Pairing: Reader x Lovino

Warning(s): Blood.

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You wondered if this was what Bella was warning you about. Were you supposed to run from this? Or was it still coming? You needed Bella's guidance; her words were soft and reassuring. She could help; she could help right now if she wanted.

But she didn't come.

She never came back.


Your hand smashed against the wall. Your hand throbbed and opened new, shiny cuts. Wincing, you formed it into a tight ball trying to make the pain vanish. It was only made worse when tears escaped your eyes. This wasn't the reason you were crying.

You had given up.

You gave up everything. It was impossible to let the pack escape; it was futile to even escape yourself. You only made things worse. You blamed yourself for every death and wounds you caused in others and created others to despise you.

You couldn't run from the unknown darkness that was here or about to come.

Sliding down to the floor, you covered your delicate face in your hands, sobbing quietly. Worthless, a worthless human being. They only wanted humans for food, thus creating reproduction. You were never loved or even cared upon.

Was everyone leading you to a trap?

It sure felt like it. But the pack…the Morphians…the fairies and witches… they were all too kind, so willing to help. Madelyn's words saying that those two races never really seemed to like humans as friends or allies. You began to trust them and followed their every word, all their caring attitudes and hospitality. Maybe they were all preparing you for this, to make sure you did not rot and die here.

But you never even thought what they were thinking about, were they thinking something different?

You began to think this was your death place and there was no running away from it. You shot up.

Did Bella mean running away from your death? Everything froze right then and there, the sudden realisation turned your blood cold and your hands and feet numb. Just imagining this room as your death bed gave you something more than chills.

Just then, glass shattered from the far end of the palace. If it sounded so far away, how come it sounded so close? Shouts and screams were bouncing off the walls and in moments your heard a few people run past your room.

This was it; this was what Bella was warning about all this time was it?

Run. You were supposed to run. But you didn't budge. 'You had given up, remember?' You reminded yourself.

'An opportunity will rise if you listen. No avail will come if you try.' A voice echoed in your mind, such a familiar voice.

She came, she came back. '…Bella…what do you mean?'

'An opportunity will rise if you listen…and if you try…you're only going to hurt yourself.' You felt so confused at her words, you could only listen and try to crack the code.

'I'm listening…'

'…Stay.' Stay where you are, it seemed impossible and you only felt more frightened when more glass shattered. Window by window was blown to the oblivion, only till your windows came next. A silhouette shining against the moonlight and another on the other end of the room, they didn't move. You took an intake of breath, wondering if the opportunity was death.

"Bella…should I run? Bella?" She never responded back and you couldn't move.

The two struck the windows in unison, and you covering your face and holding in your breath. You inhaled as quietly as possible, were those two even moving?

You closed your eyes, releasing your arms from covering your face. "I'm done."

No response.

"I said I'm done. I'm done with everything!"

Your lips shuddered and your throat growing numb once again from your sobbing. "Just kill me. I-I'm done."

You waited and waited for long, silent minutes. Were they even there? Slowly, you cracked open an eye. Nothing but darkness, the only light was the moon. You could hear more glass shattering in the distance. You ran up to what was once your window and spotted something familiar. A feather pierced by the sharp glass, the tip white as snow and the rest black as obsidian.

It was so familiar because you held the same type of feathers before when flying over the oceans leading to Lamia in the very beginning.

You shook, your whole body shook. You clasped the feather in your hands, sticking your head out the window. They were nowhere to be seen. Dejected, you retreated your head back into the room.

"Hey." You jumped from the sudden voice. "You forgot to look the other way, stupid human."

Again, your head was brought out to the cold night air and turned to the other side. A majestic avian, floating in the air as it held its three passengers. One small and glowing with its same bright light; and two standing proudly against the avian's feathers as they stared at you.

You gaped, your words suddenly gone missing. You could only smile fondly, so happy to see them again. You didn't want to be dreaming or imagining this at all. The glowing light flew towards you at the speed of light, her face so relieving to see. "Mei…everyone…"

"Not everyone yet." She said, shaking her head. Her eyes relieved but determined to continue their mission. The large avian flew by the window, allowing you to climb on. You cautiously stepped in the edge of the window, trying your best not to step on the sharp edges of the glass. Kaoru held out his hand whilst Yong Soo holding on to the man to keep him steady.

