A/N: I've seen many people theorize that Henry is Gold's child, so I wanted to try my hand at that idea. I admittedly don't believe he IS Gold's boy, but I still think it's a very fascinating concept. Also, the love scene in this chapter is VERY tame and practically non-descript, because I want their second encounter to be the deeply involved/descriptive one. This is probably the least descriptive I've ever been, so this is a new one for me... lol

In the past portion of this chapter, Emma is eighteen and coming back from her senior prom, so there isn't any pedo going on. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. With that said, please read, review, and enjoy!

CH 1: Brushing with the Past

Ten Years Ago

Gold sat in his car, staring blankly ahead as the rain continued to beat down in a steady, ceaseless flow. Although the fairytale characters were condemned to remain in Storybrooke for all time, Regina had allowed Gold to leave for one night and one night only. Convincing her wasn't hard; in fact, it was quite easy, considering the fact she owed him enough favors to last two lifetimes.

In truth, he wasn't sure why he'd been driven to leave - perhaps a lapse of sanity? - but whatever the reason, he'd traveled aimlessly until he'd come to a city that intrigued him. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but there was a force afoot that compelled him to stay.

As if on cue, a soft, feminine figure appeared on the horizon, her heels clacking against the sidewalk as her golden head bowed in shame. She wore a lavender prom dress that gave her a princess-like appearance, and her soft curls were pulled back with barrettes into an elegant bun. Although it was raining heavily, Gold could see that the young beauty was crying - sobbing, even. Her eyes were puffy and her cheeks were streaked with mascara, and judging by the way she was unsteadily walking, it was quite evident that she was drunk.

Deciding to intervene, Gold grabbed his coat and immediately stepped out into the freezing rain. The blonde, however, didn't even spare him a second glance. Not discouraged in the slightest, Gold approached the downtrodden woman with a disarming smile, his hand holding out to her as he greeted, "Hello, there... Might I be of some assistance?"

The blonde finally looked up, but she seemed more annoyed than relieved by his presence.

"I'm Mr. Gold of Storybrooke," he greeted, not even caring that he'd reverted to a more archaic form of speech. "Who might you be, my dear?"

"Emma Swan," she mumbled, sounding a bit sluggish as she walked.

Gold's lips curled up into a delighted leer. "Emma?" he reiterated, his heart giving a leap of recognition. "Such a pretty name... Would you like some shelter from the cold, my dear Emma?"

The girl finally stopped, her crying seeming to subside as she considered his proposition. After a moment's hesitation, she gave a listless shrug, then dizzily walked toward Gold and his outstretched hand. Taking the coat that he offered, she slipped her arms through the sleeves and entered the passenger side of the car.

Once Gold was also inside the vehicle, he turned to the shivering girl and asked, "What has made you so sad this evening, Miss Swan? A prom is supposed to be a joyous occasion, not one for heartache and sadness."

Emma shrugged, but her consumption of alcohol made her more willing to talk. "Well, what can I say? Bobby's a total asshole... I-I wouldn't put out for him, so he...he..." Bursting into tears, she placed her head in her hands and sobbed, her shoulders heaving along with her sorrow as Gold placed a hand against her back.

"There, there, my dear, it's not really all that bad, is it?"

Emma whimpered before nodding. "Y-yes, it is... That skeezy bastard took Mara to his car, and he...ugh, he fucked her instead of me 'cause I wouldn't put out!"

Gold pursed his lips at this news, but he was unfazed. This girl was intriguing to him, because he knew she was Storybrooke's only hope - he could feel it in his bones.

With his hand creeping up along Emma's neck, he brushed back a stray lock of hair and soothed, "It's alright, my pet - I'll take you to a hotel so you can catch your breath and relax. No need to fret over a boy unworthy of your time, am I right?"

Emma raised her tear-stained face and regarded Gold curiously. "Wh-why are you being so nice to me? You don't even know who I am...not in a literal sense, anyway."

Hmm, so she was an intelligent drunk...he'd skirt around that later.

With a cunning smile, Gold lowly assured her, "Not to worry, Emma-love, I mean you no harm - I just believe in being a Good Samaritan, that's all."

