Chapter 9

Somewhere in New heaven (The name of the rebel base)

Two rebels where standing on the roof of a building. They were holding their assault rifles in an immature fashion such as placing the back end of the rifle in front of their crotches and making remarks about. "Who's bigger?" Then after a short moment of silence they busted out laughing. Minutes later they were still standing and looking off into the distance in silence. One of them broke the silence with the most IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL TIME. "Do you ever wonder why we are here?" Asked the rebel. The other rebel was about to answer his question when suddenly his head violently exploded which caused grey matter and skull fragments to splatter all over his comrade. The rebel tried to yell but he felt his throat being sliced open horizontally. Clutching his throat and gasping he turned to see his attacker. Standing there in black combine armor the assassin kicked him off the platform.

At first Isaac was confused at what the woman said to him.

"Huh wha-what are you talking about?" Isaac said. Before she replied the doors busted open and Simon rushed in along with two other rebels armed with sub-machine guns.

"Good you're awake, now get up something is going on." Simon said.

Isaac got into uniform; after he was done he quickly followed Simon who was giving uneasy glances to the woman with them.
"Who are you exactly?" Isaac asked the female. She turned to face him and replied

"Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal." She extended her hand and Isaac shook it. They rounded a corner which was flooded with confused people. They all had looks of concern written on their faces. The crowd was making so much that Isaac could not hear what everyone was saying. Suddenly the corridor shook violently. People looked all around in mixed faces of fear and panic. Suddenly a voice spoke amidst the crowd. "Everyone calm down we are trying to figure out what is going on topside, we have already sent response teams out to reestablish uplink to white forest. Simon nudged Isaac on the arm. "Come on we are needed at the armory." Simon said. Isaac followed Simon as they navigated through the sea of distraught people. They finally found the sign that pointed to the direction of the armory. Simon entered the four-digit passcode. The door opened and they went inside.

Inside the armory, there was an assortment of weapons and ammunition. Simon tossed Isaac a combat vest. "Put it on." Simon said. Isaac did as he instructed. Once the vest was on Simon handed him a handgun. "Do you know how to shoot one of these?" Simon asks. "More or less." Simon replied hesitantly taking the gun from Simon. "Well that will have to do." Simon said. Simon grabbed an AR2 overwatch rifle from the table. He examined it lightly then cocked it back.

"Let's move." Simon said. They both rushed out of the building and followed a squad of rebels. The squad of rebels stopped outside a double-door which leads outside the compound. The squad of rebels all gave each other nervous looks and glances. The rebels needed to open the door but no one dared for fear of what lay behind it.

"Oh for F&%$s sake!" Simon said irritated. He walked up to the door and kicked it open. Bright lights and Smoke flooded the hallway. Isaac covered his eyes to shield himself. After the smoke cleared Isaac opened his eyes. It was absolute chaos: Combine helicopters swooped over the building. Combine and rebel forces bother clashed in a shower of muzzle flashes, explosions, and screaming. Isaac quickly ran to the nearest piece of cover as a helicopter was passing by for a strafe run. The bullets hit and ricocheted off the concrete slab Isaac was taking cover behind. He looked around for Simon but there was no sign of him. Isaac fumbled for his handgun. He pulled it out and checked the magazine. There were seven shots plus one in the chamber. His chances of getting out of this mess were slim but it was better than nothing. Isaac peaked from his concrete slab to inspect the situation. The Combine was appearing to have the edge in this firefight. They were pushing the Rebels all the way back the compound. If they reach the compound then all those citizens would not even stand a chance. Isaac looked around and saw an opportunity. The Combine have taken over the exterior security station, if he could get to the station he could reactivate the defenses and drive the Combine out.

Simon was taking shelter inside a nearly intact building. The Combine was absolutely relentless. They were pushing the rebels back and soon they will be overrun. Simon fired another burst of his AR2 rifle. One Combine soldier dropped like a sack of potatoes only to be replaced by another.

"This isn't going well." Simon said as more rounds were being fired.

"Are you kiddin' I'm having a great time." Andy hollered as he fired some pipes from his grenade launcher. Simon rolled to a next piece of cover just as a combine fired an RPG. The blast rocked the building. "I don't think this building can take another hit like that. Simon fired into the open and getting a few kills. Suddenly the far section of the building exploded in a massive fireball.

"Striders!" someone yelled. The familiar sounds of the hulking tripods with mounted particle cannons were looming over the battlefield. "Where's our rockets." One of the rebels said. "We lost them when the security station was taken over." Another replied. Simon grabbed the rebel by the arm. "Can you send anyone there to reactivate it?" Simon asked. "Yeah your friend was already heading up there last time I checked." The rebel replied. Simon was wide eyed in surprise. He quickly took off in pursuit of Isaac.

Isaac was running through the battlefield without stopping. He ignored both the Combine and the resistance. When he arrived at the entrance of the security station he elbow dashed the door. Thankfully the door was rusted so it broke on the first try. He fell forward with the door and immediately scrambled to his feet. He quickly rushed to the console and looked at the screen. He saw binary coding and a bunch of other numbers and symbols he did not understand. Suddenly his radio went off and Isaac answered it.

"Hello?" said Isaac.

"Isaac it's me Simon listen I need you to go to the console and type in karma do you understand the code is karma." Simon yelled. Isaac quickly rushed to the console and typed in the code. The machine whined for a few seconds then gave a confirming beep, Isaac breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, the machine spouted out an error code. A robotic voice spoke. "Error automatic targeting disabled please use manual targeting until problem is resolved. "Oh you gotta be kidding me." Isaac growled. He saw the controls for the turret and quickly ran to it. He climbed in the seat and put his arms on the rests. The chair lifted up from the ground and onto the roof. The turret linked up with the chair. Isaac aimed at the Combine army, closed his hands around the triggers, and squeezed them. Not much was going on in Isaacs mind for those few minutes. The only thoughts were to shoot kill and shoot kill. Isaac was starting to enjoy watching these combine being dismembered at the hands of his gun. A grin started to appear on his face. He kept on the triggers until there was no ammunition left. He looked around and saw the combine were retreating back. "I did it." Isaac thought. A figure moved into his line of vision, before he could react a powerful blow knocked him in the side of the head. Isaac collapsed in the chair. His vision slowly fading away just like his memories.