite woman. Leaning in she crashed their lips together in a passionate kiss that caused Rachel to moan out loudly. She hadn't been expecting Quinn to take back control of the situation. She liked being in control, but for a few minutes she would allow the other woman to believe she was in control.

One of Quinn's hands was buried in Rachel's hair, twisting in it and dragging her body closer as she invaded her mouth with her tongue and moving it skillfully against hers eliciting another loud moan of pleasure from the diva. She loved knowing that she was the one causing her pleasure. She loved the way that she moaned for her. Hearing Rachel moan caused her swollen clit to throb and her desire to intensify.

She could not wait to hear her moan out her name as she brought her to her climax.

Quinn's other hand snaked around Rachel's back and started to tug on the zipper that held her dress in place. Naturally tan skin was painted red as she felt the blonde push the straps of her dress over her shoulder and the cold air of the room rushed against her exposed skin. She was left standing in nothing more than her pink bra and panties.

It was now her turn to feel insecure as Quinn pulled out of the kiss and her hazel eyes roamed over her newly exposed skin. She felt like covering herself up, but the way that the other woman was staring her down caused her heart to race and her body to ache for her. She could tell that she liked what she was seeing and it only turned her on even more. All of these years she had been so insecure around Quinn because she always made fun of her body, but the way that she was looking at her right now told her that was all a facade.

She didn't really find her unattractive. She had only been lying to herself. Lying to both of them.

If the lust in her eyes was any indication then Quinn Fabray found Rachel Berry to be absolutely alluring.

"Fuck, Rachel, you are so sexy." Quinn practically moaned as her eyes ran along the curves of her concealed chest and down over her toned abdomen. She did not have prevalent abs, but she had a very defined stomach and it was both cute and sexy at the same time. The way that her hip bones were poking out caused her to run her tongue over her lips. 'She has to be the sexiest girl on the face of the planet. Fuck, why didn't I admit that I wanted her long ago...' She knew her reasons and she knew that they were good reasons, but right now she was doubting all of them.

"I am hardly what you or anyone else would define as sexy." She dismissed immediately. Over the years of dating Finn Hudson he had called her a clown hooker among other things and always asked her to cover up her body. Quinn had always insulted her appearance as well. So, it was sort of difficult for her to believe her words.

She reached out and traced her fingertip down Rachel's treasure trail toward the waistline of her panties. She was wearing a smirk. "You know why I always called you treasure trail, Rach?"

"No. I assumed it was because you found it to be quite manly and unattractive."

"The opposite actually." She whispered huskily, her fingers teasing the cute little hairs as she dipped the tips of her fingers into Rachel's panties. Teasing the sensitive flesh she found there and causing the petite woman to shiver at the contact and let out soft whimpers of approval. "One day in gym class I was caught staring at you. You remember that day, right?" Quinn asked, tugging on Rachel's panties and causing the brunette to take a step toward her and stare up into her eyes.

"Yes, I remember it quite well. Santana pointed it out and that was the first day that you started making fun of my treasure trail."

Rachel yelped when Quinn knelt down onto the ground, the foot of the bed pressing into her back as she delivered delicate heated kisses down the center of her stomach. Enjoying the way that the short soft hairs tickled her lips.

The diva's head fell back a little as she stared down at the beautiful blonde who was on her knees before her, kissing down her stomach. Each kiss left behind a trail of heat. Her skin felt like it was on fire and she could not stop shaking. "Mmm, Quinn." She moaned out loudly, digging her nails deep into the skin of the other woman's shoulder as she ran her tongue down Rachel's treasure trail.

Quinn enjoyed the way that she moaned her name. She could not wait to make her scream it. She could not wait to make her come undone. Her fingers teased the back of her thighs as she dipped her tongue into her bellybutton and swirled it around playfully. She could smell the scent of Rachel's arousal all around them and she loved how sweet she was. She could not wait to taste her.

But, that would have to wait.

Slowly, she climbed back to her feet and stared Rachel in the eyes as she spoke in a serious and lustful tone. Fingers still teasing her stomach and her breath rushing against Rachel's lips. "That day, Santana made fun of me. She told me that my gay was showing." She laughed. "She was right too. I was staring at your body because I wanted you, Rachel. I wanted you so bad."

