A/N: I wrote this story a couple of years ago with every intention of posting it, but the time just never seemed right, especially as I continued to tweak it. The original concept of course I have no claim too, this story wouldnt exist without Stephenie Meyer's four books and novella. Chris is my addition to the Cullen family. This partiuclar story takes place during the first book, most of the parts are my own imagination, however there were a few parts that lifted directly from Meyer's unpublished yet available on her site Midnight Sun which as you all know is Twilight from Edward's point of view, there are also quite a few parts towards the end of the fic that are lifted from the Twilight book itself, both of these were unavoidable and I give ownership to where its due. The added point of this is lifted from the movies, I couldnt pass up the Cullen Crest, I wasnt too thrilled with how the movies turned out, but I did think the crest was a cool concept. I will update this fic as often as possible, I do plan on continuing with the series and I also have about ten or eleven Pre-Twilight chapters, one of which is how Chris became a vampire, if people after reading this test run would be interested in reading that I will go ahead and post it. As I said I've been hesitant to post this, for many reasons, one of which I wasnt sure how it would be received, but I am taking the chance now. So enjoy. (oh PS, I am really, really bad at chapter titles so I'm not even going to attempt to butcher one out).

Pain…that was all I could feel, all I could concentrate on…it wasn't pain like I fell and scraped some skin off my knees, this pain was deeper. It was inside of me and rushing through my body; a burning pain that made me wish for anything to make it stop, including death. I had been warned of course, but nothing could have prepared me or convinced me of the pain included in this.

I had agreed to this, I wanted to live…but as my body continued to suffer through the burning pain, I really began to contemplate my decision, but as Dr. Cullen explained…once the process began, there was little chance of stopping it and since the venom had been in my system for nearly a day, there was no stopping the inedible; my body was preparing to die preparing to leave who I was behind, making way for who…for what I was about to become.

I could feel the fire making a move towards my heart, preparing to envelope my source of life as a human being…once there my heart would cease to beat and I would become one of them.

Distracted by the thought of my heart no longer serving it's given function, I neglected to concentrate…to block the sudden burning sensation that now chose to attack my entire body, and I couldn't help myself…I screamed and cried… shedding my last tears I would ever shed as the pain finally reached my still beating heart.

I ignored the hand I felt holding my shoulder and the one holding my hand as the owners of both respectively, tried to comfort me, the hand on my shoulder gave a gently reassuring squeeze and whispered something to me, something I could not hear, my ears were filled with the thumping of my heart.

Even if I could have heard him it did not work…no words or physical gestures would distract me from my…my heart…it was beating faster as it tried to ward off the venom, which continued to attack the frail organ, until I began to feel it weaken, as I finally closed my eyes and tried to numb my body by concentrating…

Concentrating on a quote my favorite actor always said… nothing is permanent in this wicked world… not even our troubles…Oh Mr. Chaplin…I hope you're right…

The beating coincided with my thoughts…each beat growing weaker… more difficult to hear…to feel…and I prayed…prayed that the quote and Dr. Cullen were both ri-

"Mr. Cullen…Mr. Cullen?" Quickly I shook my head, throwing that memory from my conscious, before glancing up at my history teacher Mr. Jones. My classmates giggled and whispered among themselves, mainly calling me a freak, creepy…

"What a retard," I heard Anthony Dessmond, star basketball player of the eighth grade mutter to his co-star Craig who sat behind me…yep that was a new one…but these were typical phrases coming from my uncreative, immature classmates.

Craig kicked the leg of my desk, on purpose I'm not sure, but I glanced behind me so sharply that he went pale for a second, my classmates may think I'm a freak, but it's impossible to deny that I can't make their blood run cold just by glaring at them; an obvious advantage in being what I am.

Class had been going so slow my short attention span had taken over and thrown me back into a memory that I really did not care to relive.

"Mr. Cullen, I have been calling you for a few minutes now, I trust you have rejoined the world of the living?"

In a manner of speaking, I thought to myself though, it really depends on your definition of living.

