The sun shone down on my pale skin. I rubbed my arms, trying to get warmer.

I never did like the winter time. It was cold, my skin and hair looked terrible, and there was no snow. Well, at least there wasn't any in Los Angeles.

Oh, I'm Audrey Holloway, by the way. I'm 21 years young and have been living in L.A. since I turned 18.

I'm originally from a small town in Ohio, but I moved out here to get away from it all.

I figured, hey, why not? It'll be a fun change of pace.

Well, so far, I'm living with my dog Rex and I have a job at one of the local hospitals.

I just finished up nursing school so they gave me a job as a parttime nurse. It's not the greatest job in the world, but the money's good and I don't have to work everyday.

In fact, I just walked inside and clocked in. I greeted my fellow nurse, Patty, and got my duties for the day.

"Go to room 206 and check up on the patient."

"Okie dokie."

I walked down the hall and took the elevator up to the 2nd floor and went straight to room 206.

I walked in and gazed at the man laying in the bed. He had tan skin and dark hair. Not too shabby.

He looked strangely familiar somehow, though.

I checked the clipboard on the end of the bed and read the diagnosis.

Name: Carlos Roberto Pena Jr.

Age: 22.

Diagnosis: Slight concussion, bruised ribs, and broken wrist.

I kind of chuckled. I wonder what happened to him.

"So, Mr. Pena. Can you explain to me what happened to you?"

I looked and him and noticed his eyes roll slightly.

"I was practicing some dance moves for the upcoming concert whenever I went to close to the edge of the stage and fell off of it."

Then, it clicked.

He was Carlos from the boy band Big Time Rush.

They were growing pretty popular and I saw them everytime I flipped the TV to Nickelodeon.

What can I say? I love me some Spongebob.

I looked at Carlos and smiled, "I'm sorry, but that sounds like an awful way to celebrate the new release of your album."

He laughed, "You're telling me."

I began writing some stuff down on the clipboard whenever he stopped me.

"Wait, are you a fan of Big Time Rush?"

I smiled, "Can't say I'm obsessed. But you guys do have some catchy tunes. And your show is pretty funny too."

He flashed me a smile back, "Well in that case, thanks."

"You're welcome."

I continued writing whenever a thought went across my head that I just had to verbalize.

"Okay, I need to ask this. Where was your helmet whenever you were doing this? It would've helped if you were wearing it."

He laughed, "That's just for the show, but yeah, it would've come in handy."

I stayed in Carlos' room for what seemed like the rest of my shift, joking around with him. He was really easy to get along with.

When my shift was over, I was telling Carlos goodbye.

"Aww, are you coming back tomorrow?" He was giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Yes, I am. So we can talk some more in the morning."


We shared a laugh and I hugged him goodbye.

I could tell I was going to find a long friendship in Carlos.