Emma finally seemed to notice his hand on her cheek, and her eyes took on a mischievous sparkle. Gold knew that look - he'd seen it many times on the faces of scorned women - so it was no true surprise to him when her lips demandingly sought his. He was nothing more than a rebound to this girl, but that didn't bother him since he, himself planned on using this "Emma Swan" at a later date.

With fumbling hands, Gold managed to gather enough wits to drive toward the nearest hotel. Emma had cupped and groped at him the entire way there; so much so, in fact, that after their arrival Gold could barely walk to the front desk.

He'd listed Emma as his sister in the registry book, but he could tell that the hotel clerk didn't believe him. Although the sight of an older, visibly aroused man and a clearly drunken girl set off several warning bells, all scruples were tossed aside once the clerk's pay was doubled.

Gold was thanked profusely for his generosity, and then he assisted his intoxicated conquest to their room. It was pitch black upon entry, and the two blindly groped at one another as they staggered toward the bed. Clothes were discarded in haste, and Gold grunted the moment the blonde succubus mounted him. He had to smile at that, because she had a very commanding and domineering air. She was her father through and through.

Within moments, the room was filled with the sounds of Emma's soft, breathy moans, and Gold's stifled grunts. They were tangled in a mass of quivering animal sex, and Gold's slow, yet forceful thrusts were enough to drive Emma over the edge in moments.

Ah, sweet little Emma...

Although having grown rather fond of her company, Gold had departed before she'd awoken the next morning, and had returned to Storybrooke without another thought toward the blonde. Some time after his arrival, however, he'd been informed by Regina that he was going to be a father. He wasn't quite sure why she'd felt the need to send her spies after him - he was always a man of his word - yet in some way, he was actually grateful to this news. Long, long ago he'd once had a boy of his own, so to think he might be given a second chance rather excited him.

That is, until Regina had announced the boy would be taken in under her wing and not his. In fact, he wasn't even supposed to come near the boy. But because of their "just say please" agreement, Regina was forced to give something in exchange for being the boy's caregiver. With much hesitation, she finally relented to the following: Regina could keep the boy, but only if she promised that when Storybrooke's "hope" finally did arrive, Gold would be the only one allowed to touch her.

It was this arrangement that allowed Gold and Regina to live in (precarious) harmony. That is, until she came back into the picture...

Present Day

Gold re-stacked several worn, musty books just as the bell tinkled over the front door. "Good morning, how may I help you?" he asked, his disinterest evident as he continued to muse over Emma, Henry, and the wicked woman who'd imprisoned him.


He immediately perked up, his head turning to behold the fiery blonde of his every whim and fancy. Ah, speak of the devil...

"Miss Swan," he acknowledged, grabbing a book before entering the front room to greet her. "It's always a pleasure to see you, my dear - might I be of some assistance?"

Somehow those words struck a cord in Emma - had she heard him say them before? - but she shrugged it off and explained, "I'm here to pick up the book Henry requested. He said you were giving it to him as a late birthday present."

"Ah, indeed I am," Gold returned, smiling as he held up the book in question. "And how is the boy, if you don't mind my asking?"

Emma paused. "He's doing well... I think. He's taking Graham's sudden death pretty hard."

"And you are as well, I see."

"No! I-I mean, I..." Sighing, she defensively returned, "Ok, so maybe I am. It's not every day I witness a fellow employee die right in front of me, you know."

"He was a good man," Gold agreed, smiling as he handed over the book. As he did so, their fingers touched ever-so-slightly, and Emma recoiled from the unwanted contact.

Immediately jerking back her hand, she tucked the book under her arm and muttered, "Thanks for everything, Mr. Gold. I'm hoping this book will help Henry get over those fairytales."

Gold appeared hopeful. "Perhaps you may grace me with your presence again soon, Miss Swan? That is, I'd very much like you to bring Henry so he can find more books."

Emma gave him a distrustful glance, yet she shrugged and agreed, "Alright, I...I think he'd like that. Thanks." Not even bothering to say goodbye (the man gave her the creeps), she rushed toward the exit and bustled out into the street.

Gripping at his cane, Gold gave a wry smile and watched Emma until she was completely out of sight. 'Soon you will be mine again, my little swan," he thought, his smile growing wider as he envisioned her writhing beneath him. 'Soon it will all be as it was before, and our little 'family' will end the terror of this sleepy little town.'

Sending the streets one last look, Gold chuckled to himself and headed back toward his own personal library.