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Pairing: Reader x ?

Summary: After receiving a new video game, you start playing it like any normal teenager. After a thunderstorm hits, the electricity goes out. You soon find yourself where everyday is filled with horror. Who would you look up to? Reader x ? AU. Details inside.

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"Did you receive the game, _?"

"Sure did! In fact, right now I just got it!" You chirped carrying in the cardboard box into your living room. You held the phone against your ear, letting your shoulder pushed the device against your ear.

"Good, but please, _. Don't play it for too long. We have a big exam tomorrow." Kiku reminded you. You sighed heavily, dreading the upcoming exam. You let yourself fall onto the sofa and place the box on the table in front of you.

"I know. I'll only play for an hour, even if it's too interesting." You said, letting your hand hold the phone against your ear now.

"Alright, good night."

"Good night." You said back and ended the call. You closed your phone shut and placed it on the table next to the small box. You lay there just for a few moments, commenting inside your head how soft the sofa was. How can a sofa like this be so comfortable?

Then you remembered the box, holding the game you have waited for months to be translated into English. You've seen snippets of the game in Japanese on a website that Kiku told you about one day at lunch. You became interested and pre-ordered the game right when it was ready to be pre-ordered. Now here it was, right in front of you, right in front of your (e/c) eyes.

You bolted right up and snatched the box in your hands, rushing into the kitchen to find a knife or scissors, anything to cut open the box. You positioned the box, again, on the dining table and looked through the drawers in your kitchen.

"Come on! I don't want to use my nails to cut open a box!" You complained, forgetting which drawer the cutting tool you needed held. Finally, you found a knife. Grinning, you made your way back to the table and stabbed the box in the middle, but still not wanting to damage the game inside it. After making a large cutted line, you opened the box gleefully. There inside, was the game you oh-so-wanted. Wrapped in bubble wrap, you took the game out and threw the box behind you, not caring where it landed. You flung off the bubble wrap, but still wanted to play with it later, and stared at the colorful cover you were seeing.

You had to admit, the men on the cover were hot. Kiku mentioned this was a Horror/Mystery/Romance/Adventure game. You left the kitchen, leaving trash behind, and headed to the game room where all your game needs were. You flicked the light switch, bringing light to the room. Inside you had beanie bags as chairs, shelves of games, a TV of course, and numerous gaming devices that you were proud of. You weren't afraid of titling yourself a "Gamer girl", you were proud of yourself to posses so many video games.

You closed the door behind you and walked over to your main gaming device. You crouched down to its level and pressed a button that let the disc holder open. You then opened the case the game was held in and placed the disc gently onto the disc holder. Smiling, you pushed the disc into the device, and turned the TV on only to reveal the Company in which the game was made under. You let yourself slightly lay down on your beanie bag and grabbed a controller.

You waited impatiently for the title screen, but there was a small intro, asking for your info. You were slightly confused for a moment, but shrugged it off.

Name: _

That was an easy one; you typed in your first name and pressed "A' for the next question.

Age: _

"Okay…I'm beginning to think that this game wants my personal info…I feel stalked." You said to yourself, but typed in your age anyway. You were like any average teen; you just played video games endlessly. You pressed "A" again, waiting for the next question.

Birthday: _

Yes, this game was asking every personal question. You typed in the day you were born and continued to press "A".

The questions stopped and you were slightly relieved. Right when you got to the title screen you heard thunder and pouring rain outside. You were shocked at first, but you ignored it. It was slightly common during this season to get a monsoon of rain.

Right when you were about to press "New Game" the electricity went out. You jumped out of your beanie bag in surprise.

"Oh come on! Arrggghh! Stupid thunder!" You complained, almost throwing a fit. You closed your eyes, to keep yourself from anger, for a few seconds. You sat down, thinking you were on your beanie bag, but landed on the hard ground. You opened your eyes; you were slightly confused again and looked behind you.

No beanie bag. You twisted your head back, no TV. No nothing. "What in the world…" You quietly said looking around your surroundings. Around you were tall, but dark trees looming over you. The only thing the trees was not blocking was the bright full moon, no clouds in sight.

You rubbed your eyes, just in case you were seeing things or hallucinating. No, you were not. The trees still stood where they were, and you still sitting on the dirt ground. Curious, you shifted your (e/c) eyes and found yourself in your normal attire, jeans, T-shirt and your converse. You stood up and rubbed your bottom due to not expecting to land on dirt. The sky was clear. You were confused since you thought a monsoon was literally happening outside.

Ahead of you were two paths. Both pitch black. You were slightly afraid, sensing something was about to come up behind you or from the paths. However, the paths held signs.

-Moon Hill

Moonflower Gardens -

Both had pretty names, according to you. All you wanted were answers. Where in the world were you? What is this place? How do you get out of here?

The question important now was…

Where will you go?

[Moon Hill] [Moonflower Gardens]

A/N: WOO! I'm pretty proud of this. I'm sorry, only one Hetalia character showed up. But I promise, depending on which place you guys choose, more characters will come in.


Moon Hill:

Here lies a certain pack, but yet a dangerous one. Enter if you dare.

Moonflower Gardens:

A beautiful meadow with fairies who are ready to help anyone to their needs.

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