More giggling from the kids around me floated up, the girls more so than the guys and I wondered for a moment how long he had been calling me and if he wasn't exaggerating when he said a few minutes.

"Yes sir, sorry, won't happen again" at least I hoped it wouldn't…the last time I spaced out during class I had gotten detention, something Carlisle could only roll his eyes about when he got the phone call from the school.

That had been a very long ride home from school when he picked me up after the detention on his way home from the hospital where he works.

"Well now that I finally have your full attention, perhaps you could tell me what was referred to as Blitzkrieg during the Second World War?"

A quiet frustrated groan escaped me, but luckily no one heard it not even those closest to me.

"It was a Nazi military tactic carried out by the German Luftwaffe, it translates into Lightening War. Bomb cities and towns repeatedly in strategic locations before a country's air troops could mobilize, it was designed to weaken the city's defenses so Nazi ground troops could move at the same time, it worked in Poland, it also worked at Dunkirk drove the allies out across the channel, it's the reason Paris and therefore France fell in June of 1940."

The words spilled out of my mouth like I was reading from the text book, but I had no desire to put any enthusiasm into my answer,

"Correct," Mr. Jones paused, not seeming to care just how robotic my answer had sounded; or the fact that I had given more information than he had been teaching us. Mr. Jones pulled down a map of Europe, pointing specifically to Great Britain. I couldn't help, but roll my eyes, remember exactly why I had spaced out in the first place, its not that I don't enjoy history, quite the contrary, I love learning about the past, but I prefer events that had happened before I was born, things I couldn't possible remember. "Now who can tell me when the Nazi's began this Lightening War against Great Britain?"

Yep, that was exactly why I had spaced out. If anyone knew anything about the Blitz it was someone who experienced it firsthand…meaning myself.

I was twelve years old when Germany invaded Poland and peace negotiations between Germany and Great Britain became useless. Germany was continuing to invade country after country and it became clear that it was only a matter of time before all of Europe was in danger. I can remember listening on the wireless to Mr. Chamberlain's declaration of war on Germany.

My younger cousins were visiting and I really don't think they understood what was going on, and to be fair I didn't fully understand it all either, I understood enough that it was serious. I could see the serious expressions on my parents and relatives and the sharp reprimand of my uncle when my youngest cousin begged him to pick her up.

Even back then I was good at profiling people and environments. Everyone's wireless was tuned to the broadcast. I could hear my neighbors listening as well, the words echoing through each open window and door.

Nearly a full year later when I was thirteen years old the bombing known as the Blitz started in September 1940. It really began on September 7th with minimal bombing around central London, but it really got going into full swing a week or so later.

a few months later on November 14th, a month and a few days short of my fourteenth birthday; I was minding my own business walking home one evening from school when the air raid siren screamed.

I remember being frozen with fear for the first ten seconds, before realizing that I had to find cover. The Germans had been bombing us all day, it was unusual for a daytime raid, but the long pauses in between gave us all a renewed sense of hope that the worst was over. It wasn't.

Diving under a bench, I thought I would be safe, after all, that was what we were told in school, find anything solid and duck underneath, better be buried alive than crushed while standing in the open, if you are buried, you can be protected until someone digs you out.

What I hadn't noticed was the bomb ridden building behind the bench was already preparing to collapse, a few more bombs further away shook the ground just enough that the bloody thing fell on top of my pathetic shelter, burying me alive, but not before nearly crushing me as well.

Diving under that bench had been one of my last actions as a normal human being and had sealed my fate.

I glanced around at my classmates, before looking at the clock, none of them seemed to have the answer and I wasn't about to answer. Remembering what directly led to my becoming what I am is not exactly my fondest memory and I wished I had opted to stay home from school today to avoid the lesson.

