Chapter: 8

"Come on, come on lads!" A voice said with a heavy Scottish accent. Three rebels were running through a make shift obstacle course. They vaulted over logs and crawled under barbed wire. They each wore looks of exhaustion but they continued on as the voice kept throwing insults at them. "Yew run slower than a two legged headcrab!" the voice shouted. Simon was watching this with a look of amusement. He saw the man yelling at the three rebels. He was mid-height, orange hair covered in a red military beret, and the most distinguishing feature about him is that he had an eye patch covering his right eye. Simon walked toward the drill instructor with his eyes still transfixed on the trio of rebels.

Suddenly the drill instructor materialized right next to the unaware Simon and asked. "Good afternoon laddie what is your business here?" Simon was so startled that he stumbled backwards and almost fell. The man gave a hearty laugh. "Ahhh, that always gets the new ones." The man said wiping a tear from his left eye. "Are you Andrew?" Simon asked. The man looked at Simon for a moment. He then said. "Ah so Miss Rosenthal sent yew, well welcome the Fighting 22nd my name is Andrew but most call me Andy." Andy then gave Simon a handshake. "Simon, Simon Carver" Simon said as he let go. "Well Simon it's good to meet you, I was told by Miss Rosenthal that you have experience in combat situations." Simon nodded briefly. "Would you care to show these men how the professionals do it?" Andy asked. Simon replied "Let's do this."

A few minutes later Simon was out of his civilian attire and into a standard resistance outfit. He was now standing on the starting point for the obstacle course. "Alright Simon this is what you have to do." Andy said. "First you need to climb over the wall; next you have to zip-line across and land on the target. Next you will have to take the weapon on the table and shoot the three targets without missing. After that you will proceed through the door to the next part, understood." "Crystal sir!" Simon replied. "Alrighty then when you hear the bell go off that signals for you to go." Andy said. Andy turned towards the three rebels who are standing staring at Simon. "You three best pay attention if you want to survive." One of the rebels scoffed. "Yeah right who is this guy Gordon Freeman." He said. Andy pressed the button next to him which signaled the bell, Simon began running. Simon vaulted over the three logs and made it to the wall. He grabbed the rope and began his climb. Getting up was pretty simple, it reminded him of boot camp. Simon made it to the top of the tower and immediately jumped on to the zip line he was now whizzing to the next location. He leaped off the zip line and landed with a roll. He looked at the table and noted the sub-machine gun. His hand instinctively grabbed for it. He inspected the gun for any malfunctions that would hinder his performance. After he was sure the gun would work Simon took aim and fired at the three targets without missing a shot. He set the gun down on the table and sprinted towards the finish line. The bell sounded which signaled the end of the course. Andy turned towards the three rebels and said. "Now that's how you run a course."

Simon grabbed a plastic bottle of water. He looked at it with curiosity and slightly smiled. "It's a shame that these are so rare to find." Simon thought to himself as he hungrily gulped down the water stored inside of it. Out of the corner of his eye Simon saw Andy move towards him with big smile. "Well laddie you sure those cadets a run for their money, with men like you we are sure to win the war." Andy said with slight optimism in his voice. Simon chuckled at this and replied. "Well Andy I am afraid to say that there is only one of me and thousands of them." "I like those odds." Said Andy. "Come on to my office I want to show you something." When they walked pass the rebels Andy stopped abruptly and turned towards the rebels. He pointed a finger at them and yelled. "You three are going to run this course till supper!" "But…but." The middle rebel stuttered. "NOW!" Andy shouted which caused the trio to scurry to the starting point.

Simon and Andy took a seat in his office. Andy sat in a lounge chair behind the desk and promptly set his feet on the table. "Take a seat." He said. Simon sat in the chair in front of Andy's desk. "Simon your skills at the course where remarkable I have only seen your skills in a few other people and they are veterans of previous wars." "So Simon care to tell me a little bit about you and your friend in the medical wing?" "I was born into war you can say let's leave it at that, as for Isaac….well I found in in Odessa's place at the coast guy was unconscious for a week or so. He missed out on the arrival of Gordon Freeman man you should have seen that guy took out a chopper all by himself." Isaac said. "So what about you what's your story?" "During the combine genocide war my father was a violinist he used to play beautiful music such as Beethoven's symphonies for his family. We used this as morale to show the world was not lost. The combine saw this the same way. So one night when we all slept the combine sent one of their men armed with an incinerator unit and burned everyone in the room alive. The only reason why I'm still here is because I was in the next room with a window leading straight down into the river. I wanted to drown myself for my cowardly behavior but fate had other plans. I ended up being washed to shore in front of a civil protection officer. That's when my thirst for vengeance took over me. I tackled the combine and pressed my thumbs against his eyes until they pushed down into his sockets. I knew that they would find me soon so I ran and kept on running until I found this place. I now train these recruits so they will have the chance to protect their families, a chance I threw away." Wow that's pretty deep Andy, I'm sorry about what happened to your family." Simon said. "Don't be its not your fault that they are gone it is my own." Andy replied.

Isaac opened his eyes slowly. The light was so intense it felt like someone was pointing a flashlight right at him. Suddenly he felt a presence in the vicinity of the area. He fully opened his eyes to see a girl with brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She had toned skin but her eyes something was wrong with her eyes. Instead of being brown, blue, green, hazel, they were bright orange with yellow pupils. She had a face of concern and was staring directly at him. He felt like she was staring right into his very soul. The woman said one single sentence that would unfold into some more sinister. "I know who you are."

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