A dangerous conception

Sorry, I was just reading a cute GhirahimxLink story and I thought 'Why not try my hand at this?' :3 So I did.

Seriously, I became obsessed with this pairing the first time I fought Ghirahim. :3 He's so cute and sexy. XD

Hehehe, anyway...I don't own Legen of Zelda or Skyward Sword. :/ I own the game, just nto the...you know what I mean. :3

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The Sky Child was an interesting one, I had to admit. The first time I encountered him he didn't appear to be like any of the other humans I had met before.

His short hair was a sandy brown partially covered by the long green hat he wore. He eyes were such a pure blue, like a pure sapphire empowered with electricity. The sword he held had an infinite amount of power thanks to the wretched Goddess. I noticed that he changed shields every so often to suit his needs; if he was near fire, he had a metal shield. If it came to electricity, he knew metal would only electrocute him so he switched back to a weak, wooden shield.

I couldn't help it; I followed after him as he left Skyview Temple to observe the rest of his journey.

I watched as he traveled through the parched and barren land of Lanaryu, the next destination where his little friend supposedly was, far from his detection up on the top of a cliff. I viewed him fight the electrifying Ampilos, use TimeShift stones to temporarily change the land back to its flourishing state, and run across the sinksand before it could swallow him. I narrowed my eyes slightly, hands clasped behind my back as I walked along the length of the crag like a predator stalking its prey, never taking my eyes off the chosen one.

He was interesting to me. Addicting, enticing. Like some kind of a drug.

I couldn't get him out of my mind. And that was a dangerous conception to a demon.

You know, cause demons live a long time. ;3 Or...yeah. :) Whatever.

I hope you enjoyed this 10-minute story as a result of boredom. :D

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