"Wasn't it September?" Sara Mitchen who sat next to me guessed, Mr. Jones smiled grateful that she had spoken up, and nodded

"Exactly, it was September, and it continued well into May 1941, when Hitler turned his attention to Russia continuing with what would become known as-"

"Operation Barbarossa" I muttered under my breath as Mr. Jones said:

"-Operation Barbarossa, leaving London nearly destroyed, the worst of the bombing occurred on December the 29th 1940. When a stream of bombs hit London after a number of fire starting bombs fell around the famous St. Paul's Cathedral, which the Nazi's deemed as Londoners symbol of hope and determination. The fires would light up the area surrounding the church and Hitler hoped it would keep the firefighters too busy to defend the cathedral."

"What happened to it?" Nick Holmer asked

"Londoners banded together and protected it from the fires and the bombs, from the time the bombing began in the early evening and ended early the next morning, hundreds upon hundreds of firefighters and ordinary citizens fought to put out the flames, and they succeeded. An interesting note everyone, after the fires had been started and a number of bombs had been dropped, Nazi planes headed back to the main land to refuel and some armature pilots were on their way back to London to try their hand at destroying St. Paul's, but due to weather conditions they could not make the flight, giving London a chance to recover." Mr. Jones paused and hit the map with a pointer pointing out each country in turn "but unlike Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Belorussia, and even Great Britain's closest ally France, and other countries who eventually submitted to the Nazi's relentless attacks, Great Britain refused to acknowledge defeat and remained strong throughout the remainder of the war. Also unlike those previously mentioned countries, Great Britain was never once occupied by Nazi troops; it remained Nazi free completely, much in part to Prime Minister Churchill's strong leadership."

"Way'ta go mates" I mumbled solely to myself, pride dripping off of each word. It made me smile a little, knowing that nearly being wiped off the map hadn't dampened my homeland's desire to fight Hitler and his Nazis and get revenge for the thousands of lives lost during the Blitz.

No matter how many times I hear that fact, it still makes me smile with pride, but that part of the Blitz also sent a twinge of sadness down my spine…my father had been killed that night, he was one of the hundreds of soldiers and medics, tending to wounded firefighters and citizens surrounding the cathedral and he was one of many that lost their lives that December night.

Up at the front of the room, Mr. Jones continued his lecture, though I'm really not sure how many exactly were listening to him at this point.

"Aided of course with the appearance of American GI's after the bombing of Pearl Harbor when?"

Again I looked around at my classmates, most of them were half asleep, some were paying attention, but the rest were scribbling in their notebooks. I must have been really out of it if Mr. Jones had noticed my lack of attention, but hadn't noticed my classmates.

But then again, over the past few months I've gotten the impression that Mr. Jones doesn't like me…I think it has something to do with my always being able to answer him, even if I don't appear to be paying attention, and the fact that despite my lack of participation in class, my test and quiz scores in his class are always in the top percentile.

I glanced up at the clock again, and grinned victoriously as the second hand crept closer to 3:25, but frowned as I was hit with realization that Mr. Jones wasn't going to let us go without someone answering his question.

The bell rang loudly and out in the hall the sound of other students pouring out of their classrooms filled the corridors.

Most of my classmates stood up as well, normally I was one of the first ones out of the room, but knowing Mr. Jones's plans I just piled my book and notebook on top of one another and waited.

Mr. Jones cleared his throat and shook his head at the class, gesturing for everyone to sit; a chorus of groans and complaints rose from everyone.

"Oh come on Mr. Jones I'm gonna miss my bus,"

"I have basketball practice; if I'm late I hafta do suicides!"

"This isnt fair!"

"Answer my question and all will go free," Mr. Jones replied sitting at his desk, "I have all day."

Normally I don't answer questions in class unless I get called on. But if I didn't get out of here, I would be walking home, well technically running…

Mr. Speed Demon, AKA my brother Edward promised me when we moved to Forks two years ago and I started school at the middle school and not the high school with him and the rest of our siblings, he promised that he'd always wait at least thirty seconds for me to come out and then he'd take off.

I'm really not sure if he was kidding when he said this, but I wouldn't put ANYTHING past him, especially if one of my other brothers goaded him into something, and it is not something I'm willing to test.