The doors pounded, almost making them open.

You stopped.

"_, keep moving. You're almost there."

"Miss _, unlock the door! We're in a state of emergency!" Chun-Yan's voice. You panicked, it sounded like she had brought guards to help her open the doors.

You tried to move faster, but the fear of falling and being aught was taking over. "Calm down, _. You're almost-"

The doors had slammed opened, revealing Chun-Yan and two guards. Her expression suddenly filled with anger and her eyes turning crimson against the moonlight. You gasped as Kaoru suddenly took hold of your wrist and pulled you out of the room. You were sure you almost fell down to the village below.

You craned your eyes back to the room, seeing the guards aiming their guns. The guards were aiming not towards you.

They were aiming towards the avian.

"Kiku go! Fly!" Kaoru shouted, pulling you fully in an embrace to keep you on board.


One bullet had missed completely but the other one had grazed against one's cheek. A few drops of crimson splattering against Kiku's feathers. Your hands felt your grazed cheek, the wound stinging and dripping with blood. Kaoru turned your wounded cheek towards him; your cheek was only throbbing with more blood.

Kaoru's eyes dilated from him smelling it. He coughed violently and fell on his knees. Yong Soo took hold of you, one hand covering his facial features. You could hear ugly cracking noise from Kaoru's hand that had examined your cheek. He tried to hide his strangled cry.


"Fuck Lamians…I thought they would use s-silver…"

"Oh no…" Mei had whispered, his hands covering her lips. You could see Kaoru's hand transform to a sickly grey color. Mei examined his hand, trying her best to at least get his fingers in the original place they were. She only failed miserably. She covered her face to hide her dejectedness.

"Wouldn't they use silver? How did they know to use iron?" Yong Soo asked, setting you down.

Kaoru shook his head, "I d-don't know. Usually Versipellians attack and they would use silver. They're pretty damn smart for using iron." Kaoru hissed at the pain inside his right hand. "Keep flying, Kiku. Time is ticking."

You wanted to help Kaoru but you didn't know how. Inside, your heart was telling you it was not your fault but it just felt it was your fault. But sorry wasn't going to cut it.

"I have to get the pack-"

"We know, _. You can't do it yourself." Kaoru managed to say as Mei was plucking feathers out of Kiku's back and apply to Kaoru's hand. "We shattered all the windows to make a distraction while we run into the dungeon and back. Luckily, Kiku's avian form is able to carry all of us despite his real height." Kaoru chuckled lightly at his statement; Kiku screeched at him and almost threw him off.

"Hey! We have others on board!" Kaoru exclaimed; grasping his wounded hand to make sure the feathers will stick on. However, Kiku landed somewhat near the back of the dungeon. The front would have revealed you and the others too easily. Once off Kiku's back, the man immediately transformed into his original form, the red fox, his sly feet quickly bouncing off the ground, beckoning the others to follow.

Yong Soo followed, except with a different approach. The once tall, lean man now had turned into the smallest of mice. He was too hard to see in the darkness of the night, but you could sense him by the grass blades moving slightly as the mice made his way. Kaoru was disappointed at himself, dejectedly staring at the ground.

Sighing, he went on ahead, "I knew something was going to go wrong…"

"Hey, you're not the only one who can't transform for her life." You said, trying to get some motivation into the man.

"Actually…it's great that I didn't transform at all. I need to keep track of these." He pointed to his waist belt, more importantly a small wool sack connected to the belt.

"What's that…?"

"The jewels that the Nordics asked you for, right after this we're sending you home." You could only agree, but you wanted to protest. You wanted to repay the pack somehow for all they did, but you knew if you protested no avail would come out of it. "By the way, Mei, you may want to dim the lights a bit."

Mei nodded, her bright, blinding glow dimmed to blend into the night but just enough light to lead them in the dungeon. "Wait, Kaoru, _'s wound…it's still bleeding…" Mei mentioned.

The man scanned you once again, his eyes targeting your hand. "Perfect. _ this feather will cover up your wound and its smell. Since the feather belongs to Kiku you will have his scent instead." He explained, taking the feather from your hand and smoothing it out on your cheek. "Plus your wound should heal much faster." His hand cracked again from the contact with your infected skin, his eye twitching to hide the pain.

"Kaoru…that's a bad idea…"

Kaoru arched an eyebrow at her, "How so?"