This news was shocking to Rachel. That had happened years ago. 'She has really wanted me for that long...? Possibly longer?'

"I had dreams about kissing down your stomach like I just did every single night." Quinn admitted, a blush tainting her cheeks and running down along her exposed shoulders. "But, when Santana teased me about it, it made it all real. I wasn't ready for everyone to know. I wasn't ready to admit my feelings. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I made fun of your adorable treasure trail and told her that was what I was looking at. I told her I was disgusted by it." She trailed her finger up her treasure trail and grinned when Rachel shivered beneath her touch. "But, it was the opposite. I was so turned on by it, Rachel. By you."

"Oh." That was all that she could think to say. Her mind wasn't working anymore. Basically everything that she had thought was true had been a lie.

"Oh?" Quinn teased with a raise of her brow. "I admit that for two years I have lusted over you in the locker-room and all that you can say is oh?"

Rachel nodded. She really could not think of anything else to say. Her full lips were parted and she couldn't believe what she had just heard.

She knew why the other woman was so shocked by the news and she didn't blame her for not knowing how to respond to it as her fingers traced around her stomach to her back and skillfully unclasped her bra. Quinn chewed on her bottom lip and gave Rachel a look that asked her if it was alright. The diva answered by shrugging her shoulders and pushing the bra off of her body, before throwing it across the room. It seemed that she was taking control back.

Lustful hazel eyes landed on Rachel's exposed breasts and her wetness intensified between her thighs, she was certain that she was soaking through her panties and her body felt like it was on fire. She couldn't breath. She felt like she was about to pass out. The beautiful woman standing before her had perfectly shaped breasts, they were small and perky and her nipples were hard. She just wanted to reach out and touch her, she wanted to wrap her lips around her nipple and taste it, make her shake in pleasure.

But, Rachel had more in mind as she twisted her fingers into her panties and pushed them to the ground, kicking them across the room with her feet and revealing the rest of her body.

Rachel Berry was now naked and standing before her and she did not look shy at all. She looked devious and she looked like a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. And she was a woman that took what she wanted when she wanted it.

Quinn's lip was now bleeding as she chewed hard on it and her eyes ran along the naturally tan skin of her womanhood. She was clean shaven and her arousal was thick in the air around them. All that she wanted to do was kneel down and thrust her tongue deep inside of her and indulge in her taste like she had done hundreds of times before in her dreams, but Rachel had other plans as she pushed Quinn back onto the bed by her shoulders and she crawled on top of her, straddling her waist and kissing her with fever.

Their tongues met again in another passionate dance and the small girl's hands were now reaching around the blonde's body, unclasping her bra and pushing it over her shoulders before throwing it across the room. She never broke the kiss.

Rachel Berry was not experienced. She had only ever slept with one person and that had been Finn, and she had not made out with many people. She certainly had never kissed a girl before. What Rachel was, was confident. When she wanted something she gave her all and she went for it. She was not afraid to make a fool of herself and that made her very good at pretty much everything.

Including this.

Eventually, Rachel pulled out of the kiss and she stared down at Quinn, eyes dark with desire. She was practically panting as she ran her tongue over her full lips and took in the sight below. The blonde was laying on the bed with her arms back on the mattress, her entire top-half exposed. Her eyes traveled along her breasts and she enjoyed the way that her nipples hardened beneath her eyes. It was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen. It showed just how aroused the beautiful woman was to have her eyes on her body.

She lent down and kissed along Quinn's neck, leaving a trail of fire behind everywhere that her lips touched. Then she whispered against her neck, causing the other woman to shiver as she asked, "What about my hands?"

"Your hands?" She rasped.

"Yeah. You always called me manhands and I am curious as to where that came from. I have always been so confused by this nickname considering how small my hands are and now I am curious."

"Rachel." She felt like she was being put on the spot and she really didn't want to answer the question.

"Tell me, Quinn." She insisted, biting down on her pulse point and sucking gently on the sensitive skin of her neck. Quinn's entire body reacted to the contact and she started to shake and let out soft hums of approval. "Or we will stop."