The high school gets out a full ten minutes 'fore we do, but Edward usually has the courtesy to wait the 10 minutes for me to get out, knowing full well I would be out barley forty seconds after the bell rang.

But as the seconds ticked by, I could feel myself getting antsy, at least to the point where I finally couldn't take just sitting there waiting for someone to answer. I've never been good at sitting still…

"Early Sunday morning of December 7th 1941," I muttered loud enough for Mr. Jones to hear me, the class looked at me then at him, hoping for their own sake that my random answer was correct and I kept the frown on my face, that day brought back memories of being terrified and feelings of being less than safe.

"Well Mr. Cullen, you do pay attention, who would've guessed." Mr. Jones replied nodding "I want chapter six read and notes taken for homework, we're discussing the attack on Pearl Harbor tomorrow so come prepared, because when I say discuss, I mean all of you… so I expect full participation… dismissed."

I was already out the door by the time he finished the word dismissed, beating all of my classmates out to their lockers.

Luckily, mine was right outside Mr. Jones's classroom, since he had ended up being my homeroom teacher that year.

Quickly I grabbed my backpack and sweatshirt and threw the books I needed into the bag, before rushing out of the building to the front of the school.

Edward's Volvo was nowhere in sight, though I wasn't exactly sure if that was a positive sign or not, it either meant I had beaten him to the sidewalk and had to just wait for him to show up or he had already shown up and upon not seeing me had driven off.

I'd give 'em two minutes then I was heading home without the ride, I'm fast, easily the second fastest in the family after Edward.

Though, now that I thought about it, I knew that none of them would intentionally leave me behind, Emmett might stop the car then start to drive off just to tease me, but it was all in good fun and eventually he'd stop and let me into the car, it was just typical older brother picking on younger brother stuff and I give it right back to him so we're even. Emmett looks out for me, all of them do; we're a family and take care of each other.

My brothers Edward, Emmett, and Jasper and my sisters Alice and Rosalie go to the high school here in Forks, but being the youngest, I attend the middle school…eighth grade middle school to be specific, not really a fun experience since I was all by myself, least they had each other to hang out with.

To top it off I've graduated from middle school a few times now, so everything starts to get repetitive after a while. I personally cannot wait for this school year to finally be over, 'cause next year I'll be in high school and at least get to hang out at lunch with Alice and Edward, 'stead of by myself like I do now, maybe I can convince a teacher to move me up in a class or two, take a senior level class.

But I have gotten used to this, the younger we start out in a place the longer we can stay there, so I've never complained about the elementary and middle school thing, you know, facing the school years without my siblings, 'cause I know I'll join them eventually.

My first day at school for the 1949-1950 school year (after being turned into a vampire, nine years nearly ten previous) Carlisle didn't take any chances and set me up as a freshman in high school, which meant we had to move on sooner than normal, but he wanted Emmett, Edward, and Rosalie to be with me, just in case.

As you might have guessed, I'm not related to any of these people, they are my adopted siblings, adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. There's six of us "kids" and one of the reason we have chosen to stay with the Cullen family and be adopted into the family is because our shared dietary preference, the other reason is just because no matter what we do or have done, we know we're always welcome under the Cullen's roof.

Carlisle always tries to see the good in everyone, he makes a great dad, even though physically he's only a few years older than most of them, minus me, but even with that, we all respect him as if he is our father, because technically he is at least in one sense of the word, four of us, five if you include his wife Esme, were changed into vampires by Carlisle, our lives saved from death's door by a doctor who offered us an alternative to the grim reaper.

Going by physical age alone…Esme is the oldest in the family at twenty-six, next comes Carlisle at twenty-three then Jasper and Emmett just three years behind him at twenty. Alice comes after them at nineteen (we think), then Rosalie at eighteen and Edward at seventeen…then there's me, the youngest at fourteen (I was almost fourteen when I was changed so I usually refer to myself as such, problem is I don't look older then twelve.

