Half-Life: Sacrifice

Short Bios

Isaac Locke was a citizen who currently lived in City 17 he was separated from his family at 18 now at 26 he lives in an apartment with two other citizens named Rosie a 32 year old white female and Douglas a 30 year old African American male.

Chapter One

It was dark. Isaac was standing in a dark void looking at darkness. Isaac strained his eyes to see anything but there was nothing to see. Then he heard a voice that said one word.

"Freeeeemaaaaaaannnnn" the voice said. The darkness shifted into reality. Isaac was in the living room with the mattress. He was still in shock at what just occurred but figured that it was a bad dream. Isaac heard something sizzling in the kitchen. He got up and walked through the doorway. There was Rosie standing there with her brown hair in a tight bun. She was using a metal pan to cook some eggs. She noticed Isaac and said with a smile.

"Morning sunshine, how did you sleep?"

"Good." Isaac replied briefly. Rosie looked at Isaac with a raised eyebrow. She knew something was troubling him but she didn't want to pressure him into anything. She went back to cooking while Isaac sat on a old wooden chair. He rested his hands on his head, unaware to make of the nightmare last night. He's been having nightmares ever since he watched his parents and sister die right in front of him. He kept seeing his little sisters face every time he closed his eyes. His body trembled in fear but stopped when someone sat in front of him. Isaac lifted his head up and saw Doug staring at him. Doug opened his mouth and asked.

"Another nightmare?" Isaac nodded slightly which made Doug sigh.

"We need to take you to go get some help." He said sternly. Isaac stared at Doug while Rosie stayed quiet. Doug was always saying that Isaac needed help that he would not be living next to a psychotic individual. This angered Isaac. This man thought that he could replace his father that he could fill in those empty shoes. Isaac got up from the table and stomped away from the kitchen. Rosie tried to go after him but Doug gestured her to stay.

"Let him deal with it." Doug said. Isaac went back to his bed. He lay on the mattress with tears in his eyes. He faced the wall and drifted into a nightmare.

Isaac was inside a lab. There was a African American standing talking to some sort of creature with a single red eye. He gave the creature some sort of object. When Isaac tried to see what it was a noise came from the side of him. He saw man with a strange orange suit walk towards him. Isaac flinched but the man walked through him. Isaac was looking at the man. He was listening to the man before (Eli Vance) speak.

"Gordon Freeman let me get a look at you my god you haven't changed an iota how do you do it?" Suddenly a deep voice from nowhere said.

"Fiiiiind Freeeeeman." The dream broke when Isaac heard a loud knock.

Then a loud knock woke Isaac up. Isaac got up from his mattress and look around his room. There was nothing there. He still heard the knock even louder along with a loud raspy metallic voice that he recognized.

"Citizen open this door immediately or we will use force!"

"What the hell are the Cp's doing here?" Isaac thought. The noise also startled Douglas and Rosie as they were heading to the door. Isaac tried to reach the door but was hit by it when the combine kicked it open. Moments later he, Rosie, and Douglas were all on the floor facedown with their hands behind their head. The combine who appeared to be the leader was chattering on the radio. Isaac stood up from where he was and charged at the leader. Isaac punched the leader directly to the face. While the leader stumbled backwards the other combine grabbed Isaac by the arms and brought him back down to the ground. The leader got back up and pointed at him while saying.

"Take this one to the subway." Isaac looked at him with confusion and hate the combine returned the glance with the brute force of his stun stick. Feeling the shock and pain overtaking Isaac's body he blacked out.

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