"You wouldn't do that."

"I would." Rachel pulled back so that she was no longer sucking the skin of her neck, now she was fully sitting on top of the blonde who let out a hiss of pleasure when she felt Rachel's slick arousal against her toned abdomen. She could feel how wet she was for her and it caused her arousal to intensify and a moan to pass through her lips as she dug her nails into the diva's toned thighs.

"Fuck." She moaned. "You are so wet, Rachel."

"And it is all for you." She grinned deviously as she moved her hips against Quinn and watched her throw her head back into the pillows and moan out loudly as she felt her arousal drip down her stomach. Quinn didn't even know that it was possible for someone to be so wet. It probably should have grossed her out or something, but it was the sexiest thing in the world. She wanted to feel her. She wanted to be inside of her. She wanted to taste her. But, it was evident that Rachel was holding herself for ransom until she answered the question. "Now, tell me Quinn and I will let you have it."

'FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! Oh my god! Who is this girl and what has she done with Rachel!? Fuck! She is driving me crazy!' She didn't want to tell her, but she did want to indulge in her.

So, forcing her pride away she blushed brightly and reached out taking one of Rachel's hands in her own. "It's sort of the same thing as with treasure trail." She muttered, teasing her fingers with her own and smiling as she looked them over. She had the cutest hands ever. "One day in class you were twiddling with your pencil. You were chewing on it and moving it between your fingers..." Her voice cracked and her blush darkened. "And I couldn't stop staring at your hand, and Santana pointed it out to me. I think she always knew that I had a crush on you. And well, after that I felt the need to always make fun of them."

Rachel moved her hips again and applied more friction to Quinn's stomach, smirking as she let out another loud moan. "And what were you thinking about while you were staring at my hands, Quinn?"

She glared up at her and raised a brow at the starlet. She knew that the other girl knew exactly what she had been thinking about.

"Were you thinking about this?" She wondered, ghosting her fingers playfully along the cheerleader's perfect body. Making her way toward her breast and then delicately twisting her fingers over her hardened nipple. Watching with amused brown eyes as Quinn dug her nails into her thighs and she flung her head back letting out a low moan of pleasure.

"Rachel..." She breathed out.

"Is that a yes?" Rachel asked, brows knit together as she lent down and started to trail heated kisses along the other woman's perfect jawline and down her neck. Kissing, licking, and biting, as she made her way down to her breast. Once she reached her destination she teasingly extended her long and talented tongue, flicking it over the hardened nub, causing the other woman to scream out in pleasure and her body to quake. Quinn had never felt anything so intense in her entire life, her hand now tangled in dark hair, trying to force her down. Trying to get more contact.

The diva did not give her what she wanted. Not yet. "Or were you thinking about this?" Rachel asked, her fingers moving down Quinn's stomach toward the waistband of her panties and dipping inside of them as she wrapped her full lips around her hard nipple and sucked on it, swirling her tongue around it and lightly nipping at the sensitive nub. Her fingers were now delving between her folds and gently teasing the other woman's swollen clit.

It was too much pleasure at once and Quinn felt like she was going to explode.

The way that Rachel's tongue was teasing her nipple and her fingers were just ghosting over her clit was enough to drive her insane. She needed more pressure. She needed more. Lifting her hips, she attempted to get more pressure, but Rachel pulled her fingers away denying her.

She pulled her lips away from Quinn's nipple and stared up at her. Brown eyes connecting with desperate hazel as she said, "You didn't answer my question, Quinn."

She didn't want to answer, it was embarrassing to admit that in class she had been staring at her hand and thinking about her fingers inside of her, but right now if she didn't admit it then she wasn't going to get the satisfaction that she craved. So, she caved. "Yes, Rachel. This is what I was thinking about."

Rachel moved to Quinn's other breast and she started to swirl her tongue around her nipple before sucking it between her lips hard, her fingers dipping lower and teasing the blonde's entrance. She could feel the heat of her arousal on her fingers and she was practically dripping with need. Her arousal slick against her fingers.

For just a second, the starlet hesitated.