I was "twelve" when we moved to Forks two years ago, and as far as everyone in school believes I turned fourteen last month, and as far as the Volturi, our equivalent to a royal family and some of the oldest of our kind I have personally met…anyways as far as they are concerned, I may look twelve, but technically, emotionally and mentally I was fourteen when I was changed…not twelve and not thirteen, Carlisle is always willing to add on a few years just because I was pretty mature for my age and still am, that's in part to the world I lived in.

During the war, it was difficult to stay a child, not that I wanted to. If it had been up to me I would have quit school and joined up in the war…but I had my mother to think about and look after, with my father off as a medic on the front, I was the man of the house, a role I did not take lightly and if fate didn't choose the way she did, only two years I would have lied about my age and enlisted.

Another reason to stay with Carlisle and Esme…even if it is a real minor reason and probably the least significant, especially to me; is as I said the fact that Carlisle is the one responsible for five of the total eight members of our family, being what we are.

Some people would see that as us saying 'you did this to us, now your stuck with us,' kinda deal, but trust me when I say, it's not like that at all…

Carlisle saved each of us, whether it be from death, like Edward, Emmett, Esme, Rosalie, and I, or saving us by offering an alternative to the typical vampire diet, a place to call home and a chance to live at least somewhat normal lives, like Jasper and Alice.

We'd be dead or be your typical vampires if it wasn't for him and I couldn't be more grateful to him. That is what I mean by he's our father, in pretty much every sense of the word.

Sighing, I pulled my IPOD out of my jeans pocket and slipped my earphones on. Having superhuman senses, hearing included, means blocking out the boring chatter of my schoolmates around me is tough; considering the volume on my IPOD only goes so high.

Thought it really could be worse, at least I can't read minds like Edward can….I shuddered at that thought, no thank you.

So even with Metallica's Sandman blasting through the earpieces, I could still hear everyone else as they also waited to be picked up, the two buses had come and gone, leaving the few brave souls huddled around the main entrance, while their wimpy counterparts stayed warm in the lobby.

The middle school only has about 200, maybe 220 students tops with three grade levels, sixth grade, seventh, and eighth; while the high school has roughly 350ish.

My class is extremely small, even for a tiny town like Forks, if everyone graduates, my class (and true I wont be one of them) my class with only have about 37 maybe 38 in the Forks High School graduating class of 2009.

Feeling eyes on me, I glanced over at three girls from a couple of my classes; all three were staring at me, but quickly looked away when I looked back at them.

Like everyone else in my family, we usually make people nervous, I never encourage this notion, but then again I also didn't do anything to put an end to it, just isn't worth it.

"He's so creepy," Janet, one of the girls noted.

I tried to turn the IPOD up louder to block them out, but like I said, the volume only goes so high and I could hear the crackling of my headphones, maybe it was time to invest in some noise canceling headphones, see if they do any better.

"The whole family kinda is." Sara from my history class spoke up, "My sister has some classes with his brothers and sisters, over at the high school; and she says they're all like the walking dead."

I raised my eye brow and muffled a snicker…walking dead…yeah like I haven't heard THAT one before and I wondered if Sara had see ANY vampire movies.

We Cullens look much better than any of those vampires, we can actually pass as normal humans for the most part. I mean look at Count Orlak from Nosferatu, he was bald, had these huge buck teeth fang thing going on, and moved so slow a snail could've beaten him in a race.

Now he was the walking dead…we don't look like that nor do we act like that, ok so we're incredibly pale…but that is probably the ONLY likeness we have to your typical movie vampire, well at least the old school movies, y'know excluding anything after 1945.

But then again, being seen as creepy or just odd is much better then people starting to figure out the truth, figuring out the truth usually results in us moving, quickly.

"Yea they are," Janet agreed with Sara, nodding.

