Hi guys! I'm new to the Prince of Persia fandom, I generally write for Inuyasha, but I completely fell in love with Dastan and Tamina a few days ago when I rewatched the movie at 2 in the morning…so here I am! And I've read some absolutely amazing stories on here by the way. Right now, I'm in the mood for short one-shot type things, so that's what you'll be getting from me. I'm going to put all of them in one story and call it 'a bakery', like I have one for IY. This is going to be a Table of Contents/summary page thingy, since I'll probably write a whole bunch of short ones. I'm going to write a few in between studying today, and then upload them all tonight and hope for some reviews.

Alrighty! I'm gunna go write!



Title: Forgiveness

Word Count: 609

Type: Slightly Serious Fluff

Summary: Tamina finds Dastan looking at the streets of Alamut, they have a playful conversation regarding his staring at her, and then Dastan asks her if she forgives his invasion.


Title: Stunned into Silence

Word Count: 538

Genre: Complete Fluff

Summary: Dastan finds Tamina in her dressing room, and they start arguing, their argument broken into stunned silence when Tamina smiles.


Title: Calm

Word Count: 479

Genre: Comfort?

Summary: Dastan wakes up from another dream of Tamina dying and she comforts him in the temple.


Title: Medicine

Word Count: I'll check later...

Genre: FLUFF.

Summary: Tamina seduces Dastan into taking medicine. Banter. Fluff. :)


Title: Neglected Princes

Word Count: Does it really matter?

Genre: Some 'awwwh' fluff.

Summary: After getting some free time, Tamina goes to spend time with her neglected Prince.


Title: Acrobatics Part 1

Word Count: 900 ish

Genre: Pre-fiesty banter

Summary: :) Prompt! Tamina catching DAstan teachin acrobatics to kiddies...this is the teaching part, part 2 will be the 'catching' part.