She had never pleasured a woman before and she was a little scared that she would do it wrong. But, there was no backing down now. She didn't want to back down. Without warning she thrust one of her fingers deep inside of Quinn, enjoying the way that the walls of her pussy tightened around the digit. "God, Quinn, you are so tight." She breathed out against her chest and then she moaned when she heard the other woman moan and felt her nails dig deeper into the skin of her toned thigh.

The pleasure that Quinn felt having Rachel move her finger in and out of her was so intense that she could already feel her climax building. But, she wasn't ready to come yet. She wanted more. She needed more.

Trailing her nails up the back of Rachel's thigh she felt a sense of pride when the brunette moaned out loudly as she grabbed her ass and pulled her forward a little bit. Her pride diminished though as Rachel added another finger and started to thrust them faster inside of her. It was almost a competition. But, she didn't mind that at all as she swiped the tips of her fingers over the diva's slick entrance, before thrusting two fingers deep inside of her womanhood. She felt her walls instantly tighten around her fingers and the look on her face drove Quinn insane.

She pulled away from her breast and screamed out in pleasure. "Fuck, Quinn!" Hearing her curse and call out her name was a huge turn on for Quinn and it nearly pushed her over the edge then and there as Rachel continued to thrust inside of her. She could see the sweat on her face, the way that her full lips were parted as she moaned out in pleasure with each thrust of her fingers, the way that she was trying to keep her eyes open so that she could watch her, but the pleasure was so immense that she was failing miserably.

Seeing Rachel in such pleasure and knowing that she was causing it was even more of a turn on for Quinn then the feeling of her fingers deep inside of her.

Quinn reached up with her free hand and she palmed Rachel's small perky breast in her hand, taking her nipple between her fingers and twisting it gently. It wasn't enough to hurt her, it was just enough to add an element of pleasure to the sensations that were already rushing through Rachel's body as Quinn thrust her fingers deep inside of her.

"Fuck, Quinn, I'm so close." She moaned out loudly. She had never felt so much pleasure in her entire lifetime. It was unreal. She didn't want to come yet, but she couldn't contain it. "Faster."

The blonde obliged and she started to thrust her fingers deeper and harder into Rachel, picking up the pace. Her wrist was starting to hurt, but she didn't care. She was going to fight through the pain. She was going to bring Rachel to her release.

Rachel picked up her pace as well and then she curled her fingers inside of her and twisted them, hitting a specific spot inside of Quinn that drove her crazy. Her entire body was shaking and she was moaning loudly. "Yes! Rachel! Right there! Oh my god, please don't stop! FUCK!" The diva did not stop, instead she sped up her pace and continued to hit that specific spot until she felt Quinn's walls tighten around her fingers and she knew that the other woman was coming.

The feeling of Quinn coming. Knowing that she had been the one to bring her to her release. Hearing as she screamed out in pleasure and came down from her high, was enough to push Rachel over the edge. There was something so arousing to her about knowing that she had been the one to bring Quinn Fabray such pleasure.

It wasn't because of her stature either. It was because of her feelings toward her.

Quinn did not allow her orgasm to stop her from finishing off Rachel. She felt the exhaustion and pleasure overtaking her and it only made her press harder, she wanted to make the petite diva come and scream for her. Ignoring the way that her body wanted to relax, she pushed harder, swirling her fingers inside of Rachel and pulling her body up so that she could run her tongue through the folds of her pussy and tease her clit with it. Indulging in the way that her arousal tasted. She was so sweet that it nearly pushed her to orgasm for a second time.

The new sensation on top of the feeling of Quinn's fingers deep inside of her was enough to cause Rachel to come. Her walls tightened around Quinn's fingers and her arousal covered her hand and lips as she lent back and came all over the blonde. Her body shaking as she screamed. "Oh god, yes! QUINN! Yes! Please don't stop! Right there!"

Quinn sped the pace of her tongue and fingers until Rachel was able to ride out the high of her orgasm.

Author's Note :

Phew! That was such a long chapter! I always start writing smut and it always ends up so long haha! I hope that y'all don't mind that it is so long and that you enjoy this chapter. I know how awkward it can be to comment on smut, but I really want to know what y'all thought of it, so please do tell me! And I hope you guys keep on reading! :)

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