"She said they stick to themselves, eat lunch together no one else ever sits with them. I mean his older brother is soooo hot, but…" Sara's voice trailed off, before rerouting the subject "There's six of them all together, he's the youngest. But they all act like him, y'know completely in their own world." She paused "I mean you should've seen him in history, completely spaced out, Mr. Jones called his name like four times before he finally looked up, but he still knew the answer, like he had been paying attention the whole time."

"I heard that they're all together." Janet whispered, her voice reaching a pitch that teetered on squeaking, I like to refer to it as her chipmunk impression.

"what do you mean?"

"Four of his siblings are couples…"


"They're not really related, but yeah uh, Rosalie and the big guy Emmett and then the other two I cant remember their names,"

"Alice I think, and Joe?"

"Jasper, that was it" Janet replied "yeah their all together. There's one other brother Edward…whose definitely hunky" She huffed in my direction "then there's…that."

"He is kind of cute," Marie, Janet's quiet friend who is in a lot of my classes admitted, "I love his eyes…their like…like looking out at the sea on a foggy day."

Again I rolled my eyes, I've got these pale blue eyes, completely different from my family.

Everyone in our family has golden almost topaz colored eyes, except yours truly, according to Carlisle I am the only one he has ever seen in his 300 some odd years as a vampire with this eye color and actually, I'm the only one the Volturi have seen as well so that's saying something.

The yellow is due to the fact that we do not feed on human blood, if we did our eyes would be red almost burgundy. But like I said, some reason I've got blue. When I was human, my eyes were brown.

As with all newborn vampires, my eyes stayed red as my own blood supply dwindled, they remained red for about ten months, and slowly the red began to fade… everyone in the family has told me that the tiniest hint of blue began to show amongst the red and bam the red was completely faded away and the current blue emerged.

Upon first meeting me, a lot of people assume because the paleness (or apparently fogginess) in my eyes, that I am blind or at least nearly blind which of course I'm not, but that gives you a good idea just how milky blue my eyes are (or foggy blue if your Marie.)

But, because we tend to go with whatever people think, I've got glasses to put on if anyone asks, I usually keep them in a case in my bag, not that I need them, the lenses aren't even real. But people automatically assume I'm nearly blind because of my eye color

Carlisle picked up a set of frames for me to wear, but the deal was, I wear them when Carlisle says so and anytime I feel it's necessary, but usually I just pretend that I've got contacts in and tell people as such and usually don't wear the things, people already think I'm weird… the last thing I need is geeky to be added to their assumptions.

As with the rest of my family and the yellow, the blue goes away when I haven't hunted, the more thirsty I become like the rest of them, the darker my eyes become, reaching a point where they become almost black, which they have started to do, I noticed this morning as we were leaving for school that the blue was darkening quickly.

"Yeah, but have you ever seen his brother? The guy is huge, he does not look like a senior; they are so creepy!" Janet exclaimed, bringing my attention back to the girls' conversation, though I'm not really sure why I was listening, maybe out of curiosity and maybe out of boredom.

"They are not creepy," Marie replied, "Chris is just quiet, I think he's sweet, just a little shy, and he is cute!"

I glanced over at Marie quickly and she smiled shyly, but I was curious to hear Janet and Sara's replies. Sara looked at Marie with surprise, and even a tad envious that shy Marie had been the first to admit something that Sara didn't dare.

Janet however, looked angry even disgusted at Marie's confession.

"Sure, if you like freaks, Marie" Janet said sharply, not even trying to hide her disgust in regards to what Marie had just admitted "the whole family is weird, they give me the creeps. I don't like them one bit. I wish they would just go back to whatever cave they crawled out of before moving here, no one wants them here."

I couldn't help growling a little, the Cullen's are my family. My real family died long ago, my father in 1940 shortly after my own "death" and my mother not long afterwards in 1941.

Since Carlisle changed me in 1940, I have known no other family and to be honest, I've wanted no other family and no other life than the one I have with the Cullen family.

Carlisle is my father, just as Esme is my mother and I usually get defensive when it comes to anyone talking bad about any of my family or about them in general.