Mei sent a look at him. But Kaoru only waved it off and led the way. You didn't feel safe at all from Mei's statement.


Cell bars were bent and destroyed from what you saw. The only light source they had had flew over the cement ground, spots of crimson sprawled all over the floor. Covering your nose from the foul smell, you wondered where on Terra the pack could be. You were certain this was where Feli, Ludwig, Lars, and Heracles would be.

Massive holes were made right smack in the middle of the cell bars, the edges bent. Mei had entered one of the cells, flying over where wrists were once shackled to the wall. She had smelled the shackles then turned to the rest of you. "_ was right, the pack was here. But Lovino's scent is not even close to here…"

"But how in the world did they escape? They were literally chained and their wrists looked like they were going to detach from their hands!" You exclaimed Kaoru immediately covered your mouth from your loudmouth.

"They transformed into their true form…but not for long." Kiku explained, stepping closer to bar cell. "If they were injured that badly, they can't be in their true form for too long."

"But wait…don't they need a full moon to transform? They're in the middle of the dungeon." You said, your eyes turning every now and then to each side of the hallway to see if anyone was coming near.

Kiku shook his head, "What you learned is wrong. They can sense it thus transforming them with more strength than ever, leading them to break through the cell and escape."

You nodded slowly, getting used to the new rule of the supernatural. Mei had already made her way out of the cell and began to follow the new scent further down the dungeon. Something told you Lovino was not going to be there, he must have left with the rest of the pack. But he appeared to be so sick from the torture he received in such a short amount of time. You bit your nails, walking faster than the group.

Once reaching the other side of the dungeon you could see the same window Lovino looked at. You bolted down to the same cell from last night only to find he wasn't there. Your heart jumped, now worried where he and the rest of the pack could be.

Growling, you heard it behind you. Slowly, you craned yourself towards the sound. Your eyes met amber ones just at the right height, prickly but soft auburn fur in the slightest contact with your skin, and the growling only louder in your ears. You didn't move, the initial shock only making you freeze. The largest wolf you had ever seen sniffed.

Just the sound of sniffing made you realise that you smelled like Kiku now. You gulped. Kiku had shoved you behind him, his arms spread out to block you and for the wolf to know that he was the real 'Kiku'.

The two stared intensely at one another, mainly the wolf examining the Morpher. Once done, Kiku had brought you in front of the unknown wolf once more, beckoning you to pet the snout. You bit your lip, nervous if the said wolf was going to amputate your hand.

The wolf brought his head closer, the soft, prickly fur rubbing against the palm of your hand. Sensations ran through your body, now realising who this wolf was. Your lips formed into a smile, a warm, relieved smile. Tears in the making were wiped away by your arm, only to throw your arms around the wolf's neck.

"Lovino, you're okay. You're okay…"


Splitting up was determined to be the best choice for the time being. With a meeting place in mind, you cautiously followed your two partners down an obscure underpass that was connected to the dungeon. Your hand grasped Lovino's fur to keep hold, trying to see the red fox's steps from behind.

A hand clasped over your nose, the foul scent becoming stronger as you descended further. You couldn't complain of the smell, any squeak would reveal where all three of you were. All you wanted was to escape but with the whole palace you were around, they had to keep a low cover.

You couldn't escape yet.

Kiku glanced at the two of you, motioning there was an intersection and that he was going towards the right. Lovino sniffed, but he couldn't detect anything since the foul smell was thicker than ever. You didn't know if you could even breathe in this environment. Instead, you let your face bury itself into Lovino's soft fur.

For once you felt at peace just being able to rest and be with Lovino, but the current problem was still going on.

You three had to get out and meet the others at the other side of the palace where they will be trying to find the rest of the pack as well. Of course Kiku had mentioned he saw a shortcut in the dungeon. You suddenly thought this is where the Lamians kept their dead bodies besides the cemetery, thus, creating the horrible smell.

You wanted to complain to Kiku, but you didn't want your cover blown.

Something attracted your attention. Light had caught your attention. You were filled with determination and adrenaline. Your hands gripped tightly onto Lovino's fur.

The three of you exited out of the passageway.

Guards covered in armor and armed with weapons had patiently waited for all of you. None of the guards gave no attention to you.

All the sharp spears and loaded guns were pointed at Kiku.


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