Most times I'm just curious, it's Edward and I's job to keep tabs on people and if they may be figuring us out, so normally it's just that kind of curiosity, but when people cross the line, like Janet was doing, my temper tries to get the better of me.

I clenched my fists up tightly, hidden in the pouch of my hoodie and growled softly under my breath.

Careful Chris, your temper is trying to control you…it's just words…calm down, find something else to focus on. My conscience warned, surprisingly, or maybe not so much… my conscience sounded a lot like Carlisle.

Quickly, I tapped the skip button on my IPOD changing songs; Linkin' Park's Numb blared through the phones, not that it helped to block the girls out, but the change in sounds calmed me down a bit.

"I've met Dr. Cullen; he was the doctor who reset my arm when I broke it last year. He's really nice. He made me feel better about the whole thing. I was so scared, I really hate hospitals, but he made me feel so much better helping me understand that there was nothing to be afraid of he explained everything that he was going to do and made sure I was ok with it before he reset my arm."

I glanced up at Marie again; she looked over at me as she talked about Carlisle, and gave me a nervous smile which I reluctantly returned, my mouth giving her a quick courteous grin.

"Well, maybe Dr. Cullen is normal, but the rest of the family gives me the creeps, and HE is no exception." Janet replied flatly, nodding her head violently my direction.

I tried to think for a moment, I don't think Janet has EVER called me by name. On the rare occurrences she has spoken to me, usually telling me to get out of her way or talking about me when she knows I may hear her, I am: That, It, He, Him, or my personal favorite Erhm. I'm not entirely sure what kind of title Ehrm is or if it's a type of American style adjective that I as a Brit seem unable to comprehend even though I've lived in the states for sixty-five years, but needless to say it amuses me to no end. I'm really not sure what I did to her, but that girl really does not like me.

I think it frustrates her to no end that she has never once gotten a reaction out of me in regards to her comments and 'high and mighty, I am better than you' attitude that I have been on the receiving end of, for going on three years now.

I often wonder why a caring person like Marie is friends with Janet. I'm nearly eighty years old and there are still so many things I don't understand about girls, even after having Rosalie as a sister for nearly sixty-five of those and Alice for fifty-five of them.

Marie however wasn't finished with defending my family, she crossed her arms and looked at Janet defiantly, I'm not sure, but I think my acknowledging her with a grin gave her a boost of confidence.

"Look Janet, I think Dr. Cullen and his wife are sweet people. My mom said that they adopted Christian and his brothers and sisters to give them all a better home. Adopting six kids when you are as young as Dr. And Mrs. Cullen are, is a brave and loving thing to do. And it isn't like they adopted a whole family; none of the kids are related except for the Hale twins."

"Marie, like I said, Dr. Cullen and his wife may be the Saints of Forks. But their kids are just weird, they are freaks, plain and simple." Janet shot back.

"Can we like change subjects," Sara interrupted "did you guys hear that Chief Swan's daughter moved back?"

"No way," Janet exclaimed.

Now the conversation was turning boring. The whole bloody town knew about the return of Chief Swan's daughter and I wondered for a moment if Janet the Princess of Gossip, daughter of the Queen had been living in a box to not hear the gossip about that. Heck I don't talk to people and I knew about it!

Off in the distance, I could see a familiar car speeding towards the school, it slowed down as it entered the student pick up area, but it wasn't Edward's Volvo, instead it was Emmett's jeep wrangler, coming from the opposite direction of the high school, it was coming from the direction we took to go home.

I glanced at my watch. Given how fast Edward drove, he had probably gotten home before Jones even thought about saying the word: dismissed.

But something felt wrong about Edward not picking me up, I can't read minds like he can, but I'm not an idiot, something had happened to him at school to make him drive right by the middle school, in turn make Emmett to come back and get me. Edward has never forgotten to pick me up, ever…

Sighing, I knew I could just force Emmett to tell me, he plays the protective big brother really well and would tell me whatever I want to know, and I also felt a bit of relief wash over me, knowing that he had come back to get me.